Climbs 149
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 58m a.s.l
Faces S

Dave Henderson on first ascent of 'Ossuary' E7 6c © Finn Clipson

Crag features

High-quality (but polished!) compact limestone with many fine routes, well-protected; up to 130ft single- and multi-pitch routes. Standard sandbags ... errr I mean intriguing technical delights include Sarcophagus (VS 4b) and Oesophagus (E1 5a), the latter a strenuous and technical jamming crack, the former a multidimensional chimney with significant speleological interest. Quality routes for all grades.

Approach notes

Take the S exit towards Chudleigh off the A38, follow the signs back to Chudleigh for about 600m (passing Rock House Garden Centre on the right - DO NOT PARK HERE) to a right turn at the police station into Rock Lane. Limited parking where the road widens by the entrance to Palace Quarry (please to not block the road, or park in the quarry entrance). Please note that the North Face is owned by The Rock Centre who have put in lower off for all the routes on the Eastern face - for North Face routes please call at the house to get permission to climb and park as above, not at the house. There are some routes in the quarry, but this is privately owned and access is not usually granted!

Take the footpath from a wrought-iron gate, follow a wall that follows the hillside. Where the path splits take the upper track, to a narrow neck of land. On your right is the begining of the North face. Follow a track that leads to the left, and with some scrambling you will arrive at Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo, further scrambling down right leads to the south face proper.

Commercial and educational groups wishing to climb on the South Face should contact Alexander Clifford for permission prior to using the site:

