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Northumberland Bouldering (YouTube Series) ticklist

contributed by CameronDotSmith Apr/19

Climbs featured in the Northumberland Bouldering Volume 1 to 7 series.

Will be updated as when a new volume comes out. Not included problems at undocumented crags for now.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
The Furrow Variationf7A+ 9?Berryhill
Nameless Slab SSf7B 1?Berryhill
Milfield Cafef7A 19?Dovehole Boulders
First Contactf7B 17?Dovehole Boulders
The Bulgef7A 32?Dovehole Boulders
AlbatrossE6 6c *50?Kyloe Crag (Kyloe...
Prime Time SSf7B+ ***100?Kyloe Crag (Kyloe...
Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxyf7A+ ***247?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
The Yorkshiremanf7B ***82?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
The Yorkshireman SSf7C+ ***22?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Battle Of The Bulgef7C 2?Dovehole Boulders
Breath Alertf7B 9?Goats Crag
Flexible Frogf7A 18?Goats Crag
Cracked Buttress Traversef7A+ 2?Goats Crag
Eagle's Beakf7A 5?Goats Crag
Gravitofff6B+ 1?Longheugh Crag
Broken Geometrics Sit Startf6C+ 1?Longheugh Crag
The Vogonf6C+ 1?Longheugh Crag
In Limbof7A 1?Longheugh Crag
Flying Scotsmanf7A *55?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Monty Python's Direct SSf7A+ ***180?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
The Nadserf7B+ *70?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Cubby's Lipf7B+ **64?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Pearler-Jocks Linkf7B *346mKyloe-in-the-woods...
Cubbys - Jocks Linkf7C+ 5?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Playing Rudiesf7A+ **152?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Blunt Arete RHf6C 1?Goats Crag
Blunt Arete Directf7A 1?Goats Crag
Pearler - Yorkshireman Linkf8A 1?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Captain Haddockf7B *81?Bowden Doors
Sprungf7C **113?Bowden Doors
The Crackf7C **46?Bowden Doors
Semantronf7B+ **29?Bowden Doors
Temptationf7A *34?Bowden Doors
Poverty Right-Handf7B **47?Bowden Doors
Toff's Jumpf7A 36?Bowden Doors
Cave Central LHf7A **98?Bowden Doors
Born Lippyf7C+ ***47?Bowden Doors
Under the Spellf7A **166?Back Bowden Doors
Low and Hardf7B **210?Back Bowden Doors
Hard Reign Directf7B *78?Back Bowden Doors
Little Pixiesf7A **199?Back Bowden Doors
Four Mats Wallf7B+ 34?Back Bowden Doors
Weird Sisters Twof7A 89?Back Bowden Doors
The Rack Direct SSf7C *5?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Hitchhiker's Direct SSf7C+ **14?Kyloe-in-the-woods...
Transformer LHf7B+ **81?Bowden Doors
Y-Front Directf7A **207?Bowden Doors
The Mantleshelff7A 188?Bowden Doors
A Northern Soulf7A+ ***201?Hepburn
Titanic Aretef7A ***123?Hepburn
Icebergf7A+ ***38?Hepburn
The Crackf7A+ 10?Hepburn
Rheumatologyf7A *206?Hepburn
Daze of the Weakf7C ***28?Hepburn
Commandof7A ***46?Hepburn
Severus Snapef7B+ *109?Back Bowden Doors
Barbastellef7A 61?Back Bowden Doors
Old Money For Old Ropef6C 1?Back Bowden Doors
The Long Runf7A 1?Back Bowden Doors
No Time For Cautionf7A+ 1?Back Bowden Doors
The Water Worn Scoopf7B 2?Ravens Crag
Discombobulatef7A+ 1?Ravens Crag
Nelson Mantellaf7A 1?Ravens Crag
Pulp Frictionf7C+ ***4?Bowden Doors
Viennaf7B+ 53?Bowden Doors
Cave Central Directf7A **16?Bowden Doors
Povertyf7A+ *42?Bowden Doors
Dog Eat Dogf7A **251?Bowden Doors
Manta LHf7B **107?Bowden Doors
Antihydralf8A ***3?Bowden Doors
Alfie Thorntonf7C+ 6?Bowden Doors
Death KnellE6 6b *88mBowden Doors
Burma roadf7A+ 9?Hepburn
Mao Tse Lungef7A+ 15?Hepburn
Northumbleauf7C+ 10?Hepburn
Trivial Pursuitf7B+ **85mHepburn
The Governorf7C **11?Hepburn
Four Naanf6A 1?Hepburn
Pair Of Eighters Directf6C+ 5?Hepburn
Pair Of Eightersf7B+ 4?Hepburn
The Day The Lockdown Diedf7B 1?Hepburn
The Old Lingerf7A+ 1?Hepburn
Thundering Apoplexyf7B **100?Back Bowden Doors
Harry Potterf7C **25?Back Bowden Doors
Pockets Traversef7C ***21?Back Bowden Doors
Paranoiaf7A+ ***29?Hangman's Rock
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