"although this route is not a conventional climbing experience, its equivalent to HVS and provides an unforgettable experience of the history and danger faced by past generations. the route contains: rusty ladders with missing rungs and dark dripping tunnels far underground. this is not in any guide, but here is a brief description:
A tunnel leads from the east side of dalis hole and skirts around the deep echoes of hades to emerge in calafornia, an impressive arena enclosed by huge walls. climb the chain on the left wall as you leave the tunnel. this leads to another tunnel, which exits opposite dalis wall where a secret hole at the base of the crag provides the entrance to tasmainia. scramble up the lower part of australias vast oil drum glacier to a set of ladders on the salt pans level. these gain access to g'day level, high up in quarries.up here, away from most of the post-quarry foraging, workmans coats and boot lay ready for tomorrows hard graft.a series of abseils and ladders down the heaven walls gain the base of the lost world, a truly forgotten and ethereal place. walk through into mordor and ascend ladders to the khyber pass. continue up the hillside until an incline on the right leads down to the main track through the quarries. doesnt count if you take headtorches!" climb mag.. slightly altered.

Additional route info can be found here:

Ticklists: Dinorwig Essentials, HVS Adventures, a State of Slate, Unusual and Interesting Routes You Must Do VS- E2, AMC Uni Ticklist, ULMC Classics, MUMC Ticklist, ICAS Climbing Club, Bold Slate routes, The best the UK has to offer for mere mortals (apart from the lakes cos its always wet), High Quality Adventure routes, The Great Gumclub Ticklist, The Ultimate SUMC Ticklist, Slate Quarry Adventures., Hobo Unicorn Essentials.

Terrycox ??/2018 -
Oscar Popels 31/Dec/17 Lead

I led the chain. Tres cold Hands!

with cindylmy, TomatoPro, Lydia
cindylmy 31/Dec/17 2nd dog

Slippery snakes and rusty ladders! Great adventure in the pouring rain :D aid climbed, couldn't get up the snakes :(

with Oscar
RachelHC 02/Dec/17 2nd

Fun day out in the drizzle. Just avoided big rockfall scrambling up the side of oil drum glacier in Australia, slightly scary!

Hidden 26/Nov/17 -
fuzzysheep01 26/Nov/17 Lead O/S
with Steve Robinson
Hidden 12/Nov/17 2nd O/S
James Oakes 12/Nov/17 AltLd O/S

From the start to the top of the quarries.

with Hamish Legge, Gareth Hooson, Kyle Wilson
Hidden 11/Nov/17 2nd
a_m154 11/Nov/17 -

Wet and slippery slate adventure

DanielDean 05/Nov/17 -
itslaurahill 05/Nov/17 -
JendeHoxar 31/Oct/17 Lead O/S
with Aidan, Daniel
Philip Hawarden 22/Oct/17 Lead O/S
jamesk93 21/Oct/17 TR RP

Very wet and windy as we decided to do it in the middle of a storm! Numb fingers on the chain is not my first idea of fun.

Callumbuch96 21/Oct/17 Lead O/S

Top rung for getting onto the chain has half popped out, be careful placing weight on it.

danjouan 01/Oct/17 Lead rpt

Wet weather day with Joe,Steve,Jay, Matt and Rosa

with Joe, Steve
Matt Crolla 01/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Wendy Watthews 30/Sep/17 -

Full on mass 'ascesnt' in classic drizzly conditions. Tom lead the chain and the rope was thrown down for everyone the rest was done without the rope or in a mass abseil.

with Christine, Poppy, Ollie, jonny, joe c, Luke, Tall Tom
omaskrey 30/Sep/17 AltLd

What better way to spend a damp day than a trip round the gear shops in Llanberis, lunch at Pete's eats and snakes, ladders and tunnels in the slate!

JoeCoxson 30/Sep/17 AltLd O/S

Awesome rainy day, only tick of the weekend despite our best efforts to get on Lockwoods Chimney. Tom got us up the chain, and Luke and I spied out the tunnel through to Australia (after Wendy spoilt the fun for the rest). Set up a guideline for the ladders down into Mordor, which are great fun.

Christine 30/Sep/17 2nd O/S
with Luke gorman
Hidden 30/Sep/17 AltLd
TGHB 30/Sep/17 Lead O/S

Fun day in the semi-rain and slate. Chain was a bit slippery but still managed to get up it cleanly

Hidden 30/Sep/17 -
hlegge 24/Sep/17 2nd rpt

Phil's first day outdoor climbing, sadly it rained so decided to start the day with the first part of snakes and ladders. Phil led the chain in the rain as his first outdoor lead which was exciting! Chain section has sadly had added stemples at the bottom which reduces that first exciting couple of moves. Once we got through to Australia rain had become mist so decided to do a few sports routes up the different levels. Got up to Zippy level when rain came back and decided to finish snakes and ladders. Went up to skyline buttress level and then descended oil drum glacier which wasnt much fun, but much much less sketchy than the ascending scree traverse from bottom of Australia up to hanging ladder level. Sadly this did mean we missed the hanging ladders. Rest of route was very cool! Death bridge now just a death stump... would be fun if they re-laid it to finish off the route in style!

with Phil Frost
Jay Schofield 24/Sep/17 Lead O/S

Got rained off a day off sport climbing on the slate but wasn't in the slightest disappointed after such an epic day exploring Snakes, Ladders and Tunnels! Wanted to do this for ages and it did not disappoint. Led the chain clean, looked harder than it actually was from the bottom. The scree slope was the sketchiest bit!

with Jamie77
Pippa 24/Sep/17 Lead O/S
JC95Evans 21/Sep/17 2nd O/S
Lizard Ollie 21/Sep/17 Lead O/S

An all round epic adventure! Super cool scenery all day in both the rain and shine. The first ladder that can be skipped by going left in Tasmania has fallen apart but a scramble up and around the left hand side is possible. Only downside was the lack of actual crocodiles in the pond...

Tightsgirl 11/Sep/17 -
matthew.rowbottom91 11/Sep/17 -
Phil Bullock 08/Sep/17 Lead O/S

Fun adventurous day out, saw some parts of the quarry I've never been to before! Didn't go right down into the depths of Mordor as ladders look dodgy as fuck and there was a waterfall running down the middle ladder...Would maybe ab down in future if had enough gear with me.

with Aaron
Rockley 28/Aug/17 AltLd
ned_85 28/Aug/17 -
with James Wilson, Tom Kingston
DaveFidler 27/Aug/17 AltLd O/S
with Zander, Huw
brian watson 21/Aug/17 -

fun adventure for drizzly day

with Leon Watson
Hidden 18/Aug/17 Lead O/S
nickdonohue 14/Aug/17 -

Excellent adventure! We also descended via abseil into the depths of Mordor and then climbed the ladders out protected by the ab rope. Useful small Rowan tree and chains 10m back and small boulder spike to set up ab.

with Tom Lawfield
GStone 05/Aug/17 Solo O/S
ClimbingAlex 03/Aug/17 AltLd
Tom.Sedgwick 03/Aug/17 AltLd rpt
with Dabs, Alex Thomas, Shane
Digga 30/Jul/17 AltLd O/S

Incredible journey and completely immersive. The ladders into Mordor are bouncy! Missed out the first ladder as we traversed onto upper terrace in Tasmania too early. Much exploring of buildings and tunnels, excellent fun.

DredStripe 30/Jul/17 AltLd
James Rigby 20/Jul/17 -

Good old fun

with Conor
Matt Wilson 15/Jul/17 -
AliceKerr ?/Jul/17 -
alexcollins123 24/Jun/17 Solo O/S

Unsure why this is HVS, was easy throughout. A great way to explore the quarries!

BStar 23/Jun/17 AltLd

Took ages to find the squeeze, cracking day out with added atmosphere by the low clag

wjcdean 23/Jun/17 -

Very exciting. Almost too exciting in places, great adventure though. Thanks to whoever revolted the abseils.

Stanners 16/Jun/17 AltLd rpt

a last minute late evening decision to set off on the classic slate tour. Great fun, back in time for music, wine and a cook up at the roundabout before tiredness overtook us and ended a great day on the slate.

with Alex Rhodes, Tab Green
Green_t 16/Jun/17 AltLd O/S

Such an adventure, really cool to see some of the quarries reverting back to nature and going green.

