COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Pair of Ocun Jeans

Pants, shorts, T-shirts and down jackets – Ocún, the climbing brand based in Bohemian paradise, Czech has all the clothes a climber needs to spend the whole year outdoors at the crag or at his favorite climbing gym. For 2018 Ocún has widened its offer with well received climbing jeans. They combine all of their practical features that a climber appreciates while focusing on the send with cool look that he/she appreciates later on hen celebrating at the pub. You can win a pair of those, if you answer the following question...

Ocun Jeans Competition

Ocun Jeans Competition

Ravage and Hurrikan

These are the two styles of men's climbing jeans made of medium-weight denim pleasant to the touch. They both have special 3D cut that allows unrestricted movement. Each of them has a different set of nifty details such as pocket for brush or a belt buckle in climbing design. They combine perfect usefulness with cool look.

Ravage RRP £79.99
Hurrikan RRP £69.99

Ravage Jeans  © Ocun
Ravage Jeans
© Ocun

Hurrikan Jeans  © Ocun
Hurrikan Jeans
© Ocun

Medea and Inga

Ocún has also come up with two styles of women's climbing jeans designed to look fabulous and allow the highest possible performance on the rock. While Medea are sewed of medium-weight denim in darker colour, Inga are the lighter ones and also the right choice for warmer summer days. They both have special 3D cut.

Medea RRP £79.99
Inga RRP £69.99

Inga Jeans  © Ocun
Inga Jeans
© Ocun

Medea Jeans  © Ocun
Medea Jeans
© Ocun

We'll choose one winner of the men's jeans and one winner of the female's jeans.

This competition has now closed.

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