Climbs 71
Rocktype Trachyte
Altitude 144m a.s.l
Faces S

Evening climbing at Traprain Law © planetmarshall

Crag features

This wee crag is perfect for beginners, an easy half-day or summers evening, offering interesting climbing in the lower to middle grades. Dries quickly and climbing can be had at anytime of the year. The routes are relatively short, well protected and the non-serious feel of the crag is pleasing.

Approach notes

Take great care when parking at the bottom not block the road, nor access to fields.

Access update from the access officer - April 2013

The farmer accepts that people have a right to get to the crags and has said that people can walk the original route, across the crops until a better route is created.

His intention is to build a carpark at the bottom of the right of way at the west side of Traprain and for there to be a path from the carpark to the crags.

Having had a look this week (30/04/2013) please take care not to stray off the line of the old wall as there are crops planted across the full width of the field.


Hot climbing today. Grt easy parking and path.
Nick_Scots - 23/May/15
was here a couple of week ago, and either lost or had taken a full pack of micro nuts, did anyone see them? cheers
boab212 - 09/Jul/14
Wonderful training crag, was here after a long hiatus and the routes gave a perfect warm up on to some tricky problems on the upper mid grades. Some moss but otherwise v dry. Easy to find as long as you park on the south side of the law.
c4tch - 23/Jun/13
A lovely crag for a gentle evenings climbing, polish is not bad at all (especially for those used to the delights of South Quarry)
edinburgerboulderer53 - 26/Oct/11
MacNiven's Left hand variant and Wobble are superb; easily worth ** and quite hard. Great rock. didn't see any scratch marks from Ice climbing though but what pr*cks would do that anyway?!
Ian Jones - 22/Sep/08
Maybe I'm a bit soft, but an hour's walk to an outcrop seems to defeat the purpose of having outcrops! You'd get to the bottom of most routes in the 'Coe faster!
Jamie B. - 10/Aug/07
I agree that access is not impossible by public transport.. Why, the bus stop at the bottom of east linton is right next to the access path, and it is a lovely walk along the river, past Hales Castle and up the track.. Easily navigable as well, since you can see traparin itself from pretty much anywhere.
Robfromcornwall - 19/Jan/07
Word up Mehmet! We did a crackin walk from east linton along the river, past the castle and round the back of the law in 45min..... why is it that climbers have such an aversion to walk ins? thgen spent 6hrs on the crags, walked backed the shorter route along the road and got a pint before goin home. beaut!
Neil Mackenzie - 16/Jun/06
I would just like to say going to Traprain Law on public transport isn't impossible at all. Get the bus to East Linton and it's an hour's walk along flat ground from there. If you're used to walking to mountain routes this shouldn't be a problem at all. Maybe I'm biased as if I didn't rely on public transport I'd never get to go climbing at the moment? It's worth going to but the polish can be an issue. mehmet
Mehmet Karatay - 15/Feb/06
A superb place for those with cars. Aggree entirely with Reuben.
Sam - 12/May/03
A lovely place... but I wouldn't even think about getting there on public transport. The polish is severe, and as such, the Hawkcraig's rough dolerite is probably better for beginners (and the gear's easier to spot). The outlook counts for a lot, but it can be exposed to the wind.
Reuben - 17/Mar/03
This is not a winter climbing venue but some clowns seem to have been treating it as one. There are scratches all over the place now.
Gordon - 27/Apr/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Overhang Wall
2 Flake 1 S 49
3 Flake 2 D 64
4 The Right Edge VS 4c 49
5 Steptoe S * 247
6 Moss Groove
VD 53
7 The Shield
HVS 4c * 21
8 Down My Street E1 5b 4
9 Flake Wall
D 26
10 Flake 3 D 137
11 Flake 4 S 117
12 Torque HVS 5a 33
13 Swingin'
VS 5a 32
14 Left Edge S ** 587
15 Via MacNiven VS 5a * 274
16 Via MacNiven Variation VS 4c * 89
17 Wobble VS 5a * 184
18 Piglet HVS 5b ** 184
19 Piglet's Not Gay E1 5b * 6
20 Burp HVS 5a * 251
21 The Chute E1 5b * 91
22 Great Corner S ** 742
23 Great Corner (direct start)
S 4c 102
24 Sabre Cut VS 5a ** 258
25 Staircase VD 257
26 Slab and Tickle HVS 5b 38
Climb name Grade
27 Fake Route S * 419
28 Cats Paw HVS 5b 9
29 Falseface S * 177
30 Deception VD 399
31 Wheech's Overhang VS 5a * 84
32 Ripple Rib S 22
33 Ripple Rib Direct VS 4c 4
34 Via Dolorosa S 15
35 The Western Girdle VS 5a * 13
  Lammer Wall
37 Retard Arete VS 5a 92
38 The Direttissima VS 4c * 170
39 Tiger Wall HVS 5b * 65
40 The Vertical Ladder VD * 424
41 Double Stretch S * 355
42 Double Stretch - The Keystone Variation HS 32
43 The M.S. Route HS ** 366
44 Pinch HS * 246
45 Pinch Variation VS 5a 65
46 Brute
S 250
47 Pedestrian HS 78
48 Spider Route 1
S 128
49 Spider Route 2
S 126
50 Shuffle
VD 145
51 Floggle Toggle
VD 88
52 Parabola S * 15
Climb name Grade
53 Queue Corner S * 92
54 Turf Trundle VS 4b 9
55 Flakers Cushion VS 5
  Hexagon Wall
57 Hexagon Wall VD * 137
58 Hexagon Edge HS 4a 2
59 Dangle HVS 5a * 11
60 Sod Dangling HS 5
61 Frodo HS 4
62 Tipp
E2 6a 1
63 Beatle Crack E1 5c * 3
64 Hanging Crack
HVS 5a 2
65 Utang
VD 5
66 Pip's Pillar
VS 4b 2
  Diamond Wall
68 Easy Ticket
S 1
69 The Fox
E3 6a  
70 Black Diamond
71 Diamond Back
E1 5a  
  Traprain Law Quarry
73 Stairway to hell HVS * 2
74 Mordor crack HVS * 2
75 The doomsday prophecies E2 *  
76 Traprain Law HS 2
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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