BC 16/Jun/17 AltLd O/S

A fun outing in the slate quarries. Did all the tunnels and ladders. Shame the track is no longer there

Bristol_Quornstar 16/Jun/17 AltLd
Emily-Cooper 29/May/17 Lead O/S

Led the chain, got eaten by midges and topped out the ladders into a cloud. Good day all in all. :)

Hidden 29/May/17 2nd
chitty 29/May/17 -
STeX 29/May/17 2nd
with Dan
kieranbowen 28/May/17 Lead O/S

really cool, found a camera in the lost world while ab'ing down. happy to return it if someone messages, owner clearly led the chain with a dog in his rucksack

with Ruth
Billy Pedro Needham 27/May/17 2nd O/S
with Tom Bellis, Joe Parks, Dan Wan Jouan
MNC 27/May/17 AltLd
SarahConnor 27/May/17 AltLd
with MNC
Hidden 27/May/17 Lead O/S
routrax 27/May/17 2nd rpt

And Tom, Jody, Joe and Doggo. Chain was easier second time around!

with Dan, Pedro
danjouan 27/May/17 Lead rpt
with Joe, Tom, Pedro
FeargalR 27/May/17 AltLd O/S
with MNC
Tom Bellis 27/May/17 2nd O/S
with Pedro, Dan, Joe
Derek Graham 25/May/17 -
HoboUniJoe 20/May/17 -
with Pedro, Dan, Tom
routrax 20/May/17 2nd

Awesome ramble round the quarries! Chain is harder than it looks, glad to have had a rope from above!

with Dan, Andrew, John
danjouan 20/May/17 Lead O/S
with John Crawford
Chris Pakes 11/May/17 2nd
with Christina, Ian
Ian Hinkins 11/May/17 Lead
with Chris P, Christina
Lea84 29/Apr/17 -
with Pete Dollman
therat 16/Apr/17 -
George Killaspy 16/Apr/17 AltLd
Sophieann 16/Apr/17 -
Hidden 16/Apr/17 2nd
davehopes 16/Apr/17 AltLd O/S
Gabe Oliver 16/Apr/17 AltLd O/S

Awesome day out! Made the best use of the shitty weather and did the whole thing in the afternoon as a party of 6. A few tricky bits of route finding but otherwise smooth sailing. Lots of exploring, scrambling and climbing on dodgy ladders. Would like to come back for speed lap at some point!

Tom.Sedgwick 04/Apr/17 -
Gerben Neven 04/Apr/17 Lead O/S

Not proper climbing, but epic nonetheless! Lead the climbs up the chain and on the slanted ladder that is now broken and partly suspended by a chain, great fun climbing up it! Ran out of time to go into Mordor, so need to go back!

Cbulman 04/Apr/17 -
with Tom '14
JamesWilliams 30/Mar/17 Lead rpt

Class day out, soaking wet and loads of fun

with Rose
Chrissy202 26/Mar/17 2nd O/S
with Jack Nicholls, Chongy, Miles, Andy (White Storm)
Hidden 13/Mar/17 Lead
Anti-faff 12/Mar/17 Lead rpt

Chucking it down but still good. Dodged the chain as I thought it might lead to a domestic incident. Caution: The ladder down into the bottom of Mordor looks like it's been hit by a rock fall. The top ladder is disconnected from the wall and is now a long way from the one below it.

with Kirsty
hlegge 06/Mar/17 Solo rpt

I led the chain which was the only part of the route we pitched. There has been a large rock fall in Mordor area since i was last there a few months ago. If you had just climbed up the 3 ladders from the bottom of mordor and looked left as you reached the top there used to be a tunnel at the end of the ledge, now there is just a lot of fallen rock covering where the entrance used to be. Some evidence of this rock fall damaging the bottom attachments of the first descent ladder which is now completely free from the wall (adds exciting bounce to bottom section of this ladder which i did not remember being there last time!).

with Dom Pearce
Lucylou19 06/Mar/17 Solo dnf

Chain from California to Dalis Hole is 10ft from the floor. I would suggest that you are no longer able to aid climb this pitch unless you are giant. The first access ladder (that was originally leaning left) which is in Australia, and leads to the botany-bay level is no longer there. For the sub-HVS climber I would reccomend that you wander into California to look at the chain (take note of cool painting as you leave the tunnel from Dalis Hole), but then go through the Tunnel to Oz. It is imperetive here that you head left up the scree towards the oil drum glacier or you will be faced with trying to ascend an impossibly blank wall or returning via the difficulties you have already surpassed in the ascent of the scree towards vilcabamba. Please PM me if you need more info.

with Sarah
whitehouse_rhys 15/Feb/17 -
with hattie, ed
Hidden 11/Feb/17 Lead dnf
Taylor_durden ?/Feb/17 AltLd
spenser ??/2017 Lead dnf

Weather ming, got as far as G'Day Arete Level and couldn't find the abseil into the lost world, the call of Pete's was too great in the end so we bailed.

with Chris Hartshorne
joedean ??/2017 -
ShaneHartley 31/Dec/16 -

Did as a group of 9, two ropes, lots of fun.

Jodiaway 31/Dec/16 -
with Al, Michelle
Doug miller 31/Dec/16 -
MysteriousCeorl 31/Dec/16 -
c jepps 29/Dec/16 Solo O/S
mollymcleod 29/Dec/16 Solo

LOST, PLEASE HELP: Whilst walking the route through the slate quarries I lost 4 rings from a waist pocket in my rucksack; one plain gold (SINCE RETURNED), one gold with 3 small diamonds in (SINCE RETURNED), one plain silver and one silver with a cloudy blue/grey stone in it. If anyone can help or has any info please contact me. Thank you.

with Callum Jepps, Sam Talbot
Camerthom96 09/Dec/16 2nd β

Climbed Chain in boots with 5 slings as aids.

with Dave Rudkin
hlegge 06/Dec/16 Lead O/S

Lead the chain which was interesting in the wet in boots :) Rob led the second difficulty in the form of the hanging ladder! Very cool day out in the quarries

Rob Moorcroft 06/Dec/16 AltLd
with hlegge
Astilath 04/Dec/16 2nd
emlynroberts 04/Dec/16 Lead

Great fun! Couldn't find the rear entrance to hades so used main tunnel into Califonia. Aided the chain. Explored a few extra tunnels on the way and went down the triple ladders in Mordor. Tunnel play on 25/1/17 with Rhys. Tunnel play two on 19/2/17 with Rhys and spade, another fail!

Hidden 03/Nov/16 Lead O/S
Whitmoreaa 29/Oct/16 -
dinodinosaur 29/Oct/16 -
kez1 29/Oct/16 Solo rpt
with dino
richy85 29/Oct/16 -
JonesE 29/Oct/16 Solo rpt
Hidden 25/Oct/16 Solo O/S
Hidden 22/Oct/16 -
emlaw17 22/Oct/16 Lead

With Emma, Tom, Christine and Rob. The chain was interestingly difficult.

Ana Broad 15/Oct/16 AltLd

One of the highlights of my year. Great fun

Ana Broad 15/Oct/16 AltLd
Hidden 15/Oct/16 AltLd
timreynolds 15/Oct/16 AltLd O/S

Went left from Tasmania up to the salt pans - right hand route looked too sketchy.

ray.allwood 15/Oct/16 AltLd
with Emgrant
Charlotte Nelson 24/Sep/16 Lead
with Jake, Storme, Heather
Storme 24/Sep/16 Lead

I led the chain aided

with Heather Osborne, Jake Richardson, Charlotte Nelson
Heather Osborne 24/Sep/16 AltLd
with Storme
Jake397 24/Sep/16 2nd
with Storme
Josh Bratchley 09/Sep/16 Solo

Awesome stuff.

with Duncan
Hidden 03/Sep/16 AltLd dnf
ClimbingAlex 25/Aug/16 Solo

A brilliant day out. Followed the excellent blog guide. Abseil's are pretty secure. Ladders into Mordor are looking particularly sketchy - no idea what is hold the 2nd ladder in place!! 6 hours in total, with lots of exploring of caves & old buildings.

with Matt
Matt Magecha 25/Aug/16 Solo
with Alex
Hidden 21/Aug/16 Lead
Hidden 10/Aug/16 AltLd
CharlieMack 10/Aug/16 AltLd
with Will kilner, Iona Pawson
HaleAlex 10/Aug/16 AltLd O/S

Awesome day out! Did California Arrete on the way too

Hugh Irving 09/Aug/16 -
with George
George Ponsonby 09/Aug/16 -
David Staples 07/Aug/16 Lead rpt

Blog updated for 2016 as some of it has fallen down -

Anti-faff 07/Aug/16 AltLd

What a day out. Great fun from start to finish, turned right in Australia which was a bit sketchy but other than that it all seemed okay.

with Jas Wood
Ian Ford 01/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Robert Paulson , Mark Taylor
ellpeecee 30/Jul/16 Solo rpt

The things you do when you've got a free afternoon eh. Ventured into the quarries for a repeat of an old favourite. Soloed the chain clean and free for the first (and probably last) time. Definitely a way to get the heart beating... Wandered up the right handside from tasmania. Spiced things up by going to far right, overhanging, loose slate thats held in by somesort of gravely muck... Fun! Discovered that the first ladder has been claimed by the route (rip). In future go left up the scree. All ladders knacked off and the abseils into the lost world. Starting to look a little more lost worldy again. Mordor, first time to the bottom. The triple ladders are probably the sketchiest of the lot. Had a nose in the tunnel and ventured deep into the heart of the mountain, beed a proper torch as the light from my phone was crap. Will Be back again. Top ladders, round and down. Another good day out.

kermit_uk 24/Jul/16 Lead O/S

Great day out in the rain. 2 foot slings for chain. Was soaking wet and seemed the sensible thing to do. 4hrs car to car at a slowish pace with a few little detours.

Hidden 24/Jul/16 -
Hidden 17/Jul/16 Solo
Turbo 10/Jul/16 AltLd dnf
drdave 09/Jul/16 2nd O/S

Cracking day in challenging conditions. Very wet and cold for time of year. Would love to do again in dry conditions.

with Jack Thompsett, Giles Cooper, Martin Wall
josefft 07/Jul/16 -
with Mick Burgess, Ashley Long, Jamie Everitt
AshleyLong 07/Jul/16 -

Aided the chain.

