Eden Valley & South Lakes Limestone

Eden Valley & South Lakes Limestone
Author R. Kenyon, N. Wharton & J Holden
Published Fell & Rock Climbing Club (2012)
ISBN 978-0-85028-052-4


Covers the crags on the periphery of the Lake District including the sandstone crags of the Eden Valley as well as Chapel Head, Millside and Scout Scars.

Crags covered by this Guide
Cumbria crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Aisgill 10 Limestone S
Armathwaite 161 Sandstone (soft) SW
Birkrigg Quarry 45 Limestone SW
Brough Scar 17 Limestone S
Caldbeck Moor Quarry 44 Limestone E
Chapel Head Scar 97 Limestone SW
Christianbury Crag 100 Sandstone (hard) all
Coudy Rock 53 Sandstone (soft) S
Cowraik Quarry 91 Sandstone (soft) S
Cumrew Crag 34 Limestone SW
Dunnerholme 35 Limestone ?
Headend quarry 41 Limestone S
Hebblethaite Hall Gill 9 Limestone SE
Helbeck Wood Crag 18 Limestone SW
High Cup Nick 11 - ?
Hoad Slabs 8 Rhyolite ?
Humphrey Head 76 Limestone W
Kings Meaburn, Jackdaw Scar 61 Limestone W
Murton Scar 19 Limestone SW
Scout Scar 63 Limestone W
Scratchmere Scar 65 Sandstone (hard) SW
Slape Scar 53 Limestone W
The Gelt Boulder 16 Quartzite NE
White Mines - Rusty Wall 4 Limestone N
Whitestone 38 Slate SW
Windmore End 228 Limestone SW

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