Climbs 27
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 311m a.s.l
Faces S

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Face Value, Pandy © caradoc

Crag features

Good quality rock of a nondescript, granite-like type. A wealth of routes for such a small outcrop.

Access Banned

The rocks are located in a block of privately owned woodland that are being actively managed.  Due to ongoing forestry operations, access may not always be possible and could be different from that described in the guidebook. 

Parking can be an issue. Do not park  at the base of the track leading to the crag. Parking  should in the village of Pandy and walking a bit further to avoid blocking gateways and narrow lanes.

Update July 2020

The landowner has asked the BMC to publish this statement regarding access to the crag.

“The owner at Pandy Outcrop and surrounding woodland wishes to inform the BMC that the land is currently a working woodland, with large scale tree felling operations, unstable tree stands, and heavy machinery in the vicinity of the climbing area and the surrounding access routes, making the area hazardous to visitors who do not have the direct written permission of the landowner. As a result, the site remains closed to all visitors, excepting public rights of way, where they exist, applying to climbers, walkers and all other would be visitors, until safe routes on and off the climbing area can be provided. Once work has been completed, the owner will issue a new statement with more information for the long term, via the BMC. He thanks you all for you patience and understanding, which will result in the long term in a safe, enjoyable facility. For now - please do not visit under any circumstances, the land is too dangerous to approach or to climb on.”

Updated by UKC: 14th August, 2020 17:05
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