Fontainebleau Magique

Fontainebleau Magique
Author David Atchison-Jones
Published Jingo Wobbly (2007)
ISBN 978-1-873665-817



A full colour exciting guidebook for the average grade boulderer, includes the quieter and less visited parts of the forest. There are over 2500 problems in the book, covering 50 Orange and Blue circuits. 336 pages with 200 colour photos. In English & French, with introductions in German and Italian. [Undertow]

Crags covered by this Guide
Seine-et-Marn crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
91.1 384 Sandstone (hard) all
Apremont 1223 Sandstone (hard) all
Bas Cuvier 437 Sandstone (hard) ?
Bois Ronds 211 Sandstone (hard) ?
Buthiers Canard 151 Sandstone (hard) S
Buthiers Tennis 100 Sandstone (hard) ?
Franchard Hautes-Plaines 203 Sandstone (hard) all
Franchard Sablons 125 Sandstone (hard) ?
Gorge aux Ch√Ęts 263 Sandstone (hard) SW
J.A. Martin 350 Sandstone (hard) all
L'Elephant 348 Sandstone (hard) ?
La Canche aux Merciers 358 Sandstone (hard) all
La Roche aux Sabots 344 Sandstone (hard) ?
Massif L'I 82 Sandstone (hard) all
Maunoury 111 Sandstone (hard) ?
Mont Aigu 97 Sandstone (hard) ?
Mont Ussy 107 Sandstone (hard) all
Rocher Cailleau 130 Sandstone (hard) all
Rocher Canon 427 Sandstone (hard) ?
Rocher d'Avon 88 Sandstone (hard) all
Rocher de Cathedrale 17 Sandstone (hard) all
Rocher des Potets 102 Sandstone (hard) all
Rocher du Potala 316 Sandstone (hard) SW

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