riff156 07/Jan 2nd dog

Fell off at the end of the traverse the holds became a bit too thin for me good lead from Dean though

with Dean
dinodinosaur 07/Jan Lead G/U

2nd attempt after fluffing the moves onto the slab, new sequence tried and success, cheeky little route

with riff156
Hidden 12/Nov/17 Lead
jimmysdead 12/Nov/17 2nd dog

Bloody tough. Hard to make the pulls needed after the traverse. Fell and regained the rock with prussiks. 3rd go was the charm.

with Blake
kelliroberts3 27/Oct/17 2nd
luke glaister 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S

Absolutely brilliant. Not a good first e1 I thought tho. From the ground the traverse looks like gear will go all the way across. Once at the end and with bommer nut and big cam in the break. I was feeling the pump. But high foot and rock to glory. Good holds come in the end. Top 50.

kenneM 14/Oct/17 Lead
with Henry Crosby
mattlyons 08/Oct/17 Lead O/S

The traverse was the crux for me

with Josh Willson
TomTeece 05/Oct/17 2nd
Rob Knowles 05/Oct/17 Lead G/U

Fell of on the first go as read the crux wrong but got the crux easily on the second go

Mowglee 28/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with Neal
griffithpatrick 27/Sep/17 2nd
Neal Jobling 27/Sep/17 Lead
with Mowglee
Jwatson 26/Sep/17 Lead β

On Lucy's gear

AF Webb 16/Sep/17 2nd
Will Webb 16/Sep/17 Lead
with Alex
SamStrong93 15/Sep/17 2nd
with Wils, Neil
ned_85 15/Sep/17 2nd dog
Rockley 15/Sep/17 Lead dog
climber34neil 14/Sep/17 -
LBrown 14/Sep/17 Solo
Stefan_TR 10/Sep/17 Lead O/S

One hard move. Once I got the jam and bashed my heel up it was done. Took my time figuring that out though!!

andrzej kierzek 04/Sep/17 Lead RP

Did it after 5 attempts over one year.

with Mailys
Toby 01/Sep/17 Lead β

Mostly on Jack's gear.

with Jack, Nate
mrteale 01/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with Shannon
Hidden 01/Sep/17 Lead dog
Theo Moore - UKC and UKH 01/Sep/17 Lead rpt
dr_botnik 01/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with Theo
mskngch 06/Aug/17 Lead O/S
lusonavigator 06/Aug/17 2nd
with Masaki
Teappleby 05/Aug/17 Lead rpt
Rich Kirby 31/Jul/17 Lead rpt
with Helen
andrzej kierzek 29/Jul/17 Lead dog

Slight improvement - I can now do all moves on lead.

with Rachel
MSchobitz 26/Jul/17 Lead RP

Last route climbed while living in the UK for 4 years. Its been a blast!

with Harry Lewis, Jem Greenway
Hidden 25/Jul/17 Lead dog
Neil McA 22/Jul/17 2nd rpt
with Stan, Jon Morgan
morganator 22/Jul/17 2nd
with Stan Halstead
Hoyes 16/Jul/17 Lead O/S

Just got the good holds above the lip as my feet popped.

with Rachael H
Droyd 16/Jul/17 Lead dnf

Fat sun, not warmed up, crap beta from old bloke, cowardly etc. etc. Faffed so much figuring out the traverse that didn't have the steam to do the crux.

with Ben
Hidden 08/Jul/17 Lead
DavidMcK 01/Jul/17 Lead O/S

Got a bit confused and tried to do the 6b moves on the E6. Decided that felt really hard so went up the crack which it turns out was right.

Guy Bennell ?/Jul/17 Lead dog
RagingPuffin 13/Jun/17 Lead RP
with Tom
Hidden 25/May/17 Lead dog
Harald 22/May/17 Lead O/S
milena 21/May/17 Lead β

Partner bailed at the roof so I led it with his gear up to that point. Lovely route, despite the bomber gear, the rock-over the roof feels committing.

with Dave
DanChad 21/May/17 Lead O/S
Granitemuncher 14/May/17 Lead O/S

Interesting exits after the traverse, specially under the rain....

Hidden 13/May/17 2nd dog
dewiturton 10/May/17 Lead
with keitht
dewiturton 10/May/17 Lead O/S

Almost bottled it but went for it and loved it

with keitht
keitht 10/May/17 2nd
jameslomax 29/Apr/17 2nd dog
benkelsey 22/Apr/17 2nd rpt

Conveniently before the direct

pete1993 22/Apr/17 Lead O/S

Not sure why I ran away from this for so long as it wasn't that bad, top quality, the mantle is easy once you work it out

with Ben
Mike W 09/Apr/17 Lead O/S
with chris
Gabe Oliver 05/Apr/17 Lead dnf

A bit of arrogance on my part expecting this to be a cake walk but managed to achieve the level of Full Punter on this one. Made an absolute shambles of it and threw a minor hissy fit at the crag.

Hidden 02/Apr/17 2nd β
Hidden 02/Apr/17 Lead
Sophie Nunn 01/Apr/17 Lead dog
with Liz Y
CRead 31/Mar/17 2nd

Went for the lead and got totally spanked...

edwingeorge 26/Mar/17 2nd rpt
with Oscar
Oscar Popels 26/Mar/17 Lead O/S

I was very happy with this lead. I traversed all the way to the break with gear on the far right. It would have been a hell of a swing if I fell but I managed to get a nice red cam in there. Considered putting a nut in too but thought better of it and powered through the crux feeling very pumped. A great outing!

Joe.Elliott1 25/Mar/17 Lead
Cole Robertson 25/Mar/17 Lead rpt

Great climb!

Tom66 25/Mar/17 2nd

Pumpy, get the crux sequence right first time or feel the pain!

George Frisby 25/Mar/17 2nd

Just managed it clean this time. Remembered the sequence from before.

with Cole
Rory_Cummings_NI 07/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Josh
George Frisby 05/Feb/17 2nd dog

Super pumped after the traverse and had nothing left for the crux. Line in the eastern grit rockfax is wrong for this route.

LMS 05/Feb/17 2nd

Difficult but great fun! lots to learn..

with Christy
climberchristy 05/Feb/17 Lead rpt

As good as ever! Lynn did well on it.

with LMS
Cole Robertson 05/Feb/17 Lead dog

Oooo, the tragedy. Faffed getting gear under the crux and frozen hands made it very hard to judge the quality of the smaller-than-expected slopers one simply must pull on to make the rockover. Dogged. All the more reason to come back. High in the grade.

Climbingspike ??/2017 -
Hidden ??/2017 Lead
nuts and bolts ??/2017 -
AmyAmy 05/Nov/16 2nd dog
islandlynx 05/Nov/16 Lead β

Falling at the end of the traverse would not have been wise but scoped out some quality gear from the ground at the end of it. The move itself is okay

with Amy
Matt77 05/Nov/16 2nd dog

Faffed at the crux when I should've just gone for it. Felt fine when I worked out the best way for me.

with Shane, Amy Death, Tom Riddelsdell
Kris2fa 16/Oct/16 Lead dog

Wow... got so pumped - put 4 pieces in at the crux before the thunderpump forced me to rest. Probably not helped by seconding tippler direct just beforehand

with Adam24B
Adam24B 16/Oct/16 2nd
Horton 15/Oct/16 2nd dog

Shot me down for the weakling I am. Traverse moves weren't too hard but they left me too pumped for the crux - especially when trying to remove gear. Made the moves after a good rest, a little prayer and a clean pair of pants. I'll be back (after some sports training...)

CharlieFehl 15/Oct/16 2nd dog

Fun but nerve-wracking traverse leading to the crux. My initial awkward left hand placement pushed me off the lip coming over, but the second attempt did the trick.

