Climbs 147
Rocktype Gritstone

Faces NW

Eyeing up the crux © Nicholas Livesey

Crag features

An unusually high concentration of good VS routes for the Lancashire guidebook area

Approach notes

National Trust - no problems


Excellent location, catches the sun in afternoon and evening. Good rock with very little signs of polish, easy access from A62. As others have mentioned it's windy, even on hot days. Also must hold the record for most sheep droppings per square foot. Some of the routes may be a bit undergraded,(more so than Almscliff), so watch out.
Ridge - 24/Jul/06
Crackin' crag, easy access, good grit both natural and quarried. Excellent evening crag, quick run up the hill and away you go. Nice soloing, good landings !!! Windy but thats good because when surrounding crags are wet Pule Hill tends to be dry..Lots of star'd routes, evenings craggin', nice views, few pints at Carriage House pub afterwards, a good gritstone evening!!
Phil Davies - 15/Feb/05
Why is this in the Lancs guide? its in Yorkshire! Its a bleak old place & cold!
Simon - 01/Jan/05
Windy! Very, very Windy!
chris tan - 09/Jan/04
Now if I weasn't an adopted Geordie I'd be offended. Pule Hill is Yorkshire Territory, Huddersfield to be exact (born and bred there). Some good climbing if you're not looking for anything too extreme. Protection on most routes is good (try left and right unconquerables and Scott's wall). Get's a bit windy on top so take a fleece. Access is excellent, park at bottom of crag, 10 min walk on footpath to faces (steep hill, good for scrambling up too). Usually a few climbers there, not many groups, nice and isolated. Watch out for dead sheep in the belay areas! Oh and its windy on the top!
Mark Laverick - 09/Jan/04
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The Sentinel 
HS 4b 16
3The PeelerS 4b *79
4Overlapping WallE1 6a 4
5No TraverseVS 4c *79
6Tony's TraverseHS 4b 33
7No ExitVS 4c *36
8Traverse NotVS 5a *62
9Slopersf6A *1
10The Goat TamerHVS 5a 1
11Bed EndHVD **120
12Pule IndulgenceE1 5b 1
13Sentinel WallHS 4b 21
14Sentinel ChimneyM 24
 The Quarry - Northern Section 
16SchmarrenVS 4c 14
17StaubHVS 4c 13
18Skull ClimbVD *106
19Skull Climb Right-handS 4a 64
20The IliadVS 5a 14
21RetreatM 36
22MidasVS 4c 12
23Midas DiectHVS 5a 11
24Lethal LemonE1 5a 3
25Geoff's GrooveD 33
26The Great ScoopVS 5a **107
27GodspellE2 5b **27
28Sandy HoleHVS 5b 25
29Annual RouteHS 4b *59
30The BulgerVS 5b *19
31DedferHS 4c 29
32Blood Finger
HVS 5c 3
33Stray TupE3 6a *1
34So Sew
VD 19
VD 24
36Wall and Flake
VS 5a 9
37Ewe Bend
E1 5c *6
 The Quarry - Leprosy Wall 
VS 5a *3
40Return of the Silver Fox
E4 6b * 
HVS 5a *13
VS 4c 8
43Playing The ChordsE2 6a *3
44Mega Factor
HVS 5a *48
VS 5a 35
46VenusVS 4c 31
47Space Walk
VS 5a 23
VS 4c 26
VS 5a 18
50Masters of MyopiaHVS 5a 5
51Midsummer Scoop
E4 6a  
52Travelling Without Moving
E2 5c *4
53The Thief
E3 6a  
HVS 5a 3
VS 4b 22
56Bey Reyt Wall
HVS 4c 8
57Boozer's Way
HS 4b 19
58Blind Pew
E1 5c  
59Fusion ChimneyHVS 4c 7
 The Quarry - First Triple Wall 
61NecronomiconE4 6c **14
62War of the Roses
E4 6b *4
63Pretty Blatant
E5 6b * 
64PrettyblatantE5 6b ***1
E4 6b *1
66Odyssey VariantE4 6c *2
67Delilah Variant Start
E3 5c * 
68DelilahE1 5b **36
69Gold RushE2 6a *5
70SampsonHVS 5b *7
 The Quarry - Second Triple Wall 
72The RatcherVS 5a 19
73The 8-Foot KidVS 5b 10
 The Quarry - Third Triple Wall 
75Brian's Route
HS 4b 5
76Mason's Marauders
VS 4b  
77Sandy Cleft
VD 4
78ZingS 1
79Green Ridge
D 11
80Amazing Revelation
HVS 5a 1
 Wrinkled Retainer Buttress 
82Beached WhaleHVS 5c 2
83Whale Meet AgainVD 4c 11
84We are Butt MenVS 5a 2
 Crude Crack Area 
86Crude CrackVD 40
87Tariff WallHVS 5b 2
88The TokenE1 5b 16
89GodsendHS 4b *26
90Dusky DoddleHVD 4a 34
91Dusky Doodle AreteD 5
 Wrinkled Wall Area 
93AtlasVD 77
94Whacker's WallD 121
95Friendly OverhangMVS 4b 2
96AmenVD **171
97Plum PopperE3 5c **4
98SobeitVS 4c *26
99Wrinkled WallHS 4c 73
 Flying Buttress Area 
101MinotaurHVS 5a 25
102Minotaur Direct StartHS 4b 3
103Flying Buttress variation finishS 4a 5
104Flying ButtressHS 4b **280
105Flying AreteHS 4b 45
106Pilot CrackS 4a *50
107Zoot Allures
E3 5b 1
108Overnight Sensation
E2 5c *1
109Freak Out
E1 5b 2
110One Size Fits All
HS 4b 2
 Windy Wall Area 
112Hangover EdgeHS 4c **41
113Windy WallHS 4b *60
114Methane WallHVS 5b 1
115The SwingerHS 4a 29
116CelticHVS 5a 16
117Kletterschuhe CapersS 4a **84
118Kletterschuhe Capers DirectHVS 5a 4
119Coffin CornerVD *94
120Route 0.5S 4a 4
121Route 1HVS 4c 23
122Route 2VS 4c 22
123Blind ButtressHS 4b 41
 The Tomb 
125Furly 'ardS 4a *79
126Overhanging AreteHVD 4a *104
127Left RouteHS 4b 24
128Right Wall
S 4b 26
 The Apse 
130Strictly Commercial
E3 6b *2
131Apse Arete IndirectS 4a *29
132Apse AreteS 4a 17
133Brigit Perhaps
HS 4b 1
134Apse CrackS 4b 23
135Apse WallHVD 4a 27
137EelVD 16
138Routegrabber's Delight
HVS 6a  
139SHMHVD *35
140Arete Grabber
VS 5b 2
141Has BeenVD 85
142Lumpy Porridge
HVS 5a 7
143Ladder GullyM 22
144Ladder RidgeVD 71
145DeceitD 38
147FlackE1 5b *23
148Scoop WallVS 5a **64
149Cloister WallS 4a *34
HVS 5b 2
151SuspensionHS 5a 28
VS 4b *8
153Cracked RidgeS 4a 29
 Square Buttress 
155Squaring the CircleHVS 5a 9
156BungHVS 5b *18
157Bung Sit Startf7A *1
158Square ButtressVS 5a *88
159Last Ridge
M 21
160The Last Fling
S 4c 12
161Deceit (Arete)S 4a 2
162Square Buttress CentralVS 4c 1
163Square Buttress Right ArÍteVS 4c 1

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