Dangerous Dave 08/Sep/18 -

9 hours peak to peak. Damp rock and last 3rd in the rain. Missed Naismiths out as it looked horrible in the rain. Cost us about an hour detour. Great day out.

with Mark Littlewood, weejimmy
Hidden 04/Sep/18 Solo O/S
Hidden 29/Jul/18 -
barni 19/Jul/18 Lead O/S
with Carrig
john.gaffney 10/Jul/18 TR O/S

First go at this with Mark Dury and Rob Campbell. Got to top of Gars Bheinn at 11:15am on the Monday. Bivvied on "Greta" at 9pm Monday night. Set off at 5am Tuesday and finished on Gillean at 13:00 Tuesday in the drizzle. Pouring with rain on walk out to Sligachan, glad the weather held off for just long enough. Fantastic experience, enjoyed the lot, maybe go back and try it without a guide at some point in the future. Thanks Malcolm Airey for a great guided tour.

with Mark and Rob
08nbrierley 09/Jul/18 Solo O/S

11 hours summit to summit. 16 hour day. Was just me so stashed a bike to get back down the road to glen brittle. Pretty cloudy at times but an awesome day! skipped the TD gap but climbed the inn pin and Naismith's.

Heather Milne 06/Jul/18 -
with Euan S
Heather Milne 06/Jul/18 -
Euan S 06/Jul/18 -
Merlin 06/Jul/18 AltLd O/S

Bivied on Gras-behinn (unexpected shower), started at 0530 finished at 2130 (16hrs end to end), 19hrs including descent. Rockfax guide descent time is out to lunch! Missed last orders, although someone mentioned that in reality you can get a pint in the hotel at midnight... More like 2-2.5hrs than 1.5! Lost 2 hours on the Ridge due to Rockfax guide lacking detail on some technical sections inc Am Basteir and the first of the three pinnacles in the mid section. Avoided TD gap to get water at the first spring and missed the chimney to get back onto the ridge, ended up doing some necky soloing on loose rock. Carried 3ltrs and still dehydrated by the end. My knees also need replacing! Recommend bivying near the spring below TD Gap to give a shorter 2nd day. And training! The on-site come-as-you-are approach whilst purist was perhaps a tad silly! Epic day out.

with Dave Tait
Andy Joynson 05/Jul/18 2nd
Andrew Barker 03/Jul/18 Solo dnf

North-south soloing up and down everything. Started up The Pinnacle Ridge. Down Naismith's. Up W Ridge of In Pinn and down E Ridge. Down An Stac. Down King's Chimney. Got as far as Alasdair but it was far too hot for me. Didn't want to risk soloing into and out of the TD Gap due to cramp risk.

caradoc 27/Jun/18 -

Gars-bheinn start at 3.45pm. 26.06.18. 3.5 hours walk from Glen Brittle, a bit longer than expected. TD Gap went much easier than anticipated, technically VDif although quite intimidating, polish not a problem. Bivvy at In Pin at 10.45pm. Start at 4.45am. 27.06.18 Good progress until Sgurr a Mhadaidh where we had route finding problems and wasted a lot of time on dead ends. I should have taken a guidebook and would recommend anyone else to do so. More delays at Bidein Druim man Ramh where the way off the second pinnacle was not obvious. Very dehydrated by this time, two litres drunk but we had dropped two more litres at Bruach na Frithe which probably saved the expedition. 30degrees and hot rock was exhausting but we kept going to Sgurr nan Gillean arriving at the top at 3.30pm. Slow back to Sligachan looking for water in the boulder field where we could hear a stream running beneath the rocks. Very pleased to have finally done it.

with nick yapp
Bob Peters 27/Jun/18 AltLd

16.5 hours top to top. All peaks visited. Roped for TD gap down and up, Kings Chimney, Naismiths and up and down the Diff chimney on Gillean, summiting at 11pm. Carried 3L and dropped down at An Dorus (losing about 2 hours) to re-fill. Brutally hot, incredible day. What a place.

Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 07/Jun/18 -

Undoubtedly one of the best days out I’ve had in the mountains, en par with the Paddy Buckley Round or an easy(ish) Alpine North Face. Just under 12hrs top to top. Still buzzing...

nickhewitt 06/Jun/18 AltLd

Left Coruisk at 4.15 am. Gars Bheinn 5.45. Full traverse to Sgurr nan Gillean in 10 hours dead taking in all 11 Munros, TD Gap (abseil/led out), Kings Chimney (Charlie led), Inn Pinn (soloed/abseil), Naismith's on the Bhasteir Tooth (led). Avoided using rope everywhere else and took everything head on. One nav confusion meant we did Thearlaich before Alasdair, so had to do it again. Excellent conditions - bone dry, very warm but mostly overcast. Took 2.5 l water each - barely enough. Packed light but should have been lighter. Tough 4 hour slog back to Coruisk with sore feet. A fantastic day. I was very happy to repeat it after 30 years and especially pleased to do it with my son.

with Charlie Hewitt
Hidden 06/Jun/18 Lead O/S
Rhys Deane 05/Jun/18 AltLd O/S
with James
Oliver Smaje 05/Jun/18 -

Fantastic day! Soloed all but Naismith's and took the bottomless corner to the top of A Cioch. 11:16 top to top.

with Nick B
nickb1 05/Jun/18 DWS O/S

11.16 peak to peak including Dubh Mor.

with fuckinollie
Mark Collins 04/Jun/18 Lead rpt

Everything except bastier tooth and sgurr dubh mor on a 2 day effort. Very hot and midge bivi made it tough going. Time spent gathering water from trickles and snow patches meant we didn't have to drop down at all. King's Chimney instead of Hart's/Collie's ledge.

with Jules
Hidden 02/Jun/18 -
robertmichaellovell 01/Jun/18 -

A lot faster than the first time! A thoroughly enjoyable day out.

with John McKenna
Hidden 01/Jun/18 AltLd O/S
bc44caesar 01/Jun/18 -
John McKenna 01/Jun/18 -

All 11 munros with An Stac. 7hrs 7mins, South to North.

MightyStew 30/May/18 Solo rpt

Very hot!

Samuel Wainwright 29/May/18 AltLd O/S

Just over 13 hours from Gars-bheinn to SnG on the hottest day of the year sop far (27 degrees apparently!). A brilliant adventure!

with Sol Armer, Laura Prul
DavidMcK 29/May/18 -

Quite mind-blowing.

jascott83 29/May/18 -

Two very long days 7am-9pm/7am-11pm. A LOT of water needed due to heat. Taking our time. Played very tactically with a bag drop after inn pinn (all bivvy gear +2nd days water, picked up the day after completion). heavy going scrambles were done as pitches with "scramble belays"

bidean 29/May/18 -
Hidden 29/May/18 Solo O/S
pnorth 29/May/18 Solo dnf

Boat to Coruisk, up Gars Bheinn, over Sgurr nan Eag to bivvy in Coire a'Ghrundda, led TD gap, soloed In Pinn, ran out of energy and water at 7pm on Bealach nan Lice, headed down Fionn Choire to fresh meltwater streams and the Sligachan. Missed out Am Bhasteir and Sgurr nan Gillean.

with Tim Ewington
RosieYates 29/May/18 AltLd dnf
with mop449
mop449 29/May/18 AltLd dnf

DNF. Will come back in the future and change tactics.

sheelba 29/May/18 -

Long. About 13hrs top to top

with Naomi
Hidden 29/May/18 -
Calum Wadsworth 29/May/18 Lead O/S

Walked in late Monday eve and bivied on the ridge above Coire Ghrunnda. Out and back in the morning to Ghars Bhienn without bags, then picked them up and finished it off. I lead all the roped bits. Awesome day out although ridiculously hot, saved somewhat on the water front by a handy snow patch.

with bstoker
Hugh Simons 29/May/18 -

Left Glenbrittle at 2.30am, walked in by moonlight to Gars-bheinn in 12 degree heat, madness. 10 hrs 15 mins end to end on the ridge, about 15.5 hours Glenbrittle to Sligachan. Did all 11 munros and all the classic climbs (led TD gap, 2nd Kings Chimney, Soloed Inn Pinn and Led Naismith's), but the biggest obstacle was the heat! Took 2 L each which was enough, but was glad to fill the bottles with snow after Sgurr na Banachdich. Undoubtedly the best mountain day I've ever had. The scrambling and interest is maintained along the whole length from the get-go. I'd only done small sections of the ridge before on separate occasions, and 5 of the 11 munros were new, so we were really chuffed with the time given the heat and newness of a lot of it. David had never been on the ridge before either! Breakfast the next day was heavenly.

tobydunford 28/May/18 Lead O/S

Missed kings chimney did grade 2 traverse instead. South crack on the inpin and naismiths route to get up am basteir. Great day 3am start from the campsite down in the pub for 9pm after a dip in the lovely pools with waterfall massage!

with Harry Martin
fuzzysheep01 28/May/18 Lead O/S

What a mega day. Led Kings Chimney and TD Gap and soloed In Pinn. Just over 12 hours along the ridge, with blazing sun all the way. Very grateful for the snow patches for much needed water.

with Adrian Trendall, Ed, Rachel Botterill, MusicalMountaineer
Bede 28/May/18 -
More-On 28/May/18 Solo dnf

Glen Brittle to Gars-Bheinn then on to Bealach Coire na Banachdich for bivvy on day one. Made it as far as An Doras on day two and decided to descend as the heat was getting too much. An absolutely absorbing couple of days - some of the best I've ever had on the hill. Will return...

FergusNorrie 28/May/18 Solo O/S

The best thing I have ever done. had to cut quite a few corners due to the heat slowing us down so much. Still did the In Pin though.

with Bede
Tim Sparrow 28/May/18 -

What a day. Bailed at Bruach na Frithe after 11 hrs 47, such a hot day for unfit legs. Pleased all the same. Will return again without carrying the food baby in front! Missed Kings and the Inn Pin due to insitu traffic. However, made it to the pub in time for food (10pm last food, which is very generous).

with Geoff Thomas
Hidden 28/May/18 -
MusicalMountaineer 28/May/18 AltLd rpt

Better than last time. Better weather. Hot hot hot. 12.5 hours GB-SNG. Hard. Best day. Period.

with Rachel Botterill, fuzzysheep01
robint12 28/May/18 -
with Chris Craven
Al_Mac 27/May/18 -
Mbaillie 27/May/18 -
with Al_Mac
Hidden 27/May/18 AltLd O/S
j.anstee 27/May/18 AltLd O/S

11hr48 travers south to north! Rather hot but great day out!

with Bob Thomas
robahalliday 26/May/18 Lead dnf

First attempt at the travese but alas we were too slow compounded by a couple of nav / route finding errors. South to north - made it over to Bealach Corie na Banachdaich to bivy out. Route finding errors on the second day cost us the glory! All errors focused around the three tops of Mhadaidh. Firstly roped up for the delicate slab around a big block before you descend to the three tops which cost us time (easier option would have been to pop round to the west and backdoor the short gully to the start of the ridge). Secondly the rockfax mini-guide describes taking a right path to avoid the 'horrendous looking' initial face of the third top (first you come to on a S-N Traverse) of Mhadaidh we followed this way too long down a ramp into a dead-end - probably cost up 200/300 meters of vertical. You only need skip 20 meters to the right to gain an easier looking wall. Tired bodies and late in the day meant we had to bail off Sgurr an Fheadain. All good fun (albeit type 2 at points). Fantastic and memorable weekend. Will be back fitter, more experienced and with a better sense of direction to give it another crack soon!

with MonkeyK
Pero 26/May/18 Solo

From Loch Coruisg, via Dubh Ridge.

Hidden 26/May/18 -
nathanshaw 25/May/18 Solo O/S

Amazing day out with some incredible scrambling! Soloing the Inn Pin with no one else around in the sunshine was a memorable moment. 7.40 peak to peak, 12.30 from glen brittle to sligachan. Bypassed Naismith's due to cloud.

Tom Cox 25/May/18 2nd O/S

8hrs 51 min summit to summit. Andy led all the climbing pitches. Stunning route!

K Mckay 25/May/18 AltLd O/S

One of my most memorable days in the mountains! Sublime scrambling the whole way. 16 hours from Glen Brittle to Sligachan in time for tea. Led the TD gap and Naismith's. Soloed the Inn Pinn.

Jonnaylor 25/May/18 Lead

Bivvie below ridge. 04:30 start, 6:30 start on Gars Bheinnn, 13:00 Inacessible Pinnacle, 20:45 Sgurr nan Gillean. 23:29 bar of Sligachan Hotel!

with Tim Taylor, Ivor
Andrew Holden 25/May/18 Lead

Just under 9 hours top to top. 15 hours glen brittle to sligachan. Lead td gap, Kings Chimney and naismiths. Abbed td gap and inn pin.

with Tom Cox
Greylag 25/May/18 Solo dnf

Combination of a few factors, the blazing heat most of all and heavy packs led to bailing at TD Gap. Didn't get very far! In truth probably underestimated the challenge, but first time and will be back with no bivvy gear. Go light and fast!

