Big slap out right to sloper to join crack at half way point and finish left up it.

Ticklists: The Stick It Tick List.

Bex 20/Jan Sent dnf
Andy Moles 31/Dec/17 Sent rpt
with crew
burto 31/Dec/17 Sent
with ferdia, moleo
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 10/Dec/17 Sent rpt
Bentwood 05/Dec/17 -
philipjames 29/Oct/17 Sent
with Jake Rogers
Rob slarke 28/Oct/17 Sent x
OllieBrkr 28/Oct/17 Sent dnf

Found it harder and harder to make the first slapper move. Got to the last move several times but couldn't make the lunge for the last hold.

Jonny Slarke 14/Oct/17 Sent β
nia 09/Sep/17 -
Lord_ash2000 09/Sep/17 Sent x

Not to bad once we sussed the move to leave the crackline near the top.

with Jonny, Nia
Connor Flynn 03/Sep/17 Sent
with euan, ash
aliblacky 30/Aug/17 -
James Oakes 20/Aug/17 Sent
Hidden 12/Aug/17 Sent rpt
ukb & bmc shark 10/Aug/17 Sent

Tried the sitter as well and got as far as the slap for the sloper twice

with Ben & Tom
Peterannand890 29/Jul/17 Sent
JacobCrisp 20/Jul/17 Sent x
robertmichaellovell 18/Jul/17 Sent
with Adam Gregg
colinmckay8 26/May/17 Sent x

Hottest day of the year, almost 30 degrees. I'm sure the sloper rail has been in better condition.

Ursula 21/May/17 Sent x
with Mary
Jay.Carr 06/May/17 Sent x
Hidden 26/Apr/17 Sent
Hidden 06/Apr/17 Sent rpt
Smith42 22/Feb/17 Sent x

Done but would be damn sight easier if I could man up and learn to jam!

david morse 04/Feb/17 Sent x

With a bounce start

with KT
Hidden 01/Jan/17 Sent rpt
nathanlee 19/Dec/16 Sent β

Good fight

with Howard, Ferdia, Mal Scott, Duncan Campbell
ferdia 19/Dec/16 Sent rpt

2nd go today. one of my favourite problems.

with Duncan Campbell, Nathan Lee, Howard Lawledge, Malcolm Scott
Duncan Campbell 19/Dec/16 Sent

Really good problem. Sustained interest despite the first move being the hardest. Briefly tried the sitter

with Ferdia, Howard Lawledge, Nathan Lee, Malc the Scott
Harry Chaplin 03/Dec/16 Sent x
Hidden 30/Nov/16 Sent x
Mattlamb90 22/Nov/16 Sent x
with Sally, Mill, Kath
JoshRawson 17/Nov/16 Sent x
with Liam Robertson, Ben Robertson
Hugobristol 27/Oct/16 Sent
with blaza1
blaza1 27/Oct/16 Sent β
waynem1985 23/Oct/16 Sent x
Tim Blake 01/Oct/16 Sent
Keith C 29/Sep/16 Sent x
Andrew Jennings 25/Sep/16 Sent rpt
with NickBradley, Phil Yeomans, Emma Harris, Rob Lonsdale
Bloke on a Rope 14/Sep/16 Sent x

Was well pleased to persevere and get this one, had to put in loads of foot movements in order to keep my weight directly below the slopers, surprisingly sustained for such a short prob!

with Vic, Matt
AxelC 16/Aug/16 Sent
Hamfunk 26/Jun/16 Sent x

Not too bad with the beta

with ScottA2, RossA2
Nathan94Noble 28/May/16 Sent x
Thomnomnom 25/May/16 Sent x

Really good, used a small left foot and a right heel to reach up to the sloper/dish via an intermediate. Then I fell off the top of the sit start a great many times.

with Blez
jonskippy 01/May/16 Sent

Second go after getting good beta. Couldn't do this last time I climbed here so happy to send!

Jason Bullen 23/Apr/16 Sent x
with Jasmine Ryan, Neil Glover
Hidden 17/Apr/16 Sent
Arran W 10/Apr/16 Sent x
mr_nsglover 02/Apr/16 Sent x


with Jason Bullen
Hidden 26/Mar/16 Sent
KieranFallows 28/Feb/16 Sent x
amccann 06/Feb/16 Sent x
Hidden 06/Feb/16 Sent x
OERees 03/Feb/16 Sent x
sergiorast 18/Jan/16 Sent x
Hidden 10/Jan/16 -
LouisJones ??/2016 Sent
Hidden ??/2016 -
tom rookes 23/Dec/15 -
sduke85 ?/Dec/15 -
Hidden 10/Oct/15 Sent x
Boj S 31/Aug/15 Sent x
Andrew Jennings 30/Aug/15 Sent rpt
radioshed 08/Aug/15 Sent rpt
with Heather
Timothy Graham Peck 01/Aug/15 Sent x

satisfying to find the right body position finally!