Alexander Clifford
Ugbrooke Park
South Devon

Tel: 01626 852179

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Chudleigh has a strange proliferation of pegs and in-situ threads that are right next to bomber wires. I ain sayin all the fixed stuff is right next to bomber wires, but that which is - any reason it shouldn't come out?
Andy Moles - 05/Apr/15
Bees nest seen at the top of Barn Owl Crack yesterday (6th March), instead of following route line I just went to the right finishing up at probably the same grade.
Matt Smith - 07/Mar/15
Does anybody know if there is any seepage at the moment?
tomwheeler - 03/Dec/13
Combined Ops and Machete wall are no longer soft E2's since both have lost pegs. Co-Ops is strenuous and fiddly to protect the moves into the white groove. Machete has only one Cassin Ring Peg at the crux and these have been known to fail. It is vital to back this peg up with small wires before running it out to the next resting hold.
Kafoozalem - 23/Oct/13
Took the secateurs up Central Pillar today and left it in a much more enjoyable state. If more people yanked the ivy off, bashed the stinging nettles down and trimmed the brambles Chudleigh would be almost perfect :-)
Kafoozalem - 10/Aug/13
Probably the most polished crag i have ever been to!
Dean177 - 07/Apr/13
Didn't see any bees up Barn Owl Crack yesterday. Did see a rather vicious looking hornet at the bottom of salome though!
Richard Morgan - 23/Jun/09
Often considered as polished and rubbish, chudleigh is a lot better than you would be lead to believe. Major scope for great days out - beautiful valley location with great views and easily accessible by Bus (25mins) from Exeter. "The Spider" (E1 5b) is spectacular!
SCGale - 18/Jun/09
There are still bees towards the top of Barn Owl Crack (11/05/2009)
tom169 - 14/May/09
Hello folks - a reminder to follow the guidebook info for access. The Rock Centre has nothing to do with the south face of Chudleigh Rocks. It is owned and managed by the Clifford Estate and English Nature. Access is, as always, from Rock Road (park past the police station). Please do not lie to the staff in order to park at the Rock Centre and gain access! Legitimate North Face climbers are always welcome with permission, but parking off site still applies
ecowaller - 03/May/09
Beware bees nesting 3/4 way up Barn Owl Crack 4/5/08
Kafoozalem - 04/May/08
There is an up to date dowhloadable guide at
Mark Kemball - 13/Feb/06
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Pixies Hole Area 
2EenyD 150
3MeenyD 150
4MineyD 114
5MoD 138
6Jim's FollyS 84
7Chainsaw MassacreHVS 5b 36
8One Foot in the Grave
HS 4a 75
E1 5b 1
10A Farewell to ArmsE3 6a **10
11Big Bird
E5 6b **12
12Seventh Seal
E5 6b * 
13Chudleigh OverhangHVS 5a *161
14Phoenix on FireE4 6b 3
15Dripdry IndirectE4 6a *2
16DripdryE4 6b **23
17Dream On DirectE5 6b *2
E1 5b **154
20GagoolE1 5b **183
21Gagool DirectE3 5c *30
22Gagool Direct DirectE4 6a **6
23Sly Boots McCallE4 6b **12
24Combined OpsE2 5b ***250
 Combat Wall 
26Fluffy HandcuffsE3 5c *5
27Combined CombatE2 5b **16
28CombatE3 5c ***87
29TendonitisE4 6a 23
30ObstreperousE6 6c 4
31OesophagusE1 5b ***263
32Before the stormE3 5c 27
33SarcophagusVS 4b ***474
34Sarcophagus (variation)VS 4a 13
E3 5c *14
36OssuaryE7 6c *3
37TossuaryE8 7a *1
38Into The Groove
E7 6c 3
39White EdgeE1 5b 20
40White Edge - Concerto
E3 5c **19
41Army DreamersE2 5c 9
43Green MantleD **306
44Green Mantle Variation 1a
HS 4b 34
45Tar Baby
S 4a 452
46Brer FoxS 4a 100
47Brer RabbitHS 4a 125
49Red DwarfE2 5c 7
50StarmanE1 5b 5
51Saturn FiveE2 5b *183
52Major TomE3 6a **57
HS 4a 73
54Ground ControlE1 5c *10
55Devils ElbowVS 4c 8
56Space OdysseyE3 5c 3
58White RastaE2 6a 4
59SchweinhundE4 6c * 
60Pigs Might FlyE3 5c **3
61Christmas CornerVS 4b 45
62BikoE2 5c 10
63SalomeS 4a *552
64Seventh VeilVS 4c 211
65Seventh Veil DirectE2 5a/b *137
66Pigs on the WingE2 5b 9
67Flinger's Sleight ReturnE3 6a 6
68Hot IceE4 6a *81
69KushE5 6b/c *3
71BangVS 6
72Monty Python's Flying CircusVS 3
73TNTVS 5a 157
74Crimp me a PastyE1 5c *10
75Guy Fawkes CrackVS 4c *112
76Smoke Gets In Your EyesE3 6a *35
77Smokey JoeE3 6a *18
78Charlie Chaplin Walks On AirE3 6b 10
79LootHVS 5b **126
80The Main Man
E4 6c ** 
E3 6a 2
82TwangE1 5b **234
83Highly StrungE4 6b 6
84ReekHS 4b *449
HS 4b 83
HS 4b 134
87Barn Owl CrackHVD **500
88Barn Owl VariantVS 4b 56
89Ashtree ButtressVD *98
90The SlotHVS 5a **94
91PangaE3 6a *19
92Island Racer
E4 6b  
93NapalmHVS 5a 7
94South FaceE4 6a *6
95...king Hell
E4 6b  
97South Face/ Machete Wall/ Penny Lane Combo
E4 6a **7
98Machete WallE2 5c **241
99Mortality CrisisE4 6a **75
100Mortality Crisis DirectE5 6a ***4
101Penny LaneE3 6b *36
102Penny Lane DirectE5 6b/c **3
103Inkerman GrooveVS 4c ***755
104Inkerman Groove Direct
HVS 5a **121
105Black DeathE4 6a ***93
106Wall right of Jammyf5+ 2
107White LifeE5 6b ***30
108Musical Women No2
E5 6b ** 
109WogsHVD ***885
VS 4b 20
111Central PillarHVS 5a 45
112TantalusE1 5b 22
113Bat CountryE3 5c *4
115ScarVS 4b *187
116Never On SundayHS 4b **486
117Never on Sunday Variation 2a
VS 4c 21
118Never on Sunday Variation 2b
VS 5a 19
119Leap Year FinishHVS 5a *51
120Stepping OutE3 5c *7
122The Fly
HVS 5a **109
123The SpyE3 5c **41
124The SpiderE1 5b ***333
125Great WesternVS 5a ***408
126ArachnophobiaE2 5b 5
127Arachnophobia into The Web (Right Hand)E2 5c **2
128The WebE4 6a 3
129EspionageE4 6a 4
130Pigs Ear
E4 6b  
131The Red BaronE6 6b *5
133StalactiteVS 4b 52
134Stalactite DirectHVS 5a *187
135Aching ArmsHVS 5a *8
136Grim ReaperE3 5c *85
137HarvestmanE5 6a *19
138Whoremoans ErectE5 6a **6
139WhoremoansE6 6b **6
140AtroposE3 5b *7
E6 6a 2
142West End
HS 8
143Stuff the E5sM 9
 Girdle Traverses/Bouldering 
145Rubble Trouble
VD 6
146Eastern GirdleE1 5b 6
147The Equation
E3 6a **4
148South face GirdleE1 5b 6
149Western Traversef4+ **14
150Arachnophobicf5 *4
151Gully Wall with Top Out (aka Saturn Five Direct Start)f6A ***14
152Gully Wall with Sloper top outf6A+ 3
153Gully Wall Low Traversef5 **4
154Robbie's Routef6A+ *3
155Limbo Groovef6B+ *3
156Simon's ProblemV9 **2
157Simon's Problem SitV10 *** 
158Dream On to Chudleigh Overhangf6A 6
159Big Bird Arete Startf5+ 4
160Farewell to Big Birdf5 *4
161Jammyf4+ *4

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