Gabe Oliver 13/Jul Sent dnf

Couldn't get past the start!

Owen Diba 12/Jun Sent x
Hidden 11/Jun Sent β
Hidden 29/May Sent rpt
FreddieSmith 29/May Sent x
Rory_Cummings_NI 26/May Sent dnf
with Andy, Hamish
SandyJJS 21/May Sent x

Technique disappeared, death gripped everything

joeldering 21/May Sent dnf

Too scared, too greasy, too rubbish - unsent!

strudles 09/May Sent
Hidden 06/May Sent x
Hidden 29/Apr Sent dnf
ihugrocks 23/Apr Sent
ellis 21/Apr Sent rpt
Thomnomnom 07/Apr Sent x
with Joe, Matt, Preston, Todd
Hidden 01/Apr Sent x
Gus 01/Apr Sent
Kelly D 25/Mar Sent dnf

Couldn't start. Failure! (Probably a good thing, avoiding the inevitable bottle later on!)

with Kelly Gibson, Ed Bowler
Hidden 15/Mar Sent x
bpclarke 11/Mar Sent x
Andy Peak 1 11/Mar Sent

Pechy wanted this? Grate fun hanging of the jug at the end

AdamBrown 11/Mar Sent rpt
FloTilley 09/Mar Sent x
with James
Hidden 04/Mar Sent β
gazhbo 04/Mar Sent β
holliehinsley 04/Mar Sent
Jay.Carr 18/Feb Sent rpt
with Lairig
BenjyW 18/Feb Sent β

First go and repeated for good measure. Seen to many pics and videos to call it an onsight

JoeSchamp 18/Feb Sent x

Fucking incredible!!!

with Michael , BenjyW, Noah
mikespooner 18/Feb Sent x
with Zygis Jocys, Otto Scott
ferdia 06/Feb Sent x
Andrew Sandercock 04/Feb Sent x

Well good! Straightforward after the start.

with Chris Todd, Mark A
Hidden 04/Feb Sent
WilliamRupp 04/Feb -
Gordon W 14/Jan Sent
lazMo 14/Jan Sent
luke384 14/Jan Sent rpt
Matchpole 02/Jan Sent
GouldHarry ??/2017 Sent
Hidden ??/2017 -
spiderz 29/Dec/16 Sent x

1st go after eventually getting the start...

with Laura
jfarebrother 20/Dec/16 Sent
joeldering 20/Dec/16 Sent x
dewiturton 19/Dec/16 -
dewiturton 19/Dec/16 -
danjimwill 17/Dec/16 -
Alex Riley 05/Dec/16 Sent x
gaz.marshall 02/Dec/16 Sent
with Eddie, sgl
amccann 02/Dec/16 Sent x
Jackwd 30/Nov/16 Sent rpt
with Shannyb
Mike505 28/Nov/16 Sent x
The Grist 27/Nov/16 Sent x

Don't usually log Boulder problems but this almost felt like a route. Great to tick this classic.

Ben Grounsell 26/Nov/16 Sent x
with Felix
Sam Marks 26/Nov/16 Sent x
with Olly, Chris Collinson, Charlie, Felix, Ben Grounsell, Will Stokes
max_dickens 26/Nov/16 Sent x

Simply amazing

with Dan, Torin, Zakko, Owain crimps, Bennett, Bow
Felix la shat 26/Nov/16 Sent x
DJ Nelson 26/Nov/16 Sent x

All time line

with Josh Nelson, Micaela Langellotti
Hidden 26/Nov/16 Sent x
Neil_M_L 19/Nov/16 Sent x
Frankie_Tucker 19/Nov/16 Sent
jess bt 19/Nov/16 Sent rpt
James Oswald 13/Nov/16 Sent x

First go after failing on the start years ago. Really good - the top is pretty easy but pretty high1

Sandy Moore 05/Nov/16 Sent
jammy4536 15/Oct/16 Sent x
Xride20 15/Oct/16 -
mrteale 15/Oct/16 Sent x
with sd2k
sd2k 15/Oct/16 Sent x
with Eddo
Tpgough 09/Oct/16 Sent x

French start

dane2468 02/Oct/16 Sent x
Tommy Harris 01/Oct/16 Sent x

What an awesome line, crux at start then steady to the jug.

with phillip belcher
td72 28/Sep/16 Sent x

Took a few goes to get the first move

with Katie
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 20/Sep/16 Sent rpt
Patrick Hill 02/Sep/16 Sent x
with Rach
Michael Bortoluzzi 21/Aug/16 Sent x
jonsey1995 27/Jul/16 Sent
with Dan Kyee, Jonny Ashton, Theo
Tom Pillow 03/Jul/16 Sent

really fun on first day of the trip

with Will Rivers, jake, Luke Richardson
Stuart William 25/Jun/16 Sent x

Well up there with my favourite problems. So much fun!

lewisrichardson 15/May/16 Sent x

getting that foot to stick at the start is hard!

