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Has anyone done the programme in Training for the New Alpinism? I'm on my first cycle through.  I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. Fitness has increased hugely, feel much stronger etc, still no idea if I'm any good in an alpine environment. 

(NB: I am aware that Uphill Athlete has its own forum, but I thought on here might be a little bit more active.)

Basically, I'm in the last third of the max strength period and volumes are around 1,000 minutes a week, so about 16 hours, or just over two hours a day with shonky maths. Which doesn't seem like much when I write it down. 

But, life!

I work pretty much 9 -5, no kids, pets etc. so I should have tonnes of time. But I'm struggling to make these volumes. I'm getting up early and running first thing, then generally running again or doing strength-based stuff in the evening. It's the weekends though which are a mixture of active - spent last weekend down the South Hams, got a 40km walk in (great) - and less active - seeing non-climbing/running friends (not so great for training). It's the latter that is the issue, as it condenses 7 days worth of training into 5. 

So, what did you do? Any tips or tricks for time management here? Should I just get rid of all my less active friends? 

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TFTNA doesn't prescribe any particular programme as such, it's more of a cookbook so you can develop your own.

"Time" is only really a good indicator of volume for the aerobic portion of the programme - I assume you're not including time spent doing strength exercises, eg in the gym? If you are, don't. Just include the "zoned" exercises, eg Z1 and Z2 running, hiking etc (Uphill Athlete have updated some of their zone terminology - refer to the website for the specifics). 

On the face of it, it sounds like you're doing a lot. I tend to measure volume in mileage rather than time as it's easier to plan, but even so 16 hours would be about 100km a week, which would be, for me, an enormous volume of aerobic work. Are you cutting the volume by 50% every fourth week?

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Thanks for the reply, sorry I've been away a few days.

I just started only counting the aerobic volume, or zoned volume, which has changed it. That was due to me not taking it in properly on the first reading.

100km a week is about right at the moment with the vast majority z1 walking/gentle runs. I'll take a look at the website as you suggested for updated terminology. 

I completely understand what you mean about the cookbook approach and is one of the reasons why I really enjoy it.

 From your message, I get the impression that you're very familiar with the programme. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find it? 

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