TomRiddelsdell 15/Oct/16 Lead dog

Interesting route. Certainly put me in my place. Did the fairly terrifying travese 3 or 4 times improving my gear slightly on each. Was still looking at a good swing from the end of it before i manage to get a cam in the roof seconds before my arms gave up. Will be back for another stab at this one soon!

with Horton, Charlie Fehl
Hidden 02/Oct/16 Lead O/S
Afell 02/Oct/16 Lead O/S

Great climb, not too bad, protection good, was close to being boxed in the crux!

Mowglee 29/Sep/16 2nd
with Graeme
Graeme Hammond 29/Sep/16 Lead rpt
Brannock 28/Sep/16 Lead
Dale Finnie 24/Sep/16 2nd dnf
D.Russell 22/Sep/16 2nd
with Adam
Hidden 22/Sep/16 Lead β
Jim Slater 18/Sep/16 Lead O/S


with Krzysztof
Hidden 17/Sep/16 Lead RP
Andy England 17/Sep/16 2nd RP
markfairbank 11/Sep/16 Lead dog

Not too hard, just climbing badly!

with Will Miller, Ray Sharples
andrzej kierzek 11/Sep/16 Lead dnf
with Rachel, James
The Grist 11/Sep/16 Lead RP
td72 11/Sep/16 Lead O/S
with Mike M
bryan61 10/Sep/16 2nd rpt
with Tom D, m meaney
al99 10/Sep/16 Lead β
with JonesE
JonesE 10/Sep/16 Lead G/U

Pump got the best of me whilst faffing with gear on the crux, should have committed straight away with just the cam. Pulled the ropes, smashed it on second attempt.

with Benny
Mike505 02/Sep/16 Lead G/U
marcus_goff ?/Sep/16 2nd
PeteWilson 26/Aug/16 Lead O/S

quite pumpy, but never any hard moves and very well protected, thought it was soft for E1 tbh. i did the crux facing left and found it quite straightforward, but i dont think you can get the good jams unless your hands are small? still glad to have onsighted it tho, great route :)

with josh
Hidden 21/Aug/16 Lead O/S
seanlikeskites 13/Aug/16 Lead dnf

The line in the new Eastern Grit is wrong. Turns out I was trying to climb the way Paranoid goes through the roof. Needless to say, I did not succeed.

Hidden 12/Aug/16 Lead O/S
ashtond6 12/Aug/16 2nd rpt
ferdia 05/Aug/16 Lead rpt
Hidden 30/Jul/16 2nd dog
AdamFreeman 30/Jul/16 Lead dog

Got mega pumped and had to rest on the gear before pulling over the roof. Great fun though

with Francis
elCapitano 28/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Laura
Felix la shat 26/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Louis
1poundSOCKS 23/Jul/16 Lead rpt

Pretty challenging E1. If you want to make the crux a lot easier, look out right for a foothold to rock up onto. Took me a while to spot it.

therat 23/Jul/16 Lead dog
will9911 19/Jul/16 Lead O/S

In the 34 degree heat. Soft at the grade. Hard move near the start .

Neal Jobling 10/Jul/16 Lead dog

Cocked it up yet again! Next time for sure

with Minde
will rivers 05/Jul/16 Lead dnf

Bottled out and sat on gear, then had to jumar back to roof to get gear- nightmare

with jake Richardson , luke Richardson , tom pillow
Dave Lyon 03/Jul/16 Lead
with Brian Seery
Tala A 06/Jun/16 Lead dog

Fell a couple of times at the crux before getting over the overlap, but it was a bit too hot today! I'll be back to try again.

Bloke on a Rope 04/Jun/16 2nd RP

What a bastard! The first E1 I haven't on-sighted in ages, couldn't work out the crux quickly enough for the on coming pump! So I ended up putting all the gear in for Matt to steal my flash then I had to take it all out again on second, Nuts!!!

with Matt
Climbster 04/Jun/16 Lead β

Cheers to Ian for placing the gear up to the crux; it was quite pumpy in 28 degree heat.

with Ian
rwking ?/Jun/16 TR
Dale ?/Jun/16 Lead dog

First E1 I have fell off for a very long time. A little bit gutted to fall on such a brilliant route. The space traverse is excellent if only it was 100m up. I traversed back and forth 3 times trying to figure out the moves threw the overhang quite pumpy. On my third attempt properly committed and got the sequence wrong and fell off. After that tried another sequence and got it straight away dam. O well that's climbing would be able to do it fine next time. Crux is hard to figure out.

Senna 30/May/16 Lead G/U
scarmichael 22/May/16 Lead
with Steve Wooton
bclifton 17/May/16 Lead
Jackwd 16/May/16 Lead rpt
charley 16/May/16 2nd dog

This route has now become a PITA!! Attempted to lead last year but the crux & slab became a proper waterfall so backed off. Good conditions this time however got flashed pumped on the traverse and needed a rest before the crux. Lovely move getting on to the slab.

with JackD
JimboWizbo 14/May/16 2nd dnf

Cleaning gear for Beth

with Beth
Hidden 14/May/16 Lead dnf
tebs 11/May/16 Lead dnf

Not having the best session at this point. took a sideways wager onto a cam halfway along the traverse that I wasn't too confident in. embarrassing but at least my suboptimal cam placement skills are coming along

with Ben O Connor
tebs 11/May/16 2nd rpt

skin of the teeth stuff

with Ben O Connor
morganator 11/May/16 Lead rpt
with Dave Hollinger
mikeyjbs 07/May/16 Lead O/S
with mark harrat
Hidden 06/May/16 2nd
cragsman9000 05/May/16 Lead dog
with Neil
bob_cbr 05/May/16 2nd dog
Hidden 24/Apr/16 Lead rpt
Chris Redding 22/Apr/16 Lead dog

Made it clean to the crux. Attempted to rock onto my right heel but was too pumped :(. May try again with different beta, but will definitely be back... and stronger

tebs 20/Apr/16 Lead rpt

Still brilliant

with Sadie, Burns
Sam McCarthy 20/Apr/16 Lead G/U
dbottomley 20/Apr/16 2nd
ralphio 18/Apr/16 2nd

A tight rope helped over the roof.

with John work
GwilymR 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S

First grit E1! Epic and hard :P

with Jammy
Jemima Churchhouse 17/Apr/16 2nd dog
Hidden 11/Apr/16 Lead dog
paul79 01/Apr/16 2nd
NDD ?/Apr/16 Lead O/S
gaz.marshall 18/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Eddie
Luke Brooks 13/Mar/16 Lead
with Kate
Hidden 13/Mar/16 2nd
Hidden 12/Mar/16 Lead O/S
tessa teapot ??/2016 Lead
Hidden ??/2016 -
buxtoncoffeelover 10/Nov/15 2nd

With a little help from a tight rope under the roof!

Hidden 20/Oct/15 Lead
Sam Husband 11/Oct/15 Lead rpt

Mare last time (tired, greasy rock, midges?) went pretty simple this time. Good :)

with Woger
Sarah Pashley ?/Oct/15 Lead β
HaddRoots 20/Sep/15 Lead O/S
No? Yes! 13/Sep/15 2nd

Good lead by Rob.Was much harder than it looked.Couldn't find an easy way to get my long legs underneath me at crux to push up.At least a 5c in my book !

Mike Hood 13/Sep/15 2nd
with jordan
Gympaul 13/Sep/15 Lead
Mr Messy 27/Aug/15 Lead rpt
with Sam
Stephen Horne - Rockfax 22/Aug/15 Lead rpt
with Niff
Alan James - UKC and UKH 22/Aug/15 2nd
Scott Anderson 20/Aug/15 Lead dnf

Backed off the traverse. Next time

with Gav
Stroppy 16/Aug/15 Lead dog

Took a while (too long) to find the beta, next time!