Hidden 03/May/16 Sent x
robertmichaeladams 01/May/16 Sent dnf

A quick arm power vs. time assessment told me to eject before committing further - will go sometime in the future

with Sarah, Mark C
pawelgregorczyk 20/Apr/16 Sent

5 stars

Graeme Hammond 19/Apr/16 Sent x

Pysched. A Stanage right of passage. Finally after doing hundreds of other routes and problems at Stanage I got round to trying this properly, a gap no more :-) --- Also done 3/5/2016.

ashtond6 19/Apr/16 Sent


Hidden 17/Apr/16 Sent dnf
sammpratt 17/Apr/16 Sent
marconi 13/Apr/16 -
with Joe120
dale__n 13/Apr/16 Sent

Amazing line

jakk 10/Apr/16 Sent x
The old James turnbull 05/Apr/16 Sent
Hidden 02/Apr/16 Sent
thejunglist 02/Apr/16 Sent x
with Liz , Jambon, Rob
DavidPC 01/Apr/16 Sent
with Maoome
GDun98 25/Mar/16 Sent
Hidden 25/Mar/16 Sent x
Federico P 23/Mar/16 Sent x

With Paolo

deacondeacon 20/Mar/16 Sent

Jumped past the static start today but have done it properly in the past.. 8am before the crowds turned up. Lovely

cjd91 20/Mar/16 Sent x

Amazing line

with phil blue
Hidden 16/Mar/16 -
Rory Bascombe 12/Mar/16 Sent x
with CWIF crowd
BC 12/Mar/16 Sent β
Matt.c.Warner 06/Mar/16 Sent x
Jackwd 29/Feb/16 Sent rpt
with Guy, Harry, Angus
Angus Taylor 29/Feb/16 Sent β
Laurence Everitt 28/Feb/16 Sent x

About time, much easier after someone told me about the hold I've been missing all these years.

MischaHY 28/Feb/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 28/Feb/16 Sent
Andy Moles 24/Feb/16 Sent rpt
with Ferdia
Hidden 23/Feb/16 Sent
Tez29 22/Feb/16 Sent x

2nd go, cold hand slip just before gaining jug in flash.

with Steve
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 15/Feb/16 Sent rpt
with Mark Richardson, Christian Lehmann
Gianthit 10/Feb/16 Sent
will black 07/Feb/16 Sent β
Gus 07/Feb/16 Sent
Alex Norman 07/Feb/16 Sent x
ksteadman88 ?/Feb/16 Sent
with joe, Ed mills dilkes, Ross G
danoflynn 30/Jan/16 Sent rpt

Breezy topout

with Emma, Andy Barker
BenedictIEP 23/Jan/16 Sent dnf

Finally got off the ground.

phillipwright 23/Jan/16 Sent x
GeneralFifi 23/Jan/16 Sent dnf

Bailed on the easy moves towards the end.. Ashamed of myself

LBrown 23/Jan/16 -
Alice.001 20/Jan/16 Sent
Jonny Nick 16/Jan/16 Sent rpt
Jack93 16/Jan/16 Sent x
Dave Heaton 16/Jan/16 Sent
Hidden 16/Jan/16 Sent rpt
Hidden 16/Jan/16 Sent x
dancole ?/Jan/16 Sent O/S
Jim pratt ??/2016 Sent O/S
Arona Morrison ??/2016 Sent x
Dale Comley 31/Dec/15 Sent β
Matt Broadhurst 28/Dec/15 Sent x
with Paul, Pete M
Hidden 27/Dec/15 Sent dnf
Hidden 23/Dec/15 Sent x
samrad 20/Dec/15 Sent O/S
with mike
MichaelGallimore 20/Dec/15 Sent x


Senna 20/Dec/15 Sent x

Absolutely chuffed to get this done, it's been over 2 years since I first saw it...possibly one of my most favourite problems ever.

Timothy Graham Peck 22/Nov/15 Sent x

Climbed first go after trying it years ago and jumping off pumped and scared. Really nice line and gets easier towards the top! ideal!

with Charly
madasten 22/Nov/15 Sent dnf

too pumped from cold...

Nick Sherring 22/Nov/15 Sent dnf

not to be, today. Back another day without a funny left arm

dom94 21/Nov/15 Sent x
AdamBrown 21/Nov/15 Sent x
with Chris O
masonwoods101 13/Nov/15 Sent x
benkelsey 12/Nov/15 Sent x

Worked out the start after a few powerful failures. Did top section with terrible footwork and flash pump eventually. Bit of a crap problem really

Robin Nichols 27/Oct/15 Sent O/S
with Jemma
Caspian Johnson 25/Oct/15 Sent
Jackwd 25/Oct/15 Sent rpt

First go today.

sev 23/Oct/15 Sent β
Hidden 18/Oct/15 Sent x
milneb 11/Oct/15 Sent x
with Karl, Jack
Jackwd 11/Oct/15 Sent rpt
with B Man Milne, K Dawg Chan Man
cjbaker 11/Oct/15 Sent x
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 26/Sep/15 Sent rpt
HaddRoots 20/Sep/15 Sent x

Got the start move with a jump after a couple tries, rest easier and great climbing - fantastic line

JayAyBee 13/Sep/15 Sent x
with Nuala
jedster1111 11/Sep/15 -
Frances Bensley 25/Jul/15 Sent x
professorcobra 11/Jul/15 Sent x
salix 07/Jun/15 Sent

Such a good line, felt pretty high.

with Caitlin, Neus
RKirke 25/May/15 Sent x
with Banksy
Nick1812P 23/May/15 Solo rpt
Albert Exley 19/May/15 Sent x
Andrew Jennings 17/May/15 Sent rpt
with Emma Harris, Rachel Boyd, Lee Barnes
xiangoh ?/May/15 Sent x
jelaby 26/Apr/15 Sent x
Hidden 25/Apr/15 Sent dnf
Hidden 25/Apr/15 Sent x
dunnyg 09/Apr/15 Sent

