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The awkward crack. f6C+ from sitting. © Rockfax

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Took a couple goes to get the start much to everyones amusement. Pretty simple once you are on it.

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Nice climb, shame it's so artificial....

with Sam, Susie
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Found this a little harder than I first imagined

with Polly
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Flashed =D

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and some other stuff. It was COLD brrrrrrrrrr

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Awesome problem

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Like Fat Pinch the end was green, wet and 'orrible!

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good but not 3star?

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not 3 stars

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In the rain.

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Chickened out of the last move, too much of a fall potential for timid old me. Down-climbed and jumped off the last few feet. Couldnt find a decent hand and foothold to pull into the bum. Will commit next time, make sure mats positioned properly and go for it. Grow some balls Alan.

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repeat of something I did when I first stared

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