K Farrell 25/May/18 AltLd O/S

A stonking day!

with K Mckay
Hidden 24/May/18 AltLd
Mark Collins 24/May/18 Solo dnf

Left Glen Brittle at 4:30pmish on Tuesday and set poor/wet/hammock shaped camp between Am Caistel and Sgurr nan Eag before completing the first part before bed. Awoke to mist, but carried on via GPS. Chickened out of long side climb out of the TD Gap, so reached summit of Alasdair via chimney. Left pack on someones ledge and soloed King's Chimney, which was trickier than expected with poor feet and a couple of awkward moves. Returned to pack via ledge and climbed An Stac directly for the first time ever, which was much better than the solar oven slog of the brown ramp. Skipped In Pinn due to the amount of occupants. Bad timing really and everyone on it seemed very happy and am certain they would have accommodated me as well as they could. With the ridge now clear of mist, I carried on in the usual way but this time faced Bidean Druim nan Raam for the first time in twenty odd years. Went well, keeping a close eye on the guide but abbed into the bealach off the main summit as the down climb looked too awkward with big pack. Passed the Am Caistel summit on the correct, left side which avoided the crawl but again abbed into the bealach awkwardly due to anchor location and heavy pack. Spent the night on a windy and dewy Bruach Na Frithe summit. Called it a day early the following morning and descended into Glen Brittle.

calumhicks 24/May/18 -

Left glen brittle at 1 am, on top of the Gars Bheinn at 3:30. On top of Sgurr nan Gillean 8 hrs 7 mins later. Abbed in to and Pitched TD, pitched Kings Chimney, abbed In-pinn, pitched Naismiths. Another amazing day, such good fun

with AliRLee
AliRLee 24/May/18 -

such an ace day! Left Glen Brittle at 1am, on top of the first peak at half 3 then finish ridge in 8h 7mins. Next time would take less chocolate related snacks... Second and abb TD, lead kings chimney, solo and abb In Pinn, lead Nasmiths.

Theeni 23/May/18 Lead O/S

14:10 for the ridge. First time up there, excluding the water drop. Thick clag until the Inn Pinn when the sky, finally, cleared easing nav.

Sandy_Philip 23/May/18 -
with AndyGill, Jess
AndyGill 23/May/18 -
1918hasti 23/May/18 -
with Theeni
JemG 19/May/18 AltLd dnf
with dan pocock, Alice, ChrisH89, Joe Cartmell
rashwell 17/May/18 Solo
Hidden 16/May/18 Solo
jgardiner 16/May/18 Lead

Over two days with a bivi at Bealach na Glaic Moire. Started with Gars Bheinn and finished with Sgurr nan Gillean. Was fortunate with queues and was able to do the classic climbs en route, leading the TD Gap, soloing King's Chimney and the Inaccessible Pinnacle and doing alt. leads on Naismith's Route. Stunning weather.

LucaC 13/May/18 Solo O/S

Done in a day, and on first attempt! 11 hrs on the ridge, 16 car to car. Solo apart from climb out of TD gap (Pete, snowing), and Nainsmiths (me). Took all the scrambling difficulties head on.

with Peter
Cyrees 12/May/18 Lead dnf

Attempted two day traverse. Had to bail due to partners struggling with the TD Gap and running majorly behind schedule.

JFT 12/May/18 AltLd

Tad over 36 hours from Glenbrittle --> The Sligachan with a bivvy just after the inn pinn and as direct a route as possible. Rope out for TD Gap, Kings Chimney, Naismiths Route & a couple of abseils on the traverse of Bidean. 10/10 adventure

with Bror
Harry Martin ?/May/18 Solo
Ghastlyrabbitfat ??/2018 -
alasdair19 ??/2018 -

Gareth and cheese while around Glasgow

AlPash ??/2018 -
scottie390 ??/2018 -
paulh.0776 26/Sep/17 -

2 superb days, very lucky to have a weather window which held open for us.

with Hmc Craig, Paddy
Hidden 21/Sep/17 2nd
carr0t 18/Sep/17 -
Hammy-G 17/Sep/17 -
Tommyoshea 15/Sep/17 AltLd O/S

In a day peak to peak South to North. Thick fog and darkness after ticking Nam Bastir, waited it out in a group shelter until daylight.

Nick Nitro ?/Sep/17 AltLd

Bailed at the last escape point due to water bottle leak and leading lost walkers off ridge

with Jay C
Hidden 04/Jul/17 AltLd RP
frank ramsay 04/Jul/17 Solo

Fantastic day. 7.5 hours Gars Bheinn to Gillean. Bypassed TD gap due to cowardice and Inn Pinn due to queues. Went light and wore Inov8 mudclaws which ended up with much less claw at the end.

thompsettjack 20/Jun/17 AltLd O/S
Butty 08/Jun/17 Solo
Rory89 05/Jun/17 AltLd
Ian Hinkins 29/May/17 Lead O/S

Did Gars Bhein to Inn Pinn with Cath, biving above Corrie Ghrunnda. Called it a day due to tiredness. Then came back 2 days later and finished ridge off solo doing West Ridge of Inn Pinn and Naismiths route along the way.

with Cath
gav 29/May/17 Lead

Rain stopped around 5am Sunday, so left Glenbrittle at 06:25 to give it a chance to dry out. Gars Bheinn for 09:35. Guide on Inn Pinn suggested weather coming in earlier than expected on second day, so pushed as far as we could on day 1. Bivi just after an Caisteal at 22:00, having spent half an hour getting water at An Dorus. Left bivi at 04:15 Monday morning and made Gillean at 07:05. Sligachan at 09:55. I lead TD Gap/Kings Chimney/Naismiths, soloed IP.

with Miles
Hidden 27/May/17 Solo
iainballantyne 26/May/17 Solo O/S

One of the best days in the mountains i have ever had! Left Glen Brittle Campsite at 2:30 arrived at Sligachan at 22:45 with just over 13 hours from Gars Bheinn to Sgurr nan Gillean. Absolutely shattered having done Clach Glas to Blaven the day before (wont make that mistake again!)

with Moritz Morlok
luke.morbin 26/May/17 2nd
Wanderlust 26/May/17 Lead dnf

Wow! Set off at 8am after a 5hr walk in from camasunary car park the day before and a fantastic bivvy East of ghars bheinn. Set off too late and carried way too much stuff. Bailed after pitching and summiting caisteal a' gharbh-choire due to very bad forecast, too long spent faffing/route finding and not wanting to have a total epic! Boulder field on the escape was amazing in itself and took at least an hour to traverse

Mike-W-99 25/May/17 -

4.10 at Glen Brittle. 23.45 at the slig for last orders. Pint never touched the sides. Very wet rock meant we skipped the TD gap and thus ended up on unfamiliar terrain losing at least an hour regaining Sgurr Alasdair.

Fiona Reid 25/May/17 AltLd

Started from Glenbrittle at 4:10am arriving back at the Sligachan at 23:45 in time for last orders making for a 19 hour 35 minute long day. Gars-Bheinn to Sgurr na Gillean took 13 hours 25 minutes with at least an hour lost relocating Sgurr Alasdair in the mist. We included all 10 Munros on the main ridge plus several tops, missing out Sgurr Dubh Mor. Despite various peaks being above the clouds on the drive down Glenbrittle the ridge remained firmly coated in clag until the afternoon giving some very slippery wet rocks and some challenging navigation. We optimistically headed for the TD gap but it was dripping wet and unclimbable thus we abseiled into the gap and headed down the gully. We’d not done this before so ended up ascending Sgurr Sgumain en-route to Sgurr Alasdair. We probably lost an hour here. From Sgurr Alasdair progress was pretty smooth. We ascended Sgurr Mhic Coinnich via Kings Chimney and from here onwards the clouds started to lift and we continued over An Stac. We soloed the In Pinn and a guide very kindly let us use his rope and let us bypass the abseil queue. Thank you very much for that :) The section from the In Pinn to Sgurr a'Mhadaidh went by smoothly and the clouds cleared into beautiful sunny weather. From Sgurr a'Mhadaidh to Bruach na Frithe we took our time and paid very careful attention to the description. This was the section we were most worried about as we’d not done it before. We stuck to the crest throughout going over all the tops of Sgurr a'Mhadaidh, Bidein Druim nan Ramh, An Caisteal and Sgurr na Bairnich abseiling the 3 downclimbs. After Bruach na Frithe we added on Sgurr a’ Fionn Choire (we’re bagging Munro tops too!) then continued onto the Basteir Tooth via Naismith’s route then straight onto Am Basteir itself before heading up Sgurr na Gillean via Nicholson’s Chimney and the West Ridge. We descended via the West Ridge, back down Nicholson’s Chimney and down Coire a’ Bhasteir to the path to the Sligachan. The bell for last orders rang as we walked through the door of the bar, result!

Shane69 20/May/17 2nd

Over 2 days, with guide

John Bunney 11/May/17 Solo O/S

First serious attempt on the ridge after 20 odd years of wanting to do it. Saw a perfect weather window and headed up. Checked out the walk in on Wednesday. Left Glen Brittle at 2.45, got to the start for 6. Finished at 5.50pm, 2.5 hours back to Slig. Took 40m of 6mm for abs, this seemed a perfect length. Missed TD climb, Kings Chimney and due to not being able to find/didn't look very hard, didn't do Am Bastier. Soloed Inn Pinn. If you avoid the TD and head down the gully follow the scree back up to the right, don't try and rejoin to the left near an amazing Bivvy cave, it's a desperate knife edge! Do the scramble up An Stac, as said before the scrambling on that section is superb.

IainMay 10/May/17 Lead O/S
with Andy Gill
AndyGill 10/May/17 -
with IainMay
peter.herd 09/May/17 -
Amy Pritchett 09/May/17 -
calumhicks 09/May/17 -

Absolutely awesome! Left glen brittle at 1:30 after only 2.5 hours sleep, moonlit walk-in to reach first summit at 4:30, at last summit 12.5 hours later. At the hotel for 7.

with Adam Harris
mattx1123 08/May/17 2nd

epic 2 days

Darrell Read 08/May/17 Lead

Completed over two days (7th and 8th May 2017) Approach direct to Gars-bheinn which isn't pleasant. Robbie abandoned attempt at first Munro due to knee troubles. Overnighted at An Doras where we dropped off the ridge to resupply with water (many litres also consumed during walk in). Decent via SE ridge/tourist route.

Mark Collins 08/May/17 Lead dnf

Started via the 9ish am boat this time and managed to climb out of the TD Gap, being the first time I’d tried it. Sadly I had to drop my sack and haul it up which was something I was really hoping to avoid. Managed to get all the way to the bealach between Sgurr Mhich Choinnich and An Stac via Hart's Ledge before night fall and shiver bivvied, temp around zero until setting off again at 630am. A successful on sight of the poorly protected short side of the In Pinn was a welcome start to the day after virtually no sleep. As ever in good weather on the Cuillin you never get to attempt a rock climbing section without an audience. This time it was a Swiss fella who’d run up from Glen Brittle campsite before breakfast, his enthusiasm and photos were most welcome though. We managed to reach the top of Sgurr na Banachdich before cloud came in and made navigating a nightmare, so we bailed down a horrible descent of very steep and thin scree along with dry stream beds (my right thigh is still burning).

with Jules
Neil Adams 07/May/17 Solo rpt

5h 45min, including all 11 Munro summits and all the technical sections

Matt Harmon 06/May/17 AltLd O/S

perfect weather, underestimated how long we'd take but awesome day. Only pitched the graded climbs

Elsier 06/May/17 AltLd O/S

First time in the Cullin mountains! Left Glen Brittle at 5.30am (half an hour later than planned as first route finding error of the day was taking the wrong turn out of the campsite, as neither of us could remember where Glen Brittle was!!) Started traverse at 8am from Ghars Bheinn, all 11 munros, pitched the TD gap (Adrian lead) Kings Chimney (I lead) and Naismiths Route (Ald with short pitches due to rope length) and soloed everything else. Soloing the In Pinn was quite an experience, amazing exposure! A few route finding difficulties on the way, descending 200m by mistake at one point, only to have to slog back up! 12.5 hours on the ridge, finishing on the final munro at sunset. Amazing!

with AdrianC
Sarah Roscoe 06/May/17 AltLd

Fantastic day on the ridge! perfect conditions - although way too hot. Amazing climbing in an outstanding area! 16 hours on the ridge, 22.5 hours in total. nasty descent which was made even worse in the dark.

harry_lewis 06/May/17 AltLd O/S

harder than most other v diffs i've done

john.currie 05/May/17 Lead rpt

Great weather, 10 knt wind, blue skies! South to North. Bivy at start (Gars-Bheinn) and then bivy at Bealach na Glaic moire.

DundeeDave 05/May/17 -

Over two days. Left Glen Brittle 9am on Friday, arrived Sligachan 10pm Saturday. Missed out the climbs except In Pin. Absolutely exhausting!

with paul h
Amy121 04/May/17 -
Hidden 04/May/17 AltLd
Andrew Holden 04/May/17 Solo

Climbed td gap. Used collies ledge. Met john and matt at naismiths who threw me a rope down for p2 and we finished the ridge together. Almost solo traverse

picasso 04/May/17 Lead
joermann 03/May/17 AltLd
Hidden 02/May/17 AltLd
Tom.Priestley 02/May/17 Solo O/S

Done in running style solo o/s never been up there before. Ab'd off the inn pinn with a sling harness on someone else's rope to avoid causing mahem by downclimbing the mod. Soloing Nasimeth's woke me up! 11hrs from Glenbrittle to Sligachan.