Ace! Took a few goes to get the start, then got pumped before the jug and bailed. Few more failed starts then got it to the top. Sweaty day. Well chuffed

with ben
kermit_uk 05/Apr/15 Sent rpt
with Cedric, Simon L, Michelle_250
Rharrison 02/Apr/15 Sent x
kmaxwell 25/Mar/15 Sent x
OliverRoss 20/Mar/15 Sent x
Gambit 14/Mar/15 Sent x
with Alone
robertmctague 07/Mar/15 Sent
Theo Moore - UKC and UKH 07/Mar/15 Sent
AlexRenshaw 07/Mar/15 -
Matthew Bennett 06/Mar/15 -
Hidden 08/Feb/15 Sent x
samwillo 08/Feb/15 Sent
Hidden 08/Feb/15 Sent x
quiffhanger 08/Feb/15 Sent rpt
with Angus
adam 24 08/Feb/15 Sent rpt
Angus12345 08/Feb/15 Sent x
with Ross
Ellis Butler-Barker 08/Feb/15 Sent x
Hidden 04/Feb/15 Sent β
Alex moore 04/Feb/15 -
BRoe 04/Feb/15 Sent rpt
with Ash, whitehouse_rhys
hankyc 02/Feb/15 Sent x

very delicate getting off ground... then an amazing king line highball with an epic snowy view from the top

Kevster ?/Feb/15 Sent

A long time coming.

JamesTurnbull97 17/Jan/15 Sent rpt

Forgot how good it was

g.chalker 08/Jan/15 Sent x
Ollie B 05/Jan/15 Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2015 -
Canyak ??/2015 -
dan_o_b ??/2015 Sent x
FATBOYFAT ??/2015 -
Hidden 31/Dec/14 Sent rpt
Sam Watson 31/Dec/14 Sent
CharlieMack 28/Dec/14 Sent x
with Jon Daynes
Ewan Russell 13/Dec/14 Sent x
with Sam(Tom's friend), Luke, gwen, Tom Nichols
Wizzy 13/Dec/14 Sent x
Hidden 06/Dec/14 -
Albachoss 30/Nov/14 Sent x

Lovely Jubbly

with Ed
Stroppy 30/Nov/14 Sent x
PeterDawson 29/Nov/14 Sent x

One of the best boulders at stanage!

Jordanh031 24/Nov/14 Sent
dohart 20/Nov/14 Sent dnf

at end of day - such an awkward start - couldnt do 1st move

Si dH 09/Nov/14 Sent rpt
OERees 09/Nov/14 Sent x
Hidden 09/Nov/14 Sent
Mattlamb90 01/Nov/14 Sent x
with Owen Davies, Luke
luke384 01/Nov/14 Sent x
with matty
Hidden ?/Nov/14 Sent
JoshShaw ?/Nov/14 -
Hidden 25/Oct/14 Sent dnf
JFORDE 25/Oct/14 Sent x
with Richard
Hidden 18/Oct/14 Sent
Hidden 18/Oct/14 Sent dnf
jacobjlloyd 11/Oct/14 Sent rpt
with Strong Ben, Sophie
BenL 11/Oct/14 Sent
with Jake
Coops_13 11/Oct/14 Sent x

Scary heel hooks up high

with Jay Kay
Michael Allday 10/Oct/14 Sent β
Dave Cale 05/Oct/14 Sent O/S

scary at the top.

with Tom Jefferies
Hidden 04/Oct/14 Sent
jacobjlloyd 04/Oct/14 Sent rpt
with Sky, Josh Bamsey
Hidden 29/Sep/14 Sent
Sarah Pashley 18/Sep/14 Sent x
danJBA 04/Aug/14 Sent O/S
KiaranR 04/Aug/14 Sent x
with Dan
marcduhig 01/Jun/14 Sent x

Worked to get the first move static

jess bt 14/Apr/14 -

flash! got lucky with the crux start moves

quiffhanger 13/Apr/14 Sent rpt
with Dan M
Hidden 13/Apr/14 Sent dnf
EdGS 11/Apr/14 Sent x

Very good, scary at the top with no pad below. TOO HOT!

rhoslynfrugtniet 15/Mar/14 Sent x
MarkRoe 15/Mar/14 Sent x
stevedude888 05/Mar/14 Sent O/S

Such a good line.

with howie
iamstebarker ?/Mar/14 Sent
Hidden ?/Mar/14 Sent x
Beastly Squirrel 22/Feb/14 Sent x

Probably the best of it's grade in Britain. So much fun! Fully padded.

with some guy called Tim, Dad
tim newton 22/Feb/14 Sent x
Alex Whitmore 22/Feb/14 Sent x
Jay.Carr 22/Feb/14 Sent
spidermonkey09 16/Feb/14 Sent

Absolutely amazing! Couldn't get off the ground last time, but it didn't disappoint- mega classic.

TRFrost 16/Feb/14 Sent x
with J. Hulbert
HAJ Francis ?/Feb/14 Sent β
Hidden 13/Jan/14 Sent dnf
jonny north 12/Jan/14 -
with Pete
Oddjob 02/Jan/14 Sent x
grey wolf 02/Jan/14 Sent x

Another classic I should have done ages ago, did not disappoint

bwestwood ?/Jan/14 -
Souljah 29/Dec/13 Sent β

Flashed It... Awesome Climb

with dave kettle
adam 24 29/Dec/13 Sent x
hilty 28/Dec/13 Sent
hilty 28/Dec/13 Sent
with daz hobin
chris.t 24/Dec/13 Sent
Stig 20/Dec/13 Sent x

Unbelievable to finally get this done - never been able to get off the ground before. Did start first go and rest on next. No chalk and pads still folded up, as I was just 'having a look'.

with Simon
nathanlee 19/Dec/13 Sent rpt
with Ted Thornton
john lynch 19/Dec/13 Sent rpt
scoth 18/Dec/13 Sent x
karol dubas 14/Dec/13 Sent x

Absolutely fantastic!!

Jack.H.92 14/Dec/13 Sent
with matt cooke
Jonathan Hall 14/Dec/13 Sent

Great, enough said.

