Climbs 138
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 28m a.s.l
Faces NE

Red with Rage (7b) on the Sea Wall at Oxwich © Mark Glaister

Approach notes

For The Red wall (sea wall near the landslide), easiest access is along the beach, but this is often slippery when wet. For the secret Oxwich follow the costal path past the church, up the steps, along the flat path for around 1km then drop down another set of steps which comes down to overlook the quarry. Along the side of the quarry there is a wooden fence hiding the edge. To get down to the quarry, at the left hand side of the fence there is a steep path down. Alternatively you can walk around to the end of the path which comes out on the beach (at low tide) and you can cut back up though the trees to the crag.

Restricted Access

There has been a major rockfall at this location (Dec 21st) and climbers are asked to avoid this venue until CCW have managed to make a full assement of the rockface. There are no access difficulties provided climbers do not exit the cliff tops, avoid excessive vegetation damage and do not encourage the general public into the quarry area. BMC are working with CCW on a local proposal to clean-up this crag - watch this space.

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Gower Rock (2012)
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Bouldering topo is almost done then we can put all of these blocs in order. Its very confusing at moment even if you know the spot
simon rawlinson - 08/Apr/14
Hey guys visiting in a couple of week, any chance of any topos? Cheers.
sideshow84 - 08/Apr/14
Any topo's for the bouldering knocking about? Thanks
lewisgadd - 02/Nov/13
Yes, go for it. Its open now - I wouldn't want to be moderator anymore given the crags overall instability! Cheers
goi.ashmore - 20/Jun/13
We are developing the boulders and there will be a topo soon. Can anyone with a problem f.a please upload soon so there is no confusion with f.a. Will be an amazing venue. Also goi if you don't mind can I have moderator as will help. Cheers
fyfee8a - 22/Mar/13
I tried to find this location, but failed, I was wondering if someone could update the "Access notes"?
hi2uppl - 05/Jun/11
I have finished adding all missing climbs at Secret Oxwich, here is a list, in order of the climbs. LEFT TO RIGHT Load Of bullocks Underneath The Larches Life's Too Short (listed as un-named[No4]) Snatched From The Cradle Cradle Snatcher Baby Boing Boing Laughing Boy Baby Bouncer Teenage Kicks Me Inheritance Ox-Over Moon (listed as Un-named [No 10]) Dynamo Kiev Grated Expectations Anonymous Flare Toxicology Hubble Rubble Soil And Shovel Anoek Clear Missile Dirt Box Cradle Of Dirt Filthy Snatch Cauldron Of Satyr Devil's Brew Hope this is helpful. Probably would be of use to have this crag seperate from the rest of the Oxwich climbs.
Craig Seaman - 17/Apr/11
Also, a lot of the climbs in this area are in the wrong order.
Craig Seaman - 16/Apr/11
The "new Oxwich" or "secret Oxwich" part of the crag is well out of date on here, A lot has been rebolted (April 2011) will try and update as well as possible.
Craig Seaman - 16/Apr/11
Following the pre-Xmas landslide, it looks like the routes from (and including) Red Leicester to Sweet September are now gone.
nikgoile - 28/Dec/09
There has been a recent massive landslide here which has obliterated quite a few routes. Will post another comment when I've worked out what is gone.
nikgoile - 22/Dec/09
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Climbs at this crag

52Red October7a 2
53Sniff That6c 2
54Sika This7a 2
 Collapsed Cliff 
56Red Leicester6a 2
57Root GrabbingE4 5b  
58For Sportsmen Of The Epoxy Clips6c+ ***9
59Whey It Up7c 1
60Sweet September7a *2
61Epoxy Clips Now7a 1
62Big Cheese7a **3
63Extra Ordinary Little Cough/NikeE1 5a *3
64Ambrosia Mountain7b+ 1
65The Route Of All Evil8b+ * 
66Sansarete8a * 
67Inferno8a+ * 
 Sea Wall, AKA Red Wall 
69Little CrackerHVS 5a 2
70Beyond All Resin6c *11
71Resin D'Etre7a+ **10
72Two Of A Perfect Pair7b+ 2
73Red River Rock7b **14
74The Milkier Way7c *1
75Mars Attacks7a+ **4
76Red With Rage7b ***18
77Red Letter Day7b+ **1
78Written In Red7b **3
79Red Snapper7b+ *1
80Starkly Nameless7c+ ** 
81Bitchin7c ***18
82The Morgue The Merrier7b+ **5
83Missin' The Drink7b 1
84Kissin' the Pink6c ***84
85Pissin' the Sink7b *3
86Foamin' at the Gusset7a+ 4
87Inspector Glueseau7a *19
88Glue Year7a **10
89Settin' Stone7b *1
90Steel Yourself6b *33
91Steel Yourself Direct6c+ 4
92Far South West Corner
VD 1
93Groovy Chick6a+ *1
94Cradle Of DirtHVS 5a * 
 Oxwich Point 
96Milkin' the Link6b *5
 The Great Escape bloc 
99The Great Escapef7B ***14
100Immersionf7C ***10
101Immersion Extensionf7C+ ***4
102Round The Worldf7C **5
 Lost Bouys bloc 
104Lost Buoysf6C+ ***15
105Message In A Bottlef7B+ ***2
106Spikef6C+ **8
107Goonies Parade Rhf5+ *3
108Goonies Paradef6C+ **3
109Goonies Parade Directf6B *3
110Off The Blockf6A+ *1
111Project Purityf6C+ ***3
112Wigout Wallf6A+ *2
113Big Trouble AreteVB **3
 The Box bloc 
115The BoxV5 *1
116The slip areteV2 *3
117Real swellf7A+ **1
118Swell arĂȘtef6B **3
119Jack in a boxV0 1
 Hurt Locker Bloc 
121Bomb Squadf6A *5
122Hurt Lockerf6B+ 8
123Tour of Dutyf6C+ *5
124Snow Leopardf7A+ **7
125The Grasshopperf7A *3
126Sausage Groovef5 **3
127Worse things happen at sea!f5+ *1
128Leeky Sausagef7A **7
129The Crafty Sausagef6C *3
130Slap Stickf6B+ *2
 Full Moon ledge 
132Total eclipsef6B 5
133Coup De Tatf6C+ 3
134Half Moonf6C **9
135Full Moonf7B+ **5
 High Wall Bloc 
137High Wallf6C **4
138The Guppa Kingf6B+ 4
 The Corridor 
140Crystalf4+ ***3
141Crystal Traversef6C **4
142Bridge The Gapf7B **1
143Mind The Gapf7C+ **2
 The Grand Swan Bloc 
145Black Swanf6B **3
 Awaiting moderation 
147Life's too short6c *1
148Unnamed (Sportsclimbs Route Number 4)5a  
149Un-named6a+ 1
150Fyfes Aretef6C *1
151Dusty dirt boxf6C+ 1
152Mabinogion *f8B **2
 Routes Added from Rockfax Book 
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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