Flavio 16/Aug/15 Lead O/S
rajeshwarbisht 16/Aug/15 2nd dog
with Flavio
Sam Husband 16/Aug/15 Lead dnf

I was tired, the rock was greasy, it was polished, there were too many midges (or it was too hard for me!)... not a great effort, seemed quite hard for E1 but I think I could get it now (seconded Ed after and memorized the moves!). Will be back....

with Ed
Hidden 15/Aug/15 Lead dog
edjenkins 15/Aug/15 2nd dnf
Eagertom 15/Aug/15 Lead dog

Took a huge whipper, was awesome. Felt much better after returning to the ground, but a lot of work needs to go in before getting this clean.

with Laura Shaw
Hidden 10/Aug/15 2nd
PeterDawson 08/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Nigel Bond 23/Jul/15 Lead
with Bern Hardman
The Reaper 23/Jul/15 2nd rpt

Felt very tough this evening. Maybe because it is.

adam 24 12/Jul/15 Lead O/S

Hard for E1

with Caroline
Hidden 12/Jul/15 2nd dog
Mowglee 28/Jun/15 Lead RP
with Ali
xiangoh 27/Jun/15 Lead O/S
Will Mortimer 26/Jun/15 Lead dog

Annoyingly, I had to take a rest mid-crux. Very pumpy!

harry_lewis 18/Jun/15 Lead rpt
Matt Groom 18/Jun/15 Lead
with Harry Lewis
Hidden 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S
phil64 04/Jun/15 Lead rpt

always hard and good

with dave
Jack93 30/May/15 Lead G/U
tedswag 30/May/15 2nd dog

Rested twice through the crux, lack of feeling in the hands didn't help. The traverse was harder than expected.

mad1693 27/May/15 2nd dog

need to train harder for this!

with adam newton
Mowglee 24/May/15 Lead dog

Got pumped reaching through the crux and fell off. Bugger. Next time.

with Antonio
amccann 23/May/15 Lead G/U
annep11 23/May/15 2nd RP
with Clement, Liam Ingram
Liam Ingram 23/May/15 Lead G/U
Nick1812P 23/May/15 2nd rpt
with speedy
Nick Wallis 20/May/15 Lead β
with Mark Whitworth
Scooter Young 10/May/15 2nd
dr_botnik 04/May/15 Lead RP

Really had to fight for the crux mov, just kept going up.

with Andy
Andy Peak 1 04/May/15 2nd rpt

awsomeness even on second in trainers

bryan61 22/Apr/15 2nd rpt
Neal Jobling 22/Apr/15 Lead dog
with Bryan61
gurumed 04/Apr/15 2nd O/S

First grit route ever.

with Craig M, Brian
Brian Pollock 04/Apr/15 Lead dog

rest below roof

with gurumed
M_Robinson 27/Mar/15 Lead O/S
David Kay 14/Mar/15 Lead O/S
robertmctague 25/Jan/15 Lead β
Brian Pollock ??/2015 Lead dog

With rest under roof. Pumped out. First route on grit. First route of the season.

with Craig, Gordon
olllie26 ??/2015 Lead O/S
phil64 ??/2015 -
F.Wish ??/2015 Lead RP
dbrooks 30/Dec/14 Lead dog

took a rest after the run out traverse... not even close to the onsight, poor effort!

Alistair Corbett 09/Nov/14 Lead O/S
with Sam hamer
CrispsSmiths 09/Nov/14 2nd dnf
with Kirill
Kirill 09/Nov/14 Lead dog

Disappointing performance. Will have to come back.

with Ricardo Da Silva, Chris Smith
Albachoss 01/Nov/14 Lead rpt

On Rog's gear

markalmack 01/Nov/14 Lead O/S
with little tom
RKirke 01/Nov/14 Lead RP
with Banksy
ruairidhwad 27/Oct/14 Lead RP

on bens gear

with Shaun Humphreys, Ben Kelsey
thomasmouse 25/Oct/14 Lead RP
with Alexius Vivian
Hidden 17/Oct/14 Lead
Hidden 12/Oct/14 Lead RP
Ash Sayers 06/Oct/14 Lead O/S


Hidden 05/Oct/14 2nd O/S
Paul ablitt 05/Oct/14 Lead
Hidden 05/Oct/14 Lead dog
sparkass 05/Oct/14 Lead O/S

A bit disappointing really, although provided a good workout.

with Rob Lovatt
Oddjob 26/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with Rosie
harry_lewis 24/Sep/14 2nd
Ash Sayers 23/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with spenser
spenser 23/Sep/14 2nd dnf

Ran out of steam at the end of the roof and fell off! Ended up having to prusik up past the roof to get the gear!

kermit_uk 21/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Ally Smith 14/Sep/14 Lead
mark4344 12/Sep/14 2nd dog


with derek, Matt Payne
kyaizawa 01/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Emma Reynolds 01/Sep/14 2nd O/S
bencole ?/Sep/14 Lead rpt
scoth 31/Aug/14 2nd dog

Got pumped taking first piece of jammed in gear, then not enough energy left to get over the lip. Heal hooked right in the end, even with rest crux move felt hard for the grade

with Jackwd
Jackwd 31/Aug/14 Lead dnf
with Scott
joedoherty 27/Aug/14 Lead dog
with Jon Wilson
dobby 200 27/Aug/14 Lead dog

Had to rest at the end of the traverse, finished the route without problem after

Andy Fielding 24/Aug/14 Lead
with Tim Green, Paul Wright
goddamm7 24/Aug/14 2nd RP
fabricio 23/Aug/14 2nd
with lee
Andy Peak 1 14/Aug/14 Lead rpt

Damp and didnt find the side pull i used last time, crushed the crimps and a technical nee was deployed not pritty

Hidden 26/Jul/14 2nd O/S
bryan61 26/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Mr Cess
CragDog 20/Jul/14 Lead
Hainsy 20/Jul/14 Lead dog
with D Hainsworth
DWebs 12/Jul/14 2nd O/S
eel 29/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Ewan
Ewano 29/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Lovely route, got kind of pumped after the traverse as i didn't realise how good the break was so didn't just move up into it. Seemed like steady 5b.

freemanTom 21/Jun/14 Lead dog

Took a dangle after stitching crack after traverse. Flash pump. Found mantle OK.

with Stuart gmc
j.buckley87 18/Jun/14 2nd RP
Jack93 13/Jun/14 Lead dnf

Climbed really badly and got really pumped at the crux and couldn't pull over the lip

Luxulyan 12/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Tom Murrell
benkelsey 06/Jun/14 2nd rpt

Good lead from Shaun.

with Shaun Humphreys
shaunhumphreys 06/Jun/14 Lead O/S

no guidebook but could remember this line, had to do a fair bit of grunting to get over the lip! gear everywhere you want it!

oread 26/May/14 Lead O/S
MrBIond 18/May/14 Lead
danJBA 18/May/14 Lead O/S
with Dan Brockwell
tebs 12/Apr/14 2nd rpt

Contender for the best E1 on grit.

with Adam
WillDoyle 09/Apr/14 Lead dog
Chi Cheng 19/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Peter Bugrynec
LJC 10/Mar/14 2nd O/S
with George
Hidden 09/Mar/14 Lead dnf
MSchobitz 07/Mar/14 2nd dog
benkelsey 07/Mar/14 Lead dog

Totally numb hands in the wind today. one rest before crux mantle. finished easily enough.

Teappleby 07/Mar/14 2nd dnf

fell off just before pulling through the overlap, then was too low to pull back on.