Rob Pitt 11/Dec/13 Sent
with Lee
woody99i 10/Dec/13 Sent
Don Jebus 09/Dec/13 Sent x

Utter classic. Absorbing climbing, great position, what more could you ask for!

with Fraser
Jackwd 08/Dec/13 Sent rpt

As good as last week!

Jackwd 01/Dec/13 Sent x

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. I must have tried the first move, forty times before my foot stuck. Ignore the polished holds and smear. Oh and yeah, it's as good as it looks.

with Scott
Hidden ?/Dec/13 Sent
Peter Reynolds ?/Dec/13 Sent
Hidden 30/Nov/13 Sent x
Hidden 24/Nov/13 Sent dnf
Bill Lawrence 23/Nov/13 Sent x
with leeds crew
Dave Warburton 23/Nov/13 Sent β
with Bill Lawrence, Tom Nichols, Will Hunt
Hidden 23/Nov/13 Sent O/S
Scott Anderson 23/Nov/13 Sent x
Will Hunt 23/Nov/13 Sent rpt

4 times today. Bliss.

with Ben Finley, Tom Nichols
Hidden 23/Nov/13 Sent x
Ed morris 22/Nov/13 Sent x

First go today after failing high up last summer on a hot day.

with jenny, stefan
barni 20/Nov/13 Sent rpt
with luke
Luke Brooks 20/Nov/13 Sent
with Barni
Matt Harle 10/Nov/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 09/Nov/13 Sent x
olliebristol ?/Nov/13 Sent
liambriddon1991 ?/Nov/13 Sent


crimpthengaston ?/Nov/13 Sent

What a line

tchallen99 31/Oct/13 -
BenNorman 26/Oct/13 Sent rpt


yan hawkins 26/Oct/13 Sent
Ally Smith 26/Oct/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 26/Oct/13 Sent
Hidden 24/Oct/13 Sent dnf
Cake 20/Oct/13 Sent O/S

Well happy with this on-sight. Pumping out at the end- I only just managed to grab the jug on the ramp. Perfect.

JamesTurnbull97 06/Oct/13 Sent x
kiks 28/Sep/13 -
al123 23/Sep/13 Sent rpt
with Crew
Hidden 21/Sep/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 21/Sep/13 Sent O/S
dohart 14/Sep/13 Sent dnf

couldnt get off ground !

James Oakes 08/Sep/13 Sent rpt
with Aidan Rooney, Dan Gyi, Bart Harris, Gareth Hooson
Bloke on a Rope 02/Sep/13 Sent x

Woohoo! Have wanted to tick this one for ages! Took a while to solve the start but found the rest to be just nice climbing, toe hooking all the way!

with Matt
Hidden ?/Sep/13 Sent x
Henry.Todman ?/Sep/13 Sent x
Luke Dawson 09/Aug/13 Lead RP
BillyRidal 06/Aug/13 Sent x
dj_brigham05 27/Jul/13 Sent β

Yet another ascent. Felt this needed to be logged however as was wearing Frog goggles and a mankini!!

with Stag Stag Stag
jimmyrua 27/Jul/13 Sent x
with Stag Lads
Jackwd 24/Jun/13 Sent dnf

Can't get off the floor! What am I doing wrong!

Nick1812P 30/May/13 Sent
Hidden 23/May/13 Sent x
Nick1812P 22/May/13 Sent x
climbingsheep 22/May/13 Sent rpt
Dean177 19/May/13 Sent x

Climbed up, climbed back down to move a pad, then went tostart again and slipped on the lower part

Kaveman ?/May/13 Sent x

classic. very bad feet to start problem. effectively a match and campus start, possible to smear. first high ball, such a kick. loved it!

WB 28/Apr/13 Sent x

2nd go. Slipped from near the top on my first attempt, while my spotters were moving pads. Interesting landing.... Good problem

with Gio, Alex
Stefan_Morris 28/Apr/13 Sent x
with jenny
Hidden 20/Apr/13 Sent dnf
Hidden 08/Apr/13 Sent dnf
drysori 04/Apr/13 -
Bennykr 04/Apr/13 Sent O/S

Wanted to do it for ages, really nice climbing.

with Adam H
birdie1989 02/Apr/13 Sent
Hidden ?/Apr/13 Sent x
jacobjlloyd 31/Mar/13 Sent rpt

Always a nice way to finish the day.

with Ross
Ewano 31/Mar/13 Sent x

Amazing! Start felt easy this time after feeling impossible the first time.

james.f.williamson 31/Mar/13 Sent
with grubes
quiffhanger 31/Mar/13 Sent rpt

Nice warm down to end an awesome day of snowballing.

with Jake
Hidden 30/Mar/13 Sent
al123 14/Mar/13 Sent rpt

cant believe this is only the 2nd time I've done this.

with Sean W, nathan
Hidden 12/Mar/13 Sent
MartinWilliams87 02/Mar/13 Sent x
Stefan Kruger 02/Mar/13 Sent O/S

Always wanted to do this. Perfect day for it. Hard start, easier but high above.

frasermcilwraith 02/Mar/13 Sent x

Nails first move!!

Hidden 27/Feb/13 Sent dnf
Lloyders 24/Feb/13 Sent x

Fell off the first move about 6 times then sent. Superb!!

with Air
keefe 17/Feb/13 -
with Ted
Dave Mayes 03/Feb/13 Sent
Si dH 13/Jan/13 Sent β

Flashed today. I had tried it 2-3 years ago and remembered the sequence for the start. Great highball problem.