Hidden 07/Jul/16 Lead O/S
Papa J Love 07/Jul/16 -
with Mick, Joseff, Ashley Long
DaveThexton 07/Jul/16 Lead
Tomdewilton 07/Jul/16 2nd O/S
Tim Bevan 07/Jul/16 2nd
Roflo 05/Jul/16 Lead
JoeMortimer 05/Jul/16 Lead
Fat Andy Heff 05/Jul/16 2nd
galyer895 03/Jul/16 AltLd O/S
with Gaz
dmetcalfe 03/Jul/16 AltLd
with Mike P
Hidden 03/Jul/16 AltLd O/S
Mpaynter 03/Jul/16 AltLd O/S
martintom 02/Jul/16 Lead O/S
humptydumpty 29/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Brilliant first day on slate! Intermittent rain all day, some very heavy. Aided the chain - turns out slate's slippery when wet. Cloud dropped down as we reached the ladders in Australia - very atmospheric scaling them into the gloom. The guide's halfway point was actually about two-thirds through for us. 7.5 hours car-to-car.

joe hallam 28/Jun/16 -
with james gibson
Hidden 26/Jun/16 AltLd
Hidden 24/Jun/16 AltLd RP
R Brown 19/Jun/16 Solo
with M.A. Rett, Pete Dollman
abi.k.l 12/Jun/16 2nd O/S

Missed chain at beginning, but still some scary moments with wobbly, wet, rusting ladders. Enjoyable abseils into The Lost World though. Stunning. Feels like something out of an Anime film!

with David
David Kay 12/Jun/16 Lead rpt
EdGeall 11/Jun/16 -
with Javis
Javis 11/Jun/16 -
Sam2257 11/Jun/16 AltLd O/S

great adventure! the first ladder in Australia is now broken and has fallen down, can be traversered around to the left tho.

cameronr11 03/Jun/16 Solo

First ladder in Australia fallen, walked around by the salt pans

Hidden 03/Jun/16 Solo O/S
Minter 03/Jun/16 Solo O/S

Amazing day out in the sun with the boys. Couldn't have chosen a better day. Missed out the chain because we couldn't be arsed.

with George C, Cam, Qureshi
DaveThexton 02/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Heather Thexton
Georgie25 28/May/16 AltLd

Brilliant fun!

Keith Swainson 28/May/16 Solo β
with Georgie
D.Russell 27/May/16 Solo O/S
with Heather F , Adam
Hidden 27/May/16 Solo O/S
themattyshep 26/May/16 -

Went Right in Australia, Bad idea!!! It was loose and getting dark, this is one I have to come back and do properly!

with Amy L
Hidden 22/May/16 -
dmetcalfe 21/May/16 AltLd

Great adventure, would certainly repeat

with Claire
Hidden 21/May/16 AltLd O/S
leggsimon 21/May/16 AltLd O/S
leggsimon 21/May/16 AltLd O/S
cteakle 21/May/16 AltLd
tclegg 21/May/16 TR
with Claire
sultan 21/May/16 AltLd
with Claire
jenko2323 19/May/16 -

Hilarious, sketchy day out. Some of the scree slope on the right hand way up to the ladders is overhanging and extremely loose, and the lower ladder is dangerously broken - definitely worth taking the left hand scree slope straight to the second ladder. Also a good idea taking some tat in case the rope rungs/abs are looking (even more) f*cked.

GPN 02/May/16 -

A really fun day out!

with Trad Exchange
ianburton 29/Apr/16 Lead O/S
Rob Gillespie 17/Apr/16 Solo O/S

Just brilliant! a must do for any slate enthusiast.

laurence_falconer 08/Apr/16 -

Did the first half and the chain, but not the ladders as ran out of time due to starting late! Need to go back and finish!

with Joel Harman, Lucy Vass
lucyvass 08/Apr/16 2nd dog
kez1 05/Apr/16 Solo O/S
with Whitmoreaa, dino, Frankie Doodle, rob rendle, james davies
dobby 200 03/Apr/16 Solo rpt
with Rich
Frankie Doodle ?/Apr/16 2nd O/S
with kez1
dinodinosaur 29/Mar/16 -

I had an mini epic on the chain pitch whilst climbing it in walking boots. First I got the rope wrapped around the wrong side of the chain and had to untangle myself. Then tried to haul two bags full of climbing racks up using the end of the rope and no grigri whilst sat on first poles. It started raining then hailing whilst hauling up to that point, ropes kept getting snagged so lobbed bags on bag and yarded myself up the last of the chains still raining.

with JonesE
JonesE 29/Mar/16 -
loonylovegood93 28/Mar/16 -
RM199 28/Mar/16 Lead O/S
john lynch 27/Mar/16 -

Great way to spend easter sunday. A bit cold and wet but great fun indeed. Will have o return for the full tick as ended in the buildings at the top of the ladders from austrailia. Was nice to finish woth a fire and beer in the hut!

with Bethan D
Hidden 27/Mar/16 -
Hidden 17/Mar/16 -
kyleinavan 13/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Andrew Davies
peter.ravenscroft27 12/Mar/16 -
hotfeet 12/Mar/16 -
shed_hed 12/Mar/16 Lead rpt

Managed the chain clean this time. Shame about the lost world and the bridge of death.

with Jake Harrison
Adam24B 05/Mar/16 -
M_Robinson 05/Mar/16 -
Kris2fa 05/Mar/16 -
andrewmc 20/Feb/16 AltLd O/S

In extremely wet conditions in rubber boots! Just about pretended to climb the chain free (with a sling in the bottom for a foothold) albeit with a bit of a tight rope. PS ignore the description in the blog for finding the hidden tunnel to Tasmania. After exiting from California back into Dali's Hole (by abseil from the tunnel mouth tree), drop straight back down to the path and head back out - the hidden tunnel is less than 10m from the path (and not really that hidden - also marked 'SEX TUNNEL' if you look carefully :P ). I don't want to give the exact location away but (following the description) we wandered up into the scree slope which is super sketchy in places and looks to have had (semi)recent rockfalls - not a good place to be poking around!

G Weatherley 20/Feb/16 AltLd
with andrewmcleod, Ed Walker
ewalker278 20/Feb/16 AltLd
static266 06/Feb/16 Lead rpt
with Craig
Craig Hiscock 06/Feb/16 2nd
owen gibson 02/Jan/16 -
Hidden 02/Jan/16 -
Jack J Keogan 02/Jan/16 -
Doug miller 02/Jan/16 -
Jack Porteous 02/Jan/16 Lead
Hidden ??/2016 -
M60OON ??/2016 -

A brilliant way to explore the slate quarry of Dinorwic.

with rob 528
Lewis Read ??/2016 -
with chris
Hidden ??/2016 Lead rpt
Hidden 28/Dec/15 Solo
myrddinmuse 19/Dec/15 Solo dnf

Did the first half relatively quickly despite somehow getting lost in the scree on the way to the first ladder. Timon luckily got missed by the massive boulder that got knocked down. Storm hit as we were eating lunch in the hut, so we decoded to call it quits. This route hates me.

with Timon
JemG 07/Dec/15 Lead O/S
with dawn Brinkman
Calum Wadsworth 06/Dec/15 -

Aided the chain as it was piss wet. Proper good day out, but I feel the days are numbered for a couple of those ladders. Do it before they fall down...

with Dawn, Ben White, Jem Greenway, Ben Stoker, Alex, Sam McCarthy
Sam McCarthy 06/Dec/15 -
Dawn_K_B 05/Dec/15 AltLd

Great day out in ridiculous wind and rain, highly recommend!

amccann 05/Dec/15 AltLd
with Calum W, Jem, Dawn
David Kay 29/Nov/15 AltLd rpt
with Rowan Ellwood, Dan Lane
Hidden 29/Nov/15 -
Sophie Nunn 29/Nov/15 -
Joel Miller 22/Nov/15 -
Hidden 22/Nov/15 AltLd
Charlie Low 21/Nov/15 -
BALD EAGLE 14/Nov/15 -
with Rob Duerr, Dan Guy
KBerggren 14/Nov/15 2nd
Elaine Reed 14/Nov/15 2nd
with Eben
leo-z-g 14/Nov/15 2nd dnf

Aided the first pitch soloed the rest

with Ebyn
gobbledigook 14/Nov/15 -
Gabs Ruetz 14/Nov/15 AltLd O/S
Rob McGurk 14/Nov/15 2nd dnf

Combination of seconding and soloing with a big group of CUMC members. Did not complete as it was getting dark.

Hidden 14/Nov/15 Lead
myrddinmuse 14/Nov/15 Lead dnf

Lead the chain in freezing and wet conditions,, and had to haul most of the freshers up. Great adventure, but unfortunately decided to call it a day at the half way point due to the fading light. Another day.

Hidden 14/Nov/15 AltLd dnf
Bobling 14/Nov/15 -

A good expedition marred by a clumsy abseil = one rope u/s. Rain all day.

rosatb 14/Nov/15 2nd

Fun day in the rain, had to leave before the top due to the dark

with Eben, MegWan
Hidden 12/Nov/15 -
matt1024 09/Nov/15 -

Amazing! The rain didn't stop all day but it just added to the atmosphere...