Hidden 02/May/17 AltLd O/S
arose 02/May/17 Solo
Retro Rowan 01/May/17 Solo O/S

Grossly underestimated. It took us two days and about 25 hours of movement to do the 'traditional' route having left Glen Brittle campsite at 6am on Monday and arriving at the Sligachan at 7pm on Tuesday! Bivvy-ed by the In-Pin. The TD gap felt a lot harder than VDiff! Felt like a right of passage but probably won't be doing it again for a long time.

with John Williams
Mackinclimb 01/May/17 Solo

Dubh ridge start, missed out the TD gap. Climbed Naismith's Route.

with arose
jaggy bunnet ?/May/17 2nd

Climbed with Michael, bivvied over 2 days. Perfect weather and sunsets. Took too much food, and hadn't trained or done any recent rock climbing so struggled a bit. Roughly 16hrs top to top. Took 3 separate lifts to reach Glenbrittle back to car.

with picasso
Jethro ?/May/17 Solo
with atom
Alex Hallam 22/Apr/17 Solo O/S

18 hours door to door. Ran out of water about five hours before the end. Long day. Whiskey and porridge for supper!

with Pete Mack
dmorgan27 ??/2017 -
with Terryl
david_n560 ??/2017 -
magd3026 22/Oct/16 Lead
with Tom K
annep11 08/Oct/16 -

Spectacular. 11h20m peak to peak, first light on Gars-bheinn and sunset on Sgurr nan Gillean. All 11 munros.

with Ivan, Josh
Pina 01/Oct/16 AltLd rpt

Came back for a one day ascent. Definitely more pleasant with a light bag this time. 12hrs15min on the ridge, ran some of the way back to Slig to get the car. 17.5 hours car-hotel. Must train next time...

with Brian Pollock, Martin
Martin McKenna - UKC 01/Oct/16 -

The best and possibly the hardest day in the mountains I've ever had. 2:30am left car. 12h15m on ridge. Back to hotel at 8:30pm.

Dougbart 01/Oct/16 Solo

6hrs for the ridge including Sgurr Dubh Mor. 10:35 round trip to and from Glen Brittle. Fantastic day with superb visibly.

Brian Pollock 01/Oct/16 AltLd O/S

Incredible and exhausting experience. Did the ridge in a day including all the Munroes. 12 hours 15 mins for the ridge. 18 hours car to car. Pitched the TD gap, Kings Chimney and Naismith's Route. Weather was unbelievable.

ned_85 28/Aug/16 AltLd dnf

Missed the last two summits due to mist :/

with CaelanB, Senna, Scott Marc Berry
Senna 28/Aug/16 AltLd
with ned_85
CaelanB 28/Aug/16 AltLd dnf

only roped up for the TD gap. Cloud came in at the bastier tooth and though we were maybe 50m away from it we couldn't see it thus the decision was made to bail, a shame because we were so close to getting it done!

with ned_85
mark-abz 27/Aug/16 -
with Alex
Heggie 21/Aug/16 -
George Frisby 18/Aug/16 AltLd O/S

Did the traverse south to north over two days with a bivy at An Dorsas. Really lucky with the weather.

Hidden 18/Aug/16 Solo
Bristol_Quornstar 18/Aug/16 AltLd O/S
steve_gibbs 18/Aug/16 AltLd rpt
with George Frisby, Alex Rhodes
Gabe Oliver 01/Aug/16 Lead dnf

Generally a bit underestimated. Came in from the Elgol ferry on the first day but that meant a slow start as we trekked up to Gars Bheinn in the heat. Didn't go far enough on the first day, left ourselves too much to do and when the rain rolled in earlier than forecast we had to bail just short after Sgurr Mhudaidh. Definitely will be back to do it properly next time!

Hidden ?/Aug/16 Lead O/S
Plungeman 19/Jul/16 AltLd

~0330 in Glen Brittle to ~2300 in the pub on the hottest day of the year so far. Would have been better if my big water bottle hadn't burst...

Hidden 18/Jun/16 Solo
Michael Aylen 18/Jun/16 -
with Ben Graham
Dougbart 18/Jun/16 -

One very long day. 15hrs on the ridge including dubh more. Good times

with Gregor , duri
Midgetgem 18/Jun/16 -

Totes amazeballs!! Most amazing day and the toughest ever!! Starting from Glen brittle at 2am with a full moon and shooting star on the walk in, then miles of perfect rock!! Completed in 14 hours 45min, my first time on the ridge, absolutely delighted! Also climbed kings chimney, An stac and south crack on the in pinn! Other climbs were too busy. Couldn't stop smiling at the end. Walk back off sgurr nan gillean took forever with the lights of the slig ever taunting! Every part of my body hurt at the end and the next day!!! But well worth it, experience of a lifetime!!!

benclimbing 18/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Long, perfect gabbro and not enough water pretty much sums it up!

with Cat Dick
Stanners 18/Jun/16 -

Managed a one day push. Andy drove us up from Bristol direct arriving 11pm, we left Glen Brittle our traditional completely unprepared style. Spectacularly brutal experience and one of the hardest days out ive done. Initial team had had enough come TD Gap so continued alone but met some cool people along the way being allowed a rope on TD very kindly! Inspiring sunrise and mint conditions kept my legs going. Horrific descent. Broken man the following day as I log this. A life aim complete.

with The ridge
Steve Perry 18/Jun/16 Lead rpt

Truly amazing day 4****

Hidden 17/Jun/16 Solo
suds_01 10/Jun/16 Lead
with Evan, Reece, Laura
Master Chief 09/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with jgclimb
KevB 08/Jun/16 Lead
with Malcolm M
DaveX 07/Jun/16 -

Completed on our second attempt (failed two days earlier due to tiredness, heat and dehydration). Done in a single day starting from Glenbrittle at 1am, up Gars Bheinn by 4am and then at the summit of Gillean just over 15hrs later. An absolutely epic day out, including TD gap, In-Pinn and the Naismith Route (Joe leading the pitches, me seconding). Then only another 3hrs down to Sligachan!

joeurwin 07/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with DaveX
QuicNic 04/Jun/16 -

Walked up to Coir A Ghrunnda the day before and climbed Commando Crack. Left most climbing gear in the Coire and headed up to Sgur an Eag after leaving water at the bealach. Left bivi gear on summit and did Gars-Beinn and back. Bivied. Left Sgur an Eag at 5.10am dumping bivi gear at the first bealach. Arrived Gillean at 6.10pm (at Slig for food at 8.30pm). Only missed the Basteir tooth as both frazzled by then (did Am Basteir from the other side after bypassing on North side). No queuing (unlike last time I did it). Very good weather but very warm and sticky, a melting snow patch at Bealach na Glaich Moire saved the day in terms of water. Fantastic day marred only by the next day having to collect our stashed gear!

Climbed69 04/Jun/16 -

Amazing two days!

with Simon Stokes
Swiss Tony 04/Jun/16 Solo
cwsh4 04/Jun/16 -
cornishben 03/Jun/16 -

Amazing weather and an amazing expedition. Left Glen Brittle at 1215pm on Friday, up to the ridge via Coire a Ghrunnda. Left packs there and walked to start and back, before continuing to a bivi at the Bealach before the climb up to the Inn Pin (930pm). Saturday was a 5am start, finishing on Gilean at 5pm, before the long slot back to the pub. Did the TD gap, Inn Pin and Naismiths on Am Bastier.

with Rich Draisey
Hidden 02/Jun/16 -
tatz45 02/Jun/16 -
with Oli
R0BJ0N 02/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Charlie Hornberger
MusicalMountaineer 02/Jun/16 AltLd

Best day on the hills ever. Incredible weather. Planned a two day traverse with a break, but it was going so well. Led TD gap (more like VS), 2nd Kings Chimney, led In Pinn, Lota Corrie route onto Am Bastier. Unbelievable.

bummingham 01/Jun/16 Solo O/S

Best ridge done yet. Perfect weather, bivi next to lake, Hard going thorough out. Left SMC hut 3pm 31/5, did southern peaks, bivi 11pm-4am, sligachan 9pm. Once in a life time, will never see conditions that good again.

with Scottish Bob, Tom Gape, Anna Flemming, TomGB, Stewart Moodie, Julie Taylor, Anta Misina, Sandra Hennis
cacheson 01/Jun/16 -

First ridge traverse! 9 hours 21 minutes summit to summit. Left the campsite at 1am, topped out first one just before sunrise. Did TD Gap and Naismiths route, as well as some horrific thing next to the King's Chimney which was definitely not a diff...

with Harry Carstairs
TomGB 01/Jun/16 Solo O/S

a mixed bag. Fantastic weather and scrambling, with amazing views. However, there's a lot more hellish slogging than scrambling! Done over 2 days with a bivvy at the lochan which wasn't my preference. Missed TD Gap and Basteir Tooth as well. Ultimately done as a group of 9 which meant we took absolutely ages with abseiling and waiting around etc, probably 23 hours hut to slig. Would like to do again in a single push with all climbing obstacles surmounted.

with Anta Misina, bummingham, Stewart Moody
quiffhanger 01/Jun/16 Solo

Great day. So lucky to get such great conditions and weather on first trip to Skye. South to North. A very un-Alpine 9am start. Started the Ridge properly about 11:30 and quested on for just over 9 hours on the ridge. Then a seemingly endless descent to the Slig gunning for last orders. Almost bailed when we ran out of water (2l per person is not enough if it's hot!) but luckily had some supplies stashed at the Bastier Tooth to re-energise for the final push. Never done anything like it and v glad my knees held out as would likely have had to wait years for another opportunity. Kit list: food, 2l water, waterproof, softshell, head torch, light insulated jacket, 1 sling (for harness), belay plate & 30m of skinny rope for the abs. Should have skipped on the insulated jacket and taken and extra litre of water (and extra suncream!) otherwise think we got it right.

with Dan
matthew885 ?/Jun/16 -
WilliamRodell ?/Jun/16 Solo
Hidden 31/May/16 Solo
adie84 30/May/16 -
Jessicahicklin 30/May/16 Solo O/S
ned_85 29/May/16 AltLd dnf

Got a bit lost on 1st top :/

with Rockley
Tony Ryland 29/May/16 AltLd

Camped on 28th in Coire a Ghrunnda and did ridge up to and including TD Gap. Completed ridge on Sunday including a solo of the Inn Pin and a lead of Naismiths route. Great weather but even without hot sun 3 liters of water were barely enough. Fantastic to finally do it on my 4th attempt. First attempt in 1985

with Emma Spencer
Rockley 29/May/16 AltLd
with ned_85
Webster 29/May/16 -

solo in 1 day. avoided the TD gap. the 8 southern munros with most extra tops

Hidden 29/May/16 -
Hidden 28/May/16 AltLd O/S
samrad 28/May/16 -

Good day out. My knee started giving me stick from about half way which was annoying and slowed us down. but very enjoyable apart form that. Good to come back and get it done in good weather. Really enjoyed the pint at the end. 14 hours total campsite to pub, 10 hours on the ridge summit to summit.

with james G
Hidden 28/May/16 AltLd
aking12 28/May/16 -
with Bo Robertson, john lynch
john lynch 28/May/16 -

Incredible day. Very lucky with the weather. Bivvied in coire a ghrunnda after scrambling up coire nan laogh and doing the 1st part of the ridge Friday evening. Unforgettable.

with Bo Robertson, Ant King
Mark Collins 27/May/16 Solo

Started at 3am from Glen Brittle, warm (topless) half moon lit (no headtorch) ascent of Gars Bheinn, reached the summit at 6am. Bypassed Caisteal a' Garbh-choire, Sgurr Dubh an Da Bheinn, Sgurr Dubh Mor and Thearlaich-Dubh Gap. Ascended Sgurr Alasdair via the chimney and south west ridge. Descended Sgurr Thearlaich via the Coruisk side. Bypassed Sgurr Mhic Choinnich via Hart’s Ledge. Ascended Sgurr Dearg via the Brown Ramp and the Inaccessible Pinnacle via its east ridge. Ascended all the middle peaks until Bidein Druim Nan Ramh, which I bypassed on the left. Ascended all the other peaks until the Bhasteir Tooth and Am Basteir, which I bypassed on the north side. Left pack at Bealach a’Basteir and ascended Sgurr nan Gillean via it’s west ridge, reaching the summit at 7:30pm (13.5 hours on the ridge), and then descended the same way and reached Sligachan at 10:45pm (19.75 hours door to door), just in time for a pint of lemonade (couldn’t face a beer or food, had any been available). Highlights:- Reaching a deserted Inaccessible Pinnacle and standing on the summit. Having cuckoo calls as a virtually constant companion. Not getting caught in any bottlenecks. The early morning light on the first part of the ridge. Seeing red deer on the ascent of Gars Bheinn. Meeting other parties, one of which was from Adlington (small World). Lowlights:- Not being fit enough. Not including more of the ridge. Topping out on Gillean in a cloud. Lessons Learned:- I took too much food and consumed 2 Bagels, a bag of Cashews and raisins, KP Honey Cashews, half Churitso, 3 Baby Bels, 3 Double Deckers, and 3 litres of water which I only started drinking once I’d reached the first summit, having consumed a litre and a half in the campsite beforehand. I should have taken more easily accessible foods, perhaps cut up Bagels and Churitso beforehand and bag, so I can pocket. Must train for this in future, as I was physically unable to take in all that I should have and finish in a reasonable time. I only used the rope to abseil off the Inaccessible Pinnacle which makes me think that I could possibly make an attempt without one in future. Miscellaneous:- Picked up a tick nymph probably on the ascent of Gars Bheinn. It was a beautiful but warm day and thankfully some high cloud appeared at the Northern end of the Cuillin in the afternoon.