Jonny Nick 12/Jan/13 Sent x
anguskille 12/Jan/13 Sent x

great fun (once you're off the ground)

with Josh, Robin, Steph
Huw Cropper ??/2013 -
with Gareth Pritchard
adie84 ??/2013 -
samt ??/2013 -
Sam Lawson ??/2013 -
Tony Kartawick ??/2013 Solo
nathanlee 23/Dec/12 Sent rpt
with Oli Grounsell, Dave Mayes
fyfee8a 02/Dec/12 -
jussyrockstar 01/Dec/12 -
Hidden 01/Dec/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 01/Dec/12 Sent x
climbingsheep 01/Dec/12 Sent x
Hidden 01/Dec/12 Sent
Jack_F 24/Nov/12 Sent O/S

Excellent problem! Tricky start though!

Stuart Johnston 11/Nov/12 Sent x

First move feels hard to start with but after practice becomes much easier. Holds get bigger the higher you go (luckily)!

with James O'Neill, Kate Bomphrey
Hidden 10/Nov/12 Sent
Matt Harle 10/Nov/12 Sent β
madasten 03/Nov/12 Sent

Did the crux and first half of the ramp but then too pumped (or scared?!) to get the penultimate jug this time.

with Rick, Gaz
Jake Young 03/Nov/12 Sent x

Just a couple moves off the ground. Really Good!

with liam, Mark R
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Sent
Jonny Slarke 20/Oct/12 Sent
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Sent β
Adam Booth 14/Oct/12 Sent x

Awesome. Tried this years ago and couldn't get close. Once you've stuck the second hold off the ground you're sorted.

gcarmichael 07/Oct/12 Sent x


with Mike, Chris and Adam
EliotStephens 06/Oct/12 Sent

perfect line, not the best moves.

with Chris Shep, Ashwh
Hidden 06/Oct/12 Sent x
nicolat 30/Sep/12 Sent x
with loundsy
chrisscutt 15/Sep/12 Sent O/S
with ro, oly
ollie_e 15/Sep/12 Sent x
rustaldo 11/Aug/12 Sent dnf

my bouldering is shocking.

Hidden 05/Aug/12 Sent
Mattlamb90 22/Jul/12 Sent dnf

Watching an American fella beast it, but couldn't conjure anything from the tank!

with Tibbett
pie_eater_pete 04/Jun/12 Sent x
dohart 04/Jun/12 Sent dnf

thought i was going to do this ! after working start move fell off the hardish bit going for the big hold higher up. Need to sort my head out.

BFG 02/Jun/12 -
ducko 29/May/12 Sent O/S
Haydn Jones 16/May/12 Sent x
with tonanf
Chris Redding 05/May/12 Sent dnf

couldn't handle the start yet, reach was a slight issue too

Luuuuuke 24/Apr/12 Sent x
Hidden 21/Apr/12 Sent
mark20 07/Apr/12 Sent x
Danny_boulders 24/Mar/12 Sent x
BRoe 19/Mar/12 Sent x
with Helene Roe
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Sent
Hidden 17/Mar/12 Sent x
Hidden 09/Mar/12 Sent x
Duncan Campbell 02/Mar/12 Sent

NICE!! Have wanted to do this for ages, didn't think it would go today as it felt greasy. Got the start move done a few times but went for wrong bit of the next hold, once I got that right, just kept it chilled to the top. Uber-classic problem.

with Chris Todd, Josh Marshall, Dave Morse
Hidden ?/Mar/12 Solo
Hidden 26/Feb/12 Sent rpt
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Sent β
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Sent
Glyn 19/Feb/12 Sent O/S
siwid 19/Feb/12 -
Tophe 11/Feb/12 Sent x
tom106 11/Feb/12 Sent x

only tick in a day otherwise spent getting spanked...still brilliant

markalmack 04/Feb/12 Sent x
pr1984 15/Jan/12 Sent dnf

Tricky start.

blaza1 ??/2012 -
Hidden 27/Nov/11 Sent x
Hidden 20/Nov/11 Sent dnf
Arisdad 20/Nov/11 Sent
catt 20/Nov/11 Sent x

One of those problems you may hate until you can do. Then it's awesome!

Daniel_Boocock 18/Nov/11 Sent x
Hidden 17/Nov/11 Sent
cliffrad 31/Oct/11 Sent
with eazy
Hidden 29/Oct/11 Sent O/S
J.Wells 28/Oct/11 Sent x
con321 23/Oct/11 Sent x

did it today at last got it first go of the day!! mega classic :)

rockjedi 22/Oct/11 Sent x
with Julian Heath, Yin Yueng
Matthew reid 22/Oct/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 22/Oct/11 Sent x
jacobjlloyd 22/Oct/11 Sent x
with Rosie
Hidden 22/Oct/11 Sent
Hidden 20/Oct/11 Sent x
dodfoster 20/Oct/11 Sent x
with ben robinson
Will Hunt 16/Oct/11 Sent x


with Duncan MacNeil
Hidden 16/Oct/11 Sent
AlistairB 16/Oct/11 Sent

Couple of tries with a bad starting sequence then through to the top, really good!

Hidden 15/Oct/11 Sent x
Dirk Uhlig 04/Oct/11 Sent β
fp219 ?/Oct/11 Sent
nathanlee 22/Sep/11 Sent rpt


feilx 18/Sep/11 Sent x
disturbed_one51 11/Sep/11 Sent
belay bunny turned bad 04/Sep/11 Sent β
Hidden 04/Sep/11 Sent
tommo1664 28/Aug/11 Sent
kermit_uk 19/Jun/11 Sent O/S

after a couple of false starts on-sighted it!

rustaldo 10/Jun/11 Sent dnf

couldnt get started :(

with Olly
AshWH ?/Jun/11 Sent x

hardest part was getting off the floor

Hidden 31/May/11 Sent
will smith11 23/Apr/11 Sent x
w.pettet-smith 15/Apr/11 Sent

always thought this looked cool. it is.

