Bleau en Bloc

Author Johanna Widmaier
Published Panico Alpinverlag (2014)
ISBN 978-3-936740-92-9



Comprehensive Fontainebleau guide for circuits from lower to higher grades (white to black) and single boulders. Access maps and boulder maps are easy to read and all areas and circuits are described in text and icons. Clear layout with interesting photos. Covers Chamarade, Padôle, Chevanne, Milly-la-Forêt, Malesherbes, Vaudoué, Barbizon, Fontainebleau, Ury, Larchant, and Nemours

Crags covered by this Guide
Essone crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Beauvais1000Sandstone (hard)all
Chamarande250Sandstone (hard)?
Seine-et-Marn crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
95.2 350Sandstone (hard)all
Apremont1000Sandstone (hard)all
Bas Cuvier389Sandstone (hard)?
Bois Ronds187Sandstone (hard)?
Buthiers Canard151Sandstone (hard)S
Buthiers Piscine301Sandstone (hard)?
Cuvier Rempart100Sandstone (hard)?
Dame Jouanne57Sandstone (hard)?
Drei Zinnen114Sandstone (hard)?
Fontainebleau (other)3Sandstone (hard)?
Franchard Cuisiniere249Sandstone (hard)all
Franchard Hautes-Plaines200Sandstone (hard)all
Franchard Isatis407Sandstone (hard)?
Franchard Sablons125Sandstone (hard)?
Gorge aux Châts196Sandstone (hard)SW
Gorge du Houx30Sandstone (hard)?
J.A. Martin276Sandstone (hard)all
La Canche aux Merciers313Sandstone (hard)all
La Mare a Piat1Sandstone (hard)?
La Reconnaissance50Sandstone (hard)?
Le Cul de Chien346Sandstone (hard)all
Les Mammouths17Sandstone (hard)?
Maunoury68Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Aigu73Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Pivot10Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Simonet22Sandstone (hard)?
Mont Ussy73Sandstone (hard)all
Petit Bois226Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher Canon400Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher d'Avon65Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher de Cathedrale13Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher de la Reine82Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher De Milly30Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher des Demoiselles150Sandstone (hard)all
Rocher des Souris18Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher du Cassepot31Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher du Potala301Sandstone (hard)SW
Rocher Fin250Sandstone (hard)?
Rocher Greau42Sandstone (hard)?