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Portable Hangboard - for the Nth Time

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 neuromancer 10 Sep 2019

Will be away from a climbing wall / any way of climbing but with lots of free time on my hands for approximately 6 months.

I already have a set of Rock Rings. Honestly, because of how they hang and the pockets, they just aren't much use apart from pullup training.

Best outdoor flash F7A, usually boulder outdoors around F6C.  Indoors is anyone's game, but usually I'm weak for my grade rather than strong (according to stats from random climbing apps) - and generally perform a lot better on problems that don't depend on finger strength.

Would like to return a little stronger than I came out.


Grueler Classic: Found on ebay and ukclimbing's bot won't let me link

Arete Fingerboard: Found on ebay and ukclimbing's bot won't let me link

Crusher Send: http://crusherholds.co.uk/portable-fingerboards-hangboards/crusher-send-hangboard

Lattice Rung: (Banana fing link deleted for some reason)

(can this be hung from cord? looks like maybe?)

Ash Portable: https://www.v12outdoor.com/view-by-category/rock-climbing-gear/training-aids/ash-climbing-portable-fingerboard.html

Anyone have any feedback on the above? Needs to be reasonably lightweight, have a 20mmish edge (similar to the lattice rung so I can abuse their stats and workouts).

Top stuff!

 neuromancer 10 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

Sorry for the crap post, been butchered by the UKC "nobody is allowed to link to anything to do with anyone making money apart from our approved partners" forum bot.

 gravy 10 Sep 2019

I just made one by gluing/screwing a 20mm rail* to a bit of 12mm ply with a couple of holes in the top so I could hang it from a branch with some 6mm cord. Works fine.  Only thing I would do differently next time would be to make it 1" shorter so it fits my suitcase. Cost £3 max.

* a bit of scrap wood the right size sanded to give a 5mm radius - essentially identical to a lattice rail

 chadogrady 10 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

The Ash Portable board is good, A few different ways to hang the board to make the holds more or less positive. 

I've not long moved house and I can't put up my beast maker so the Ash board is now my main board and its doing the job just fine. The big edges are about 20mm I think, I'm on a Lattice plan so use the board for their training. 

Hope this helps 

P.S I've also had rock rings and found them to be less than helpful. 

 Ned 10 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

I've got the crusher mission. I can recommend it, but I've not tried any of the others

 jezb1 10 Sep 2019
In reply to Ned:

I've got a couple of crusher boards. I like 'em when they're fixed to a wall or whatever.

The smaller one I have is ok for hanging, but I've never found a board that I really like in a hanging format, for anything other than a crag warm up.

 wbo2 10 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:  I keep planning to build one from campus rungs.  The trick is to get it to hang vertically when weighted, so bring hanging cord out the front thro' a spacer

 Arms Cliff 10 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

I’ve got the Ash one, perfect for me; light and small with a good range of holds. You can set it to hang vertical or tilted back to make all the holds juggy. 

Edit: the larger way up the outside edges are 20mm, so satisfies your Lettuce requirement. 

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 ad111 11 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

Get a problemsolver.

Feels great on the fingers, doesn't tilt too much when weighted and not too pricey.

I've got the Hanzo. It's tiny, light and the only con is the holds are all tiny so you have to be careful warming up.

 seankenny 12 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

I have a Tension portable board, the Flash Board, which works very well and is great for getting strong on non-climbing work trips.

 mnanao 17 Sep 2019
In reply to neuromancer:

I have both the Problem solver Hanzo and Tension Flash (not the latest version). The Tension is great because it is a good selection of edges, it does not rotate when you don't want it to, and you can adjust the angle. The down side is that it is bulkier/heavier than the problem solver. Honestly though, it is so good that I use it at home even though two other fixed boards. Also, no 20mm edge, I dont think.

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