Andrew Holden 26/May/16 Lead
routrax 26/May/16 Solo dnf

Took the TD Gap bypass via Corrie Ghrunda. Bailed at the 2nd top of Mhadaidh :( There's always next year...

Lawrie Brand 25/May/16 Solo
Sam Shilliday 24/May/16 Solo O/S
with Timothy Grey, Tom Fitzpatrick
atom 24/May/16 Solo dnf

Amazing day, perfect weather and met a bunch of great people along the way. First time I've camped out on a proper ridge. Left tent at 5am. 2nd attempt to do it in a day and so close this time. Slept in the bealach of Gars-bheinn, did 9 munros and all the tops along the main ridge from Garbh-bheinn to Bruach na Frithe, exiting off Sgurr a' Bhasteir at 10pm as we didn't fancy finding our way up the ledges onto The tooth, Am Basteir and continuing up to Gillean in the dark. Will bring a small rack next time to do Naithsmith's Route. Collie's Ledge saved us loads of time instead of doing Kings Chimney this time and abseiled into the TD gap and took the scree slopes across to the West ridge and bealach of Alasdair as I personally hated the climb out of the gap last time. Soloed the SE ridge including the big toe boulder on top and abseiled off the Inn Pin again which was so cool. The central section of the ridge was the most technically demanding and took a lot of energy to work out. Thanks to the runner in red who came at just the right time to help us find the best way up. Joined a couple of other teams along the way and combined heads to route find. Met a guy in sandals who somehow must have levitated his way along from Gillean. Back next year to get this done with more experience

with Becks87
TJMGray 24/May/16 AltLd O/S
with Tom Fitzpatrick, Ben Simmons, Sam shilliday
Becks87 24/May/16 Solo dnf

All tops from Gars-bheinn to Am Basteir. Called it before summited Basteir, as didn't fancy risking Gillean in the dark. So close, yet so far! Long descent back to Sligachan with a bad knee.

with atom
Geras 23/May/16 -

Done over two days, with a on ridge Bivy. Some rain early on day 1, made ascent out of T-D gap harder than it should be. Plenty of small nav cock-ups slowed us down so not as quick as we'd have liked. But fantastic outing

with Mike Robson, Rich Barnes
Hidden 19/May/16 2nd dnf
Pina 15/May/16 AltLd

Two days over a good sunny spell. Will be back for a lighter weight one day ascent after the knees recover. Brilliant exposed scrambling.

with Ryan, Pete
pcurt 14/May/16 AltLd

Utterly mind-blowing. Without doubt; the best, most complex and sustained summer mountaineering experience I've had (and suspect will ever have) in the UK. Aonach Eagach, Tower Ridge, etc., nothing can really prepare you for this beast! Sat: 3 hours walk in, 10 hours on the ridge, bivi at Sgùrr na Banachdich. Sun: 8 hours on the ridge, 2 hours walk out. Lesson learned, pack as light and compact as possible!

with Ryan, Pina
Hidden 14/May/16 AltLd
JohnBotham 14/May/16 2nd

Only as far as the Inn Pinn!

tomwalton 14/May/16 AltLd

18 hours 56 minutes from campsite to pub

Roberttaylor 12/May/16 Solo β

8h50m on the ridge.

Hidden 11/May/16 Lead rpt
Craig Holden 10/May/16 Sent
Liam Ingram 10/May/16 Sent
with Manix, Jake Dowell, Craig Holden
Manix 10/May/16 -
with Craig Holden, Liam Ingram, Jake Dowell
kirstypallas 09/May/16 Lead
Pero 16/Mar/16 Solo

North to South.

sann1458 ??/2016 -
mountain musher ??/2016 AltLd
HimTiggins ??/2016 -
Will Jerram 28/Sep/15 -

A fantastic Mountaineering experience. This epic route/ mountain expedition on Skye really does present an array of monstrous teeth set amongst some of the best rock and mountain scenery I'v ever encountered, striking ocean views and scrambling that goes on for ever but which you never tire of. I was amazed at just how technical the route finding was and soon learnt that that interment knowledge of which way to turn at every other rock was key to success.

with Mike Pescod
kirky_p 18/Aug/15 -

Finally a weather window.... straight up to Skye!! Stunning two days on the ridge, amazing weather and beautiful views! Fab to have the time to take it all in, and much nicer when you can see where you're going! Those long slog of a walk in, and outs are totally worth it!

Julesthe1st 16/Aug/15 Solo dnf

MWIS got it wrong. Walked in in heavy rain. Bailed out shortly after.

Ste Ridd 13/Aug/15 Solo

It was 14 years ago when I first discovered the Cuillins ridge traverse so has been along time coming. Truly an outstanding day in the mountains and done in just over 10 hours on the ridge.

with Danny, manmike
manmike 13/Aug/15 Solo

YES,we did it. Just over 10 hours on the ridge & met a very kind chap who gave us a lift back to the campsite. It was meant to be.

with danny, Ste Ridd
Hidden 01/Aug/15 -
AmyG 25/Jul/15 -
with eaf4
eaf4 25/Jul/15 -


with Robin Clothier, AmyG, Brian Shackleton
feilx 19/Jul/15 -

15hrs in the ridge 25hrs in total from the bothy, amazing

with Ian Lovatt
Hidden 15/Jul/15 Lead O/S
Harvdog 03/Jul/15 Solo

Amazing! Soloed everything. Collies Ledge and Corrie Largan route on the Bastier tooth.

with jhobbs
jhobbs 03/Jul/15 Solo

Wow, what a day, what a route. Set of from Glen Brittle at 3:30am via Coirre a Ghrunda, dropped sacks for out and back to Gars Bheinn. After beautiful clear skies clag came in heavy and we got lost around the TD gap/ Sgurr Alasdair for about 3 hrs. We somehow managed to get back on track though and completed the ridge in 15 hrs; 20hrs total day. Moved solo all day. Couldn't have had better weather (apart from the unfortunate few hrs of clag). Collies Ledge. Lotta Corrie Route on Bhasteir Tooth - note this is a lot furter down the mountain than expected, not the first break/chimney. We were apparently not the first to end up on the wrong line owing to a significant amount of in situ ab tat...

with Harvdog
Hidden 03/Jul/15 Solo
John 'B' Hutchinson 03/Jul/15 AltLd

Great day out! 13 hours end to end including the four classic climbs. Happy with that after only catching an hour and a half sleep before we set off!

with Chris Hutchinson
Flett ?/Jul/15 Solo dnf

Weather was horrific!

cavemancolumbus ?/Jul/15 Lead dnf

Cullin ridge attempt. Stayed at JMCoS hut. First day nice made food and water stash in Bealch Na Glaic Moire. Rained heavily for next three days. Dawned misty but not raining so started up Garbh bheinn. Bivied after TD gap and in Bealch Na Glaic Moire before descending backto JMCoS hut and getting the boat back. No issue leading TD gap, or In Pinn. Avoided King`s chimney as there was a queue. Due to heat we had to spend a minium of 3 hours every day coming off the ridge to get water despite being able to carry 6L.

with Oli
allesklar59 21/Jun/15 Lead dnf
maybe_si 15/Jun/15 -

12 hrs on the ridge, 17hrs in total, awesome day out!

Paul Robertson 14/Jun/15 -

About 11 hours end to end. Fantastic day out. Lucky with the weather.

with DSM
Hidden 14/Jun/15 -
DSM 14/Jun/15 Lead O/S

~11hrs end to end on a very fine but cold day. First time in the Cuillins so got lost very many times - route finding is quite a challenge.

Hidden 08/Jun/15 AltLd
Nathan Adam 04/Jun/15 Solo

A long time coming, everything and more than I thought it could ever be. Don't listen to your head and keep on going, Gillean (then the Slig) turns up eventually!

mzchambers 04/Jun/15 Solo O/S

Solo every thing but for the abb of the inm pin and started form Sgurr nan Eag

with Nathan
Naomi.P ?/Jun/15 AltLd dnf

Walked in on the evening from glen brittle. Bivvied in the rain. Continued but wet TD gap shot our confidence and came down when we couldn't find collies ledge. Wet! Will be back!

john jennings ?/Jun/15 AltLd

After three trips abandoned to ineptitude or weather, we did a fine traverse in 13.5 hrs on ridge. Success largely thanks to Conan's route knowledge and the weather being first thing to sort out. We did all the climbs and all the Munro summits. We soloed the Inn pinn. I led the TD gap easily after being stuck there in the snow previously (what a difference a dry day makes.) Conan led King's Chimney (harder on the day, as greasy) and Naithsmith's route, (felt serious at 8 pm after all that un-roped exposure and feeling tired.) Walking back from Bealach a Bheister into Fionn Choire and down to Fairy Pools carpark seemed like a good way off. Shame we had no car there and had to walk back to Glen Brittle campsite. 21 hrs round trip. Simply the best mountain day.

with Conan
Hidden 30/May/15 2nd O/S
Becks87 09/May/15 Solo dnf
with atom
atom 09/May/15 Solo dnf

Set off from Glen Brittle campsite at 4am, grueling slog up to Gars-bheinn summit for 6:30 and amazing views as the sun rose. Sgurr nan Eag at 7:30. Lost some time working our way over the scree slopes on the South side of Sgurr Dubh Mor, summit 9am. Much easier to go on the other side after Sgurr Dubh an Da Bheinn and come back the same way. Bit of confusion at the TD gap where we met a bunch of lads from York who thought they were on it, scrambled past to find the abseil into the gap off fixed slings. 10:45am. Climb back up pretty tricky in hiking boots and rucksack. Very smooth and polished and only had a limited rack. Managed to get up by way of a half body jam. Very relieved double arm jam at the first break after the crux. Recommend climbing boots. Summited the spectacular Sgurr Alasdair at 12pm then scrambled up and over Sgurr Thearlaich across house roof slabs. Abseiled into the Bealach Mhic Choinnich to Kings Chimney. Climbed in hiking boots but hauled my bag up before belaying Rebecca this time. Much more enjoyable climbing here. Sgurr Mhic Choinnich at 3pm. Skipped An Stac and then soloed the Inaccessible Pinnacle which was awesome. Abseiled off at about 5:30. Quick bite to eat on Sgurr Dearg. Called it a day after Sgurr na Banachdich at 6:45pm. Didn't fancy a bivvy out on the ridge with no bag. Will come back in September to attempt again and probably miss out the climbing so we can go lighter and quicker. Not bad for our first attempt though. Ascended Coir' an Eich and back to the Glen Brittle road. Luckily managed to catch a lift back to Sligachan Campsite with a really friendly couple from Brazil on tour of UK for their 2 year anniversary

with Becks87
john.currie ?/May/15 Lead dnf

Fantastic day but we were slow moving in poor conditions. The TD gap was so so wet.

Chirs 18/Apr/15 Solo
Appleby 18/Apr/15 -
with malone
malone 18/Apr/15 -
with Appleby
MightyStew 17/Apr/15 Solo O/S
RKernan 08/Apr/15 Solo

Amazing. 12.5 hours on the ridge. Plenty of snow in the bealachs which was unfortunate as we were in trainers. First half of the day was complete clag, dodged TD gap climb by going up west ridge of Alasdair, which was hairy. Also dodged King's chimney and skirted round Am Basteir on Sligachan side. This last dodge was probably harder than climbing over the thing as it involved loose scree and hard snow with no winter gear. Pointy rocks make half decent ice daggers. A great day. Only met 2 other people all day.

with Stuart Abraham, gilmour_789
stuart90 08/Apr/15 -
with ronan kernan, gilmour_789
gilmour_789 08/Apr/15 -
plain kitten ??/2015 -
clanger ??/2015 -
Neil D 15/Nov/14 Solo O/S

Two days out solo. Rope soloed the TD gap and King's chimney. Soloed inn pinn and Basteir Tooth (Mod way). Bivvied on summit of Banachdich.

SteveJB 22/Sep/14 -

Two full on wet windy days but 18hrs to complete so ok for conditions

mchardski 20/Sep/14 AltLd dnf

Over 2 * 12hr days days and reached Buach na Frithe. Camped in Glen Brittle and descended/ re ascended (brutal) to Sgurr Dearg. Grig led the climbing on Day 1 but his knee packed in so Day 2 was Doug/me with me leading. Have the route finding sussed now. Plan to go and get Baster tooth as a single day then come back for the single day traverse.

with Grig & Doug
Hidden 17/Sep/14 AltLd
clmacdonald 15/Sep/14 AltLd
tskelhon 15/Sep/14 AltLd O/S
Pero 13/Sep/14 Lead
Hidden 12/Sep/14 -
Hidden 12/Sep/14 -
anthonydouglas 10/Sep/14 -

1 day.. skipped in-pin and bastier tooth. Long day! Amazing ridge.

with CLetham
Hidden 09/Sep/14 AltLd
nicks 08/Sep/14 -
with Paul Winder
seanhendo123 08/Sep/14 Solo dnf

First time in the Cuillins, great two days with bivy before Banachdich. Ended up bailing out to glen brittle from An Dorus as going too slow on second day. Pitched td gap (bit of an epic) and kings chimney, short roped on the In pin to ease partners nerves. I will be back.

froglette 08/Sep/14 AltLd dnf
with John Proudfoot
MonkeyDawson ?/Sep/14 -
williemiller 27/Aug/14 Lead O/S
alex toomey 27/Aug/14 -

awesome day

The Big Sender 27/Aug/14 Sent
Hidden 27/Aug/14 -
Hidden 27/Aug/14 -
Bry 26/Aug/14 AltLd O/S
Carol Goodall 25/Aug/14 Solo dnf

Perfect day, not too hot. Left the tent at 6am probably too late as we decided to descend without completing it at Sgurr a Fionn Choire to make it down to the Slig before closing.