Matthew Ferrier 07/Mar/14 Lead O/S
bwestwood 05/Mar/14 Lead
pie_eater_pete 05/Mar/14 Lead
with bwestwood
Hidden 01/Mar/14 Lead rpt
ashtond6 16/Feb/14 Lead dnf

not a good last route of the day! had rocked over for the crux then slipped off after finishing the crux rockover! idiot! nice big clean fall

Hidden 16/Feb/14 Lead β
Hidden 02/Feb/14 Lead rpt
IanGilbertJones ??/2014 -
Dan Arkle ??/2014 -
Hidden ??/2014 -
David Sherratt ??/2014 Lead O/S
Bob ??/2014 -
andyjirvin ??/2014 2nd O/S

Seconded Michal sometime in 2014. Pretty tough climbing at the grade, though everything is there. Not great gear until you get to the end of the traverse, but it's pumpy. Move over the lip is tricky but fine - get feet sorted and it's good. Could lead in future.

mike mo ??/2014 -
mike mo ??/2014 -
jrobbings ??/2014 2nd
robgixer ??/2014 -
lanc23 23/Nov/13 2nd dog
Hidden 23/Nov/13 Lead RP
Hidden 23/Nov/13 Lead
admackie 09/Nov/13 Lead
Hidden 24/Oct/13 2nd O/S
disturbed_one51 24/Oct/13 Lead

Rested at the crux mantle move as my broken ribs were getting in the way of me reaching good holds. Damn puny human body! Great route.

Andy Moles 17/Oct/13 Lead O/S
with Ferdia
ferdia 17/Oct/13 2nd
DaveMo 06/Oct/13 2nd dog

traversing the break was more tiring than I thought it would be.

with Joe Chambers, Jan
perrys 05/Oct/13 Lead O/S
with Dale Colver
Hidden 05/Oct/13 Lead dog
John sealey 29/Sep/13 Lead
manxclare 29/Sep/13 Lead dog
with jon22
Hidden 28/Sep/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 26/Sep/13 Lead rpt
Andrew Wilson 22/Sep/13 2nd O/S
MichaelGallimore 15/Sep/13 Lead dog

Took a while to figure out how to get over the roof. Will return to climb clean.

with Jared Kitchen
Hidden 09/Sep/13 Lead dog
Jono_LS16 05/Sep/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/13 Lead O/S
Hardcore Pat 28/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Duz
James Oakes 01/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Simon Davis ?/Aug/13 Lead rpt
with Tim P
Hidden ?/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Jul/13 2nd dog
augustus trout 14/Jul/13 2nd O/S

This was very good work by Jim on lead, strenous for the lanky traverse (there has to be a place where its no advantage) with a final big hard very exposed move.

JimboWizbo 14/Jul/13 Lead G/U

Came back for it! Really happy with this. Impressed with Beth + James climbing this with a shorter reach (I opted for the lank method)

with James, Beth
claregardiner 11/Jul/13 Lead

Had to rest at the crux, very pumped!

Pippa 06/Jul/13 2nd dog

Hard crux in the sweltering heat

mountain_jay 06/Jul/13 Lead
Toby Dunn 05/Jul/13 Solo
mrteale 01/Jul/13 2nd O/S

pumpy little number!

mark4344 01/Jul/13 Lead dog

rested at crux as pumped after traverse. took 2 attempts to do crux. tough route, but great gear at crux.

with dennis
Liam Ingram 25/Jun/13 Lead dog

Back to reality.

Toby Dunn 06/Jun/13 Solo
rurp 04/Jun/13 Lead β

brutal. went facing right, no good came down with intention to slump on rope in failure then something clicked got angry went facing left, made it, still not sure how. e2 5c

with mark weatherhead, bill farmer
Nick205228 ?/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ?/Jun/13 Lead
climberchristy 31/May/13 Lead rpt

Finally led this thing clean after 2 previous attempts 2 years ago. It's tough for 5b and surprisingly pumpy but what a fab route!

with bencole
pipof747 17/May/13 Lead O/S
Mr Messy 06/May/13 Lead
with Julie
tebs 30/Apr/13 2nd rpt
with Burns
Dibdawg 27/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Dean177 27/Apr/13 Lead O/S
JimboWizbo 20/Apr/13 Lead dog

Rested after going for the move, tried again and realised I was in reach of the next hold, next time!

with Beth
Hidden 20/Apr/13 2nd dog
clmbr 14/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with mr g walters
Andy Peak 1 03/Mar/13 Lead

Not rely a worm up, had to traverse back on forth a few times to get my for arms to work:-)

with Cliff
Will Hunt 02/Mar/13 Lead O/S

Not quite a warm up route!

Mowglee 02/Mar/13 2nd dog
dr_botnik 18/Feb/13 2nd dog
with deacon
deacondeacon 18/Feb/13 Lead

Think i've seconded this before but not sure.

Ricky Rocks 05/Jan/13 2nd O/S
trouserburp ??/2013 AltLd dog

Slovak did scary traverse, couldn't do safe crux, lowered down. Tag in. Seconded to crux on pre-placed gear, did crux, led rest

Hidden 18/Nov/12 2nd
Hidden 11/Nov/12 2nd dog
David Shelmerdine 11/Nov/12 2nd dog


with Max
Hidden 10/Nov/12 2nd dog
Michael Allday 09/Nov/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Nov/12 Lead O/S
madasten 20/Oct/12 Lead dog

Wicked route - bomber gear, great holds, pumpy, technical, varied climbing with a sting in the tail (if you miss the critical foothold!)

with Miquel, Gaz
gazfellows 20/Oct/12 2nd

Brilliant route! After failling miserabley on unprinterble, this gave me a little bit of hope back !!! ;)

with Miquel, Anna, Steff, Billy
phil64 18/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Ryan M Wilson 14/Oct/12 Lead
ardzeiem 13/Oct/12 2nd dog

Wet rock

with Steve
Stefan_Morris 12/Oct/12 Lead O/S
tommytuffa 09/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with Libby
masa-alpin 07/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with Tim S
Ollie B 07/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with B.Brewer
thetradlad 06/Oct/12 2nd
Harry Thorpe 06/Oct/12 Lead G/U

Second go. Pumpy.

Hidden 29/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Sep/12 2nd RP
Haydn Jones 17/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with ben vieyra
Mr Wild 15/Sep/12 2nd
Rosea Day 10/Sep/12 Lead β
Ali.B 09/Sep/12 2nd O/S
with RobertCanavan
MikeLeeds 07/Sep/12 -

On pre-placed gear, John placed the gear but couldn't do the crux.

with John McMahon
mes32 01/Sep/12 2nd dog

Rest to get gear out at crux

with Wilki
Gudge ?/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with Pete Staves
Jake Young 28/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Josh
Hidden 01/Aug/12 Lead
roberto18 01/Aug/12 2nd
jwpil 15/Jul/12 Lead rpt
with Ben
Hannes B 10/Jul/12 2nd
with Aidan
tebs 23/Jun/12 Lead dog

Had a rest at the lip - spent ages trying to work out an easier way to do the crux, should have trusted my first idea, improbable looking but 5b once you commit to it.

with Sam
manwithacam 04/Jun/12 Lead
with Frederico
Brannock 01/Jun/12 Lead

Reminds me of everything I dont like about grit. Two definite cruxes both felt very dependent on sequence and momentum, or maybe its just cos I'm even more rubbish than usual on grit.

whitehouse_rhys 26/May/12 Lead O/S
with ben roe
BRoe 26/May/12 Lead RP

Direct approach is 20x cooler, still a decent route though.

esther ?/May/12 2nd
Hidden 30/Apr/12 2nd dog
Hidden 14/Apr/12 Lead O/S
wi11 14/Apr/12 2nd rpt
with Ant JW
Hidden ?/Apr/12 2nd
Cake 26/Mar/12 Lead O/S

Either I'm climbing well at the moment or that is not top-end E1. The crux isn't hard

with Matt
Karl Wooffindin 23/Mar/12 Lead O/S


with Bryce Rigler
Keendan 22/Mar/12 Lead RP

Nice to get it after failing 2 years ago. Actually got very scared when I climbed past my only runner in the traverse and saw how rubbish it was. Clock was ticking placing the good gear for the crux, which went though the adrenaline of the previous situation.

