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7 + 8

Author Bart van Raaij
Published Bart van Raaij (2013)
ISBN 978-9080749238

This Guidebook is now out of print, and unavailable

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2669 Straight ups in Fontainebleau

Other editions of this guidebook
7 + 8 Bart van Raaij (2008)
7 + 8 Bart van Raaij

Crags covered by this Guide
Essone crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Beauvais1000Sandstone (hard)all
Coquibus Longs Vaux20Sandstone (soft)?
Seine-et-Marn crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
91.1254Sandstone (hard)all
95.2362Sandstone (hard)all
Apremont1011Sandstone (hard)all
Bas Cuvier407Sandstone (hard)?
Bois Ronds193Sandstone (hard)?
Buthiers Canard151Sandstone (hard)S
Buthiers North15Sandstone (hard)NW
Buthiers Piscine301Sandstone (hard)?
Buthiers Tennis100Sandstone (hard)?
Cuvier Est (Bivouac)65Sandstone (hard)?
Cuvier Merveille30Sandstone (hard)?
Cuvier Nord5Sandstone (hard)?
Cuvier Rempart100Sandstone (hard)?
Drei Zinnen114Sandstone (hard)?
Franchard Cuisiniere263Sandstone (hard)all
Franchard Hautes-Plaines200Sandstone (hard)all
Franchard Isatis427Sandstone (hard)?
Franchard Sablons125Sandstone (hard)?
Gorge aux Châts205Sandstone (hard)SW
Gorge du Houx34Sandstone (hard)?
Grande Montagne50Sandstone (soft)all
Gros Sablons36Sandstone (hard)?
J.A. Martin337Sandstone (hard)all
L'Elephant317Sandstone (hard)?
La Canche aux Merciers339Sandstone (hard)all
la Feuillardière13Sandstone (hard)all
La Reconnaissance50Sandstone (hard)?
La Roche aux Sabots333Sandstone (hard)?
Le 11132Sandstone (hard)?
Le Calvaire13Sandstone (hard)?
Le Cul de Chien346Sandstone (hard)all
Les Beorlots112Sandstone (hard)all
Les Mammouths17Sandstone (hard)?
Mare aux Corneilles101Sandstone (hard)all
Maunoury80Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Aigu89Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Pivot11Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Sarrazin250Sandstone (hard)all
Mont Simonet36Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Ussy90Sandstone (hard)all
Monts et Merveilles3Sandstone (hard)?
Petit Bois226Sandstone (hard)all
Petit Paradis2Sandstone (hard)?
Recloses6Sandstone (hard)?
Roche d'Hercule82Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher Brûlé46Sandstone (soft)NE
Rocher Cailleau111Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher Canon407Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher d'Avon74Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher de Bouligny33Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher de Cathedrale16Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher de la Combe7Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher De Milly30Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher des Demoiselles150Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher du Cassepot52Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher du Guetteur68Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher du Mont Morillon7Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher du Potala307Sandstone (hard)SW
Rocher du Télégraphe100Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher Fin250Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher Guichot129Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher St. Germain321Sandstone (hard)all
Vallée Casse-Pot20Sandstone (hard)?
Yonne crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Marion des Roches15Sandstone (hard)all