Hidden 25/Aug/14 2nd O/S
jonnie3430 25/Aug/14 -

6am to 8pm carpark to hotel, came down before Am Bastier to check in (tired legs!!) If doing again, would take a boat to Coriusk.

with Carol
lukehunt 24/Aug/14 -

Excellent long day out.

with Vikky
Greg Pittam 19/Aug/14 -

Set off 3:30am from Brittle and arrived at first submit about 6am but with bitterly cold wind. Soon warmed up as sun rose. But got wetter and cloudier as day went on. We had a bit of navigation issue in cloud and slow due to wet slippery rock. Decided to bail out at Bealach no Glaic Moire due to mental and physical exhaustion! Back at car about 16hours in.

with Kai
Hidden 31/Jul/14 Solo dnf
Hidden 24/Jul/14 Solo O/S
Nikki Hawkins 22/Jul/14 -

Did the ridge in perfect weather, not too hot or cool, clouds up high above summits. Went up to Gars-bheinn on Thursday 24th July to retrieve bivvi gear from dry stone bivvi circle just north-west of Gars-bheinn, packed bivvi gear into rucksack, spread spare t-shirt out in sun to dry for a few minutes to dry it before taking it back down to Glen Brittle campsite, then walked off down, forgetting it. Doh! If anyone finds my beloved black t-shirt at this bivvi with New Zealand embroidered on it, could they bring it down and tell me, please? Reward available!!

alooker 12/Jul/14 Solo O/S

Incredible. Didn't take a rope, down climbing the abseils was the hardest climbing en route! Much more sustained than expected with route finding time consuming in the mist

Hidden 01/Jul/14 -
Conan ?/Jul/14 -

4th Successful full traverse. Last big completed challenge before the knees finally packed in for good. Well worth it. Fantastic day

with John Jennings
Hidden 28/Jun/14 -
scoth 28/Jun/14 -

Weather window looked good for Saturday, so with a 1.30 am arrival at the campsite, we decided a bivvy approach would be the best bet. Soon realised after the long and steep walk in from Glenbrittle, it was not to be!! Got as far as TD gap, but the bailed due to fading light and cloud rolling in. Even so had a great time being the only ones on the ridge..

Hidden 28/Jun/14 Solo
Little AndyH 28/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Ric Hines
Chuck 28/Jun/14 -
with Chris Hutchinson
Hidden 16/Jun/14 Lead O/S
SarahA 16/Jun/14 AltLd
lcullum7 16/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with sink14
Hidden 16/Jun/14 -
romatou18 16/Jun/14 AltLd O/S

1 day traverse, including every single summits on the ridge even non Munroes i.e. Biden Druim Na Rham + The Naismith route on the Bastheir tooth.

with Maël Sacchettini , Remi Dickson
Andy Moles 15/Jun/14 Lead rpt

Father's Day present!

with Dad
emlynroberts 15/Jun/14 AltLd

4.20am from Glen brittle,skipped the satallite munro did Collies ledge and bypassed the tooth. just under 13 hours on the ridge. 10.20pm finish at the pub! Had a tent pitched at both ends.

with Adam Charlton
Dave Douglas 07/Jun/14 AltLd O/S

Left Glen Brittle at 0230 on top of Sgurr nan Eag at 0500. Left Gars Bhienn out as weather was due to crap out at 4. Reached Summit of Gillean 11 hours later. Couple of cheats in collies instead of Kings but did go to MhicCoinnich summit. Also detoured up easy slabs to base of In Pinn rather than An Stac. Pete lead TD gap which was more like HS than VD and I lead Naismiths which is very easy but in a wild position. Limped into Sligachan just as the heavens opened. Up there as one of my best days in the mountains. Amazing day out!

peter.clarkson1 07/Jun/14 AltLd O/S

Truly awesome day - 16hrs from GlenBrittle to Sligachan. Loved it (apart from the descent off Gillean on legs that had run out of gas). Had planned to bypass Bidean Druim na Ramh but Dave convinced me otherwise. Glad I listened to him as that part is superb

with dave douglas
RyanOsborne 04/Jun/14 -

First half on Wednesday, second half on Friday.

RWW 01/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden ?/Jun/14 Solo
Louis Hume 31/May/14 Solo

Party of 3 in a day so did the 11 Munroes without the tech bits - 18 hours and managed The Slig for last orders

Jenny Hall 31/May/14 2nd O/S

Fantastic day perfect conditions travelled light 13.5hours peak to peak. Bypassed TD, King C and Naismiths did all the 11 Munroes Total time 19hrs from Glen Brittle to Sligachan for last orders, the best pint of my life.

with uwoodwoodu, Louis
Michael-H 30/May/14 -

Done over 2 days (with a cold, sleepless overnight bivvy) great weather, amazing views, In Pin felt scarier than it should have done, in big boots and with a heavy pack! around 18hrs not inc walk in/out and detour for water stop.

Hidden 30/May/14 -
SWalls 30/May/14 -


with Stevos
rockpool 30/May/14 AltLd

18 hrs start to finish , not including walk in/out the weather was kind and cooler than my first attempt , some low cloud at the start of the ridge wit fantastic weather and views on the saturday . met two other teams on the ridge all going strong . next time its the ferry from elgol to start point :-)))

with michael h
Hidden 30/May/14 -
ewan i 25/May/14 -
with fraser dickey
Hidden 25/May/14 Solo dnf
pftom 24/May/14 -

Cloud above 600m which didn't clear to 2pm, missed out TD gap, Kings chimney & Bashir tooth but did the Inn pin, all the ridge apart from Gillean at the end due to time & loosing the light. About 18hrs start to finish, hitched a lift for the last couple miles back to Glenbrittle.

with Josh Casey
craig h 20/May/14 -
with Chris Japp, Ewan Gordon
Hidden 20/May/14 -
joesmith 19/May/14 -

Over 2 days. Bivvied on Sgurr Dearg. Perfect weather

bantamdave 19/May/14 -

Very very lucky. Two days 12 hours and 15 hours

with Young Joe, Simon Holden (LCandCC), Gary
Hidden 19/May/14 -
Simon Holden (LCandCC) 19/May/14 -
Hidden 08/May/14 AltLd dnf
Michael Haywood 02/May/14 Lead

Frinking unbelievable. Everything about this route is just stunning. Loved very moment. Did it South to North, Bivvying out under the Inn Pinn. 3 hours sleep in a layby before the first day added to a sense of otherworldliness. Finished strongly and were down in Sligachan early evening on day two. Nailed all the classic climbing bits like TD gap and naithsmiths route.

with Damon Rodwell, George Miligan
samrad 23/Apr/14 -

Interesting day. very cloudy and wet in the morning. then it cleared up at 10am just before the TD gap. we then made good progress. before it sweeping back in soaking us and reducing visability to about 10-15m by 4pm. got to the basteir tooth and decided that climbing an unknown route in howling winds and rain with 5nuts was not a good idea. so bailed from there. gutting as we were on track for doing it sub 10h then getting caught by the weather so close to the end! Next time!

farmus21 23/Apr/14 -
with Sam Radcliffe
doughobbs 19/Apr/14 -


with Antoinette Wintin
Allanfairfechan ??/2014 Solo
Hidden ??/2014 -
meanderthal ??/2014 -
westong ??/2014 -
Hidden ??/2014 -
Hidden 13/Oct/13 Solo dnf
Martin Davies 13/Sep/13 -

Bailed off Bruach na Frithe due to lack of daylight, 12h15m up to there. Slowed down by 1hr of rain/sleet just after King's Chimney, then another 1/2hr rain around Three Teeth. Ambitious anyway with only 12h30m of daylight hours. Really happy with the effort considering poor weather/daylight hours. Need to finish off last section of Am Bhasteir and Sgurr nan Gillean now!

with Mike Elkin
markusj 08/Sep/13 Solo O/S

Did it over two days - 0745 to 1830; 0800 to 1830. Biv near Ghreadaidh. Soloed all the route apart from TD gap which seconded (Mike led). Mike and Janis moved together over An Stac, Inn Pin and other tricky sections. Four abseils - TD Gap, Inn Pin and two on Bidein Druim Nan Ramh. Saw only two parties on ridge. Had TD Gap, Inn Pin, and An Stac to ourselves. Didn't see anybody on day two until near Bhaister Tooth. Beaut trip.

with Mike Lates, Janis Russell
Adamski1986 25/Aug/13 Solo
with Stewart Webb, JohnnyW
Hidden 21/Jul/13 AltLd
Hidden 21/Jul/13 -
Brendan 20/Jul/13 -

As part of Jamie and Andy's Munros challenge. Scorchio! Walked in on the Friday, did the first section and bivied before the TD Gap. Did the rest the next day carrying water and bivi gear, I led TD Gap and Naismith's, we skipped King's Chimney. Be aware, the spring just after Bruach na Frìthe is only a trickle just now. We spoke to some guys who collected water below the valley that you drop into after the three tops of Mhadaidh, might be a better bet. Amazing, amazing experience.

with Jamie and Andy
Uisdean hawthorn 13/Jul/13 -
Tom Stoddart 11/Jul/13 AltLd

Two-day traverse of the main ridge, including all the climbs, with a planned bivi. We pitched the TD Gap and Naismith's Route, moved together on An Stac and the Inaccessible Pinnacle, and abseiled in four places; other than that the rope stayed in the bag. The bivi was beautiful, we woke to a cloud inversion which stayed with us for much of the second morning. Given the excellent weather I'm glad we got to experience that. I understand the sense in trying it as a one-day push, but I think we'd have had less fun.

with Iain Leverett
bengillies 10/Jul/13 Solo dnf

Backed off due to heat.

with Owen John
Hidden 09/Jul/13 Lead
joermann 08/Jul/13 Lead
will_lake 08/Jul/13 AltLd dog
Matt Marsh 07/Jul/13 -

One of the most magnificent places ever. Very hard work and dehydrating. A must must do for any climber, or mountain runner.

with Mark Pearce, Joe Mann
tom.e 26/Jun/13 -
with Charlie Everett
TGreen 17/Jun/13 Solo O/S
with Martin G
Hexman 17/Jun/13 AltLd

Incredible day out, very lucky with the Skye weather, the only dry day all week. Left Glenbrittle at 4am and made it to the pub! Including all the best bits of the route.

Stuart Hurworth 17/Jun/13 Solo dnf

Amazing place. 4am start up to Loch Coir a Ghrunnda, gained the ridge by 6am, left bags and then along to Gars-bheinn to 'start' at 7am! Got back to backs and carried on to Sgurr Dubh na da Bheinn at 10am where I released I couldn't keep up the pace and also mildly twisted my ankle! Called it a day and relaxed, ate lunch, took some photos and generally enjoyed the amazing surroundings in the sunshine. Carefully walked back to Glenbrittle and went for a swim. Boots would have been useful if i'd owned some at the time. Rock is super sharp and it's easy to twist ankle, especially if moving at speed and tired/fatigued. Next time will try and walk in to Gars-bheinn low down or come on ferry, then probably bivouac, and also generally allow more time, be well rested and pace myself on the walk up to the ridge!

ian storey 10/Jun/13 Solo O/S

left van parked near mountain rescue hut at 5:30am went quick and after hitching a lift back from the pub got back to the van before 5:30pm. very lucky hitching, first car.

Jon_dL 08/Jun/13 AltLd O/S

Unforgettable day. 11.5hrs peak to peak. moved together on inn pinn, collie's ledge was a highlight. We had trouble at Am Bastair.. went for the thrutchy overhang thingy-ma-jig after much deliberation. Naismiths on the tooth was spectacular.

allyrocke 08/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Unforgettable. 11.5 hours peak to peak. Problems arose at the first of the three wee peaks of Mhadaidh, coming off An Caisteal, and finding the safest way to the true summit of Am Basteir. Would love to repeat and beat this time. Took 3.5L water, certainly wouldn't take less next time. Water available in Ghrunnda, saves you humphing it up there early in the morning.

with Jon_dL
Mr. K 06/Jun/13 AltLd dnf

One day attempt, had to miss out the last two summits due to exhaustion on my part. 22hrs car to car, hardest day of my life!