Hidden 08/Nov/15 -
ian d f 07/Nov/15 Lead O/S
onlyfoddington 07/Nov/15 2nd

Absolutely loved the adventure, especially the tunnels and ladders. Went out of our way to poke around in the old buildings. Aided up the chain in the pouring rain.

with Ian
Stanners 01/Nov/15 -

ticked off at last. Brilliant day out with the legendary deepstar after petes eats and camping out in the van the night before. A must-do expedition taking you DEEP into the slate mines. (Mordor was my favourite I think, or D's homemade sandwiches?). Shame about the bridge of death no longer existing but may well build my own in replacement soon. Brilliant online guide but stupidly dangerous to head right once reaching Australia. Easy to die pointlessly that way. Correct and safer way is to head left and around to gain the upper terrace and first ladder. Which also meant I could stop off for a brilliant sport route of which I can find no record of anywhere. Should of brought more water! Bloody hot for November!

Hidden 01/Nov/15 AltLd
dobby 200 24/Oct/15 Solo rpt
with Ros
Hidden 24/Oct/15 Solo rpt
dobby 200 12/Sep/15 Solo rpt
with Jo Payne, Giles, Rusty
static266 09/Sep/15 AltLd O/S

Brilliant fun! Great to see the quarries in such an unusual way.

Hidden 09/Sep/15 AltLd O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/15 -
natmat 05/Sep/15 -
AndyT1151 29/Aug/15 -
Will Hunt 22/Aug/15 -

From Dali's to the Caban then down the steps and inclines.

with (The Stag Do Crew)
Hidden 20/Aug/15 AltLd O/S
AdamBrown 20/Aug/15 Lead O/S

The best thing to do in Llanberis on a wet day? Thoroughly recommend this route/adventure/scarefest

Alex the Alex 20/Aug/15 -

So so good! Aided the chain but otherwise didnt need to rope up. In situ goat (juvenile) on the ab into the Lost World. Leave him alone allright.

with ganbarimasu, AdamBrown, Mofire Crewdem, pete_naylor
ganbarimasu 20/Aug/15 -

Absolutely amazing day out in heavy rain and wind with a fair few scary moments, loved the in-situ goat. We stopped to marvel at the remains of the bridge of death.

with LengDave, Alex, Ellie, Hazza D, Cam, pete, adam
Emma Parkin 16/Aug/15 -

Awesome! Just awesome!!!

with pearly
Jack Pearl 16/Aug/15 -

Brilliant adventure! Well worth a day out. Backed off of the second ladder down to the bottom of Mordor (Not essential part of the route), supports are looking a bit sketchy / wobbling in the wall. Fantastic experience, will be doing it in a few years when the truly lost world grows again!

owain86 13/Aug/15 Solo
with Kate, Lisa-Marie, Greg
emc110502 05/Aug/15 2nd O/S

Epic adventure

Hidden 05/Aug/15 -
spalice 27/Jul/15 -
FreddieSmith 20/Jul/15 AltLd O/S

The most amount of fun you can have with your clothes on. There has been a house sized rock fall in Mordor in the last 24hrs so keep your your wits about you.

EdGeall 20/Jul/15 AltLd
beckyjg 11/Jul/15 Lead
JamesWilliams 08/Jul/15 -

an amazing trip through the quarries same i never got to see the true lost world

with Becky
beckyjg 08/Jul/15 2nd 04/Jul/15 -
P Rogers 04/Jul/15 -

Done over two afternoons for a leisurely tour around the quarries, superb route, pitty the lost world is lost forever.

with Sue, matty
Matt Rogers 04/Jul/15 -
RhysRolfe 29/Jun/15 AltLd O/S

Nice weather, not too sketchy but route finding was tricky as was the scramble through Tasmania, really enjoyed the lost world, the goats sound like velociraptors. 50 Meter rope is fine.

d.f.this 29/Jun/15 AltLd

An interesting route to say the least, made a nice change from normal climbing, highly recommend. Difficult to find the way at times, and managed to cut my thumb on one of the scree slopes, other than that no problems. Not as scary as it first seems... honest.

Charlie Eperon 28/Jun/15 2nd
Giles Eperon 28/Jun/15 Lead dnf

Just did the chain and went to Australia. No ladders. Yet...

Henry Brett 13/Jun/15 2nd
Emma Reynolds 13/Jun/15 2nd O/S

Chain great fun, did it clean, wished I'd had a go at leading it!

with Sam Wilkins, Rowan Chesmer, Henry Brett, Ky Aizawa
linal66 13/Jun/15 2nd O/S

group of 4 of us chain was hardest part likely starky nailed the lead awesome fun. ladders werent as bad as feared but some were very wobbly especially one into lost world. great day!

kyaizawa 13/Jun/15 Lead rpt
with Sam Watkins, Henry Brett, Rowan Chesmer, Emma Reynolds
birks3746 ?/Jun/15 -

Interesting 2nd of the chains with 2 full bags of gear, don't know why I volunteered to do this rather than drag the bags up

chris cockbain 30/May/15 Lead

awesome route, led the chain, camped in one of the top huts. did a very dodgy bit of climbing up the old winch tower and had to do a bit of soloing in the lost world to retrieve a stuck rope

Tom Draude 30/May/15 2nd O/S
with Chris Cockbain
Alex Mynard 30/May/15 TR O/S

Amazing fun.

Hidden 24/May/15 AltLd
noemie5438 24/May/15 Lead
with BenG32
el cholo 24/May/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/May/15 Solo
Hidden 24/May/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/May/15 AltLd
BenG32 24/May/15 2nd O/S
AmyG 24/May/15 Lead
Hidden 22/May/15 Solo O/S
MikeSP 18/May/15 -
JediClimber 16/May/15 2nd
Hidden 16/May/15 Solo
Hidden 03/May/15 AltLd O/S
Hidden 03/May/15 Lead
Tadams 11/Apr/15 AltLd rpt
Hidden 11/Apr/15 AltLd rpt
Hidden 13/Mar/15 -
Hidden 13/Mar/15 -
dobby 200 08/Mar/15 Lead O/S

Amazing day out! We followed the description on All in all it is a brilliant description, except for finding the tunnell to Tasmania was very hard. Leading the chain was fun, Boa screwgates sink perfectly into the links.

SteeevieTee 28/Feb/15 Solo

Great experience would definitely recommend!

SambucaHughes 28/Feb/15 Solo

Great fun

jacob shieldhouse hadley 16/Feb/15 Solo O/S

finished it off! went to the bottom of mordor as well. ladders are safe.

with tom
suds_01 02/Feb/15 Lead
with Mark olliver
ellpeecee 18/Jan/15 Solo rpt

Avoided the chain as I didn't fancy it solo, in big boots and with the falling snow, so started with the tunnel into Australia (the tunnel of love!?). All the ladders to the top and even had a poke around all the buildings up there. Was expecting the lost world to be different after the rock fall but didn't realise how much had fallen, the shelter at the bottom is long gone and the boulder field is a bit tricky to cross as its still rather loose. Didnt venture down into the depths of mordor as the weather went a bit spicy, also it sounded like a lot of water was cascading in so didn't fancy an early shower. Hopped up the last ladders and out home in time for tea.

hoppojoe7 11/Jan/15 Solo O/S
Somerset swede basher 10/Jan/15 Solo O/S

All solo except the chain which I lead. Brilliant couple of hours.

with Offshore Andy (from bamford)
Andy Peak 1 10/Jan/15 -

Fourth time round finally found the Tunell to Ozzie super fun

morgan thomas ??/2015 -
Hidden ??/2015 AltLd
emgroves ??/2015 AltLd
Hidden ??/2015 Lead O/S
Alex Riley 31/Dec/14 AltLd

Wet day activity, great laugh. Pretty epic day out.

with Twigger, Hil, Tom Snowdon, Anna Riley
jacob shieldhouse hadley 26/Dec/14 AltLd O/S

snowy... and cold...

with paddy
griffithpatrick 26/Dec/14 AltLd O/S

Pissing it with rain and in walking boots so aided the chain. Snowed whilst going up the ladders in Australia. Ran out of time so never did the lost world bit.

Remyveness ?/Dec/14 AltLd

Did it on a rainy day, Ellie lead the chain (you need lots of HMS's if you want to clip much pro to the chain) very fun experience

Hidden ?/Dec/14 Solo O/S
SamN 24/Nov/14 -
Katie Proctor 22/Nov/14 -

Really fun!

Charlie Low 22/Nov/14 -
davebrox 15/Nov/14 Lead
with Fiona
cameronr11 15/Nov/14 Lead O/S
tomwhitchurch 08/Nov/14 -
James Beaumont ?/Nov/14 Lead O/S
Crimps@67 ?/Nov/14 -
with Bow, Bus
Drew M 19/Oct/14 Lead O/S
ianstevens 18/Oct/14 Solo rpt

Bit drizzly, but still good fun. Avoided the scramble up Australia due to time/group size, and went up the stairs instead.

Hidden 18/Oct/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Oct/14 -
Chris dyer 17/Oct/14 AltLd O/S

Only did first half... Then went to Pete's eats

with AMC
Matthew Edwards 12/Oct/14 Solo β

was good fun! aided the chain, only issue was the scrable out of Australia, went up via the centre which looked good, except for the final high leg and no handholds. Matt kindly dropped a rope as he went higher earlier on. ladders were a bit worrying to start with but once in the swing of it they were fine. good day out.

