Climbs 62
Rocktype Conglomerate
Altitude 158m a.s.l
Faces S

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Who needs euro limestone! Scottish conglomerate is where it's at! © mike71

Crag features

BIRDS NESTING 2019 All clear on all routes as Raven chicks have now fledged and left the nest area.

South facing conglomerate crag that has come of age with plenty of great sport routes. Now more open due to recent felling and is a sun trap throughout the year.


Can climbers please be sensible and do their latrine somewhere away from the crag as some corners are not very pleasant and there is a build-up of toilet paper and faeces. Thanks

DOGS AT THE CRAG - Can owners please lift their dogs pooh as the narrow tracks leading to and around the routes are now being littered with dog pooh which isn't pleasant when you happen to stand on when in your rock shoes. 

Approach notes

Park beside forest entrance keeping vehicular access free. Please keep to main tracks being created by local worthies including the Old Man of Moy who can be seen occasionally with a spade when the conditions are right. Be careful as he can be a grumpy old sod!

There have been problems with cars blocking the gate which is in use by estate vehicles - PLEASE PARK ON THE VERGE TO AVOID CONFLICT WITH THE ESTATE. THANKS

Who indeed needs Euro Limestone? What a great crag. Good pumpy conglomerate climbing with lovely views. Would be a 3* crag if you didn't have the thrum of traffic from the A835.
Giles Davis - 10/Aug/17
Who indeed needs Euro Limestone? What a great crag. Good punpy conglomerate climbing with lovely views. Would be a 3* crag if you didn't have the thrum of traffic from the A835.
Giles Davis - 10/Aug/17
Crux of The Seer is now much easier due to a 'new' hold appearing. 7a+?
Ean T - 28/Jul/12
Have just had a fantastic day here inbetween dropping the kids at school and picking them up again in good did it two days in a row and completed 12 great routes with more to go at. Fantastic effort to all those involved. N.B. Although realising the development is still in its infancy only two signs at the crag to warn of birds, both with route names to avoid but topos for crag still poor. I and my partner have climbed for a long time but found it difficult to know where the birds are nesting as we could make out three seperate nests of two owls & a raven. Please could either notices at base of routes to be avoided be placed or a plastic not cable tied to the bolts to prevent access untill topos have improved and be uopdated. Would hate to have this location removed by RSPB on grounds of disturbance through lack of info.
Northsea - 05/May/12
Popped past for a look today (no rope or partner), good effort all those involved with the recent work at this crag. Really look forward to getting on it.
Roberttaylor - 04/Jan/12
Moy Rock,Conon Bridge - Pudding Chimney - Severe - 31m Feb-68 First Ascent: Graeme Hunter, QT Chrichton Can you confirm this ascent, or was it done before 1968? Graeme Hunter
GN Hunter - 14/Oct/11
driven past many times and glad i stopped now, brilliant crag, climbing and setting. inspired me to get stronger.
Barber Baz - 12/Aug/11
Getting really popular now. To help reduce erosion please use the low angle approach path that starts from the very end of the steep logging track. This is much better for reducing erosion than the old path. WARNING- Please be very careful when pulling out from the parking due to fast overtaking vehicles on the main road.
nick carter - 10/May/11
One of the best mid grade sport venues in Scotland. The routes are long and well bolted. This crag deserves to be really popular. Big respect to the effort of all involved especially Andy Wilby.
sheppy - 30/Apr/11
Conglomerate!! Who needs Riglos eh. Completely bonkers and very cool. Long and pumpy (especially on the impressive main wall) and quite hard to onsight stuff but no doubt a lot easier for locals who have it wired and know where the "good grips" are. Watch out for a slipper feel to some of the holds.
Fiend - 10/May/10
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1 Eldorado 6a * 63
2 Holly Tree Groove 6a * 175
3 Conglomarete 4c * 199
4 Harderthanitlookscrack S 2
  Herring Wall
6 Moy Racer 6a * 179
7 The Herring 6c+ ** 111
8 Fighting off the Vultures 6a+ ** 320
9 The Old Man of Moy 6a+ * 338
10 Moy Bueno 6b ** 306
11 Pebbledash 6b ** 222
12 Corvus 5c ** 341
13 Scoopy Doo 6a+ * 94
  Raven's Wall
15 Ravens Nest 6a+ ** 33
16 Black Streak 6a+ ** 105
17 Pyramid 6a+ * 40
  Big Flat Wall
19 Match if you are weak 6c+ ** 46
20 The Dark Side 6c *** 147
21 Little Teaser 6b+ *** 347
22 Little Squeezer 6c+ * 27
23 Pulling on Pebbles
7a+ ** 94
24 Cobbledegook 7a+ * 9
Climb name Grade
25 The ticks ate all the midgies
7a *** 175
26 Cloak And Dagger
6c+ ** 82
27 Kitemark 6c ** 37
28 Pudding Chimney MS 2
29 Boggle VS 4b 1
  Seer Wall
31 One man went to Moy... 7a ** 74
32 Burning Barrels 6c * 80
33 The Seer 7b ** 105
34 The Seer left hand continuation
7b 23
35 The Fear 7b+ 22
36 The Adder Stone 6a+ * 32
37 The Adder Stone/Fear 7a * 3
38 Constant Flux 6c+ ** 40
40 Easy Slab 4c 206
41 Ankle Biters Delight 4c * 123
42 Ephemeral Artery 4c 99
43 Venus Return 4c ** 176
  Pebble Walls
45 Moy Soldiers 5c 207
46 Pebble Party 6a * 250
47 L Plate 5a * 203
48 The Fly 6a+ ** 204
Climb name Grade
49 Magnifascent 6a+ 41
50 Magnificrack E3 5b 6
  Forbidden Wall
52 Clansmen Wall Traverse V5 6b * 1
53 Silver Fox 7a * 36
54 The Clansman 7a+ * 21
55 Round the Bend 6a * 37
56 Hidden World 6a+ * 35
57 Flaky Start to Hidden World 6a 14
58 Forbidden Forest 7a 14
59 It's rock Jim, but not as we know it. 6c+ 23
60 Collywobbles 7a 5
61 Robert the Bruce's Spider 6a ** 121
62 Don't Look Down in Anger 6a+ * 78
63 The Curse of the Strong 6b * 62
64 Summer Solstice 6a+ * 41
65 'Ave it! 7b ** 40
66 I did it Moy Way 6b+ * 33
67 Red Setter 6a 22
  Roadside Boulder
69 East Side Story R to LTraverse f6A 3
70 South by West V3 1

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