Climbs 158
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 370m a.s.l
Faces SW

Bouldering at Bone Hill Rocks © Sean Kelly

Crag features

The moor's most extensive and popular bouldering venue, with many interesting problems and some really tough ones waiting to be done, if you're good enough and want to impress the touroids.

Excellent descriptions of the various boulders and problems can be found on Dave Henderson's

Approach notes

Park at the car park off the B3387, to the E of Widecombe in the Moor. Walk N up the hill towards the boulders.

Yeah a photo topo on the Wave boulder would be good! I will try and make one this week.
Beastly Squirrel - 07/Dec/14
First time at Bonehill at the weekend, more reccy than climbing as was walking with girlfriend. Any of the locals fancy putting together a clear photo topo of the wave wall and it's recent additions? Could be me but wasn't so clear on Javu.
drewish - 03/Nov/14
Lots of variety in the problems. Difficult to really work the hard problems as they destroy your skin!!
TokyoFixedGear - 21/Oct/08
Great place to spend a day, or even a weekend. Lots of problems to keep yourself amused. Could even find some long routes of you wanted to break out the lead rack, not sure how difficult it would be but a good place to learn leading and rope work.
diggers - 14/Jul/08
This is an awesome area for bouldering, and well worth a couple of hours travel to get to. All around bonehill there are tors with some great problems and for all abilities, but just bonehill itself could keep you busy all day, and then some. the other surrounding tors are definately quieter though. the granite is punishing on the skin.
simon lippett - 06/Aug/06
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Climbs at this crag

61Right Slab DirectV2 ***18
62The Dark Side P41V0 *62
 The Scoops 
64P43V5 3
65The Scoop P46V6 12
66The ScoopV4 35
67Ivory MountainV9 1
68Arete left of scoopV8 **16
 The Bridge 
70P49 (Javu Guide)V5 2
71The Bridge P50
V1 87
72P51 Under the bridgeV6 ***19
73Problem 52E3 5b 6
74Emerald Crack (P53)V4 1
 Twin Cracks 
76Twin Cracks Sector P53V4 **4
77Left of Twin CracksV6 8
78Twin Cracks P45V0+ 88
79Twin Crack SS
V1 **19
80"4c" CrackV0 21
81Twin Cracks Left (javu 58b)V5 **14
 Rippled Wall 
83The Rippled Wall Arete P61V3 56
84The Rippled WallV4 ***270
85Rippled Wall Bum Start P62bV9  
86Rippled Wall P63V2 17
87Rippled Wall P65V2 **23
88Rippled Wall Traverse P66V2 44
89Rippled Wall Right Arete P67V1 *9
90Opposite Rippled Wall P69V0 **234
91Opposite Rippled Wall P69bV3 **9
 Umpire Wall 
93Umpire Wall left areteE2 5b 60
94You Cannot Be SeriousE3 6a 28
95The Umpire Strikes BackE3 6a 13
 Big Slab 
97Big Slab P73
V0 117
98Big Slab P74
VB 215
99Big Slab P75VB 134
100Big Slab P76V2 *23
101Multiple Lines Up The Slab 3a
VB 28
 Innocuous Traverse 
103The Innocuous Traverse
V0 184
104Innocuous Extension
V5 38
105Innocuous Extension Variation
V8+ 1
 The Tower 
108The Tower P80V2 *21
109The Tower P81V6 *3
 Neil Diamond Area 
111P83V5 2
112Tom's Traverse
V4 35
113Secteur Neil Diamond - P85bV5 **5
 The Wave 
115P86V5 **72
116Neither Here nor ThereV8 1
117OsillationsV8 ***3
118Something and NothingV8 ***7
119Catching the WaveV11 ***3
120Diamond DistrictV11 ***3
121Nazaréf8A+ ***2
122FloaterV9 *2
123The Green RoomV12 ***6
V10 ***10
125Tsunami (LH)
V10 *** 
126Tsunami ExtensionV11 ***1
127Tsunami Extension (LH)
V11 * 
128The Wave TraverseV10 **3
129The New Wave Traverse
V10 *** 
130Rip Curl
V6 **5
131Hang TenV9 **1
132The WaveV6 ***104
133The Wave (SDS)
V8+ **1
134The Wave FootlessV11 *1
135The Wave (Left Hander)V6 **21
136The Wave Left Hander (SDS)
V9 ** 
137Hanging Crack Low into The Wave
V7 **1
138Hanging Crack P89V3 166
139Hanging Crack low start
V5 **11
 The Trench 
142The Trench v3 (Javu p94)V3 *19
143The Trench TraverseV1 **175
144Low Trench TraverseV3 **37
145Bum CrackV0 52
146The Trench P96
V3 19
147P96 Eliminate
V8 *1
148P96 Variation
V6 **1
149The Trench P98V2 *34
 The Egg 
151The Egg Left
V4 **3
152The Egg Project
153The Egg
V8 **1
154Dirty Jam AlleyV3 **1
 Greg's Dyno Area 
158Greg's Dyno Secteur P99V1 **133
159Dan's dynoV6 **1
160Between 99 and 100V1 8
161Greg's Dyno Secteur P100V0 38
162Greg's Dyno Secteur P101V3 *61
163Greg's Dyno P102V3 176
164Greg's Dyno Secteur P103V2 32
165Calmer P104
V3 23
166Rockover right of Calmer
V0 ***5
168Sith P40B
V8 *4
169P49a (javu guide)V4 1
170Deep Crack *D  
171Big Slab *HS 3
172Peverted Squirm *S  
173The Waterman *f8B *2
174Feldspar Fracas *V5+ * 
175Tahini Traverse? *V3 * 
176Pe'ahi *f8A+ ***4
177Pe'ahi *V12 ***1
178Llama Farmer V5 6b *V5 **1
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