Falaises de Corse

Falaises de Corse (2018) cover photo
Author B Maurin, T Souchard
Published FFME/COSIROC (2018)
ISBN 2-9526388-0-2


Photo diagrams are useful for finding routes and generally approaches to crags are well described. Not all routes have names and there is no index. All in all pretty good. [dpmUK]

Other editions of this guidebook
Falaises de Corse FFME/COSIROC (2006)

Crags covered by this Guide
Corsica crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
A Torra di Seneca: U Muru 6 Granite NE
A Tozza 21 Limestone S
Barbicaghja 28 Granite S
Bavella 215 Granite S
Bonifatu 25 Granite S
Bussaglia 16 Granite W
Capu Sacru 6 Limestone SE
Capuralinu 68 Limestone NW
Chisa 45 Granite W
Col de la Tana 28 Granite S
Conca 13 Limestone S
Cuccia 26 Granite S
E Torre 13 Schist N
Francardu 64 Limestone W
I Curriali 23 Granite W
La Restonica 257 Granite all
La Richiusa 97 Granite SW
Les Iles 13 Granite E
Lumiu 14 Granite W
Mini Utah 15 Limestone W
Mont Gozzi 75 Granite S
Pietralba 37 Limestone S
Pignu Bastia 51 Schist all
Portu secteur "ecole" 29 Granite N
Punta Di Capineru 110 Granite all
Reta 11 Granite W
Saint-Florent 18 Limestone E
Sari Monte Santu 55 Limestone E
Suare 21 Granite N
Terre Sacree 20 Granite S
Tipponu 16 Limestone W
U Rupione 12 Granite N

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