Gareth Collins 12/Oct/14 Solo
with Eddie
David Staples 09/Oct/14 Lead O/S

Fun day out! Updated blog fyi

stephheeley 08/Oct/14 AltLd
George_Surf 30/Sep/14 AltLd O/S

Took about 2.5hrs? Rained a bit. Downclimbed the first abseil after the chain. Bridge of death has now died...

damob123 28/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with Jo Phillip, Guy Martin, Elena Murphy, Katie Micklethwaite
Hidden 28/Sep/14 2nd O/S
damob123 24/Sep/14 AltLd

Good fun route. Bridge of death was down. Did it on a damp day. Worth getting clued up on the route beforehand

catty_9 14/Sep/14 Lead

Lead/partially aided the chain section. Wish I'd taken rock shoes for that bit. We missed out some of the ladder section as there has been another rock fall in Austrailia and it wasn't clear how to cross the scree slope to get to the ladders at the right level. A great exploratory day out though

with Natasha Oughton
Hidden 12/Sep/14 -
Hidden 06/Sep/14 Solo
Hidden 31/Aug/14 Lead O/S
tmawer 22/Aug/14 Lead O/S

A great day out, and a wonderful chance to get to places few people will get to, and to get a sense of how tough life was for the men who created these places.

Graeme James Cook 22/Aug/14 AltLd
suds_01 21/Aug/14 AltLd
with Colin crockart, Chris sawdon
nodwas 21/Aug/14 AltLd
with suds_01
Kemics 10/Aug/14 AltLd O/S

Amazing good fun. Lostworld rock fall looks gnarly, makes it feel spooky as you can see plenty of teetering blocks. Aided the chain in pissing rain.

with Mel
Melonfly 10/Aug/14 AltLd O/S
with Caleb
snowfluke ?/Aug/14 AltLd

a super fun day in the slate giving a different perspective of the galleries and even more beautiful views

with dan roach
Nick Wallis 26/Jul/14 -
with a cast of thousands
robertmichaellovell 26/Jul/14 -

Sam's stag party, a rope of 15

Shane Willis 03/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Puckle 28/Jun/14 Solo O/S

Seems there has been some massive rockfall, rendering the lost world 'lost'. Bothy is destroyed and not a fern is still standing, much more of that and the route will be off limits!

Jack_Lewin 04/Jun/14 Solo

Thoms first time!

with Thom Wilson-Parry
Fatmanscoop ?/Jun/14 -
Hidden 25/May/14 -
Chris Sansum 24/May/14 Lead O/S

Fantastic and unusual route. The scrambling up from Australia felt a little dangerous (steep scrambling above a big drop holding onto loose rock)! The description on the 'Blogspot' website was good but a bit misleading in a couple of places - 1) The location of the hidden tunnel is not a 'precarious scramble up and rightwards'. 2. We didn't see a circular chimney anywhere! No big deal as it was quite easy to follow the route, although would probably have been a bit dodgy if it was misty! Anyway a fantastic route, and amazing it is legal (hang on a minute, maybe that isn't technically correct ;-) )!

with Robert Harris
Hidden 24/May/14 2nd O/S
UnkArl 24/May/14 AltLd rpt
dantheoptimist 24/May/14 -
Hidden 24/May/14 Solo O/S
Debs 24/May/14 AltLd
with Karl
Paul ablitt 24/May/14 Lead O/S
with Sarah
James_L88 24/May/14 AltLd O/S
with Debbie Hoskins, Karl Gregory, Dan Peters, Kat Day
Ed morris 20/May/14 Solo O/S

Very Worthwhile.

with stefan
Stefan_Morris 20/May/14 -
Katherine Ross 13/May/14 Solo rpt

Missed out the chain to save time, and the bridge has gone. Ladders seemed about the same as last time, though.

with Tom, Duncan, Sam, James Chesmer
Hidden 10/May/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 10/May/14 Lead dog
lithos 04/May/14 -

dry this time, really good again

with julie
adamre12 ?/May/14 Solo O/S
Qureshi ?/May/14 Solo O/S
Whitty2012 20/Apr/14 -

Brilliant fun for a day out in the quarries!

with Alex Hughes, Tom Whitford
Hidden 20/Apr/14 -
rustaldo 13/Apr/14 Lead rpt

A great day out for the lads, all the way around in about 5hrs. RIP bridge.

with Scouse and Conrad
spidermonkey09 02/Apr/14 Lead
Hidden 02/Apr/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 29/Mar/14 -
Hidden 29/Mar/14 -
LukeTreharne 29/Mar/14 -

Great fun! The Chain being the only tricky part.

renetemple 28/Mar/14 -
Dizz 23/Mar/14 Solo rpt
with zof
tombushell 22/Mar/14 Solo
Hidden 22/Mar/14 -
Simon Caldwell 22/Mar/14 -

Massive queues (group of 14?) for the chain so we missed it out then came back for at the end. Great day.

with Pete B, Rob, Carmen
Sam Husband 22/Mar/14 Solo dnf

Did about half the route due to being a group of six, great fun, perfect wet weather day, someone will probaly die one day when a ladder falls off.

with Ryu, Lucy, Mackerel, Ed, Tom
lithos 22/Mar/14 -

good giggle, route desc. needs some work :-) skipped the chain at start due to queues and did it at the end of the day just after the hailstorm and lightening.

efrance24234 19/Mar/14 Lead O/S

Took johny round this for his birthday. Great day out.

Keith O'D 17/Mar/14 -

Great slate adventure!

Quarryboy 16/Mar/14 Solo O/S

Quite an adventure which took close to about 5 hours, besides the chain none of it is particularly taxing you just need to have your wits about you and be gentle with the lose rock.

with Haydon Saunders, Rhianna Knikker-Troke
Cheese Monkey 21/Feb/14 Lead dnf

To the top of the ladders. Will finish, great fun

with David, Mike
dbm 21/Feb/14 AltLd dnf

Got as far as topping out of 'Australia' - need to go back to complete!

Hidden 21/Feb/14 AltLd dnf
Matt Smith 20/Feb/14 Solo O/S

Wet weather day, very atmospheric and you can feel the history oozing out the quarries. The lost world is something else. Bridge of death is no more though, and I so wanted to do it :P

Hidden 19/Feb/14 -
Simon Rackley ?/Feb/14 Lead O/S

the bridge of death has now died and is no longer.

with andy barnes
disrail 18/Jan/14 AltLd
Papa J Love 18/Jan/14 -
Flavio 18/Jan/14 -
with Doug Arnold, Sian Witheridge, Jamie Everitt
maria85 12/Jan/14 -
with Jules
Paul Collins ??/2014 -
Hidden ??/2014 -
arandall 16/Dec/13 Lead rpt

and Dan. Lead the chain, and soloed all the ladders. The death bridge seems in slightly worse condition than last year, but still crossable.

with Marcus Hague, Isaac Whitcombe
herman0055 04/Dec/13 AltLd
with scott mayled, Glen bloomer
gingergeorge 04/Dec/13 AltLd
scott mayled 04/Dec/13 AltLd O/S

Easy climbing, however this is a time bomb primed and ready to hurt someone. Rusty bent ladders! A good adventure! Zoomers last adventure here for while, cheers bud, perhaps we will have more in Ripon?

Zoomer 04/Dec/13 AltLd

Shitty death, that was intense! One day someone will get very f**ked up doing this. Backed up with lots of tat where we could. Would rather shave my balls with a slice of slate than go over the Bridge of Death! Loved the Lost World, a very special place. Great day out with good friends, a fitting end to my time in N Wales!

steven_daniels99 23/Nov/13 Lead O/S

led 3 friends through

piersnewton 22/Nov/13 -
with oscar
matty123 17/Nov/13 AltLd
with Charlie Delorie, Mark Roe, fish
GermanAlex 17/Nov/13 -

With Ellen, Robby, Haydon and Greg. Good fun, the quarries felt a lot smaller the second time round. No idea why I did the chain again, wasn't a particular fan after doing it last time. HVS doesn't seem like a very good description, XS?

with Greg, Haydon, Ellen
mfisher 17/Nov/13 -

Great experience with a few uncomfortable positions! Interesting to know how long the bridge of death will last for...

with Charlie, Mark Roe, Matthew Breakell
MarkRoe 17/Nov/13 AltLd O/S

A cracking one afternoon adventure! The Lost World is one inspiring place! I don't think we ever did find the correct 'secret tunnel' to Oz, so ended up having to scramble quite a way up the oil drum glacier to reach the first of the ladders. The Bridge of Death is now in a way worse condition that any of the photos on here show!

