Leonidio, Kyparissi & More (2023 update)

Leonidio, Kyparissi & More (2023 update)
Author Pánjika Cooperative
Published Pánjika Cooperative (2023)


2023 Reprint of the 2021 edition with a few crags and routes added and updated.

Crags covered by this Guide
Peloponnese crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Adis, Cemetery Gates and Olympos 72 Limestone S
Africa 15 Limestone SE
Agios Andreas 35 Limestone NW
Andromeda 10 Limestone SE
Arcadia 42 Limestone NE
Balcony 20 Limestone S
Balogeri 37 Limestone W
Bella Vista 40 Limestone S
Berliner Mauer and Kindergarten 25 Limestone SE
Blasphemia 9 Limestone S
Blue Mountains and Brazilian Cave 10 Limestone NE
Cave of Panagiá, Mad Wall and Piccolo Muro 65 Limestone S
Cool at the Pool 13 Limestone S
Crash of the Titans 29 Limestone S
Democracy 51 Limestone SW
El Perpati 20 Limestone W
Elona 71 Limestone NW
Fortress 10 Limestone NW
Frydi 12 Limestone NE
Geraki Wave 34 Limestone NE
Gerovrachos 10 Limestone S
Giggerl 10 Limestone S
Golden Dusk 10 Limestone S
Grandee Cuckoo 15 Limestone S
H.A.D.A and V.I.P Tree 60 Limestone E
Hermes and Namaste 20 Limestone S
Hot Rock 21 Limestone S
Kamares 33 Limestone SE
King of Thrones and Dornröschen 50 Limestone all
Kokkinovrachos Central 131 Limestone S
Kokkinovrachos Hospital 55 Limestone S
Kyparissi 262 Limestone all
Latin Love 15 Limestone SW
Le Chateau Polonais to La Maison des Chevres 60 Limestone S
Limeri 40 Limestone W
Loupas-Acropolis 21 Limestone ?
Love Ledge 30 Limestone S
Maisonette 10 Limestone S
Megakante 10 Limestone SE
Mikri Sintza and Garden of Dionysos 25 Limestone E
Miti 14 Limestone S
Montanejos Climbing Garden 23 Limestone S
Muppet Show 33 Limestone E
Neanderthal 25 Limestone NW
Nifada and Frankenstein 61 Limestone NW
Oedipus and Jewellery Box 20 Limestone E
Panorama 21 Limestone NE
Pomegranate 12 Limestone E
Sabaton and Mini Canyon 105 Limestone NE
Saint Nicholas 33 Limestone all
Sala 32 Limestone E
Sigi and Solarium 30 Limestone S
Skiadhianiko 60 Limestone W
Souvlaki 5 Limestone SW
Souvlakovrachos, Pounta and Aresos 42 Limestone S
Thalassa 40 Limestone S
Theós 81 Limestone S
Twin Caves 50 Limestone SW
Venus, Mars, Phobos and Jupiter 120 Limestone E
Vlychada 24 Limestone NE
X-Mas 20 Limestone NE
Yellow Eyes 51 Limestone S
Yellow Wall 15 Limestone S

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