Climbs 136
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 200m a.s.l
Faces W

Michelangelo © oldmorley

Crag features

A fine-granite quarry close to Castle Rock in St. Johns in the Vale. From a distance the quarry looks dangerously loose but closer inspection reveals some good solid areas of rock. Many of the routes when they were first put up were a mixture of trad and occasional home made bolt hangers. Many upper tier routes are hard to protect with trad gear and most have now been retro-bolted.

Not an aesthetic crag but good slab climbing and accessible for a quick hit.

Approach notes

Park in a layby just South of the quarry entrance, follow the zig-zag track to a T-junction, turn right and then up the grass ridge to the upper tier, or straight on to the lower tier.

Access Advice

No issues reported.
Last dash F6b, Twilight F5, The Quarryman F6a - theses routes are all now bolted and graded as above in latest lake district book
crabtreer - 31/Aug/15
Two house brick sized rock falls from the overhanging choss above the Charcoal Burners area last night. One was uncomfortably close.
r_o_b_h2 - 17/Jul/15
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Lower Tier 
2Stage Left6a 2
3Centre Stage6a 1
4Stage Right5b 5
5Footlights5b 5
6Encore5b 2
7Beyond The Fringe5a 4
8Moggy's MeanderVD 1
9Production Line6a  
10Synergy7a 6
11Dream Catcher6c ***3
12Skywalker6b+ 3
13Aquaman6b **8
14Waterworld6a+ **9
15The Revenant6b **3
16Endeavour6a **4
17Life begins at 406b **4
18Nappy rashHVS 5b *8
19No country for old men6b+  
20Baptismal vows6a+ 2
21Easter Rising6a+ 1
22Another poolside attraction6b **5
23Kill Bill6b 3
24Forever Young5a 10
25Seconds AwayVS 4c 15
26The Mutineer6b+ 10
27Marine's SlabHVS 5a *45
28Captain Pugwash revisited.6a 24
29Here's looking at Euclid6b+ ***9
30Viagra Falls6a **4
31Priaprism6a 2
32Scrotal Recall6a+ **14
33The Waterboys6a 6
 Bram Crag Wall 
6b **64
36Middle Earth
7b *33
37Bram Crag Wall
7a **54
38Wai Lord
7b+ *4
39A Shot in the Dark6b ***7
40Roughnecks6a+ **7
41Bolt from the Blue *6b **2
42Louper *6b+ **2
 The Danger Zone (name says it all!) 
44The Visionary *6a+ *2
45Flying Dutchman *6b+ **2
46This Charming Man6a 3
47Vanished Times6b  
48Antiques Roadshow6a+ 5
49Charm Offensive6b 4
50Cool Hand LukeE2 5c 3
51Dancing in the Danger Zone!6b 3
 Charcoal Burners Buttress 
53Best Western6a+ **4
54The Deviant6c+  
55Keep The Car Running6a+ 3
56Arcade Fire6a+ **4
57Silicon Crack
6c 4
58The Culling6c 3
59Slaying the Badger6a+ **13
60Ripping Yarns6a **15
61The Charcoal Burner6b ***32
62Sunbeam Talbot6a+ *27
63Jack the Dripper6b+  
 Sunburst Slab 
65Tin Can Alley6a **3
66Coup-de-grace6b ***20
67Grand Union6c ***27
68The Sunshine Gang6a ***78
69The Shooting Gallery6a **20
70Sunburst Slab6a *24
71The Woodcutter's Lullaby6c 1
72Stoker6c+ 4
73Bring Me Sunshine5a 16
 Promontory Buttress 
75Yopo5c 37
76Benghazi Burner6a+ 32
77Morley Street Mission6a+ *25
78Last DashE2 5c *53
79Con Artist6b+ **15
80TwilightMVS 4b 59
81Hound DogHVS 5b 29
82The QuarrymanHVS 5a 54
83The Wetherby Whaler6a 24
 Main Wall 
85The Tipton Slasher6b+ **34
86Yorkshire Ripper6b+ ***23
87Usian Bolt6b **49
88Middle East Crisis6b *4
89Eastern PromiseE2 5b 17
90Coup d'EtatE3 6a 17
91The history boysE2 5c ***58
92Desperate Dan6b+ ***17
93Arc de Triomphe6a+ 30
94Dapper Dan6a **5
95Bobby DazzlerE1 5b ***74
96Hell Bender6c **2
97Bon Courage
E2 5c *13
98Mr Angry
E1 5c *15
99Bonne chance
E2 5c *24
100Take It or Leave ItHVS 5a 24
101Welcome to Rio6a 6
 Center Parc 
103Bambino BoleroMVS 4b 4
104On The EdgeVS 4b 26
105Tyke's TeeterE1 5c *8
106Tyke's Teeter Direct6c 6
107Gorilla Monsoon6a+ *13
108Good Luck Mr Blair!E1 5a 6
109Farewell to AdventureE1 5b 47
110Fringe Benefits6c *4
111Sorry, No BoltsE1 5a *18
112A miller's tale6a 42
5a *42
114Whicker's World5a *61
115The Rookie5a 32
116The comfort zone5a *42
117Blencathra Badger (original route)E1 5a *47
118Blencathra Badger Revisted5b ***114
119The Long Good Friday5a 67
120The Good Friday Agreement6b *22
121Brothers in ArmsE2 5b 9
122Brothers in Arms (bolted)
6a+ *27
123Ship of Fools6a **54
124Vale of Secrecy
E1 5b 28
125Vale of Secrecy (bolted)
6a+ *13
126Barrow Boys Day Out
E1 5b 38
127Barrow Boys' Day Out (bolted)
6a **31
128Ripper Street6b 14
129Goodbye Mr Major6a *60
130Goodfella's5b 91
131St. John's AmbulanceVS 4b 56
132Endgame5b *51
 Far Right Hand Buttress - aka - The Fun Factory 
134Joy Division6a 2
135The Fun Factory6a 6
136Tramadol Nights6b ***2
137Zoom6c **6
138The Aphasic Syndrome6c+ ***13
139Spring Offensive6a+ **20
140The Crossing6a+ **11
141Greek Exit6b+ **18
142Tunnel Vision6a+ **22
143Dignitas6b **16
144The Night Watch6a+ **10
145The Clydebank kipper
6a *5
 Unverified Climbs 
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