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Rocktype Limestone
Altitude Tidal
Faces S

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Lucia working Coral Sea © Ben.o.neill

Crag features

South-facing limestone sea cliff, with a range of mainly harder routes. Excellent winter venue. Rock quality good, despite reports of the opposite. Some bolt protected climbs on the back wall of the Boulder Cave.

Approach notes

Tidal. The base of most of the cliffs can be reached except within one or two hours of high tide.

For the sport crag, Boulder Cove, if high tide will be less than 8.5m, you can always walk in and out on the beach, but with a 13m high spring tide, you'll need to give around 2.5hrs for it to recede.

Alternatively,  (would be best left until you know where it is after using it as an exit) you can walk up the steps and over the top to a steep slightly  precarious descent that sometimes has a fixed rope in place, but the bottom section is loose and unstable so take great care. Late 2017, Fixed rope reaches the bottom of the crag, but the mid section isn't knotted so less than ideal for descent assistance,, advise using the obvious short windy unroped path section here, until you meet the knotted rope again. This would  all be best left until you know where it is after using it as an exit.

From the A38 or M5 jct 22, take the B3140 to Burham-On-Sea and Berrow from where a minor road runs northwards to a car park below the Down. Don't be tempted to drive across the sands to the base of the cliffs themselves - your car will get stuck, and the tide will do the rest.
The routes at the back wall of Boulder Cave can be reached by abseil at any state of the tide (? new mods note..., Off stakes? Trad gear? Never seen it done, there is a precarious descent path + rope in place , as described above).
The National Trust owns Brean Down and asks climbers to avoid the sand 'cliff' and the rocks adjacent to it, where archaeological finds have been discovered recently

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South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012)
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Accessible at high tides that are predicted at less than about 8.5m, without having to wait for the sea to go out. Unless there's a big swell, then you might have to wait a short while. At a spring high tide, around 12m, access + egress will be ok from about 2 hrs after high tide and upto 2hrs before the next high. There is an escape route, the start of which looks unstable, but seems ok, with a rope higher up. Takes about 10mins to walk in/ out this way, but don't go looking for it to get in if you aren't familiar with it. Take care on the grassy slopes above the cliff, theres some steps to a safer area.
Fakey Rocks - 29/Oct/17
a truely perfect winter venue from today's experience.
Stanners - 11/Jan/12
Great crag look forward go returniv and gettng some more quality routes. Is this crag a bit soft though?
Goonie - 14/Jun/10
Despite fear of making this crag even busier, I have to say Brean has again offered a still and dry spot while the rest of the UK suffered from howling winds and heavy bands of rain. Thank you microclimate.
Jon_Warner - 22/Nov/08
"... not strictly speaking sport climbs..." There's a fine collection of safe-as-houses sport routes. Well worth the trip - check out Mark Glaister's article on this website.
Jus - 01/Jul/05
the fort crags are well worth checking out although only about 30ft in height the rock quality is superb, excellent textured rock superb friction and good gear. A nice esoteric spot.
dylan burgess - 25/Aug/04
Cyclop's Slab (HVS), contrary to many guide books, has no stake or tree belays anymore, except a very long way away. Make sure you have plenty of spare rope, or a spare.
Mark Maynard - 27/Nov/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Boulder Cove Left Wall
2 Do you get Vouchers with This? 5c 314
3 Brean Dream 6a+ * 882
4 Kraken 6b+ * 858
5 Bikini Atoll 6c+ 502
6 Coral Sea 6c ** 1263
7 Chepito 7a ** 1044
8 Pearl Harbour 7a *** 1138
9 Tide Rising 7b+ ** 443
10 Three Snaps to Heaven E6 6a * 4
11 Torpedo
E2 5b 6
12 Achtung Torpedo! E5 6b  
13 A Heavy Read 6b+ * 209
14 Clashing Socks 7b * 269
15 Kamikaze E5 6a 1
  Left Wall Link-ups
17 I Dream of Brean 6a * 51
18 Vets' Wall 7b * 21
19 The Manly option 7c * 7
20 Chepito / Coral Sea Variant 7a+ * 25
21 Chepito Harbour 7a ** 34
22 Rip tide 7a+ ** 43
23 Anne Robinson, You Are The Weakest Link 7a * 9
24 Sargasso Seamonster 7a+ 18
  Boulder Cove Right Wall
26 Black Snake Moan 8a ** 101
27 Brean Topping 8b *** 56
28 Chulilla 7b+ *** 420
29 Prisoner of Conscience 7b+ * 137
Climb name Grade
30 The Guilt Edge 7c ** 53
31 Bullworker 7c ** 177
32 El Chocco 7c *** 173
33 The Root of Inequity 7a+ ** 350
34 Casino Royale 7b+ ** 87
35 Yer Yella! E5 6a ** 16
36 Leaving Hanoi 6c+ * 38
37 Leaving Aviva 7a+ * 20
38 What the Hell is a Womper? 6b+ 22
39 Bullfight * 7c+ ** 1
  Right Wall Link-ups
41 Storm Warning 7c+ *** 161
42 Storm Warning Variation 8a *** 103
43 Snakes 'n' Wankers 8b ** 3
44 Snakes'n'Eliminates * 8b 2
45 Does Chuli have a Conscience 7a+ ** 32
46 Chuli Did It 7c ** 16
47 Prisoner of Bullworker 7c+ ** 57
48 The Milky Bar Kid 8a * 49
49 Prison Break 6c+ ** 31
50 Global Solutions 7c * 35
51 Cycle of Despair 8a+ * 3
52 Despair 7c+ 7
53 Five Knuckle Shuffle * 7a 3
54 Hand to Gland Combat * 7a 1
55 Five knuckle shuffle high * 7b 2
  Great Corner
57 Distant Voices E3 6a * 4
58 Pinnacle Cracks
S * 3
Climb name Grade
59 Cove arete E6 6b ** 2
60 Great Corner E2 5a * 22
61 Eso Ego Wall
E5 5c 1
62 The Tennis Elbow Club
E5 6a 1
63 Bones Chimney E4 5c * 2
64 Zeus * E3 5c * 1
65 The Fog * E6 6b ** 1
66 The Great Panjandrum Himself * E5 6b *** 1
  Cyclops Cave
68 Cyclops Slab HVS 4c ** 54
69 Brean Team Special E6 6b *** 2
70 Cyclops Gatepost
VD 2
71 Pretty Boy Floyd
E2 5a 2
  Ocean Wall
73 Idiot Wind
E1 5a 4
74 Force Ten
E4 6a * 2
75 L'Attraction Fatale 7c ** 30
76 Brean Machine E5 6b ** 4
77 Iraqi War Machine E6 6b ** 1
78 Arthur Scargils Hair Piece
E1 5b 1
79 Castro's corner
HS 1
80 The Leveller E5 6a 3
81 Pandora's Box VS 4c * 100
82 Crack o'Diamonds E3 6a 5
83 Throwaway Society E5 6a 2
84 Haven *
D 1
85 Two Right Feet *
E5 6a/b 1
86 The World's Worst-Dressed Climber *
E4 5c 1
87 Sidewinder E3 5c * 1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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