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Misha - on 12 Jan 2018

Wondering if anyone has an update on conditions (or knows someone who might), particularly for the Breitwangflue.

I've been watching the weather and the webcams, so aware that it was pretty cold in December and things were looking good but a warm spell earlier this month seems to have wiped out the routes lower down, eg above the Oeschinensee, though NIN is hanging on. Hopefully the higher up routes are doable but there are no webcams round there and can't seem to find any info online.

Also, has the Breitwangflue access changed since the Hot Ice guide book, which seems to suggest getting a special small chairlift? Seem to recall reading something about a new tunnel which made it more practical to walk / ski in?


andyinglis - on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to Misha:

Cable car shut years ago. Walk up, there will probably be a trail once off the road above the chalets.

Misha - on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to andyinglis:

Cheers. Camp to camp suggests 1.5 hours, is that about right?

Was also wondering if there are any Facebook groups for conditions but couldn’t find any for Kandersteg specifically. 

However seems the various alpine conditions groups are worth a look, plus Dani Arnold’s page. 

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9fingerjon - on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to Misha:

Can be worth calling alpine centre in the village- they might have an idea on current conditions and what’s been done. 

Everything was in condition until 30 December- All oeschiwald was in good condition, so expect brietwandfluh was too. But a couple of warm wet spells ended that and I’m not sure what had happened since (came back to the uk on jan 3rd)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.