allyrocke 18/Mar/12 2nd RP

Tried to lead it, got to the crux, pulled through and then fell! Krasi finished it off on my gear and I seconded, will be back!

with Krasimir Jivachki
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Tom Seccombe 12/Mar/12 2nd dog
ChrisBrooke 11/Mar/12 Lead rpt
tomhull 10/Mar/12 2nd β
with Chris Plant
Hidden 02/Mar/12 Lead O/S
r_o_b_h2 02/Mar/12 2nd dog

really stuggled with cold fingers half way through the traverse then struggled with the crux, very hard for E1

with Nik Goile
Bruce Houston ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Jan/12 2nd dog
Hidden ??/2012 -
tumbling wizard ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 Lead β
Tony Kartawick ??/2012 -
Nick Sillem ??/2012 -
jwpil 20/Nov/11 Lead dog
with Ben
Hidden 20/Nov/11 Lead O/S
benscarter 20/Nov/11 Lead
with Jack
ChrisBrooke 12/Nov/11 Lead dog
with Duncan Bell
Hidden 06/Nov/11 Lead
James Oswald 29/Oct/11 Lead O/S

Lead on Pete's gear, exciting traverse. Would have been great to be able to properly feel my finger on it. The rock onto the slab was fine. Feels like I diminished the challenge a little....

with Pete Dolman
Andy Peak 1 28/Oct/11 2nd
with nelil
bigdrew 26/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Mark R
timmsy 24/Oct/11 2nd
with Garry Williamson, David_Gledson
M_W_Court 04/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Stuart Cartwright
Hidden 02/Oct/11 2nd rpt
London Luke ?/Oct/11 Lead
steveleahy 25/Sep/11 Lead dog

was very wet and greasy!! had one rest just before the crux. Neil started it and couldnt get over the first bulge so i led it (neil was just being a wimp)

Stone Muppet 24/Sep/11 Lead dog
with ah
Matt Cooke 15/Sep/11 Lead O/S
Rachel Slater 15/Sep/11 Lead O/S
petellis 03/Sep/11 Lead dnf

A noncomital fondle on the cleric's gear

jkarran 03/Sep/11 Lead

SGRIT after a failed first attempt. Surprisingly pumpy!

with Simon, Pete
tskelhon 03/Sep/11 Lead rpt
Tony Holdsworth 17/Aug/11 Lead dog
with Peter Harris
climbinmunkey 14/Aug/11 Lead O/S

Spent a bit too long getting the gear fixed before committing to the traverse and had a major pump on at the crux. Fumbled in the wrong size of rock on the crux crack and only just made it through. Very exciting climbing; good exposure on the traverse and pumpy as you like.

with Helen
Hidden 09/Aug/11 Lead dog
Hidden 09/Aug/11 Lead dog
thomasmouse 09/Aug/11 Lead dog
stvredmond 28/Jul/11 Lead

brilliant, wish someone would of shown me the more positive holds a bit higher up from the over hang, would of saved a lot of pumping out. hardest bit technically was going up the arete. traverse required a bit of balls

ojp 26/Jul/11 2nd

First route ive not 2nd clean in a long time

with Si
Hidden 26/Jul/11 Lead rpt
leon 10/Jul/11 Lead O/S

I can safely say I faffed on this route. Did the traverse, got my gear muddled & so reversed back to the areter. Then back out to the crux & pulled through. I thought the hardest bit was arranging the gear at the crux. The pull through just requires finding the good jam & then a gung ho approach.

with Steven Davidson
nacnud 09/Jul/11 2nd
with Will
wi11 09/Jul/11 Lead rpt
with Duncan
dan gibson 02/Jul/11 Solo rpt
vanderz ?/Jul/11 Lead dog
Hidden 24/Jun/11 2nd dog
al123 24/Jun/11 Lead O/S

fun. nice crux

with alex
Hidden 22/Jun/11 2nd O/S
belay bunny turned bad 22/Jun/11 Lead
with loundsy
Tony Holdsworth 21/Jun/11 2nd rpt
with Ian Holtby
Ewan Russell 19/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with Mike(Dad)
Dr Toph 13/Jun/11 Solo O/S

Took two goes to man-up to the pull through the roof. First try (warming up;) I reversed the traverse with pumpy arms. More awkward than it looks.

nick ferro 11/Jun/11 2nd

Last climb of the day - rested twice. Would like to lead it.

w.pettet-smith 06/Jun/11 Lead

hung dog it a couple of years ago. still hard now! good though.

with jon
JRae 05/Jun/11 Lead

Cool route. Felt easy when I actually went for it and stopped messing around with a rubbish cam half way along the traverse!

robman 03/Jun/11 Lead dog
Martin Haworth 09/Apr/11 Lead β
marcduhig 09/Apr/11 Lead O/S

Balancing up onto the head wall is the crux move.

with Stewart
Hidden 06/Apr/11 2nd rpt
Hidden 01/Apr/11 Lead dog
henry peter jenkins 26/Mar/11 Lead O/S
DJayB 19/Mar/11 Lead O/S
alex_arthur 19/Mar/11 2nd
davewsargent 01/Mar/11 2nd dog
pie_eater_pete 01/Mar/11 Lead dog
natalietanzer ?/Feb/11 Lead O/S
with will
Jack00 22/Jan/11 Lead O/S
with John Walsh
walts4 ??/2011 -
jfane ??/2011 Lead O/S
walts4 ??/2011 -
mwatson ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 Lead
blaza1 ??/2011 Lead O/S
with paul murdy
quiffhanger ??/2011 -

Sandbag, remember getting mega pumped.

Hidden ??/2011 Lead dnf
Luke Brooks ??/2011 -
Hidden ?/Dec/10 -
Hannes B 16/Nov/10 Lead O/S
with Josh W
FlorianCastagne 12/Nov/10 Lead O/S
with Laurence Yernaux
thomasadixon 06/Nov/10 Lead rpt

Felt ok today, still hard but probably alright at E1. Had tried it in 10/10 - crux felt nails, I got pumped and rested/fell off.

with Becca
BeccaSnowden 06/Nov/10 Lead dog

Took lots of attempts and hanging around to figure out the crux - wasn't that difficult in the end..

with Tom
BeccaSnowden 06/Nov/10 2nd rpt

Easy when you know how!

with Tom
tom106 16/Oct/10 Lead O/S
hamish2016 25/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with chris burn
Hidden 17/Sep/10 Lead dog
John Lewis 04/Sep/10 2nd dnf
with Ewan
Jonathan Hall 04/Sep/10 Lead
gripped01 ?/Sep/10 Lead O/S

3rd attempt

with Jim Jarvis
Nick1812P 30/Aug/10 Lead dnf
with Jamie
Hidden 30/Aug/10 2nd O/S
AndyL 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Dave Foster 30/Aug/10 Lead O/S

Stiff crux which is well protected, otherwise quite steady.

with Si
Hidden 28/Aug/10 2nd dog
koalapie 22/Aug/10 2nd dog
Dogmusher 07/Aug/10 2nd
with chris parson
drcorbasisgod 07/Aug/10 Lead O/S
morganator 28/Jul/10 2nd O/S
with Si Cooke, Martin Cooper
geddicakes 27/Jul/10 Lead rpt
Stephen Horne - Rockfax 25/Jul/10 Lead O/S
theotherpetehill 11/Jul/10 2nd
jacobjacob 11/Jul/10 Lead O/S
liamoloughlin 08/Jul/10 2nd
geddicakes 08/Jul/10 Lead dog
with Liam
liamoloughlin 06/Jul/10 Lead O/S
cobweb 03/Jul/10 Lead rpt
with Roger Waterworth, martyn hopson
Marc Murphy ?/Jul/10 TR
pboniface 24/Jun/10 2nd
aldred 24/Jun/10 Lead dnf
Hidden 21/Jun/10 2nd dog
rickharris 20/Jun/10 TR RP

Hardest climb to date also my 8th climb ever outside :P

Hidden 18/Jun/10 Lead dnf
Hidden 18/Jun/10 2nd rpt
Hidden 11/Jun/10 2nd dog
Alexandre Buisse 06/Jun/10 Lead

The key jam was wet when I went for the onsight, which made things pretty interesting...