Noone 28/May/15 Sent x
radioshed 16/May/15 Sent x
with Heather
jonti 15/Apr/15 Sent x
Hidden 09/Apr/15 Sent dnf
Alex Mason 06/Apr/15 Sent
with Jemma Powell
Peace89 28/Feb/15 Sent x
stugreen75 27/Feb/15 Sent x
Hidden 17/Feb/15 Sent
innes 07/Feb/15 Sent x
with Nathan, Tom W, Ruth
arrang 06/Feb/15 Sent x
Hidden 25/Jan/15 Sent
radioshed 11/Jan/15 Sent rpt
with Heather
GPN 03/Jan/15 Sent
with Annette
iamstebarker ?/Jan/15 Sent
Futers ??/2015 -
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 20/Dec/14 Sent
robertmctague 14/Dec/14 Sent
with Ben
darunniff ?/Nov/14 Sent x
with Lia
Stuart S 25/Oct/14 Sent dnf

Highpoint was tickling the crozzles further up the crack from the sloper, but I was losing skin on the starting holds faster than I was making progress on the finish.

radioshed 20/Oct/14 Sent rpt
PeteWilson 25/Aug/14 Sent

second go, cool problem, didn't realise the 7a started slightly right

with John P, Andi T, Dave
Hidden 16/Aug/14 Sent x
spiderz 12/Aug/14 Sent x

Eventually :)

with Laura
Ross Young 10/Aug/14 Sent dnf

On the to-do list

radioshed 10/Aug/14 Sent rpt
with Ross Y
Hidden 29/Jun/14 Sent
fyfee8a 29/Jun/14 -
radioshed 15/Jun/14 Sent rpt
with Heather
JamesTurnbull97 05/May/14 Sent x
joe.91 04/May/14 Sent x

Rather greasy when we arrived, got better with every attempt.

with Colin
Angus12345 03/May/14 Sent x
jfreeman 20/Apr/14 Sent x
with Ben Freeman, Jack Metcalfe
gregcourtney 18/Apr/14 Sent x
with Dan Turner
Hidden 12/Apr/14 Sent
BedRock 18/Mar/14 Sent dnf

last move proving troublesome!!!grrrr

Sean Bell 17/Mar/14 Sent
with Ian Paterson
Hidden 16/Mar/14 Sent β
AndyDWilson 16/Mar/14 -
Ian Paterson 14/Mar/14 Sent β
Andy Moles 02/Mar/14 Sent rpt
with Ferdia
Soundwave_666 24/Feb/14 Sent x
Harry Holmes 23/Feb/14 Sent rpt
with Angus, Estern Seddon, Tom Stork
ferdia 22/Feb/14 Sent x
with Eddy Cole
John 'B' Hutchinson 06/Feb/14 Sent rpt
with Chris Everett
Joe Lawson ??/2014 Sent x
Andrew Jennings 28/Dec/13 Sent rpt
radioshed 08/Dec/13 Sent x
with James Priestly
Hidden 16/Nov/13 Sent rpt
danjimwill 29/Oct/13 -
masonwoods101 29/Oct/13 Sent β
nai 29/Oct/13 Sent x
with Tom2t
schof 28/Oct/13 Sent x
with northern dave
Hidden 28/Oct/13 Sent x
Alison2 22/Sep/13 Sent x
Ivan the terrible 20/Jul/13 Sent x
Stingraypoindex 08/Jun/13 Sent
Mike_Hayes 27/May/13 Sent
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 27/May/13 Sent x
clement 04/May/13 Sent
Russell Birkett 09/Apr/13 Sent
LRob 02/Apr/13 Sent
Mike Goldthorp ?/Mar/13 Sent
Sandy Moore 19/Feb/13 Sent
Fergus Cuthill 12/Jan/13 Sent x
Hidden 12/Jan/13 Sent x
efrance24234 31/Dec/12 Sent β
pete42mail 10/Nov/12 -
Macleod 04/Nov/12 Sent x
with anthony, dominic
Will Hunt 28/Oct/12 Sent rpt
will smith11 09/Oct/12 Sent x
with Ben Davison
jev 30/Sep/12 Sent x
with HWUMC
soph 30/Sep/12 Sent
with big team
Andrew Jennings 30/Sep/12 Sent rpt
with Megan Freeth, Sophie Whyte, Lindy Smith, Rob Lonsdale, Lee Cooper, Tim Heaton, Brian McAlinden, Andy Reeve
Sean Bell 17/Sep/12 -
with Fraser McIlwraith
penny.orr 15/Sep/12 -
Sean Bell 11/Sep/12 Sent
with Tim Cross, Mike Mullins, Dave Carnegie
rclarke 03/Mar/12 Sent
with ryan
MDowson 18/Feb/12 Sent dnf
Harry Holmes 18/Feb/12 Sent O/S
with Craig Holden, Tom E, liam ingram
Hidden 18/Feb/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 07/Jan/12 Sent x
Fraser 07/Jan/12 -
with assorted dudes
thebigfriendlymoose ??/2012 -
scott gibson ??/2012 Sent
fresherjohn ??/2012 -
uptown 06/Dec/11 Sent
highrepute 12/Nov/11 Sent
Sean Bell 07/Nov/11 Sent
with Tim
Hidden 23/Oct/11 Sent dnf
Will Hunt 22/Oct/11 Sent rpt
DJayB 28/Aug/11 Sent x
karol dubas ?/Aug/11 Sent x
Hidden 31/Jul/11 Sent dnf
Hidden 02/Jul/11 Sent x
RAH 01/Jul/11 Sent x
with Kris
Kris Devlin 19/Jun/11 Sent

