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Northern Highlands Central

Author Andy Nesbit, John Mackenzie and Andy Cunningham
Published SMC (2006)
ISBN 9-780907-521891

Website www.smc.org.uk/

Crags covered by this Guide
Highland crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
A' Mhaighdean - Stac a' Chaorruinn8GneissE
Allt Gleadhraich2IceNW
Beinn a' Mhuinidh25Quartziteall
Beinn Lair19Schistall
Birch Crag, Gruinard3GneissW
Black Bridge Crags - Strathvaich8GneissSW
Boom Crag - Creag An Fhithich Mor10Sandstone (hard)W
Carn nam Buailtean25GneissW
Carnmore Crag100GneissS
China Beach3GneissNW
Coble Crags - Sron a' Choit10GneissNW
Corrie Hallie Crag48QuartziteNW
Craig a' Ghlastail2SchistSE
Creag a' Chadha8Sandstone (hard)W
Creag Bealach Culaidh2QuartziteSE
Creag Dubh a Gorm Lochain6SchistNE
Creag Dubh, Strathconon4IceNW
Creag Ghiubhsachain6GneissW
Fruity Crag24GneissSW
Furnace Crags17SchistSW
Golden Wall Crag4QuartziteSW
Grass Crag13GneissS
Gruinard Bay59GneissSW
Gruinard Crag21GneissNW
Hidden Crag7SchistS
Little Red Rock7SchistN
Loch Maree Crag35GneissNE
Loch Morie Crag1UNKNOWNS
Lochan Dubh Crag21GneissSW
Lochan Fuar Crag2GneissSW
Lochend Crags4GneissW
Meall na Faochaig - Gleann Meinich1UNKNOWNNW
Mellon Cliffs32Sandstone (hard)NW
Na Bearta Buttress8GneissNE
Port Erradale Sea Stack4Sandstone (hard)?
Post Crag5GneissW
Raven's Rock28SchistN
Raven's Rock Quarry2IceN
Red Rock4SchistN
Road Crag10GneissSW
Scatwell River slabs10Mica schistS
Sgurr a' Coire-rainich1UNKNOWNall
Sgurr na Lapaich5UNKNOWNall
Sgurr na Muice45Schistall
Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan3UNKNOWNall
Slaggan - Atlantic Avenue26Sandstone (hard)W
Slaggan - Gob A' Chuaille (Politician Wall)5Sandstone (hard)NW
Slaggan - Gob A' Chuaille (Seal Wall)8Sandstone (hard)NW
Slaggan - Gob A' Gheodha - Gob Geo9Sandstone (hard)NW
Slaggan - Hammerhead Rock3Sandstone (hard)NW
Slaggan - Neptune's Wall13Sandstone (hard)NW
Sneaky Crag6GneissSW
Stone Valley Crags104GneissSW
Vegie Crag4GneissS
Ross & Cromarty crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
A' Chailleach - Sgurr Breac7Schistall
A' Mhaighdean14Gneissall
An Coileachan11Schistall
An Groban6GneissW
An Teallach (Bidein a' Ghlas Thuill)105Sandstone (hard)all
An Teallach (Sgurr Fiona)1Sandstone (hard)?
Ardlair Crags7Amphibiolite & SSW
Aspen Crag20SchistN
Back Country Crag2GneissSW
Badachro Crag3GneissSE
Ben Wyvis - Glas Leathad Mor15Schistall
Bog Meadow Wall3GneissNW
Cadfael Crag3GneissSE
Carn a' Bhiorain - Coill a' Bhun2IceNW
Carn Dearg an Droma4GneissS
Carn Goraig14GneissSW
Carnan Ban10GneissSW
Cliff Hill - Theatre of Dreams20Gneissall
Creag Bhadan an Aisc11GneissS
Creag Carn an Lochain Duibh1GneissSW
Creag Dubhdearg2SchistNW
Creag Ghlas29SchistSW
Creag na Gaorach7SchistN
Creag Poll Fraochain6SchistNW
Creag Toll a' Mhadaidh1GneissNE
Croft Crag1GneissE
Dam Crag4Mica schistS
Deep Geo - Sron an Dun-chairn11Sandstone (hard)NW
Diamond Crag2GneissNW
Dog Crag15GneissSW
Druid Rock10GneissSW
Faerie Crags9GneissNW
Flowerdale Bastion3GneissSW
Forgotten Crag (Mellon Udrigle)5Sandstone (hard)N
Fox's Buttress7GneissNW
Glenmarksie Crag43SchistS
Greenstone Block6Sandstone (hard)all
Grudie crag17Sandstone (hard)W
Loch Braigh Horrisdale Crag2GneissSW
Loch Broom - West2IceNE
Loch Chriostina Crags9GneissNE
Meall Mheinnidh2Schistall
Meig Crag34SchistN
Moderate Slab5GneissW
Moy Rock (Dingwall)63ConglomerateS
Opinan Slabs40Sandstone (hard)NW
Pauper's Geo - Creag an Eilein7Sandstone (hard)NW
Riverside Slabs7GneissSW
Rubha Reidh Stacks1UNKNOWNall
Sandpaper Slab1Sandstone (hard)NW
Scatwell Upper Slabs16SchistSE
Sgurr nan Clach Geala22Schistall
Sunset Crag5Sandstone (hard)SW
Torr na h-Iolaire34GneissSW
Udrigle Fin - Leac an Fhaobhair3Sandstone (hard)W
Weird Crag8GneissSW