Hidden 05/Jun/13 -
Hidden 05/Jun/13 -
Hidden ?/Jun/13 Solo
Hidden ?/Jun/13 -
cat22 30/May/13 AltLd O/S
Binder 30/May/13 AltLd O/S

Fantastic. Left the campsite at 2am, back to the road at 9.20pm - 14h20m on the ridge. Missed out TD gap and Bhasteir tooth.

with chiz
Hidden 30/May/13 -
frost 30/May/13 -

Left the car at5am 11.5hrs for the ridge 17hrs round trip.

with Dom, Adam, N Griffiths
cpforbes 30/May/13 AltLd RP
NeilGriffiths 30/May/13 -

Superb weather. 17hrs Glen Brittle to Sligachan, non-stop day. 11.5hrs on the ridge. Tremendous.

with Dom, frost, Adam
Hidden 30/May/13 Solo O/S
d80f0u 26/May/13 AltLd dnf

Gars-Bheinn to Banachdich then bailed out into Glenbrittle as bad weather got the better of us. Bypassed TD gap (queues), pitched Kings Chimney and moved together up An Stac and the Inn Pin.

with Al, Thin, Dave
Dougbart 26/May/13 Solo O/S

8hrs for the ridge, perfect day!

mchardski 20/May/13 2nd dnf

Got to Sgurr Banadich by 3pm then weather came in so bailed. Weer a tad too slow as a 4. if just me& Ruthers i reckon we would have done it if weather had not come in. Ruthers lead the climbing.

with Ruthers + his 2 mates
Gawyllie 17/May/13 Solo
TheAndyBarker ??/2013 -
bclifton ??/2013 Lead
DrBob ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 Solo O/S
Hidden 04/Oct/12 Solo
skirton 23/Sep/12 -
fall-line 22/Sep/12 AltLd

22-23 Sept. Bivvy at bealach before Banachdich having stashed stuff there on Friday, picked up on Monday. Included TD gap, King's Chimney, but missed Bidean Druim nam Ramh and the Bastier Tooth.

with Sarah Kirton
cbeard 11/Sep/12 -

A truly grueling, but excellent experience including our first 'emergency' bivouac. We tagged all summits but the bastier tooth, and climbed all but the Kings Chimney (wet). Total time on rige 19hr 32min including about 4 hrs of nighttime navigation faff.

stafford101 10/Sep/12 AltLd O/S

Traversed all munros and subsidiary tops on the main ridge except the Basteir tooth. Omitted Kings Chimney due to rain. Less than ideal conditions meant that an unplanned bivi was had and the ridge completed the next morning.

with cbeard
Hidden 01/Sep/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/12 Solo O/S
musgravet 26/Aug/12 Solo O/S
with Olly P
Hidden 10/Aug/12 Solo
Hidden ?/Aug/12 AltLd dnf
jason 20/Jul/12 AltLd
with moose ridd, manmike
Ste Ridd 20/Jul/12 AltLd dnf

Ground to a halt at Sgurr a Mhadaidh second top due to route weather closing in and finding problems.

Julian Prieto 12/Jul/12 -
with Andrew Turner, turnertactics, cliffy
wheelsucker 12/Jul/12 Lead O/S

Easier than expected and happy to beat Matt Buchanan's time of 18hrs campsite to campsite!

Bristoldave 01/Jul/12 -

With a bivi. Led wet TD gap and Naismiths. Skipped King's Chimney.

with clay
Clay C 01/Jul/12 -

Started in the rain which slowed us down, but meant we had plenty of water. Weather improved throughout the day. 11.5 hours on ridge first day with a bivvy just before An Caisteal, 3 hours on ridge second day.

cliffy ?/Jul/12 -

12 and 13 July. Brilliant route and not as difficult as I expected. Left Glenbrittle at 6am, Sgurr Nan Eag at 9, didn't bother with Gars Bheinn. Lead TD gap, seconded King's Chimney, soloed Inn Pinn. Arrived at pre stashed bivvy at An Dorus 7pm. Beautiful sunset. Left at 9am. Missed Bhastier Tooth and Naismith's and opted for East Ridge of Am Bastier. Summit of Gillean at 4, Sligachan by 6:30. Next time Gars Bheinn and Naismith's!

with turnertactics, Andrew Turner, Julian Prieto
Sarah Welsh 19/Jun/12 Solo
Steve Woollard 19/Jun/12 Solo
Dafydd Llywelyn 07/Jun/12 Lead O/S

One long hard day!

with APRS
APRS 07/Jun/12 Lead

Big Day Out!

shoulders 05/Jun/12 AltLd O/S

An amazing day - 13.58hrs ban gheinn to scurr ban sgillean. All munros ticked including outlyers - kings chimney and naismiths route left out. Started 5:05am glen brittle campsite and walked back immediately after the travers, sleeping on my feet as I walked. Arrived back at 4:20am with the sorest knees I have ever had. What an awseome route and day. Cheers to Alex from Lakes and 4 strong female party from Sheffield for their company.

with dai
djking1983 05/Jun/12 Solo O/S
with joedoherty, Steve Knaggs
joedoherty 05/Jun/12 AltLd O/S


with Darwie Sutton, Steve Knaggs, djking1983
JLS 04/Jun/12 Lead RP

Two day traverse. Set off from Glen Brittle Campsite at 4:00pm. (03-06-12) Reached Gars-bheinn at 7:00pm via Sgurr nan Eag. By-passed Sgurr Dubh Mor & Sgurr Dubh na da Bheinn. TD Gap approx. 9:00pm. (I lead) Sgurr Alasdair approx. 9:50pm. Bivi (just below Alasdair) 10:00pm. Set off from Bivi 5:10am (04-06-12). Visited: Sgurr Thearlaich; Sgurr Mhic Choinnich; King's Chimney (I lead); An Stac; Inn Pin (moved together, me in front); Sgurr na Banachdich; Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh; An Dorus; etc, etc. We by-passed An Caisteal and took-in Am Bhaster via Naithsmith's (I lead). Darren led up a chimney to where the Gendarme was and I led the traverse across to solid ground before reaching Sgurr nan Gillian summit 6:45pm. Reached Sligachan Hotel at 9:13pm just in the nick of time for last food orders. Many thanks to Dave and Clair for the lift back to Glen Brittle and the other teams on the ridge who's company we enjoyed from time to time.

dwisniewski 04/Jun/12 2nd β
with JLS
Hidden 04/Jun/12 2nd O/S
jandyd05 04/Jun/12 Lead O/S


with Jason Greaves
bigdunk 03/Jun/12 -

Completed Traverse

with Seer Green mountaineering club
Hidden 03/Jun/12 Solo
cas smerdon 03/Jun/12 Solo

3/4 June

Cat Hendrie 03/Jun/12 -

1 day ascent. 22 hours on the go. Taxi back to camp site. Awesome!

John Nuttall 02/Jun/12 Solo

1st/2nd June. Third time, previously 1965/75. Was not sure knees were still up to it so left tent etc in Coire Lagan for overnight stop and travelled very light. Included all traditional climbing goodies and Sgurr Dubh Mor. Brilliant.

Andy Moles 01/Jun/12 Sent
with Greg Cain
mikelaing ?/Jun/12 Lead
with Trevor Rowan, Rob Beattie
Brian Smith 84 ?/Jun/12 2nd
JGW ?/Jun/12 -

Monstrous, one of my favourite days on rock. 12 hours for the ridge, 17 hours in total. Personal favourite bits: An Stac (definitely worth including); the In Pin; and the tops of Mhadaidh (superb scrambling on the second top). Fine lead of Naismith's Route by Matthew at the end of a long day, and good to meet Rob about 2/3 of the way along. Some debate about an alpine grade - felt like a big AD to me.

with Rob Gates, Matt Tilley
Hidden 30/May/12 Lead O/S
HannahFrancis 29/May/12 Lead
with arose
rockpool 26/May/12 Solo dnf

left glen brittle at 8pm ..2 hrs to gars bheinn kept going till midnight using headtorch and bivi,d atop sgurr nan eag, set off 1st light , lost time at td gap and sgurr Alasdair, bypassed inpin due to queue,topped all peaks till sgurr na bhairnich, ran out of water , 29 degrees no breeze, descended to fairy pools suffering from heat exhaustion, so near yet so far, but a fantastic adventure.. will try again , but with a supply stash in place halfway . any one trying the ridge with no prior knowledge would be advised to recce the difficult sections indicated in the smc skye scrambles/cuillen guides

Hidden 26/May/12 -
Sam Warby 26/May/12 -
Hidden 24/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/May/12 -
David Stevens 21/May/12 AltLd
radioshed 21/May/12 -

wow, and ouch. what a day.

Cardi 20/May/12 -

16 hours 12 mins from Gars Bheinn to Sgurr nan Gillean. Led Jon chundered on the TD Gap. Led TD Gap and King's Chimney. An Stac was phenomenal. Inn Pinn was a high point. Lots of deathy scrambling. Campsite at 1.45am.

with Jon W
arose 20/May/12 -

Brilliant. First 3 summits, bivy at 11pm and then one good day in the mist. very light on gear

Tim Rodgers 05/May/12 Solo
Captain Solo 03/May/12 Solo rpt

9 1/4 hrs top to top, only 1/2 hour quicker than previous traverse and I didn't have a rope or a cold this time around. Must be getting old, it was very warm though.

Brian Smith 84 ?/May/12 -
Hidden 29/Apr/12 -
Peeley.b 29/Apr/12 -

Fantastic traverse in fantastic sunshine on day one. Finished 'Gillean' west ridge up and down in a snow flurry day two. Missed TD gap and Bastier Tooth but did Kings Chimney and Inn Pin. Phyisically very demanding! I was knackered!Thanks to Matt of Skye Guides for getting me round! Toughest thing I have done - relentless but fantastic!

with Matt
Jon Pilling 30/Mar/12 Lead dnf

Made it as far as Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh before deciding to call it a day. Should have set off earlier, placed water and not let Cat eat all the emergency Jelly Babies on the walk in!

with Dan Wallis
Hidden ?/Mar/12 -
Stone Idle ??/2012 -
DGY ??/2012 -
alan moore ??/2012 -
TheAndyBarker ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
Tim_Gomersall ??/2012 Solo
with Sam,Jack
Hidden ??/2012 -
chapmand ??/2012 -
TheAndyBarker ??/2012 -
butteredfrog ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
Andrew_ing 24/Aug/11 -
Hidden ?/Aug/11 AltLd dnf
Neil Mackenzie 30/Jul/11 AltLd dnf

what a day!! pitched TD gap and kings chimney, simu-climbed the Inn Pin. few scary down climbs so abbed most of the descents from the Inn pin onwards. route finding error meant we missed An dorus completely (ended up down in the corrie!) mentally knackered and bailed at Brun am Freithe (sp?). 12hrs peak to peak. oh well... cant wait to give it another crack!

with adw07
Hidden 30/Jul/11 AltLd dnf
Smiffy 29/Jul/11 2nd
Duncan Beard 29/Jul/11 Lead
with Smiffy
nia 24/Jul/11 -
Hidden 22/Jul/11 -
mulletcocktail2000 22/Jul/11 Solo dnf

gutted. was going for the pure solo on-sight. fell at the last hurdle on ambastier due to time. missed td gap and kings chimney (both damp). soloed in pin (up and down). lost a lot of time on bidean. next time for sure!

isi_o 22/Jul/11 Solo

Abseiled into and lead TD Gap, abseiled from the 'Belly Ledge' bypassed other sections usually roped as running short on time. Perfect weather, great day out. Bex did really well on her 4th ever scramble!

with Bex Hancock
wilkie14c 07/Jul/11 -
with Dave Clarke
oren02 ?/Jul/11 -
Pete23 ?/Jul/11 Lead

Solo from the Inn Pin to Sgurr nan Gillean, with a few route finding problems to say the least.....still made it though, got to SnG at 20:55, hardest thing I have done, great experience.

peter.ravenscroft27 ?/Jul/11 -
Jay C 12/Jun/11 AltLd dnf

Realised we wouldn't have enough time to complete the ridge and didn't want to be on the ridge that night with the forecast. Bailed off just after Sgurr na Banachdich

samwillo 12/Jun/11 AltLd
with Jay C
peteJ23 11/Jun/11 Lead dnf

Blew it at mhadaidh... oh well have to go back then

with Graham Joyce
picasso 04/Jun/11 AltLd
with florian
bigdunk ?/Jun/11 -
with Seer Green mountaineering club
Hidden 23/May/11 Lead
Mike_d78 01/May/11 AltLd O/S

12.5 hours from GB to SNG. Planned bivi at Bealach na Glaic Moire found a trickle of water a few hundred metres down the Coruisk side to top up water for day 2. A long walk down to Glen Brittle campsite. Fab 2 days weather was perfect.

with ste_d
ste_d 01/May/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden 01/May/11 -
Hidden 30/Apr/11 -
Tom Last 30/Apr/11 -

Amazing day. 12 hours from TD Gap bivi, with initial section the previous evening. Probably one of the more serious days out that you can have on the British hills, on account of it being so exposed and in-your-face for just so long and with huge death fall potential awaiting a stumble pretty much at all points of the ridge. Billy led TD gap at 6am, we pitched Inn-Pin and soloed Basteir Tooth (this section was the most confusing on the ridge.) Wall-to-wall sunshine, cooling breeze. 1500 miles round trip from Cornwall over a long weekend. Brilliant stuff, fantastic five star route and a day that will live long in the memory. Cheers Bill.