with pete nugent
Bargate_Champ 08/Apr/11 Sent
Hidden 08/Apr/11 Sent
going going gone 02/Apr/11 Sent β

so much fun hard start

tuftynick 27/Mar/11 Sent
with Boza, Aide Jebb
Hidden 26/Mar/11 Sent O/S
stewart100 20/Mar/11 Sent
Ippy 12/Mar/11 Sent O/S
Marcus B 07/Mar/11 Sent
simondunf 06/Mar/11 Sent
xican ?/Mar/11 -

the polished foothold at the bottom is whats making it hard...

highlux 28/Feb/11 Solo O/S

wanted to do this one for about 15 years. despite the hail and a mud pit at the bottom, i decided to go for it. Quality

C coldwell-storry 25/Feb/11 Sent β
with rob lay, Mike Thomas
Hidden 31/Jan/11 Sent x
Hidden 30/Jan/11 Sent dnf
archiecb 29/Jan/11 Sent

Tried it last trip and decided the size and quality of the spotting wasnt worth the risk. This time I did it without a spotter, and no pad under the last moves. Go figure

BenNorman 22/Jan/11 Sent x

Once the hard start move is overcome (no french starts!) then it is very very pleasant to the top, top notch classic!

joese7en 19/Jan/11 Sent x
con321 17/Jan/11 Sent dnf

got to the third hold haha one to work next time i am up that way!!!

peaches69 14/Jan/11 Sent x

second go, as soon as i got pasr th first 2 moves i was flying, nearly fell of catching the jug near the top tho

ben.meakin 10/Jan/11 Sent x
Simon_Letman 02/Jan/11 Sent
Hidden 02/Jan/11 Solo RP
bigdrew 02/Jan/11 Sent x

Few goes to get off the ground then jibbered to the top.

with Various
Hidden ??/2011 Lead
soph ??/2011 Sent
harvie ??/2011 Sent
Scottish78 ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 Lead
infected mushroom ??/2011 -
marijus ??/2011 -
Ethan 26/Dec/10 Sent
with Don Walker
Hidden 19/Dec/10 Sent dnf
al123 19/Dec/10 Sent x

great fun.

Hidden 19/Dec/10 Solo dnf
Chris_barr 17/Dec/10 Sent β

Retro flash as couldn't remember anything after trying years ago. With sprained ankle!

with Bob
madasten 20/Nov/10 Sent x

Have wanted to do this for ages! Once the first move is worked out the rest is just beautiful, romping up decent holds.

with Gaz
conorjclarke 20/Nov/10 Sent

jump start

with Jessica Yang, Steve Robinette
Jeronimo 19/Nov/10 Sent rpt

static start

Hidden 16/Nov/10 Sent
Alex Mason 14/Nov/10 Sent x

Had to do this, even with screaming tips from the day before. Awesome problem.

with Laura Perry, Mikey G, George Ullrich, Steve Ramsden
akhughes 10/Nov/10 Solo O/S

Never font 6c, more 6b. One tricky move off the ground, then a romp to the top. Brilliant though.

Sam W 07/Nov/10 Sent

Popped from ground to get started on ramp

Richard Hall 28/Oct/10 Solo O/S

Couple of false starts then to the top. Raining and end of a long week, good fun for a boulder problem.

with Anais
James Oakes 25/Oct/10 Sent x
Orrin Coley 24/Oct/10 Sent β
nathanlee 22/Oct/10 Sent x

The archetypal grit problem.

with Dom Lee
Joe Grondowski 20/Oct/10 Sent
with Lewis Andrew, John Lynch
Ed Booth 18/Oct/10 Sent x
i_a_coops 18/Oct/10 Sent β
Hidden 17/Oct/10 Sent x
Fraser 16/Oct/10 Sent x
with Kev
GPN 02/Oct/10 Sent
Rowansb 02/Oct/10 Sent β
jonnybull ?/Oct/10 Sent x
angus ?/Oct/10 Sent O/S

first go, no mats. what a line

Goose U ?/Oct/10 Sent x

Second attempt

Dogmusher 06/Sep/10 -
NDD 18/Jul/10 Lead β

great line need to get back and try other stuff.

Hidden 10/Jul/10 Sent
Paulos 22/Jun/10 Sent
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe 14/May/10 Sent
Hidden ?/May/10 Sent x
oliverthomp 28/Apr/10 Sent x
Andy Moles 20/Apr/10 Sent O/S

doesn't disappoint, what a lovely problem. hardest i've flashed.

with Ali Cashman, Neil
MorganPreece 14/Apr/10 Sent rpt
with Jessy and Solo
stuartmunn 13/Apr/10 Sent O/S


Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent dnf
DaveFidler 28/Mar/10 Sent x

Really glad to have finally done, Couldn't start it before, which made it feel great.

dominic lee 21/Mar/10 Solo
john lynch 19/Mar/10 Sent

got 2nd go after a foot slippage.

with Lewis Andrew, rich armour
Mike Goldthorp 14/Mar/10 Sent x
willoates 14/Mar/10 Sent x
tom russell 13/Mar/10 Sent x
leepip 12/Mar/10 Sent x
with ben, justine
Jethro ?/Mar/10 Sent
dunnyg 13/Feb/10 Sent dnf

Got to get this. Looks immense

with rowan spear-bulmer, bert (luumc), duncan kaye
Hidden 03/Feb/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 01/Feb/10 Sent x
simon cox 31/Jan/10 Sent
jacobjacob 23/Jan/10 Sent
Martin Davies 23/Jan/10 Sent β

Ground up. Did it first time I got the start moves. First move is the hardest!