Uber Classic

with Thor
f_grant111 ?/Jun/11 -
xican 27/May/11 Sent x
paulr90 27/May/11 Sent
Fraser 21/May/11 Sent dnf
with assorted dudes
Hidden 15/May/11 Sent
Hidden ?/May/11 Sent
loonyclimber 16/Apr/11 Sent

Different sequence this time, far easier! Fantastic Problem!

with Lee & Andy J
willh88 09/Apr/11 Sent
with Euan
jimmyrua 02/Apr/11 Sent x
with Johnnie Bean, Nat Feather, Peter Philips
peterp 02/Apr/11 Sent x

hard at the top - another session being humbled by Kyloe, I'll be back, soon!

with Irish James, Nat, Beans
benj_d 01/Apr/11 -
gowdy ?/Apr/11 -

sitter next time

Greg Boswell 14/Mar/11 Sent x
Sean Bell 08/Mar/11 Sent

Again.Must nail the sit start next time.

with Mike Mullins, Dave Carnegie
Hidden 27/Feb/11 Sent x
ChrisCSC89 16/Jan/11 Sent x
Hidden ??/2011 Sent x
crozier ??/2011 Sent x
with dunc
Hidden 14/Nov/10 Sent dnf
cheesequestion 07/Nov/10 Sent x
with Andy Mitchell
Andy Moles 03/Nov/10 Sent rpt
with Adam, Robert
Hidden 23/Oct/10 Sent x
Dave Warburton 23/Oct/10 Sent x

Bon. but pulled a tendon in a pocket :-( fucksake

with Daff, KP, DK, HuwGoodal, Ewan, Will Hunt
Will Hunt 23/Oct/10 Sent x
John 'B' Hutchinson 14/Oct/10 Sent x
mark mcgowan01 14/Oct/10 Sent x


jim.macp ?/Sep/10 -
leepip 28/Aug/10 Sent
with Rob, Jen,+ Justine
loonyclimber 28/Aug/10 Sent x

Awesome moves in a fantastic setting

with Jen, Lee, Justine
rick cawthra 10/Aug/10 Sent
rick cawthra 10/Aug/10 Sent
frasermc 07/Aug/10 Sent β
Beardyman 28/Jul/10 -
Fergus Cuthill 28/Jul/10 Sent dnf
with Pimp, Ferdia, Andy
Hidden 19/Jun/10 Sent
mantle87 ?/May/10 Sent x
Sean Bell 14/Apr/10 Sent
with Dave Carnegie
BobbyG 09/Apr/10 -
PaulOgden 02/Apr/10 Sent x
peewee2008 24/Mar/10 Sent
with Caleb
Hidden 14/Mar/10 Sent x
TomHaigh 08/Mar/10 Sent x
with Drew Withey, Phil Parker
mshorter 06/Mar/10 Sent
with jen+alex
scott gibson ??/2010 -
Beardyman ??/2010 -
Hidden 28/Dec/09 Sent β
Andy Moles 25/Oct/09 Sent x
with -
Maragmhòraix 02/Sep/09 Sent x
GPN 29/Aug/09 Sent
ANC 02/Aug/09 Sent dnf

No skin so couldn't keep working it....another day.

Hidden 02/Aug/09 Sent dnf
Hidden ?/Jun/09 Sent
beegsyboy 29/Apr/09 Sent x
Hidden 22/Mar/09 Sent dnf
peterbull 14/Mar/09 Sent
Hidden 23/Feb/09 Sent rpt
James Prowse 31/Jan/09 Sent
with Mandy Ponton
mgeek 26/Dec/08 Sent rpt
with Neill Busby
Hidden 02/Dec/08 Sent rpt
whistler 29/Nov/08 Sent O/S

awesome. fell of the last move doing the sitter!

with Tim, Mark
Hidden 16/Oct/08 Sent rpt
Hidden 23/May/08 Sent rpt
Hidden 05/Mar/08 Sent rpt
Hidden ?/Oct/07 Sent x
Richard Hession 10/Feb/07 Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2006 -
Hidden 28/Feb/04 Sent
+4apeindex ??/2002 -
Boy ??/2000 -
Adam Lincoln ??/2000 -
Mike Owen ?/Apr/97 Sent
with John Gaskins, Tim Hatch, Elaine Owen
sadams 22/Feb/97 Sent
with Team Midlands
whispering nic ?/Apr/96 Sent
Andrew Jennings ??/1994 Sent
Steve Crowe ??/1992 Sent
gme 01/Jan/90 -
Bruce Kerr 24/Nov/84 Solo
andybirtwistle ??/1980 -
peppermill ??/0000 Sent dnf
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