Pero 30/Apr/11 AltLd
chapmand 30/Apr/11 Solo

9hrs 4 and a half minutes.

with Matt Balmer
Hidden 27/Apr/11 Lead
Hidden 26/Apr/11 2nd O/S
Darrell Read 26/Apr/11 AltLd dnf

Attempt abandoned prior to Naismiths Route due to lack of energy, food, water, time and daylight. Epically long day.

with Jon Rogerson, Dan_Staff, 31770
Ross Barnes 22/Apr/11 -

Great day, nice weather and great route!

with suzie, Dougal
knicos 09/Apr/11 -

13 hours + bivi.

with James Chesmer
Hidden ?/Apr/11 Solo
tomjagger ?/Apr/11 Lead O/S
james chesmer ?/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
with Nick Pope
Bob ??/2011 -
jon59 ??/2011 -
Arty ??/2011 -
with Garry Williamson
jon59 ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
rurp ??/2011 Lead
pasbury ??/2011 -
jon59 ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
drew8connelly ??/2011 -
Paul Boggis ??/2011 Solo
s kennedy ??/2011 Solo
with Mark020
JamesM ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
The Wriggler ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
j.buckley87 ??/2011 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2011 -
Joolz ??/2011 -
pasbury ??/2011 -
AdamDawson ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
twoplates 27/Sep/10 -

First time on Skye, and first attempt on the ridge. One day push, so near but not quite... 18hrs car to car, made it to bastier before the clouds dropped on us and the light faded, didn't fancy an unplanned bivi so bailed off the north ridge before the tooth.... BIG day out. amazing.

with dave sharpe
hwackerhage 25/Sep/10 -

with Adam Henly
Hidden 05/Sep/10 -
mikelaing ?/Sep/10 Lead

Traverse undertaken without recce or previous knowledge of the route - 3 leaders and 3 novices. Planned bivvy at Bealach Coire na Banachdich and unplanned bivvy at Bealach Harta. 3 great days on the ridge with (luckily) 3 days of good weather.

with Dan Priddy, Al Wedge, Mike Jarmain, Paul Kelsall, Sally Wrigley
malumb ?/Sep/10 -

Only did Gars Bheinn to Inn Pinn. Weather & time didn't permit much more, and trip was only a recce for a future traverse. Will be back!

Hidden 15/Aug/10 Solo
cas smerdon 15/Aug/10 -

15th gars bheinn to an stac. Bivvied for night. Woke to rain and retreated down scree. 17th in pinn to sgurr a'mhadaidh. Difficult descent to fairy pools. 19th mhadaidh to am basteir. Descent in dark to reach sligachen at 2am. Did pinnacle ridge in May so traverse completed but must return to do as coninuous route if I can get 2 consecutive days of good weather.

tallthinmonkey 14/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Josh Plant
westleas ?/Aug/10 2nd O/S

guided trip

Hidden 31/Jul/10 -
Smelly Fox 13/Jul/10 Lead dnf

Started at from a bivi on the top of Sgurr nan Eag. Climbed all the munros, the TD gap and most of the pinnicles before bailing just after the spiky corbet before the third last munro. In retrospect we should have taken a route description and more water! A long day out not to be underestimated!

with Andy MacPherson, Gus MacPherson
johannes 19/Jun/10 AltLd dnf

Attempted a single-day light-weight approach. Got caught by darkness just short of Bhasteir Tooth. Were not equipped for the temperature drop (was generally quite cold and windy) and aborted.

mikemartin 18/Jun/10 Solo

9 hours peak to peak. One of the hardest things I've ever done, but immensly rewarding.

Will Hunt 10/Jun/10 AltLd O/S

Set off from Glen Brittle at 3 in the morning. Summit of GB for 5:20. Summit to summit in 12 hours and 20 mins. Led TD Gap, King's Chimney, Naismith's Route and soloed everything else. Visited all 11 munros. A grand day out.

Hidden 08/Jun/10 AltLd dnf
Ewan Russell 08/Jun/10 Solo O/S

No ropes forgotten how long it took

with Ralph
matt_ringrose 08/Jun/10 -
with Will Hunt
bigdunk 04/Jun/10 -
with Paul Mayo, Alex Lyndsay-Clarke, Peter Wright
jimorothy 03/Jun/10 AltLd O/S

GB - SG 14h50min. First attempt and first time on the ridge. TD gap (amazing, dew-wet approach scary); King's Chimney (fantastic); In Pinn (moved together, superb); after a weary lull around Greadaidh, 4 tops of Mhdad and 3 tops of Bid went well; Naismiths (Exposed and utterly fantastic knowing the end was in reach); Bhastier boulder problem to summit (desperate, required combined tactics!); tourist route off Gillean proved quite tricky at end of day. Back to Slig in time for a pint! Loved it. Camped near start of ridge and I got the job of fetching the tent the next day. Unforgettable.

with Rachel Crolla
gazb 31/May/10 Solo
Liam Martin 31/May/10 Solo dnf
with gazb
Mark Dancey 27/May/10 Lead O/S
Kayan 25/May/10 -
danJBA 24/May/10 Lead O/S

13.5 hours summit to summit. Tricky route finding.

with Kayan
stewart roberts 09/May/10 -
Alexandre Buisse 09/May/10 Solo dnf

Left Glenbrittle at 2am, Gars Bheinn at 5:15, skipped the TD gap by West Ridge of Sgurr Alasdair as it started raining, had some trouble getting off Surr Thearlaich. Just after King Chimney, after only 3h30 on the ridge, I managed to badly roll my ankle and was fearing it might be broken, so descended the An Stac scree slopes and back to Glenbrittle. I'll be back for the Inn Pinn!

climbingrev 08/May/10 Solo dnf

See Hill Walking description in Diary. Managed, over two days, bivvying at Bealach na Glaic More, to do N-S from Sligachan Hotel (Sgurr nan Gillean) to An Stac by the Inn Pin, before exiting on the false stone shoot (not advisable - ends in a fairly easy down-climb at the end of a convex slope, but with rock fall imminent all around). Smashing two days in great weather (apart from a little smirry rain / poor vis on Sunday am)

with Alistair, Tim Pettifer, Josh Jones, Gabrielrockshills
Pete23 ?/May/10 2nd dnf
mr rob 12/Apr/10 AltLd O/S
with Jordan, ferg
Hidden ?/Apr/10 2nd
sgl0jd ??/2010 -
Hidden ??/2010 -
barni ??/2010 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/09 Solo dnf
Hidden ?/Aug/09 -
Hidden 25/Jul/09 -
steven 10/Jul/09 AltLd

Second go at this, this time in 15 hours in misty,damp, wet conditions until the In Pinn. Second half went really well apart from going of the ridge at Ban

with Rob Hunt
MaxR 09/Jul/09 -
with tobyk
tobyk 09/Jul/09 AltLd dnf

Got lost on the second day, and ended up walking down the wrong ridge in mist. I will be back!

with MaxR
vvanhinsbergh 25/Jun/09 Solo

Really good day out, 10:10 Glenbrittle - Sligachan, 6:53 Gahrs Bein - Gillean! It'll be the record next, Es Tres, watchout!!

Hidden 10/Jun/09 AltLd dnf
CalumC 08/Jun/09 AltLd rpt

A much colder day than last year - more pleasant. 12:45 pp this time due to larger group and more roping up. Fiona returned to the campsite after the inn pinn.

with Fergus, Ferdia, Fran (Fiona)
ferdia 08/Jun/09 Solo O/S

seconded TD gap, the chimney & naismith's route

with Francis Hepburne-Scott, Fiona Mellor, Fergus Cuthill, CalumC
Ralfy 02/Jun/09 AltLd O/S

Bivvy 1 night, perfect weather. I carried rope.

tomhull 01/Jun/09 AltLd

14hours 12minutes GB to gillian, lead td gap, seconded kings chimney, soloed inn pin, lead second pitch of naismiths. water stashed at an dorus. bivy at corrie grunda night before

with martyn stott
Paul-Michael 01/Jun/09 -

Four of us biveyed on Sgurr a Choire (Peter Templer joined us but had to bailout before the TD gap due to knee problems) before setting off for Gars-bheinn witch we reached at 04:00. Paul lead the TD gap this was the only pitched climbing as we took Collie's Ledge becouse of queus on King's Chimney. We spent an hour plus looking for Naismith's Route trying a few lines before giving up and pushing on. We reached Gillean at 21:00, I reached the Sligachan in about 2 1/2 hours.

with Richard Andrews, Paul Nurse
Hidden 01/Jun/09 2nd
Fergus Cuthill ?/Jun/09 -

12 hours 45 min peak-peak

with CalumC, Ferdia Fran
Hidden ?/Jun/09 AltLd
Hidden ?/Jun/09 2nd
oliverk 30/May/09 Solo O/S

Avoided TD Gap and Kings Chimney due to wet rock

with Michael
Hidden 30/May/09 Lead
Lawrence Eccles 19/Apr/09 Solo O/S

Sunny day. About 9h15 peak to peak. Dropped off ridge before Bidean nam Bian to get water. The rest of the ridge flew by, maybe because of the water. Took about 16h35 from start to finish (which is the start). Was glad to get back to tent and sleep.

tomdude ?/Apr/09 -

Two days. Skipped the bastier tooth as we were a tired scared trio, will be back at some point....

with robertmichaellovell, lawrence
Hidden ??/2009 AltLd
Hidden 21/Jul/08 Solo
Hidden 08/Jul/08 Lead
Tenko ?/Jul/08 AltLd
with Jim Croft
CalumC 01/Jun/08 -

What a day! 2.5 litres water is a definite minimum on a hot day like this. 9.5 hours pp

with Ian Burton, Duncan Steen
burto 01/Jun/08 -

9.5 hrs summit to summit.

with duncan and calum
decs 01/Jun/08 -

9.5 hrs summit to summit. Blue sky, no suncream.

with Ian B and Calum
Tom Vivian ?/Jun/08 Lead dnf

Bivied at An Dorus, it rained heavily in the night. We decided to bail out.

AndyL 31/May/08 -

never been so thirsty in my life!! we didnt bring nearly enough water, and suffered as a result. Got there in the end though. left glenbrittle at 3.45am, arrived at sligachen at 2.30am on sunday morning.

with dad
Tanya Savage 26/May/08 -

Stashed drinks at An Dorus. Camped at Coir a Ghrunnda and walked to Gars Bheinn in morning. GB to Gillean 16 hours. Did TD Gap (Neil led), Collie's Ledge, An Stac (great), Inn Pinn, Basteir Tooth via Lota Corrie. Started the day very bold, got more wimpish by end - sore feet and tired. Approach shoes recommended instead of walking boots, but check condition of soles first!

Neil Pacey 26/May/08 Lead O/S

16 hrs Summit - Summit

9fingerjon 25/May/08 Solo O/S

Soloed all apart from TD gap. 3 abseils. About 10 hours end to end - V tired and thirsty by the time we reached Sligachen!

with James H and Tom N
perfectlynormalbeast 25/May/08 -

What a fantastic expedition. Lead TD gap, seconded Kings Chimney, soloed InnPin, lead second pitch of Naismiths route.

with Stuart Fox
beds74 25/May/08 -

Full day 17 hours. With Inn pin & TD Gap. Brilliant.

with Craig Hartley
Hidden 24/May/08 -
Mike Turner 11/May/08 Lead dnf
mjackson 11/May/08 -
Graham Westbrook 10/May/08 -
with mjackson, mattkemp70, Nick Carter
Hidden ?/May/08 AltLd
Jamie B ?/May/08 Lead

Bright but breezy; perfect conditions. Bivvied on Alastair.

Pigpen ?/May/08 -
Hidden ?/May/08 Solo dnf
Hidden ?/May/08 Solo dnf
mattkemp70 ?/May/08 AltLd
with Westy Mario and Geordie
TrollJester ??/2008 AltLd O/S
with VARIOUS Throughout 80's+90's
brockers ??/2008 Lead
with CarlZ
Hidden ??/2008 -
samking251 ??/2008 -
Mr.Billiams 29/Sep/07 -
with Sam Steve Rik
sgl 29/Sep/07 -

11 hrs

with Stevious, Will, Rik
Hidden ?/Sep/07 -
Hidden ?/Aug/07 AltLd
HIGHTOWER 14/Jul/07 AltLd dnf

Didn't get very far. Poor weather and a very slow second on the climbs.

with rusty8850, Chris Fawcett
lazyhopkins 17/Jun/07 AltLd O/S
with Brendan O'Mahoney, David Thomson
default_slipper 10/Jun/07 Solo

scary, but great fun

with tom sparkes
sparkoclimb ?/Jun/07 Lead
Rich ?/Jun/07 -
Hidden ?/Jun/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/07 -
richiegarside ?/Jun/07 -
with Harry Ellis
Ken Applegate ?/Jun/07 -
with Dave Kirby
Jonny M 28/May/07 Lead rpt
GiveHerHelen 28/May/07 2nd
with Jonny M
Wilbur 26/May/07 Solo

We only roped up for the TD gap. Took us 2 days with a bivvy half-way (planned). Perfect blue skies for 48 hrs - incredible! done with Caine, Rick, Gareth and Matt. Don't think i'll forget this one and mighty relieved to finish it...

BALD EAGLE 14/May/07 AltLd
with Christian Darr
Captain Solo 04/May/07 Solo

Es Tresidder flew past me on his recording breaking traverse. Great day but was gubbed at the end, 9hrs 40min Gars-beinn to Sgurr nan Gillean

viking ?/May/07 -
with wilbur
Chris L Hill 27/Apr/07 -

Pitched TD Gap (Simon Lead), didn't do Bhasteir Tooth (Need to go back for that one!) Took about 11 hours end to end, 15 hours Glenbrittle to Pub!

with Dirk Wallis, Simon Pearce
Hidden 07/Apr/07 -
Rich Kay ?/Apr/07 AltLd
with sherp
Ann S ??/2007 -

Done everything barring the TD gap and An Stac top, over the course of several trips. Usually done in North to South direction.

with Various
Hidden ??/2007 -
innesmac ??/2007 -
tumbling wizard ??/2007 Lead
Slick ?/Sep/06 -
Jonny M ?/Aug/06 2nd O/S
with Stepan Ptacek
bill1 15/Jul/06 Solo O/S

Great weather, blue sky. 10h Gars-bheinn to Sgurr nan Gillean, plus 2h each end. All o/s solo inc down/up TD gap, An Stac, KC - tho left out Bhasteir Tooth - dehydrated, knackered and wobbling by then! Amazing day.