Jake Shaw ??/2010 -
with Dan
RossG ??/2010 -
stephenhartley ??/2010 Sent
Hidden 12/Dec/09 -
Hidden 12/Dec/09 -
tebs 12/Dec/09 Sent

Very pleased to get this, as I'd wanted to climb it for ages but thought it was out of my league. Wasn't nearly as hard or scary as i thought it would be, although it took me a while to get off the ground.

with Mike
PeteH 01/Dec/09 Sent rpt
Hidden ?/Dec/09 -
highrepute 17/Nov/09 Sent
Richard Horn 07/Nov/09 Sent x
Dan Jenkin 07/Nov/09 Sent x
with Matt Bennett
jasonmead21 01/Nov/09 Sent x
Hidden ?/Nov/09 Sent
loonyclimber 30/Oct/09 Sent rpt

almost 3 years since the last ascent.. still gets the heart fluttering at the top... brilliant problem.

with Dr Tom Andy G and Mollie
Milnes 17/Oct/09 Sent x

After a long wait, finally sent. Right off to India

with Bri Mac, Rick
fennerz 12/Oct/09 Sent β


dmoir 10/Oct/09 Sent
Hidden 10/Oct/09 Sent
Hidden 03/Oct/09 Sent
Hidden 03/Oct/09 Sent
smallerrich 08/Sep/09 Sent x

Fell off the first move a few times

with Me
laurence orchard 30/Aug/09 Sent x
danoflynn 19/Jul/09 Sent rpt

With a static first move this time. Brilliant problem!

Mike_Hayes 12/Jul/09 -
Mike_Hayes 12/Jul/09 -
dj_brigham05 26/May/09 Sent rpt
mic_b 02/Apr/09 Sent
hervenuttall ?/Apr/09 Sent x
with Callum
whistler 15/Mar/09 Sent x

finally ! Exciting

with Busa gang
dj_brigham05 14/Mar/09 Sent rpt
nai 05/Mar/09 Sent rpt
gregoritos 21/Feb/09 Sent
MorganPreece 01/Feb/09 Sent O/S

Really geting into this HighBall stuff, but it still scares the crap out of me. first move is hard but then you can relax!

with Monty, Jm
alaan 31/Jan/09 Sent
Hidden 18/Jan/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 17/Jan/09 Sent dnf
Kyuzo 17/Jan/09 -
Hidden 03/Jan/09 Sent
Lex Wilkinson 02/Jan/09 Sent
ukb & bmc shark 01/Jan/09 Solo
with Ben & Tom
simonp ?/Jan/09 Sent x
quiffhanger ??/2009 Sent O/S
kela ??/2009 Sent
Hidden ??/2009 Sent x
figfour ??/2009 -
with a few burly chaps
KKilroy ??/2009 Lead
kingholmesy ??/2009 Sent x
Hidden 30/Dec/08 Sent x
Tim W 24/Dec/08 Sent x
Hidden 14/Dec/08 -
Jeronimo 06/Dec/08 Sent

didn't get the start static. Will do next time. Beautiful problem. 3rd time there, but this time wasn't half-hearted.

Oceanic 06/Dec/08 Sent dnf

Climbed back down to the ground instead of doing the scary top out.

Hidden 03/Dec/08 Sent
tlr 29/Nov/08 Sent
with Pom
nai 29/Nov/08 Sent x
with Tim
Ramon Marin 29/Nov/08 Sent x
with Glen Borrel
lukehunt 16/Nov/08 -
with Jon Stokes
tatz45 29/Oct/08 Sent x
Hidden 29/Oct/08 Sent β
Dan 85 29/Oct/08 Sent x
with Pete, Tats, Mark
liamoloughlin 18/Oct/08 Sent
Hidden 15/Oct/08 Sent
nathanmanc 12/Oct/08 Sent
Hidden 12/Oct/08 Sent
Hidden 10/Oct/08 Sent rpt
lowersharpnose 09/Oct/08 Sent

A world class boulder problem.

jonnyboy 27/Sep/08 Sent x
mccaunt ?/Aug/08 Sent x
Hidden 12/Jul/08 Sent rpt
Harald 14/Jun/08 Sent O/S
chiverstom 24/May/08 Sent x

Attempted this so many times and wanted it so long. At last!!

with None
Hidden 28/Apr/08 Sent
harryjenner ?/Apr/08 -
Dougie Harvey 27/Mar/08 Sent x
dj_brigham05 16/Mar/08 Sent x

Classic. Pretty dam hard first move! Chris Sharma popped up and gave it a shot after!

Hidden ?/Mar/08 Sent x
Andrew1 06/Feb/08 Solo
lowersharpnose 01/Jan/08 Lead
Hidden ??/2008 Solo O/S
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ??/2008 Sent
Hidden ??/2008 -
The old James turnbull ??/2008 Lead
Hidden ??/2008 -
richiebongo ??/2008 Solo G/U
ANC 11/Dec/07 Sent β
sparkass ?/Dec/07 Sent x
Hidden 23/Nov/07 Solo rpt
danoflynn 17/Nov/07 Sent x
alaan 04/Nov/07 Solo O/S
darren1 ?/Nov/07 -
Chazz 18/Oct/07 Sent x
cragdan 22/Sep/07 Sent x

Don't look down!

with Andre Steele
andy gravestock 10/Sep/07 Sent x

just dont look down thank god there where a lot of people who all brought bouldering mat.

with sergio rovassano
Somerset swede basher 04/Aug/07 Sent x
with George and Nick Roberts
bourney ?/Aug/07 Sent


le t 10/Jul/07 Sent x
with Phildar
dannyboy83 08/Apr/07 Sent O/S
sgl0jd ?/Apr/07 -
JonBray 26/Mar/07 Sent rpt
Hidden 24/Mar/07 Sent x
Owen W-G 17/Feb/07 Sent x