Ahab 05/Jun/10 Lead β
gordonday 05/Jun/10 Lead dog
with clive
Hidden 02/Jun/10 Lead rpt
Hidden 02/Jun/10 2nd dog
Hidden 02/Jun/10 Lead dog
Hidden 31/May/10 2nd dog
RagingPuffin 31/May/10 Lead dog
with Tom baines
Lev 31/May/10 Lead dog
Dan Lane 19/May/10 Lead dog

nails, really need to work on jamming, ended up standing in slings and everything just to get to the top! Also didnt feel 3 stars to me, 2 maybe?

ben_250 05/May/10 2nd dog

hard to get over roof!

with Tom
Hidden 05/May/10 Lead dog
Hidden 27/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Jack Loftus 27/Apr/10 2nd dog
with Nick
Graeme Hammond 25/Apr/10 Lead rpt

no messing about today just solid easy jug pulling all the way, must be getting stronger?

with Remus
Allan Watson 25/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Andy Graham
Roberttaylor 24/Apr/10 2nd dog

Cool route, pumpy.

freudy_love 24/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Robert Taylor
lukea 22/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Al
Falko 21/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Blimey, I used to solo this one!

with Steve
Hidden 17/Apr/10 Lead β
Ahab 10/Apr/10 Lead dog
Hidden 10/Apr/10 2nd
mark20 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Brilliant, nearly came off at the top!

bnewman 09/Apr/10 Lead RP

Fell off at the crux move. Bomber gear and clean fall. Pulled the ropes and did it clean next go.

with Johannes, Amelia
Hidden ?/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Adam Potter 27/Mar/10 2nd
Hidden 23/Mar/10 Lead dog
3 Names 14/Mar/10 Lead dog
cymjt ??/2010 -
Hidden ??/2010 Lead O/S
ross hold ??/2010 Lead O/S
RM199 ??/2010 2nd dog
RossG ??/2010 -
Lunar25 ??/2010 -
with Stacy Oliver
Owl ??/2010 -
ross hold ??/2010 Lead O/S
Mark Warnett ??/2010 Lead G/U
katyvose1 ??/2010 -
chiverstom 15/Nov/09 Lead dog
with Knut
tobydunford 07/Nov/09 Lead dog
with Harry Martin
Hidden 29/Oct/09 Lead O/S
mattyork2 25/Oct/09 Lead O/S

Epic faff ensued of shoulder and MRT, for posterities sake.

with Adam Hodgson and Emma Twyford
mattish2000 18/Oct/09 2nd O/S
with liam
Dave Searle 16/Oct/09 -
with ben
Hidden 26/Sep/09 Lead rpt
Wood for Trees 24/Sep/09 Lead dnf

haha pumped out of my little mind, excellent moves, will come back with stamina. seconded mikey on it and the crux is very good.

with mikey b
wahniel 22/Sep/09 Lead dog

Tried this with ruined leading head(incident on FBD) and developed major jibber.

with Stewart McConnell
Hidden 19/Sep/09 Lead O/S
feilx 13/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Andy L
Hidden 07/Sep/09 Lead dnf
Mark D 05/Sep/09 Lead dog
joese7en 02/Sep/09 Lead
JPGR ?/Sep/09 2nd
with Frank
Hidden 25/Aug/09 Lead
markfairbank 23/Aug/09 2nd dog

Hard crux

with Ray Sharples
AngelaC 21/Aug/09 2nd dnf
Hidden 02/Aug/09 2nd dog
axeman 25/Jul/09 Lead dog

amazing route hard!

with james
axeman 25/Jul/09 2nd O/S
with james
Tez29 29/May/09 Lead dog
with Mousey
KarlH 25/May/09 Lead dog

Really good climb. 1st effort got to the crux and had to rest before going for the moves and taking a big drop. 2nd effort, rested again at the crux but got up it after the rest. I will be back to climb it clean!

with Matt The Accused
lx 24/May/09 Lead O/S

first trad route in ages. A return to the dark side? Hmmm.....

with james
Hidden 24/May/09 2nd
Steve Hill 23/May/09 2nd dnf

Had to stop for a rest at the left hand side of the traverse and couldn't get back on due to rope stretch.

chris wyatt 23/May/09 Lead O/S

I would swap the grades on this and auricle. An amazing traverse and a tricky heelhook crux. A route that manages to get imprinted on the memory

Hidden 10/May/09 Lead rpt
Si dH 10/May/09 2nd RP

Bit gutted about this. Fell off the crux on lead after spending too long getting pumped and still somehow reading the move wrong. Neil then led it on my gear and I seconded it clean.

with Neil Furniss
steve_biczyk 24/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Emma Curry
Shaw Brown 11/Apr/09 Lead

Had to take a rest on the crux. End of a long day is my excuse!

with Loz
Hidden 01/Apr/09 Lead dnf
Hidden 01/Apr/09 Lead
datoon 22/Mar/09 Lead O/S
with K
Twisty 01/Mar/09 Lead O/S

Brilliant! Don't underestimate the first bit of climbing, got a little pumped but managed to recover before and during the traverse. Tried getting gear in on the traverse, with no luck. Found the route great slightly tiring but as expected.

with Byron Buck
Hidden 22/Feb/09 Lead dnf
w.pettet-smith 07/Feb/09 Lead

a pumpy little number. the swing inducing traverse induced some terror too and i found myself hanging on a hastily placed cam in the horizonttal brake. bollocks.after hang dodding a while the crux didn't seem to bad. the two foot of snow at the top made the easier ground somewhat harrowing. great fun all in all.

with david the numpty
plain kitten ??/2009 Lead
koopa ??/2009 2nd
nadeem ??/2009 Lead O/S

led onsight. my first e1.

BRUCESTRAC ??/2009 -
jimbonfire 15/Dec/08 Lead O/S

Nice route, didnt hang about just went for it..

john lynch 28/Nov/08 2nd dog

numb fingers don't help on the overlap! ***

with matt bennett
dannyboy83 24/Oct/08 Lead O/S
with Dad
irish paul 14/Oct/08 -
with Dave Roberts
Flash29 14/Oct/08 2nd
with Irish
riddle 12/Oct/08 Lead O/S
with Pete Murphy
Andrew Barker 10/Oct/08 Lead O/S
with Dave Pattinson
Ben Snook 25/Sep/08 2nd
with n0ph33r
JackMountains 25/Sep/08 Lead dnf
jonnyboy 22/Sep/08 Lead O/S
jonnyboy 22/Sep/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 16/Sep/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 16/Sep/08 2nd rpt
Brown 11/Sep/08 2nd O/S
with Henry
reapey 05/Sep/08 2nd
with phil
Andrew Sloan 23/Aug/08 Lead dog
Hidden 07/Aug/08 2nd dog
Hidden 02/Aug/08 Lead dog
PeteH 01/Aug/08 Lead dog

I definitely felt this was harder than the E2s I've done, and deserves E2 5b for being sustained with good gear. Great route though, gutted to have not got it clean... Reversed the traverse twice to get a rest before going for for the crux move!

