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Lisa on the top section of Yeni Gol
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Mournes and Moorhill HS ticklist

contributed by SamLamont Aug/20

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Black WidowHS 4b 140m• 2Pigeon Rock
PilfreyHS 4b 330mPigeon Rock
Nuclear WheelbarrowHS 4b *144?Pigeon Rock
PillageHS 4b 30?Pigeon Rock
FalconHS 4b ***128?Pigeon Rock
CoccyxHS 4b *15?• 5Pigeon Rock
Motor Cycle Black Madonna Two Wheeled Gypsy QueenHS 4b 17?• 5Pigeon Rock
ScorpionHS -?Pigeon Rock
The GiftHS -?Pigeon Rock
EnneirdaHS -?Pigeon Rock
The LinksHS 4a -?Eagle Mountain
FunkHS 4b -?Eagle Mountain
BilboHS 4b -?Eagle Mountain
Broze BoiseHS 4b 1?Eagle Mountain
Broze-Bilbo TraverseHS 4b -?Eagle Mountain
High NoonHS 4c 66?Hen Mountain
Yeni GolHS 4a **75?Hen Mountain
Y-Crack LeftHS 4a 27?Hen Mountain
SunsetHS 4b **56?Hen Mountain
Fag EndHS 4a **5?Doan
Security CheckHS 4b 9?Doan
Chimney RouteHS 4b *245m• 2Ben Crom
Travelling RabbitHS 4b 10?Ben Crom
Texaco GasolineHS 4b 10?Ben Crom
Roadside RabbitHS 4b 14?Ben Crom
WellingtonHS 4b 4?Ben Crom
FlexibusHS 4b 1?Ben Crom
SplatHS 4b 3?Ben Crom
Great MansionsHS 4b 1?Ben Crom
Dreadlocks Holiday Direct StartHS 4c *2?Slieve Binnian...
BendiesHS 4b -?Slieve Binnian...
Rankin's CrackHS 4b **7?Slieve Binnian...
York StreetHS 4b *15?Slieve Binnian...
ZumaHS 4b *8?Slieve Binnian...
SequelHS 4c 9?Little Binnian
HarpHS 4a 3?Buzzard's Roost
GenesisHS 4b 2?Buzzard's Roost
Rise and ShineHS 4b -?Buzzard's Roost
Absent FriendsHS 4b -?Buzzard's Roost
MithrilHS 4b 5?Buzzard's Roost
PersuasionHS 4b -?Buzzard's Roost
The Last LaughHS 1?Slieve Binnian
The WartHS 4b 3?Slieve Binnian
Pochle PerilousHS 4b **13?Slieve Binnian
Spiny NormanHS 4b -?Slieve Binnian
Niche RouteHS 4b *2?Slieve Binnian
HannahHS -?Slieve Binnian
DominiqueHS -?Slieve Binnian
MarrowfatHS -?Slieve Binnian
Hokey PokeyHS 4b -?Slieve Binnian
Drop the EHS 4a 1?Slieve Binnian
LorryHS 4b 1?Slieve Binnian
Blue JayHS 4a 4?Binnian Lough Crag
Chinook VariationHS 4b 112mSlieve Bearnagh
Little CreaturesHS 4b 4?Slieve Bearnagh
Kicking HorseHS 4b *6?Slieve Bearnagh
Crooked Chimney (Summer)HS 4b ***9469mSlieve Bearnagh
Girdle TraverseHS 4a 1?Slieve Bearnagh
Little TripHS 4b 1?Douglas Crag
Apple TreeHS 4b -?Slieve Lamagan
New TreeHS 4b -?Slieve Lamagan
Seven UpHS 4b 5?Spellack
Spanish BurgundyHS 4b 47?Spellack
Ron BurgundyHS 4b 62?Spellack
WhitHS 4b 59?Spellack
El PasoHS 4b -?Slievenaglogh...
Bogey-ManHS 4a -?Slievenaglogh...
Vice-ManHS 4a -?Slievenaglogh...
First CornerHS 4b **19327mLower Cove
Poor ReturnHS 4b 610mLower Cove
The Noise of TimeHS 4b 312mLower Cove
DemobHS 4a *11?Lower Cove
TransistorHS 4b 5?Lower Cove
Third CornerHS 4b *36?• 3Lower Cove
Fox's BrushHS 4b 11?Lower Cove
Frantic BasketHS 4b *1?Upper Cove
Finger FreezeHS 4b 2?Upper Cove
Hobo HeartHS 2?Upper Cove
White IndianHS 4b **3?Upper Cove
Enterprise UlsterHS 4b -?Upper Cove
TapestryHS 4b 2?Upper Cove
Roisin RouletteHS 4b 1?Upper Cove
Little UmbrellasHS 4a 1?Upper Cove
AllsortsHS 3c *17?Hare's Castle
Hellfire CornerHS 4b **31?Hare's Castle
Smudges DoomHS 4b 12?Hare's Castle
Satan's DefeatHS 4b *3?Slieve Beg
Angel's DelightHS 4b 10?Slieve Beg
PhredHS 4b *2?Slieve Beg
Kangaroo ButterHS 4b -?Slieve Beg
Blasphemy CornerHS 4b -?Slieve Beg
Happy TrailsHS 4b 2?Slieve Beg
MinervaHS 4b *30?Annalong Buttress
ArchibaldHS 4b 4?Slieve Commedagh
StratocumulusHS 4b *14?Eagle Rocks
ParadeHS 4a *10?Eagle Rocks
LichenHS 4b *3?Eagle Rocks
Raven's NestHS 4b *4?Eagle Rocks
BismuthHS 4a 1?Eagle Rocks
Milky WayHS 4b 1?Eagle Rocks
StalinHS 4b *4?Eagle Rocks
Trident CentralHS 4a *4?Eagle Rocks
Unnamed HSHS 215mAltnadue Quarry
SidewaysHS 4a 1?Moorhill Quarry
JambalayaHS 4b 1115mMoorhill Quarry
Buster ScruggsHS 4b 19?Moorhill Quarry
Randolph ScottHS 4b 2?Moorhill Quarry
And The Sweetness ThereofHS 4b 14?Moorhill Quarry
Society MaxHS 4b 415mMoorhill Quarry
Stage FrightHS 4b 13?Moorhill Quarry
BronntannasHS 4b 21?Moorhill Quarry
JackdawHS 4b -?Moorhill Quarry
Goin BackHS 4b *17?Moorhill Quarry
44 stars1,511290m• 125