North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering

Author Betaguides
Published Betaguides (2014)


Crags covered by this Guide
Cleveland crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Boulby Boulders114Sandstone (soft)all
North Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Arnecliff Woods71Sandstone (hard)E
Badger Gill2Sandstone (hard)E
Blawath Crag10Sandstone (hard)W
Bridestones (North Yorkshire)106Sandstone (soft)SW
Camp Hill200Sandstone (hard)W
Captain Cook140Sandstone (hard)S
Castleton Rig Quarry26Sandstone (hard)W
Cheese Stones15Sandstone (hard)W
Clemitt's Crag400Sandstone (hard)SE
Cloughton Wyke50Sandstone (soft)N
Cold Moor107Sandstone (hard)E
Collar Ridge Boulders10Sandstone (hard)?
Dale Head Boulders20Sandstone (hard)W
Duck Boulders107Sandstone (hard)all
Earthworks Rocks21Sandstone (hard)W
Garfit Quarry13Sandstone (hard)S
Glaisdale Head Boulders33Sandstone (hard)NW
High Crag57Sandstone (hard)SE
Horse Hole Boulders50Sandstone (hard)W
Hunt House Crag17Sandstone (hard)W
Ingleby Boulders149Sandstone (hard)SW
Levisham10Sandstone (hard)N
Limber Hill Boulders14Sandstone (hard)W
Middle Ridge Crag19Sandstone (hard)SW
Northdale Boulders38Sandstone (hard)W
NOS Boulder28Sandstone (hard)SW
Oak Crag39Sandstone (hard)W
Park Nab60Sandstone (hard)W
Petergate Quarry17Sandstone (hard)NE
Rabbit Hill1Sandstone (hard)SE
Ravenswick Quarry125LimestoneW
Rosedale Head Boulders20Sandstone (hard)SW
Round Crag106Sandstone (hard)SW
Sammy's Spring Quarry11Sandstone (hard)E
Scugdale - Barker's Crags163Sandstone (hard)W
Scugdale - Scot Crags187Sandstone (hard)SW
Scugdale - Stoney Wicks29Sandstone (hard)SE
Stormy Hall40Sandstone (hard)SE
The Finkelstones100Sandstone (hard)E
The Meadow (North Yorkshire)26Sandstone (hard)E
Thimbleby Crag22Sandstone (soft)N
Todd Intake Boulders10Sandstone (hard)?
Tranmire163Sandstone (hard)SW
Wainstones206Sandstone (hard)W
Westerdale View Quarry12Sandstone (hard)W