Took about 6 attempts to get off ground but flashed once I got started. Had a wobble when wrong-handed on the flat hold before the jug.

with Robin
Hidden ?/Feb/07 Sent
Ram MkiV 25/Jan/07 Sent

really sruggling at the moment but at least i can still climb this.

with alex & tom
Richard Hession 14/Jan/07 Sent x

Beautiful line!

mshorter ??/2007 -
Skell ??/2007 Solo rpt
hebson ??/2007 Sent
Rob Kennard ??/2007 -
Hidden 23/Dec/06 Solo O/S
NickHobbs 17/Dec/06 Sent x
Hidden 05/Nov/06 Sent
loonyclimber 04/Nov/06 Sent


with Alex
tumbling wizard 14/Oct/06 Sent x
Castleclimber ?/Sep/06 Sent x
with Fred Lyon
derico 08/Jul/06 Sent x
with Clem,george, Bandy + Tom
Hidden 24/Jun/06 Sent x
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 29/Apr/06 Sent x
Hidden 03/Apr/06 Solo RP
Mark A Humphries 10/Feb/06 Sent x
with Jim
Garan 11/Jan/06 Sent

Glad to get it done.

with Simon Cox
Boy ??/2006 -
Hidden ??/2006 -
phsharpy ??/2006 Solo β
with Nick Ingram
kms ??/2006 -
ldmell ??/2006 -
ewen ??/2006 -
dan gibson ??/2006 -
Hidden ??/2006 -
wirralclimber1984 ??/2006 -
Paz 24/Dec/05 Sent
with DP
bronsonite 11/Dec/05 Sent
Hidden ?/Nov/05 Sent O/S
Hidden ?/Oct/05 Sent x
Hidden 12/Jun/05 Sent x
Andrew Barker ?/Jun/05 Sent x

Hard to get off the ground, and a scary high romp after. No way is this Font 6c though, I reckon 6b+ at the most.

Alex@home ?/May/05 Sent x

took about 15 goes to get off the ground and hold the first sloper, the rest of it was much easier but felt great to finish such a right of passage

Ian Broome 10/Mar/05 Sent
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe ??/2005 -
rice boy ??/2005 Solo
g2 ??/2005 -
Joe Costello ??/2005 Sent x
with ryan
reg_measures ??/2005 Sent
Hidden ??/2005 -
drysori ??/2005 Sent
Neil Amos ??/2005 -
Macca_7 30/Dec/04 Sent x

Amazing line great conditions

Rob Grant ?/Nov/04 Sent
Hidden ?/Mar/04 Sent x
Daniel Armitage ?/Mar/04 Sent x
mbutton ??/2004 Sent x
with Gus Hudgens
Toby ??/2004 -
simon kimber ?/Oct/03 Sent O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/03 Sent
Hidden 18/Jan/03 Sent
Ram MkiV ??/2003 Sent

the first success of a brilliant easter weekend in the peak staying at andy's.

with Andy Reeve
Hidden 13/Sep/02 Sent
Mark Riley ??/2002 Sent x
willackers ??/2002 Solo O/S
with John Vickers
Strong Steve 14/Jul/01 Solo G/U
Hidden ?/Apr/01 Solo
Dave Musgrove Jnr 15/Feb/01 Solo
RossG123 ??/2001 Sent
Hidden ??/2001 Sent
Hidden ??/2001 Sent x
richsmithinbristol 18/Apr/00 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Mar/00 Sent
Andrew Jennings ??/2000 Sent
tlr ??/2000 Solo
Ben Bransby ??/2000 Solo
Monk ??/2000 Sent
Hidden ?/Nov/99 Sent x
Chris Reid ?/Sep/99 Solo O/S
DavidEvans 12/Apr/99 Solo
with Oliver Forrest
TomMc ??/1999 -
Cassidy 05/Aug/98 Sent O/S
with David Cassidy
Hidden 13/Jun/98 Solo O/S
Hidden 25/Jan/98 Sent
Dave Douglas 17/Jan/98 Solo rpt
with Ed Morgan
Hidden ??/1998 Sent O/S
Roget 26/Oct/97 Sent
Jon Read ?/Sep/97 Solo O/S
with Pete Squires
Hidden 06/Jul/97 Sent
ste_d 15/Jan/97 Sent x
Hidden ??/1997 -
crossleysm ?/Apr/96 Solo
Hidden ?/Jul/95 Sent x
nokishatov 01/May/94 Sent x
Hidden ?/May/94 Solo O/S
D Tempest 10/Oct/93 Solo
with Rick
Hidden ?/Oct/93 Solo O/S
Dave Douglas ?/Oct/93 -
Tony Little 25/May/93 Solo O/S
with Jon Bibby
mattnuttall ?/Mar/93 Solo O/S

was E26a in 1993 (no pads, scary enough for the E grade)

Hidden ??/1993 Solo
Cowflinger ?/Aug/92 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/1992 Sent rpt
Hidden ?/Jun/90 -
Marti999 ??/1990 Lead
mik1miller ??/1989 Solo
Will Webb ?/Dec/88 Sent O/S
phardman 15/Jun/88 Solo
goi.ashmore 20/Mar/88 Solo RP

Ground Up

sadams ?/Sep/87 Solo
with Guy Townsend
Hidden 17/Jun/87 Sent
Stoney Boy ?/Mar/87 Solo O/S
robyn1 ??/1987 -
Hammy 25/Sep/85 Solo
stp 03/Mar/84 Solo
Mike Owen ?/Sep/80 Solo
with Al Stewart
paul__in_sheffield ??/1980 Lead
mike bridges 24/May/78 Solo dnf

got half way up after numerous tries,too bold for me to finish,felt pumped,felt pleased i`d done the start.

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