Maddie 03/Nov/13 -
Hidden 02/Nov/13 Lead O/S
RUDIN.J.D.H 02/Nov/13 2nd
khalidq 02/Nov/13 2nd

aided the chain!

with Tom
lcullum7 02/Nov/13 AltLd rpt
with Emily Woodhouse, Ben Crofts, Joe Rudin, Ky Aizawa
kyaizawa 02/Nov/13 Lead rpt

Lead both the chain and bridge this time, and took our time exploring - generally a great day out avoiding the worst of the weather!! Good fun throughout, though I think the bridge has deteriorated since I last did it.

with Emily Woodhouse, Ben Crofts, Joe Rudin, Luke Cullum
davkeo 27/Oct/13 -
cearbhalld 27/Oct/13 -
with Mags Casey, Sile & Dave, Dave Keogh, Gerry Moss
Hidden 16/Oct/13 Solo
Tommy Harris 16/Oct/13 Solo

great adventure In full on storm conditions.. took around 2hrs, most of that searching for the hidden tunnel

with phillip belcher
Stefan_Morris 16/Sep/13 -
with jenny
George_Surf 08/Sep/13 AltLd O/S

2hrs car to car. I climbed the chain, no ropes on the ladders, finished off on the bridge of death, it wobbles a lot and doesnt look like it's held together by much....

with Mike Allday
Dave 88 07/Sep/13 -

Took us 2 hours to find the secret tunnel! Also had to ab on our badly severed rope, all added to the fun! Good for a rainy day.

with Jack
Mario Grabinski 26/Aug/13 2nd
with Tom Williams
Hidden 26/Aug/13 2nd
David Kay 24/Aug/13 -
thomaspomfrett 17/Aug/13 -
with Ed Poulter, Pat Brien
tim newton 15/Aug/13 Solo
tgeh 05/Aug/13 -

finished it off

with dan geh
Dan Geh 05/Aug/13 Solo rpt
Dickon151 21/Jul/13 Solo O/S

For my stag do....some of it naked.

with Owen Morris, Peter Keron
alicee 16/Jul/13 -

Wicked day out!

with Ned Davies, Josie McGee, Daniel Whitlum, oliver mentz
ned_85 16/Jul/13 -
with Josie McGee, Oliver Mentz, Daniel Whitlum, Alice Mees
Stuart_Burbidge 14/Jul/13 Solo O/S
with Katie Fincken
Si ?/Jul/13 -
centurion05 ?/Jul/13 AltLd O/S
with Ben thynne
sian88 30/Jun/13 -
ifletcher 23/Jun/13 -
with Liam, phil, Daniel Geh, tgeh
tgeh 23/Jun/13 -
with Phil, imogene, Liam, dan geh
Dan Geh 23/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
Samtn 18/Jun/13 Lead
hermi1drew 16/Jun/13 2nd
with Steve Wakeford
Steve Wakeford 16/Jun/13 Lead O/S

What a laugh!! Coming a close second in laughing terms is logging this as a "clean onsight lead"!!!

with Hermione Drew
Hidden 12/Jun/13 -
Duncan Campbell 05/Jun/13 -

Great little day out with Jess, except for getting totally lost trying to locate "secret tunnel that leads to bottom of Australia" so just walked up steps to G'day arete level. Some cool places in the Slate Quarries!

with Jess
Alex.M-M. 01/Jun/13 Solo rpt
Hidden 28/May/13 2nd
petekeron 26/May/13 Solo O/S
with Solo
gjd 24/May/13 -

A fine outing for a cold or wet day. A skyhook was very handy for the chain. Stickies would have been useful, too.

with Iain, Sam Burns, Ronnie
GermanAlex 15/May/13 Lead O/S

Lead the chain, soloed the rest. An amazing day out!

with Dan
dutybooty 15/May/13 AltLd rpt

Awesome. Soloed the lot. Seconded the chain to let little ash lead it (his first time). Lead the bridge in the nip. Lightweight approach

with Matt, German, Bieber, Dan Camm
AshBash 15/May/13 -

awesome little route really enjoyed it, lead the chain and did the bridge of death :D

with Ash
BenRyle 14/May/13 AltLd O/S
with Air, Beckett, Dan
air 14/May/13 -

fun day out!

with Ben, Dan
Dan724 14/May/13 AltLd

A magical journey!

ellpeecee 12/May/13 Solo rpt
Jack_Lewin 12/May/13 Lead

Aided the chain due to shocking weather. Ladders all seemed in good, in relative terms, condition. Some sketchy loose scree in wet conditions.

with Nick Lyons, lewk_c
Hidden 06/May/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 -
Will Falder 04/May/13 Lead O/S

chain and first abseil only, will complete the rest at a later date.

Hidden 01/May/13 Lead rpt
Hidden ?/May/13 -
AliceGB 30/Apr/13 -
with Matthew Roper
Dizz 28/Apr/13 -

Solo except seconded chain ... Sketchy fun!

with EJ, Hugh T
Hidden 28/Apr/13 -
j.townley 23/Apr/13 Solo β

A must do, absolutely amazing!

Tristan101 23/Apr/13 Solo O/S
Stopsy 23/Apr/13 Solo

Awesome fun, gets HVS for the adjective danger I guess and bridge of death.

with Caffers, Townley, Thea, Tristan
TheaSmea 23/Apr/13 Solo
with James
paddywalsh11 17/Apr/13 Lead
with Daniel Walsh, James Walsh, Dan Whitlum (Milky)
dutybooty 13/Apr/13 AltLd O/S

Lead the chain, in big mountain boots! Didn't do the bridge of death. May in the future though. Soloed most ladders, have to go again! 4.5 hours, though spent an hour and a half looking for alternative start.

deacondeacon 04/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
the power 04/Apr/13 AltLd O/S

a epic dangerous journey.fookin cool as

with deacon, charlie
Binder 16/Mar/13 AltLd

Brilliant way to spend a wet day! Did the chains at the end because there was a massive snow shower when we tried started the first time. Avoided the bridge of death...

with David B, Chiz, Harri K, Toby
gravity 16/Mar/13 AltLd

Lots of fun: Tunnels, ladders, chains, The Lost World and snow storms! What more could you want?

with Chiz Harward, Harriet Kirk, George, David
Hidden 16/Mar/13 -
Harri777 16/Mar/13 AltLd
with Binder
Hidden 11/Mar/13 -
Paul Collins 11/Mar/13 -
TommyMcG 11/Mar/13 -
mcgovern 11/Mar/13 -

Probably the most fun route I've done. I'd say the bridge of death still has a few years left! A well deserved 3 stars

with TommyMcG, Paul Collins, Murphy
ellpeecee 10/Mar/13 AltLd

Roped up and lead the chain, the alt lead the ladders solo. Was getting late so didn't explore down into mordor, definitely something for next time. Avoided the bridge...

chrith85 07/Mar/13 2nd
codenamel 07/Mar/13 -

Very wet day. Finished in the dark! Such a great place.

with Chrith
Alex.M-M. 01/Mar/13 Solo O/S

From California onwards in the dark.

with chris ripper
Dan Lane 03/Feb/13 -

A great adventure and a good tour through the quarries, would certainly do it again!

with James Hoyes, Rach Batt, Richard and Maria
Batt 03/Feb/13 -

Brilliant. 5hrs. aided the chain. Tad slippy on the abs but great fun for a soggy day. Bridge of death fun in the wind!

with Mark P, Maria, Richard W, Dan, James Hoyes
Hoyes 03/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
quiffhanger 02/Feb/13 Solo β

In the dark for added excitement.

with Thom, Jacob
jimmysdead 02/Feb/13 -

Best day out of the year, wicked tour of the quarry. Benighted and finished by head torch.

with Dave Milf, Blake
jacobjacob 02/Feb/13 -

At night this time!

cymjt ?/Feb/13 -
Hidden ?/Feb/13 -
williap 06/Jan/13 -

Great fun, did an 'additional' ladder at the top of the scree slope to the left of oil drum glacier, as well as a set of 3 at G'day before going down into Lost World. Also explored the tunnels between Mordor and Lost World before finished via the aptly named Bridge of Death!

arandall 03/Jan/13 -

really good fun, was seeing how comfy my b3s are, but they're just about useless for climbing the chain so aided it.

Wendy Watthews 03/Jan/13 -

great adventure

Dave192939 03/Jan/13 -
with arandall, Wendy Watthews
Andy Peak 1 02/Jan/13 Lead

A grate day out with the misses! Good to exsplore moore of the qwarys.

with H washbrook
katiep 01/Jan/13 Lead

A great adventure to start the new year.

with Sophie, Will Fuller, Sian Gardiner
andrew549 01/Jan/13 2nd
Harri777 ??/2013 -
with David Barlow, Toby Knight, George M, Chiz
Hidden ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 -
David Walker 08/Dec/12 2nd

Finished after the ladders on the salt-pan levels due to failing light.

with Kelly Smith, Jacquie Martinez, Marcus Povey, Andy Martin, Chris Densham, Maria
MariaT 08/Dec/12 2nd dnf

Climbing as a group of 7, so took a while. Got halfway round and walked out.

with Jacquie, Andy, Kelly Smith, Marcus, Chris Densham, David Walker
Andrew Martin 08/Dec/12 Lead
Hidden 02/Dec/12 -
Patrick Hill 02/Dec/12 -
CragDog 25/Nov/12 -
jacobjacob 25/Nov/12 Sent β

Nickys leap first thing and the bridge of death at the end... Big day on the slate!

mcglenr25 23/Nov/12 -

By cover of darkness and the light of the moon!