Hidden ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Jul/08 Lead dog
inuklm 26/Jul/08 2nd
with Dave Gent
Hidden 26/Jul/08 2nd
Shauna 25/Jul/08 2nd dog

No stamina. I have a long way to go before I could lead this!

Jeronimo 23/Jul/08 Lead dnf

fairly tricky move past the initial bulge, then to the horizontal cracks which are very good. Stuffed loads of gear before heading out. Got to the crux, stupidly tried the rock up without placing the perfect nut placement in the obvious hole below the roof, failed it, too pumped to put gear in, fell, big swing, turned upside down, head about a foot away from a boulder. Wasn't wearing a helmet. Lucky to escape with just a few scrapes. The crux is quite hard. The initial horizontal break is very good, but the second is pretty rubbish and shallow.

gejones 03/Jul/08 Lead O/S
with Cathy
davidgent ?/Jul/08 Lead dog

Fell off on crux

with Kunal
Stig 15/May/08 2nd rpt
with Chris
chrishedgehog 15/May/08 Lead O/S
with James Rees
Hidden 13/May/08 2nd dnf
Hidden 13/May/08 Lead rpt
sdht ?/May/08 Lead dog
with Danny Smudge
sadams 23/Apr/08 Lead
with Catherine Adams
Hidden 03/Apr/08 2nd dog
Adam Booth 17/Feb/08 Lead O/S
Ed Booth 17/Feb/08 2nd O/S
lowersharpnose 01/Jan/08 Lead
craig d ??/2008 Lead
with Simon Kincaid
Hidden ??/2008 -
Jonathan Richardson ??/2008 Lead

with a fall

markpollak ??/2008 Lead dog

fell on crux and met suzy coming up as i was on way down ...

with suzanne mcfadzean
Phill Mitch ??/2008 Lead β

Had a go at leading this a few years ago and came off the crux.No trouble this time, with left rope clipped to a boulder out left before setting off, to stop the big swing if i came off the traverse,it felt much safer.

with reapey
daveagriff ??/2008 2nd
Hidden ??/2008 -
Fraser13 ??/2008 -
OffshoreAndy 04/Nov/07 Lead rpt

Got wrong hand sequence for the crux so had to come off.[Fri 2nd Nov] With the beta , piece of cake - although still faced left.

with NCC Nic
Hidden 04/Nov/07 Lead O/S
OffshoreAndy 02/Nov/07 Lead dog

wrong hand sequence so came off crux.

with NCC Nic
Apharri ?/Nov/07 Lead O/S
with Tom Parry
alaan 30/Oct/07 Lead O/S
with Grant
Hidden 24/Oct/07 Lead O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 15/Sep/07 2nd rpt
with Jon Reading
ksjs 16/Jul/07 Lead O/S

very good!

with sarah
Alex Mason 11/Jul/07 Lead O/S

stiff for the grade and pumpy.

Hidden ?/Jul/07 Lead
Hidden 12/Jun/07 Lead dog
Hidden 10/Jun/07 -
Caralynh 08/Jun/07 2nd dnf

Did the start and the traverse fine, then arms got tired, hands were sweaty, and I slipped off. Would have liked to get back on and finish it, but I'd fallen too far down to do that.

Hidden 08/Jun/07 Lead rpt
Coel Hellier 20/May/07 Lead
furry 28/Apr/07 Lead dog

Straight after a couple of goes at the direct - should have had a rest, or is that wishful thinking

with John LMC
climbingrick 28/Apr/07 Lead O/S
IanJackson 28/Apr/07 Lead
with Luke Hunt
craig matheson ?/Apr/07 Solo
Hidden 14/Mar/07 2nd
Hidden ?/Mar/07 Lead
Nicos 14/Feb/07 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2007 Lead
Rob Kennard ??/2007 -
Ben Harper ??/2007 2nd
Hidden ??/2007 -
The old James turnbull ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 -
TomHaigh ??/2007 2nd O/S
with Fraser
Mike_Hayes ??/2007 Lead O/S
Wil Treasure ??/2007 -
Skell ??/2007 Lead dog
with Kelvin
Chad123 ?/Dec/06 Lead dog

Should have got it really, had the numbest of numb hands and had a quick rest on the crux to warm them up. Traverse is the psychological crux for sure and as said above a green alien will go quite nicely in the hand holds. No need for in situ sling as cams fit in there perfectly. Just keep going once you get them in! Classic route though, well worth doing.

with Emily
Hidden 29/Oct/06 Lead O/S
Rich Guest 29/Oct/06 Lead O/S

Easy moves for Almscliff bred jammers & slammers

Bargate_Champ 21/Oct/06 Lead dog
Hidden 08/Oct/06 Lead O/S
clive-greenwood ?/Oct/06 2nd
Rob Grant 24/Sep/06 Lead
bigie bob 09/Aug/06 2nd O/S
Stig 06/Jun/06 Lead rpt
with Jonathan Teale
Hidden 04/Jun/06 Lead rpt
Hidden 02/Jun/06 Lead O/S
derico ?/Jun/06 Lead rpt

An amazing route, just need to get back and do the direct start!

Jus ?/May/06 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Feb/06 2nd dog
dan gibson ??/2006 -
ewen ??/2006 -
Neil Adams ??/2006 -
ukb & bmc shark 24/Dec/05 2nd
with Mick B
French Erick 03/Sep/05 AltLd
Dave Kerr 03/Sep/05 AltLd
with Erick Baillot
Pythonist 30/Aug/05 Lead O/S

A bit wobbly on the traverse, then totally missed the easy way to gain the upper slab - read the guide book!

with Chris Jennions
MeMeMe ?/Aug/05 Lead O/S
lost.arrow 16/Jul/05 -
with Isabelle Membrez
Stig 10/Jun/05 Lead dog
with Jonathan Teale
Gus 20/May/05 Lead O/S
with ben rouse
JulesV ??/2005 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2005 -
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe ??/2005 -
Pete Graham ??/2005 2nd
with Matt Pickles
Hidden 12/May/04 Lead dog
akhughes ??/2004 -
Rik Dawes ??/2004 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2004 2nd
Hidden 23/Nov/03 Solo O/S
simon kimber ?/Nov/03 2nd
with Robin Wilmshurst-Smith
shoulders 13/Sep/03 Lead O/S
with paul
lost.arrow 24/Jul/03 -
Nigel Coe 20/Jul/03 2nd dog

One fall

with Dick Hanson
Hidden ?/Jun/03 Lead rpt
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 05/May/03 Lead O/S
chris warner ?/May/03 2nd
with john roberts
Paz ?/Apr/03 Lead

French flash (on MH's gear).

with MH
tradandybrown ?/Apr/03 -
with Rob andrews
Mark Stevenson 29/Mar/03 2nd rpt
rapidrich 29/Mar/03 Lead O/S
with Coni
Hidden ??/2003 Lead O/S
simon kimber ?/Nov/02 2nd
SMc ?/Jun/02 Lead O/S
with Anne
chris warner ?/May/02 Lead dnf

upon bricking it at the crux, ben informed me a fall would be fine. i peeled off, hit the boulder at the bottom, and was on crutches for three months.

with ben edwards
Hidden ??/2002 -
Jon Greengrass ??/2002 2nd O/S
Mark Stevenson 17/Nov/01 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/01 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Jul/01 Lead O/S
adamwesthead 28/May/01 2nd dog
with Hoult
Hidden 09/May/01 Lead
DubyaJamesDubya ?/May/01 Lead O/S
with Nik Howard
Dave Bond ??/2001 Lead O/S
with charles
tuftynick ??/2001 -
lost.arrow 16/Jul/00 -
andrew300169 ?/May/00 Lead O/S