Peter Metcalfe 15/Jul/06 -
with Simon Blyth
rickyclimb ?/Jul/06 AltLd

With Mark Toshner. Bailed off early after 2 Munros due to appalling weather.

smollett ?/Jul/06 -

Unbelievably hot and sunny. Went through 8L water each in one day. Kept having to descend hundreds of metres for water. Slept under stars near am bastier.

Hidden ?/Jul/06 Lead O/S
duncan 14/Jun/06 Solo O/S

12 hours

Spade 10/Jun/06 -
with Ed Watson
Hidden 10/Jun/06 -
Boxy 09/Jun/06 Solo
Harry Ellis 06/Jun/06 -
with Rich Garside
mandy talbot ?/Jun/06 AltLd
Hidden 31/May/06 AltLd dnf
Hidden ?/May/06 AltLd dnf
steven ?/May/06 Lead

Only got as far as Inn Pinn. Need to quicken up the rock climbing. Camp on the ridge is essential for speed.

with Andy Taylor and Rob hunt
chicken88 ?/May/06 Solo O/S
with J.Bennets
chicken88 ?/May/06 Solo
with J.Bennets
Chris Sansum ??/2006 -
Neil Adams ??/2006 -
with Ben W and James S
aennis 07/Jun/05 -
with Colm Ennis
colenn 07/Jun/05 AltLd O/S

with aennis
davidw 06/Jun/05 -
centurion05 ?/Jun/05 -
with Dan Carroll
Hidden 24/May/05 -
craig h ?/May/05 Solo

Took 4 attempts, but well worth the effort. A classic UK route.

with Matt Ford, Jim Mellor
Claire Molloy ?/May/05 -
with Andy Birch, Mary Rutherfford
Hidden ?/Jul/04 AltLd O/S
JRClay100 25/May/04 -

Bloody Brilliant, can't anymore. A must for all alpineists

with D Haigh
Hidden 22/May/04 AltLd O/S
mattierd ?/Sep/03 -
with Richard J
Hidden ?/Aug/03 2nd O/S
John Pickles 25/Jun/03 AltLd
with Zac Poulton/Jill Singleton
dannyboy83 ?/Jun/03 -
Andrew Barker ?/Jun/03 -

22.5 hours from Glen Brittle to Sligachan.

with John Barker
Martin Thompson ?/May/03 Solo
arose ?/May/03 Lead

Single day. 10hours on ridge but did not climb Naisthmiths. Some Snow

with Jim Fenn
keith leonard ??/2003 Lead dnf

Done half, monsoon rain at 2am whilst bivi on sgurr alasdair descended great stone shoot.

with wife
steveb2006 14/Sep/02 AltLd

Steve Booth and Dennis May also climbing/traversing. Superb weekend. Complete the ridge next day. Chris and I get in a bit of extra climbing

with Chris Astill
James W ?/Sep/02 -

2nd attempt after monsoon in 2001, blue sky for 2 days, perfect bivvy, 9 hrs solid sleep just after in pin, set off at 6am after 12 hr drive from london. tired and thirsty at end. skirted td gap to get water on glen brittle side

with john sanday
Andy Clarke 06/Jun/02 Lead O/S

6-7 June 2002 with overnight bivvy. A truly memorable route that lived up to all the superlatives. Climbed via TD Gap and King's Chimney, but missed out Naismith's Route due to threatening rain and novices in the party. Unfinished business - a good excuse to do it again! Had glorious weather for first day and a half, but finished in rain. Led all the climbing pitches. Got to bivvy site around 10pm after climbing the Inn Pin in a gorgeous lingering twilight. Others left me to put my feet up while they went to collect the stash and I watched the sun hang above the horizon, sipping Talisker from my hip flask. One of my greatest alcoholic experiences! Thanks to Tommo for his usual excellent logistics and motivational leadership.

with HelenG, GavinS, MartinG, James, Tommo
Antony Mariani ?/May/02 AltLd O/S
with rlrs
rlrs ?/May/02 AltLd dnf

South to north until the Bhastier tooth.

Hidden ??/2002 -
Mickdenali ??/2002 -
with Gail Waller, Bob Macleod
Hidden 13/May/01 AltLd O/S
Paula Hamilton-Gibson ?/May/01 Solo
tompercy ?/May/01 -
with Mark Crawford, edahiggs
Steve Perry ??/2001 -
with Sue Kenworthy
EllieWoods ?/Aug/00 -
brianrunner 01/Jul/00 Solo

north to south. started 10am from sligachan and finished around 1am at glen brittle campsite. fantastic day out

with martina
martrin 01/Jun/00 -
Little B ?/May/00 Solo O/S
with Jane
Hidden 01/Jan/00 -
Rog Wilko ??/2000 Lead
with Debbie Wilkinson
Steve Lenartowicz ??/2000 -
with Ewan McA, Dave H, Steve G
Chad123 ??/2000 -
David Horwood ?/Oct/99 -
QuicNic ?/May/99 -

Group of 5. Left Glen Brittle at 3am. Top of Gars-Beinn at 6ish. Got to TD gap to find large queue so abbed in an bypassed the climb. Did Kings Chimney. Got to Inn Pinn to find extra large queue (25-50? people!!!) so decided to miss out as getting late. Continued to Gillean missing out Bastier tooth as no time before dark. Did Am Basteir from the other side after bypassing to the North. Then down to the Slig in the dark. Arrived at Slig about Midnight (~22hrs from Glen Brittle)

IanGilbertJones 02/Apr/99 -
mjeffery ??/1999 -
Pedro50 ??/1999 -
K Wall ??/1999 -
Ali MacDonald 10/Oct/98 Solo dnf

RAF MRT Training. Came off hill before Bruach Na Frithe due to bad weather and darkness.

with Paul Willson
butteredfrog ??/1998 -
Hidden ?/Sep/97 AltLd dnf
SimonN 19/Jul/97 -
Dom Goodwin 29/May/97 Lead
with Peter
Rob Davies ?/May/97 Solo dnf

I gave up, very tired, before the last 3 Munros, but Dave carried on. Roy went down with our bivi gear before the In Pinn. Only a little use of rope, as Roy knew how to avoid tricky bits! Light approach shoes would have been better than big boots.

with Roy Lindsay, Dave Ellis
tomkhoward ?/Jan/97 AltLd dnf

Tried a winter traverse and failed miserably due to bad weather. Started at the Sgurr nan Gillian end. Bivied just below the same summit on a snow ledge and descended the following morning in a white out. Great trip though! : )

with Rob Watts, Andy Plumb
nickcanute ??/1997 Solo
James Gordon ??/1997 -
Hidden ??/1997 Lead O/S
thomasburley 16/Aug/96 Lead O/S

Rained out of the Alps and Buoux, drove to Highlands, camped at Elgol, bar into Coruisk at 9.00am, up and away all day, bivvied 9.00pm-4.00am finished at Sgurr nan Gillean mid day. An hour in the river then walked back to Elgol !. No food for last 10 hours or so. Longest walk of my life. Best ever day out.

with Alan Mckay
abbeywall ??/1996 -
Bruce Kerr 04/Aug/95 AltLd
Dave Musgrove Jnr 21/May/94 Solo

Totally Amazing Day. Perfect weather, what an experience. 12 cans of beer to follow in the campsite.

with Emmy McCowen, Muir Morton
Richard Weller ?/May/94 AltLd
with David Gaskell
Hidden ??/1994 2nd O/S
roncaves 02/Jun/93 Lead dnf

South to north, bailed at Bruach na Frithe due to loosing daylight

with Jonathan Reid
Hidden ?/May/93 Solo
Tarquin ??/1993 -
Mickdenali ??/1993 AltLd

Done in a day after a few tries

with Bob Macleod
CMacD ?/Jul/92 -

3 litres of water each was not still enough and it wasn't particularly hot either. Must do it again, this time with either a halfway stash or a halfway bivi to take the time pressure off.

John Brayshaw 05/Jun/92 AltLd RP
nigehughes ?/Jun/92 Lead
with Steve Wright, Phil Glendinning, Nick Walker
timreynolds 24/May/92 AltLd

From Glen Brittle to south end - along to Great Stone Chute and back to GB. Too hot!

with Eric Sneyd, sdht
GuyC 21/May/92 Lead O/S

Rope used only on T-D Gap, Kings Chimney, abseil off In Pin and Bhasteir Tooth. 11 hours end to end with bivvy about 3/4of way round. A fantastic outing in perfect conditions which we only decided to do two nights before at chance meet up in Fort William over pizza and beer!

with Pete K
Tim Sparrow ?/May/92 -

Over 2 days, divvy by In Pin. Glorious fun!

Tim Sparrow ?/May/92 -

Over 2 days, divvy by In Pin. Glorious fun!

crossleysm ??/1992 -

c. 1992 with Rob cook, Rob Pawson

nigehughes ?/May/91 Lead
with Al Bennett, Neil Corstaphine, Nick Holly
Hidden ??/1991 -
Hidden ??/1990 Solo
Mickdenali ??/1990 AltLd
with Gail Waller, Bob Macleod
Fiskavaig ??/1990 Solo

Have done almost all of the main ridge (just a couple of small sections to complete) in sections, over many years, have stood on all the summits. Made one attempt at the traverse, bivied on the ridge, fantastic sunset. Woke to Skye rain! abandoned attempt, good decision, rained for the next two days! My favorite mountains.

Pete Pozman ?/Jun/89 AltLd O/S

Everything but the Tooth in pretty good weather with a bivouac near Sgurr Banadich.

with Sue Hartley, John Byrne
dale1968 ?/Nov/88 Solo
petemeads ?/Jul/88 Lead RP

Completed the basic ridge (Gars Bheinn to Gillean) in just under 8 hours, whilst attempting the Greater Traverse and failing due to rain & unfitness on my part

with Chip Chilton
Raggar 27/May/88 -

Soloed In Pin at 5.30am. Jon led Naismiths Baster

with roge, Chris B, Jon B
Gerald Davison ?/May/88 AltLd
with Dave Wynne Jones
Hidden ?/Oct/87 2nd
Nigel Bond 24/May/87 Lead
with Martin Cash
Neil Henderson ??/1986 -
Tim Bateman 16/Jun/85 Solo
with Dave Leadbetter
roncaves 20/May/85 AltLd dnf

South to north, slowed by a misty wet start, bailed at Thearlaich-Dubh

with John McKeever
JulianD ?/Jul/84 -

Two sunny days, south to north, bivvy on Sgurr Alasdair, descended before Am Basteir

with Will, Jindi, Roma
biggianthead 25/Apr/84 -
with G
scree ?/Aug/83 AltLd dnf

After an alpine start, a scorching hot day and a midge infested bivi in below Brach na Frithe we made it to the base of Gillean the next day, but both of us were exhausted and we retreated to the road. The closest I have come depite two further and much more experienced attempts.

with Tim
Hidden 12/Jul/83 AltLd
Hidden 09/Jul/83 AltLd
paul59 01/Jun/83 Solo

Completed 90% of traverse (except easier southern peaks) over 3 days - with poor weather / rest day in middle

with Paul Kirk
Hidden ?/Jun/83 Lead
Mark Kemball 28/May/83 -

16 hours from Glen Britle campsite to Sligachen

with Paul "Curly" Williamson
Hidden ??/1983 -
Steve Crowe 03/Jun/82 Solo

I did it again a few years later with my sister.

steveb2006 31/May/82 AltLd

Started from Loch Coruisk - bivvied on ridge and finished following day - lovely weather

with Barbara Gibbons, Trev Bird, Dave O'Dowd
leland stamper ?/May/82 AltLd
with Mark V
biggianthead ?/Apr/81 -
with Bob
Bob M ?/Jun/80 -
with Roy Fisher
Jonathan Lagoe - UKC ?/May/80 Solo
with George Diprose
arduff ?/May/80 AltLd

Got lost just before end - but believe we did it!

with EUMC pals
Iain Thow ?/May/80 Solo

A stunning day. Bivvied on Garsbheinn, left at 4, Gillean at 16.15. Should have gone on to do Greater Traverse but too tempted by the sight of the Slig on a hot day!

Falko 01/Jul/78 Solo

Long time ago but I remember that we ran most of it and got very low on water. I can't remember carrying a rope.

with Bill Briggs
DonnyDave 10/Jun/78 AltLd
with Ray Banks, Marilyn Banks, Steve Holgarth
andybirtwistle 30/May/78 AltLd
with Ed Williams
Hidden ?/Aug/77 -
RichardMc 02/Jun/77 AltLd O/S
with Dave Langmead
mike mo ?/Jul/76 Lead O/S
with Ian G
uphillnow ?/May/76 -

Did extra munro's. From G Brittle and south to north. Fine to half way then rain. 12 hours

with Ian Roberts, George Wilson, Al Bennett
Martin Bennett 17/May/75 -
with Bob Thomson, JD
Derek Ryden ?/Jul/73 -

Done in a heatwave. 12 hours summit to summit. Had to stop en route for an hour to re-hydrate. OPne of the best days ever.

with Colin Morrison
Hidden ??/1971 -
Hidden 10/Jun/67 Lead
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