Hidden 23/Nov/12 -
Hidden 18/Nov/12 2nd
Slick 18/Nov/12 Lead


with Kevin Vans-Colina, Isabel Evans
Piers Harley 17/Nov/12 AltLd
with Simon Clark
Hidden 17/Nov/12 Solo O/S
Martin Bagshaw 17/Nov/12 -

Climbing the chain and seeing more of the quarries was awesome. Probably won't be doing the bridge at the end again though.

with Tony Walencowicz, Simon Clark, Matthew Porter, Andrew porter, Ian Pegg, Richard Apthorp
ipegg 17/Nov/12 2nd O/S

Various - Matt Porter Lead Chain section finished over train line

with Tony Walentowicz, Martin Bagshaw, Richard Apthorp
mattshort 03/Nov/12 -
Hidden ?/Nov/12 -
Hidden 27/Oct/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Lead
Hidden 14/Oct/12 Solo
thetradlad 14/Oct/12 -
with James Woodman, Tessa Baston, Harry Thorpe
Jay C 14/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with LUMC, Nick E
Nick Nitro 14/Oct/12 2nd
with Jay C
Harry Thorpe 14/Oct/12 AltLd rpt
MaccMark 14/Oct/12 -

Some purple 5mm cord now links the top of the chain to a rod in the cave. Look out for a sheep in a top hat on the opposite side.

with Tom Wild, Si Ward
debbie roberts 13/Oct/12 -
guy757 13/Oct/12 -
Marti999 13/Oct/12 -
with Debbie, Guy Buckingham, Mick Cooke
jshields 13/Oct/12 Lead

Robin and Paul also on route,great fun.

ianstevens 06/Oct/12 Lead
Danhan 29/Sep/12 AltLd O/S

Awesome. Led the first pitch of the chain and everything else we soloed.

with Andy, Nicolette, Nick
Hidden 29/Sep/12 AltLd
dale 42 22/Sep/12 AltLd
AWOODM71 22/Sep/12 2nd

A difficult start up the chain, a great day out albeit rather dodgy/lack of protection on the ladders

with Colin Macalindin, Sam Denny
samdenny 22/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
with Anna Woodman, Colin Macalindin
Hidden 15/Sep/12 Lead O/S
williamsd79 14/Sep/12 -
with Luke Watts
David Kay 02/Sep/12 -
with Ben Croft, Simon Parker
bede.west ?/Sep/12 -

great day out and great fun

Ben0591 29/Aug/12 Lead

Rope has been replaced on the second to last ladder.

with Pete Wanless
Hidden 25/Aug/12 Lead dnf
lcullum7 21/Aug/12 AltLd
with Dave Lomax, Joe Stonham, Rich Jones
Chris_Mullaney 18/Aug/12 2nd
with Mr. K
Mr. K 18/Aug/12 Lead O/S

An amazing day out! I aided the chain on lead in big boots because of the rain. Skipped the final bridge as it's not attached to anything any more. Well worth it's three stars.

with Adam Radcliff, Chris Mullaney
Hidden 12/Aug/12 -
luke2442 22/Jul/12 Solo O/S

Soloed everything except the chain, bridge was pretty hairy in gale force winds... Amazing locations throughout.

Hidden 22/Jul/12 -
David Kay 12/Jul/12 Lead
Moritz L 12/Jul/12 Lead

lead the chain. retreated of bridge after couple of meters

with David Kirsfelds, pete
Chriswallis2 05/Jul/12 Lead dnf

Did about a third, then escaped up into australia when the sun came out.

with Anna
Hidden 04/Jul/12 -
Hidden 02/Jul/12 -
partz 30/Jun/12 -

Fantastic! Rained all day, was SO enjoyable! Atleast 4 stars...

with Alex Battery, Josh Robinson
sparkybatteryboy 30/Jun/12 -
with matt e
SamuelHarris 23/Jun/12 -
with Ryan
Hidden 10/Jun/12 -
Matt Harle 10/Jun/12 -


ecromwell 08/Jun/12 AltLd
lcullum7 08/Jun/12 AltLd dnf
with Ed Cromwell, Henry Hakkinnen, Alex Peace
a13x 08/Jun/12 AltLd
Hidden 07/Jun/12 AltLd
lcullum7 05/Jun/12 AltLd O/S
samdenny 05/Jun/12 AltLd O/S
kyaizawa 05/Jun/12 AltLd O/S

Brilliant route - so much fun, it was worth missing my train for :P Chain climb was good, but the railtrack bridge was more fun - so much potential for monkey bar style crossings, or even a cheeky bat hang. Definitely will be back repeating this route!! :D

Ralphus 03/Jun/12 Lead O/S


with Deborah Hoskins, Stefanie Gunst, Karyn Anderson, Karl Gregory
cbeard 03/Jun/12 Lead O/S

Burly chain climbing, such a bleak atmosphere. A really cool experience for a wet day out in Llanberris.

Nick Russell 03/Jun/12 -

A great tour of the quarries! A bit spicy at times - all part of the fun. Take your camera for death bridge

with Katherine, Charlie Beard
Katherine Ross 03/Jun/12 -

Really cool tour of the quarries, if a bit sketchy in places!

with Joe, Andrena, Steve Shenton, Nick Russell, Charlie Beard
UnkArl 03/Jun/12 AltLd O/S

Absolutely brilliant day out - what an adventure! Great way to tour the quarries, even if it did rain all day. Took our group of 5 around 9hrs car-to-car!!

with Stef, Karyn, Ralph, Debbie
Debs 03/Jun/12 AltLd
with Karl
Samuel Wainwright 27/May/12 Solo O/S
greengrasss 26/May/12 -
ad111 06/May/12 Lead O/S

Hanging railway felt solid, looked terrifying.

Hidden 28/Apr/12 AltLd
p_won 22/Apr/12 -

Perfect wet weather alternative

Joe.Elliott1 22/Apr/12 -
Hidden 17/Apr/12 -
yarrow 14/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
with Ian P, Phil P
Monkey_Alan 06/Apr/12 -

Deep snow in places. Aided the chain (Icy boots on slate offer amazingly little friction!) and skipped the hanging railway. Signs of recent rockfall in the Lost World, so didn't hang around too long.

Last Days of Disco 06/Apr/12 2nd dog
Max Streeton 06/Apr/12 -
mcglenr25 21/Mar/12 -

Brilliant adventure!

Hidden 21/Mar/12 AltLd O/S
Harry Thorpe 17/Mar/12 AltLd O/S

Pitched the snake and the death bridge. Great fun, the lost world and mordor are amazing places!

with Ian Parkhouse, Phil Wilkinson, Jake Lodge
thetradlad 17/Mar/12 -

Seconded chain, lead death bridge. Great fun

with Ian Parkhouse, Phil Wilkinson, Harry Thorpe
Hidden 11/Mar/12 AltLd
wilkie14c 09/Mar/12 AltLd

WOW what an unusual day out that was!

with Dave Clarke
Coops_13 06/Mar/12 AltLd O/S
shed_hed 03/Mar/12 -

Awesome wet(ish) day out. Seconded the chain (aided) and lead the death bridge at the end.

with Ally Dunn, Phil Baxter, Dan Stephens, Duncan Bottrill, Greg Slee, Graeme Hammond
Hidden 03/Mar/12 -
Graeme Hammond 03/Mar/12 Solo

A lot easier and less scary than expected, except for the 'death bridge' ended up soloing everything apart from this the chain and the first ladder. No real rope work skills required.

with Darren McMaster, Greg Slee, LSMC members, Phil Baxter
Hidden ?/Mar/12 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/12 AltLd
matthew_soanes ?/Mar/12 -
with Jem_Kyn, Sion Owen
Clay C 26/Feb/12 AltLd O/S
67hours 26/Feb/12 Lead O/S

A cracking adventure! If you don't do the rail bridge at the end you probably haven't really completed it. Good luck! Short summary of the adventure:

Hidden 26/Feb/12 -
SteveCarratt 26/Feb/12 AltLd
with Clay C
BALD EAGLE 18/Feb/12 AltLd

Most excellent Welsh Via Ferrata meets Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with steroids...

with David Qualtough, David Martinez Majo
Sam Cooke 04/Feb/12 -

A proper adventure on a very rainy day. May have vomited once or twice.

with George, Chris, Hal, Nick
Hidden 04/Feb/12 AltLd
Hidden 21/Jan/12 Solo O/S
Danny Crump 21/Jan/12 Solo
with Andrew Porter, Michael Porter
LittleMike ??/2012 2nd
HAJ Francis ??/2012 -


roberts1234567890 27/Nov/11 -
with andy griffiths, giles cranston, tom trout, James Hoar, Simon Van Dam
roberts1234567890 26/Nov/11 -
with andy griffiths, giles cranston, tom trout, James Hoar, Simon Van Dam
simonvand 26/Nov/11 Lead
Kayan 26/Nov/11 -
Tom Hecht 21/Nov/11 -


with Lotte Stuer, Will Oates
Hidden 16/Nov/11 -
shed_hed 29/Oct/11 AltLd dnf

Weren't really sure where we were going. Ended up leading a dodgy pitch after the chain and tunnel, realised we'd gone wrong and decided to sack it off because of the cold.

Hidden 29/Oct/11 Lead dnf
Jay C 15/Oct/11 Solo O/S

Mostly done in the dark, really brings the history of the quarries to life!

with Nathan M, Mark C, Nick E
Hidden 15/Oct/11 AltLd O/S
Nick Nitro 15/Oct/11 Solo
with Jay C
luke384 08/Oct/11 2nd
with matty
Mattlamb90 08/Oct/11 Lead rpt
with Tibbett, cyril betemps, Luke
Hidden 08/Oct/11 -
jcook1980 02/Oct/11 -

Compete route done

with Leo
leohl 02/Oct/11 -
charlietorrance ?/Oct/11 -
namagnall ?/Oct/11 -

Awesome! Avoided bridge. Night ascent for extra thrill!

jason reeve 20/Sep/11 Solo

Did the death bridge at the end aswell, very good. beautiful day

with iwan
Yong_Welsh 20/Sep/11 Solo β
Steven Andrews 18/Sep/11 AltLd

just did the first half (stopped after the 4 sets of ladders) - the pouring rain added to the atmosphere

lukehunt 17/Sep/11 -
with Vikki
maybe_si 11/Sep/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 10/Sep/11 Solo
willoates 05/Sep/11 -

Absolutely amazing! best bits = the lost World. the great ladder of mordor!!!

with Steve
Jessie Rushbrooke 03/Sep/11 -
Will Caesar ?/Sep/11 Solo
Hidden ?/Sep/11 AltLd O/S
robman 29/Aug/11 Lead O/S

Amazing wet day out, well worth it, and seems one of those things that not many people will do. Random sums it up!!!!