Chose a random date

with Pom
Mark Davies PK ??/2000 Lead O/S
jonka ??/2000 Lead
Hidden ??/2000 Lead
Tim Sparrow ??/2000 -
Hidden ??/2000 -
haydng ??/2000 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2000 Lead
Tim M ??/2000 Lead O/S
John Marsland 15/May/99 2nd
with Paul Clark
Hidden 09/Apr/99 Lead O/S
Simon Pearce ??/1999 -
Ben Bransby ??/1999 -
lamma_hippie ??/1999 Lead
with DT
JonBray ??/1999 Lead dog
Hidden 27/Sep/98 Lead
martroberts 08/Aug/98 Lead O/S
skygodley 30/Jul/98 Lead O/S
CrashMat Rob 18/Jul/98 Lead β

first time rested on gear then did it again clean

with Nicky
Hidden 06/Jul/98 Lead
Hidden 05/Jul/98 Lead dog
Hidden 02/Jul/98 Lead O/S
roncaves 23/Jun/98 Lead dog
with Gavin Williams
Carl Smethurst 30/May/98 2nd
with Ian Pickles
CrashMat Rob 16/May/98 Lead dog
with Martin Smith, Nicky
DavidEvans ?/May/98 Lead rpt
Hidden ??/1998 -
dominic lee 17/Oct/97 Solo rpt
with Pete O'Donnovan
Chris Ellis 23/Sep/97 Lead
with Martin Veale
Hidden 27/Jul/97 2nd dnf
Hidden 01/May/97 Lead
Hidden 25/Jan/97 Lead dog
Jon Read ??/1997 Lead O/S
Mark Riley ??/1997 2nd
WB ?/Aug/96 Lead O/S
with Guy
Hidden ?/Jul/96 2nd
SR1970 ?/Jun/96 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/1996 -
RossG123 ??/1996 Lead
Hidden ??/1996 2nd
Daniel Wrightson ?/Nov/95 Lead O/S

Lead in worsening sleet, then hail, with Kieran. A true northern experience!

with Kieran
Hidden 29/Oct/95 Lead
andy_pemberton ?/Oct/95 Lead
iskra2000 18/Jul/95 2nd
with Andy Bunnage
John Southworth 16/Jul/95 Solo O/S
clark alston ?/Jul/95 Lead
Cowflinger ?/May/95 Lead
duncan 01/Apr/95 2nd
Hidden 26/Mar/95 Lead
Rich Kirby ?/Jan/95 Lead O/S
with Andy Mackay
mike lawrence? ??/1995 -
leathers ??/1995 -
robtrooper ??/1995 Lead
channinga ??/1995 -
nai ??/1995 Lead
Bullybones ??/1995 -
mattnuttall 30/Apr/94 Solo rpt
robtrooper ??/1994 Lead
ste_d 12/May/93 Lead O/S
with mik
nokishatov 01/May/93 Lead O/S
IanD353 ??/1993 Lead O/S
Rich Kirby 06/Nov/92 2nd
andybirtwistle 25/Jul/92 Solo
K1 ?/Jul/92 -
IanHazzard 13/Jun/92 Lead O/S
whispering nic ??/1992 -
Andy Say 19/Sep/91 Lead
with dave snowden
Hidden 01/Sep/91 Lead O/S
mattnuttall 22/Jun/91 2nd O/S
with Alan Holden
djones66 ?/Jun/91 Lead O/S

My first ever E1.

adi bryant 29/May/91 Lead O/S
with Gavin
adriandesouza ?/May/91 Lead O/S
samt 24/Mar/91 2nd


with Rob Weston
steve taylor ?/Mar/91 Lead
with stumpy
NickJH ?/Jul/90 Lead
with I Smith
Roget 13/May/90 Lead O/S
with jim, jon
NickJH ?/May/90 Lead dnf
AB1965 09/Apr/90 Lead
Seymore Butt ??/1990 Lead
with Spuz
mik1miller ??/1990 Lead O/S
with derek johnson, elliot blaylock
Marti999 ??/1990 Lead
SB_NWUK_99 ??/1990 2nd
charlesmfrench ??/1990 Lead
Nick Rundall ??/1990 2nd O/S

after I had swept the ground falling off leading it

NeilGriffiths ??/1990 -
Pete Pozman 18/Sep/89 Lead O/S
with John Byrne
surfbish ?/Aug/89 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/1989 2nd
Rich Kirby ??/1989 Lead
Hidden 09/Jul/88 Lead rpt
phardman 24/Jun/88 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Jun/88 Lead
Stoney Boy 22/May/88 Lead O/S
with Neil Binns
goi.ashmore 02/May/88 Lead O/S
with Dave Forster, Ken Padgett
Hidden ??/1988 Lead O/S
Michael Hood 26/Sep/87 Lead
Hidden 13/Sep/87 Lead O/S
Rob Davies ?/Jul/87 2nd
with Mick Moss, Brian Hannon
Hidden 23/May/87 Lead O/S
Steve Crowe 07/Sep/86 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/86 Lead
Hidden 01/Jul/86 2nd dog
wynaptomos ?/Jul/86 2nd
Hidden 26/Apr/86 2nd
stp 26/Apr/86 Solo rpt

Seconded once before in 1982.

keefe 26/Jan/86 -
Hidden ??/1986 Lead O/S
GordonHart ??/1986 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/1986 Lead
John Marsland 05/Oct/85 Lead
with Dave Mould
Brian Wilderspin 29/Jun/85 -
with Perric Crellin
Derek Furze ??/1985 Lead
with Thorney
Derek Furze ??/1985 Lead
with Thorney
Ian Clare ??/1985 -
Paul Clarke ??/1985 Lead
with FMC
ukb & bmc shark 20/May/84 2nd O/S
with Simon Matthews
Dave Musgrove 24/Jul/83 AltLd
with Kim Greenald
Andy Nicholson ?/Jul/83 Solo rpt
Mark Kemball 04/May/83 2nd
with Paul Clark
Neil McA 12/Apr/83 2nd rpt
with Steve Hartland
Hidden ??/1983 Lead
Neil McA 10/Oct/82 Lead O/S
with Jim Thomas
mark-abz 03/Oct/82 TR
with John S
tapley 12/Sep/82 2nd
with Chris Seymour
Ghastly Rubberfeet ??/1982 Solo
Ian Clare ??/1982 -
Hammy 04/Oct/81 Lead
with Rob Lawson
Hidden 06/Sep/81 2nd
Hidden ?/Aug/81 -
Hidden ?/Aug/81 Lead
Hammy 11/Jul/81 Lead
with Simon Cardy
Hidden 11/Apr/81 2nd
Hidden ?/Mar/81 -
duncan ?/Mar/81 Lead O/S
Rob Davies ??/1981 Lead dnf

Date? Got to thread and lowered off.

with Angus McLean
KRB 24/Sep/80 Solo rpt

Excellent route - one of my all-time favourites. As an aside, the overhang at Uxbridge Climbing Wall is an exact replica of this route.

Mark Kemball 01/Mar/80 Lead
mike bridges 26/Jan/80 Lead

There was always "tat" on the lip and I clipped it without a second`s hesitation!scrambled over into a standing position and stood there for ages getting my breath back and shaking out! what a climb!

daviesxxx ??/1980 Lead
with jjk
Chris Craggs ??/1980 Lead
Mike Owen 27/Oct/79 Lead O/S
with Gavin Peat
andy gittins ??/1979 -
Chris Terrey ??/1978 Lead
with Pete Hevezi, Mike O'Brien
Paula Hamilton-Gibson ??/1978 -
with Dorothy Bogg, John Bogg
MikeDowsett ??/1978 2nd
petemeads 06/Jun/76 -
uphillnow ??/1976 Lead

Date of first ascent estimated. Done it at least every couple of years since. Last ascent (lead) March 27th 2011 with Martin Howarth

with Al Bennett
Hidden ??/1975 -
Canyak ??/1973 -
Hidden 28/Mar/65 Lead
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