climb 5
robert oakton, Apr 2013
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contributed by newvena Jun/18

Local bouldering for local boulderers

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Banana Traversef5+ *-?Vale View Boulder
Hungoverf6A **2?Vale View Boulder
Mr Soc'sf6A *2?Vale View Boulder
Gremlinf6C **3?Vale View Boulder
Top Shelff6C **2?Vale View Boulder
Oaktons Traversef6B+ 1?William hollins...
Just Fo Crackf4 *4?William hollins...
may BLf6A+ **2?William hollins...
Bennetts Cornerf6A+ ***2?William hollins...
Left wall aretef6B 25mWilliam hollins...
Kermitf6B+ *1?William hollins...
Letterboxf6A *65mWilliam hollins...
Frog Pop, Frog Buttress.f6A *74mPleasley Vale
V.T.O StartV1 61?Pleasley Vale
Grounded StartV2 *72?Pleasley Vale
Scrambled StartV2 69?Pleasley Vale
Ceiling Zero StartV3 *52?Pleasley Vale
Ceiling Zero Direct / Ground Zerof5 31?Pleasley Vale
Frog Buttress TraverseV1 78?Pleasley Vale
Leap Frogf4+ 10?Pleasley Vale
Peg Wall Startf4 5?Pleasley Vale
Left Aretef6A 43?Pleasley Vale
Holly Tree Wallf6A+ 37?Pleasley Vale
Statement of Yewff6B+ 50?Pleasley Vale
Yew Tree Traversef7A+ ***59?Pleasley Vale
Yew Tree Corner Startf6B 49?Pleasley Vale
Prob 13 (Rockfax 09) Yew Tree WallV5 57?Pleasley Vale
Bulge Leftf6C 35?Pleasley Vale
P18 Up To Jug LedgeV3 *57?Pleasley Vale
Groove Movef6B 30?Pleasley Vale
Bulgef6A+ *82?Pleasley Vale
Right OnV3 7?Pleasley Vale
Rasputin Startf6A 8?Pleasley Vale
Monk's Crack Startf5 18?Pleasley Vale
Monk's Wall Startf6A 25?Pleasley Vale
Monks Wall Traversef6A 127?Pleasley Vale
Crack Leftf4 36?Pleasley Vale
Flakef6A 42?Pleasley Vale
Primevilf6A 7?Hollin Hill
Primusf6A+ 9?Hollin Hill
Paleolithicf6A+ 18?Hollin Hill
The Podf6C 35?Hollin Hill
3000BCf6C 23?Hollin Hill
Tensifiedf6C 13?Hollin Hill
Intensifyf6B 41?Hollin Hill
Problem 1f5 3?Hollin Hill
Problem 2f6A *5?Hollin Hill
Problem 3f6A 3?Hollin Hill
CroakV5+ 4?Hollin Hill
Beastin n Feastinf6B 2?Hollin Hill
Creswellian Manf5+ *33mHollin Hill
Trench Warfaref6B 100?Anston Stones Wood
Grape Crusherf6C *146?Anston Stones Wood
Woody rock traversef5+ 41?Anston Stones Wood
Crimps Wallf6C 154?Anston Stones Wood
Wave Wall Cornerf5 230?Anston Stones Wood
The Tufaf6B+ 206?Anston Stones Wood
The Wavef5+ ***124?Anston Stones Wood
The Wave Directf6B 129?Anston Stones Wood
Little big pocketf6B 180?Anston Stones Wood
The Shieldf6A+ 132?Anston Stones Wood
A Trades Man.s Clipf6A 3?Anston Stones Wood
Long Standf5+ 3?Anston Stones Wood
Sparks for the Grinderf5+ 2?Anston Stones Wood
Left-Handed Screwdriverf6A 3?Anston Stones Wood
Apprentice Wallf6C ***273?Anston Stones Wood
Left Aretef6A+ 1?Anston Stones Wood
Red Streakf6B+ 1?Anston Stones Wood
The Crack Left Handf6A 3?Anston Stones Wood
The Crack Right Handf5+ 3?Anston Stones Wood
Right Aretef6A 3?Anston Stones Wood
Turnpost Buttress Left Wallf5+ 6?Anston Stones Wood
The Turnpostf6C *7?Anston Stones Wood
Turnpost Buttress The Prowf6A 5?Anston Stones Wood
Turnpost Buttress Right Wallf5+ 6?Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Left Wallf5 195?Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Centre Wallf5 206?Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Right Wallf5 195?Anston Stones Wood
The Undercutf6B 263?Anston Stones Wood
Octoberf6A+ 84?Roche Abbey
Gildaf4+ 102?Roche Abbey
Scoopf5+ 84?Roche Abbey
Crackerf4+ 45?Roche Abbey
Sloperf6A 66?Roche Abbey
Lankyf6A 61?Roche Abbey
The 5c Dynonone 5c 18?Roche Abbey
Low Break Traversef6A 32?Roche Abbey
High Break Traversef6A 11?Roche Abbey
Sharkes Toothf6C+ *42?Roche Abbey
Habitus sit startf6B **96?Roche Abbey
Dragon Flyf6C 40?Roche Abbey
Worse Habits Sit Startf6A+ *57?Roche Abbey
Sundancef6C+ **108?Roche Abbey
Rehabit Sit Startf6C **90?Roche Abbey
The Abbey Habit Start f6A+ 52?Roche Abbey
Vintage Leftf6B+ **3?Roche Abbey
Vintage Rightf6B 5?Roche Abbey
Retrof6C *4?Roche Abbey
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