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cha1n on 22 Nov 2012
Can anyone recommend someone in my area? I'd prefer to use someone who people can vouch for, someone with an insane amount of knowledge on shoulders would be ideal, someone like this guy; [url=]Shoulder Exam (8 of 9): Examination for impingement (rotator cuff)[/url]

I've injured one of my shoulders and I've done it three times in my life so far. Once about 4 years ago doing wide(ish) grip pullups, once about a year ago trying to fingerboard and yesterday, again trying to fingerboard - specifically doing some wide(ish) grip pullups on edges.

If I go past shoulder width for pullups/hangs I do something nasty to my shoulder joint. I can't quite identify the cause put an external rotation test proved very painful, even without resistance against the roation (I thought I was going to be sick the pain was so bad)!

Thanks for any recommendations.
dave frost - on 22 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n: there's a good sports injury climbing on bath parade in cheltenham. I went there with my wrist (and shoulder - but not as bad as yours) and my wife went after her cruciate ligament surgery.


dave frost - on 22 Nov 2012
In reply to dave frost: that was supposed say 'sports injury clinic', the obsession is starting to show!!
Gentleman Antiquarian - on 22 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:

Several years ago I went to Jon Wand at the Cheltenham Shoulder and Elbow Clinic which is based at Linton House (The Cobalt Unit), Thirlstaine Road in Cheltenham. He sorted my rotator cuff with a Cortisone injection (completely painless by the way) and I've had no problem since.


Good luck with the shoulder!
mandy - on 22 Nov 2012
In reply to Gentleman Antiquarian: I had some great treatment for a dodgy shoulder via my GP and a subsequent referral to a physio. Two weeks between referral and assessment...brilliant
RickGrundy - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:

My girlfriend and I have both seen Tony Gill at Grange Physio in Bristol.

He's really good, specialises in shoulder injuries and is also a climber.

Good luck.
Paul Twomey on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:
Danny Brown is a climbing physio working out of the treatment room at TCA. You could do worse than contact him for a chat to see if he can help with your specific problem.
More info -
John_Hat - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:

To be honest given its a recurring injury I'd be tempted to go the whole hog and MRI and Specialist Shoulder Consultant, rather than physio. Since I injured my shoulder I've become aware that the shoulder is a ridiculously complicated and multi-layered joint and physios prodding around the outside don't necessarily have the ability to make a diagnosis.

I went to Mr Marcus Green in Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic after my physio said she could not determine cause.

And whilst not in your area, certainly comes under the heading of "someone with an insane amount of knowledge on shoulders". He (accurately) diagnosed me as having a rare and weird shoulder injury that required surgery in about 2 minutes.

He's also a specialist on sport injuries, and also has actually done some climbing in his life, which was useful as there was a lot of explaining I didn't have to do.
John Alcock - on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to John_Hat:
I'd recommend David Richardardson, co-founder of Bristol's biggest osteopathic practice. He's helped me and many other climbers recover from major shoulder injuries.
01179227788/ 0117 9710221
He's very good at giving you exercise programmes to stop you repeating the injury as well as treating you.
he also understands climbers and their obsessive desire to get back asap
cha1n on 23 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:

Thanks for all of the recommendations. They all seems to charge around the same price, so I guess I'll look for the most experienced one.

Failing that, I might give some serious thought to going via the GP. I'm used to my doctor being useless but having just moved to Gloucestershire, perhaps my new doctors will be ok. Wish I had private health insurance!
harriet.mac on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n:

I've had similar shoulder better over and over again. I'd definately recommend going to the doctors and going through the process of taking it further (at least you'll will have got the ball rolling). i've done over a year of physio and even though my shoulder is vastly improved (torn and impinged rotator cuff) I still have to have an operation!!

Good luck!
dave frost - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n: When my wife did her knee, she didn't realise what she had done. Went to the doctor to be told to take some paracetamol and come back in 3 weeks if it wasn't any better .... useless!
John_Hat - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to dave frost:

Both myself and Lady Blue had the same from our doctor. A friend who is a GP told us to go to a physio/consultant as "GP's, in general, know nothing about sports injuries".
obi-wan nick b - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to cha1n: Can anyone recommend someone in the Oxford area please for shoulders and back


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