Adam Lincoln 29/Aug/11 -
with Meg
Hidden 29/Aug/11 -
Cardi 28/Aug/11 -

A really fun day had by all, despite the showers. The Lost World and Mordor are incredible!

with Laura, Nikki
luke384 27/Aug/11 2nd
with matty
Mattlamb90 27/Aug/11 Lead O/S
rustaldo 27/Aug/11 AltLd O/S

a rainy day alternative, just as good as usual, did the entire route in about 4hrs; chain and bridge of death included.

Hidden 27/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Aug/11 Lead
Pete_Frost 27/Jul/11 AltLd β

My 50th birthday treat. Aided the chain. Great fun!

with Ray Andrews
rustaldo 23/Jul/11 Lead rpt

Done in a 4 (siblings+1), another awesome day out. Skipped the chain to save time, nipped through the tunnel and swarmed up the ladders. Abbing/lowering into The Lost World took awhile, but well worth it! Totally amazing place down there. Mordor is stunning too. Kyber Pass and the train track; haha! Need to go back for a full day and a full ascent of the entire thing, potentially got a few extra bits to add on aswell.

with Tom
gingerwolf 16/Jul/11 Lead O/S

Led the chain - pretty nails, just gotta pull like buggery - and gotta love the bridge of death right at the end, haha!! awesome finish! Really good fun and an awesome outing! HVS is about right for chain difficulty and capabilities in rope work.

with Glenn
Hidden 09/Jul/11 Lead O/S
nadeem 30/May/11 -

Great Fun. Wonder how long it will all be patent, some of the chains and ladders starting to look a wee bit corroded.

with DLE
Hidden 30/May/11 AltLd O/S
rustaldo 29/May/11 -

second time around, much faster than the first.. again aborted after all the laddery fun.. was late in the day, will be back for the ab into lost world and the final stretch

with Olly
melonmike 13/May/11 Lead rpt

Began at 9pm with the Sun close to setting, finished at 1am complete with bridge walk/crawl. Headtorches only used for sightseeing in the huts (tunnels are dark places), no guidebook. The glow of the moon on the slate walls was both surreal and atmospheric, excellent adventure.

with liam brown, Sarah R
Bumblebee Biggs 11/May/11 -

SKETCHY EVERYTHING! Slate falling, ladders creaking and death bridge was a no go for me! Good fun though!

rustaldo 07/May/11 -

Did with my brother and sister.. absolutely EPIC! Really fun. Weather was appalling. The Lost World is awesome, sooo many tunnels and holes to explore! Massive potential. Went off-route for some exploring in a random tunnel which was flooded halfway along, next time we plan to take an inflatable boat..

with Tom
david morse 26/Apr/11 AltLd

An excellent adventure. Some very dodgy ladders. Exploring the lost world is worth the trek in itself

with helen, josh
Hidden 19/Apr/11 Solo O/S
Ewan Russell 19/Apr/11 Solo O/S

Night time+headtorch version. Done most of it before, I think the boys needed a cripple for the hard pitches. Brilliant fun ben nearly shat himself up death gully(to be fair It was quite exciting that bit), conor actually did shit himself afterwards. Great fun

with Steve Sharland, Ben Finley, Connor
Hidden 19/Apr/11 Solo
Hidden ?/Apr/11 -
barni ??/2011 -
TheKing ??/2011 -
jkarran 21/Nov/10 -

Epic fun with rope chopping blocks (Sorry Aly!) and a starlight escape from Mordor. Well worth doing.

with Team
Hidden 20/Nov/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Nov/10 -
Hidden ?/Nov/10 2nd
Hidden 22/Oct/10 -
Hidden 02/Oct/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Oct/10 -
sam820 05/Sep/10 -
with Matt, Matt Roper
melonmike 26/Aug/10 AltLd O/S

A team adventure. Well worth doing, really enjoyable.

with Matt Roper, Jack Metcalfe
Hidden 26/Aug/10 Lead O/S
ellavogel 12/Aug/10 2nd
Tightsgirl 12/Aug/10 2nd

EPIC! but needed to find a better route description, easy to get lost!

with Rachael Thompson, Ed Feldman, Tue Gonzo, Jonathan Bunch, Ella Vogel
Homes 30/Jul/10 -
with Dan W, Jonny C
jcook1980 30/Jul/10 AltLd

Only did part of the route

with Dan Walker, Luke Holmes
Paul_southgate68 26/Jul/10 -

fantastic!! due to raining stopping climbing for a bit,went for a wonder though the cali enterance and was just blown away buy what i was seeing...i've never seen anything like it! exit via chain which got cought in my harness and ended up dragging it half way up til i realized what i was doing!! through tunnel and ab back down in to dali's...did not finish!

with super gav
climbfan 13/Jul/10 2nd dnf

We went for a walk in the quarry, found the chain after scurrying about through tunnels and over scree, decided on a bit of an adventure. Highlight of the day. Climbed in walking boots as slate was wet. Abseiled back down to Dali's Hole after exiting the tunnel.

with Gayle Davis, Martin Holland, Tam Risk, John Jackson
Cacyn 13/Jul/10 2nd O/S

A giggle that had us doing only the chain /tunnel in the rain in big boots and having to aid climb.

with climbfan, Gayle Davis, Martin Holland, John Jackson
Hidden 01/Jul/10 AltLd O/S
groovy_nut 05/Jun/10 -

Didn't finish - need to go back to finish with the abseils down into the Lost World and then to Mordor etc.

with Matt K
Ian Archer 01/May/10 Lead O/S

A good adventure

with Richard Holland
Nathanael-Mc 17/Apr/10 Lead
with Heather, Alex Ore, Dan Commander
dan-8990 17/Apr/10 Solo O/S
farmus21 07/Mar/10 Solo

Silly fun...

smallerrich 07/Mar/10 AltLd O/S

Epic day out! Soloed all of it except the chain pitch, but took it in turns to go first on the scary bits. Mentally draining to the point where I just want to sleep... bloody ladders....

with James
HeatherF 16/Dec/09 -

Did the end bit this time with the abseils into the lost world and through into Mordor. Got completely freaked out by a bat in a tunnel and full on screamed in fear at least 3 times during the day!

with Tom Parker
mattish2000 05/Dec/09 -
vincentvega 27/Nov/09 -

Was soaking wet today with snow on the higher parts, up near the top of Lost world. Ascending the chain was, 'thuggish',to say the least with the slate being as slipy as ice! A fantastic adventure, il definatley be doing it again!

with danny robb
Nick Nitro 15/Nov/09 Lead O/S
Tomprusk 15/Nov/09 -

Been back to finish off. the second half in the hidden parts of the quarries was amazing. so much potential for classic routes and should be made more known to everyone!

with Nick
HeatherF 05/Nov/09 -

Pretty darn fun! Got absolutely soaked, lost and frozen but enjoyed every min. Had to jib the abbing part due to poor visibilty, but might go back and do it some other time

with Tom Parker
Tomprusk 05/Nov/09 -

Wet, but amazing! kinda handy if you know where certain tunnels are, but the ladders where amazing! need to go back and do finish, had to miss out the last few bits due to poor visibility

with Heather
Glyn 01/Oct/09 Lead O/S

Cool experience, account and description on my blog:

with Amy, Trystan
adam06 ??/2009 -

awesome route! heres a description although this route is not a conventional climbing experience, its equivalent to HVS and provides an unforgettable experience of the history and danger faced by past generations. the route contains: rusty ladders with missing rungs and dark dripping tunnels far underground. this is not in any guide, but here is a brief description: A tunnel leads from the east side of dalis hole and skirts around the deep echoes of hades to emerge in calafornia, an impressive arena enclosed by huge walls. climb the chain on the left wall as you leave the tunnel. this leads to another tunnel, which exits opposite dalis wall where a secret hole at the base of the crag provides the entrance to tasmainia. scramble up the lower part of australias vast oil drum glacier towards white looking paint on the scree, then head right to a set of ladders on the salt pans level. these gain access to g'day level, high up in quarries.up here, away from most of the post-quarry foraging, workmans coats and boot lay ready for tomorrows hard graft.a series of abseils and ladders down the heaven walls gain the base of the lost world, a truly forgotten and ethereal place. walk through into mordor and ascend ladders to the khyber pass. continue up the hillside until an incline on the right leads down to the main track through the quarries. doesnt count if you take headtorches!

with olli, chris carr, Sarah Lewington, mike weaver, pete kopp
Hidden ??/2000 -
nige ??/1990 -
Jelly Mould Surfer ??/1988 -

Didn't know it was a "climb" Following Mike and Hamish when they did the cable

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