Southern Sandstone

CC Southern Sandstone Guidebook 2008
Author Mike Vetterlein and Robin Mazinke. Ed. Bob Moulton
Published Climbers' Club (2008)
ISBN 9780901601803.0000


The latest version of the guide to climbing in the South East of England. Fully revised with many topos and colour action photos as well as a 'first ascents' list. In the new Climbers' Club house style.

Other editions of this guidebook
Southern Sandstone Climbers' Club (1989)

Crags covered by this Guide
East Sussex crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bassett's Farm Rocks39Sandstone (soft)N
Beachy Head11ChalkS
Bowles Rocks344Sandstone (soft)S
Chiddinglye Wood Rocks25Sandstone (soft)W
Cuckmere Haven - The Seven Sisters1ChalkS
Eridge Green Rocks327Sandstone (soft)E
Forge Cottage Rocks4Sandstone (soft)W
Harrison's Rocks593Sandstone (soft)SW
Hastings11Sandstone (soft)S
Hermitage Rocks0Sandstone (soft)SW
High Rocks470Sandstone (soft)NW
High Rocks Continuation Wall86Sandstone (soft)?
Hoath House Rocks9Sandstone (soft)S
Jockey's Wood Rocks (Penns Rocks)28Sandstone (soft)NE
Penns House Rocks64Sandstone (soft)?
Penns Lake Rocks7Sandstone (soft)?
Ramslye Farm Rocks39Sandstone (soft)S
Seaford head2ChalkS
Sheffield Forest Rocks6Sandstone (soft)?
Stone Farm West8Sandstone (soft)?
Tent Hill Rocks10Sandstone (soft)N
Under Rockes56Sandstone (soft)S
Walsted Wood Rocks9Sandstone (soft)?
Kent crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Birchcope Shaw Rocks16Sandstone (soft)S
Bulls Hollow Rocks84Sandstone (soft)NE
Dover North18ChalkSE
Dumpton Gap2ChalkE
Happy Valley Rocks117Sandstone (soft)S
Lampool Farm Rocks3Sandstone (soft)S
Mounters Rocks7Sandstone (soft)W
Sandfield House Quarry5Sandstone (soft)SW
Standen Rocks18Sandstone (soft)?
Toad Rocks (Denny Bottom Rocks)111Sandstone (soft)all
Wicken's Farm Quarry0Sandstone (soft)?
West Sussex crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Codmore Hill Rocks10Crumbly rubbishS
Stone Farm205Sandstone (soft)S
West Hoathly North Rocks7Sandstone (soft)N