Best Climbing Experience

Summiting Tuolumne's golden granite domes in the setting sun with the prospect of a primus-stove cooked curry to celebrate. More commonplace, ticking-off a project early in a session: the journey was worth it, the pressure is now off, anything else is a bonus.

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1,791 entries in this logbook showing 1-25
Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
Freemason f7C Sent x   12 Jun Anston Stones Wood
Turbulent Flow f7C+ Sent x   8 Jun Wilton 2
Slipstream Sit Start f7B ** Sent x   8 Jun Wilton 2
Slipstream f7A+ ** Sent β   8 Jun Wilton 2
Abusey Junction f7A Sent x   8 Jun Wilton 3
The Crushinator Low Start f7B+ Sent x   6 Jun Woodwell
The Flakes f7B ** Sent x   3 Jun Earl Crag
Reach for the Tsars f7A Sent x   29 May Wilton 2
The Crushinator f7A Sent x   20 May Woodwell
Cricco Castelli Finish f7A+ ** Sent x   13 May Woodwell
Half Traverse f7B * Sent dnf   2 May Hyning Wood Crags
Deal in Pain f7C * Sent x   30 Apr Woodwell
Tony's Wall f7B+ ** Sent dnf   25 Apr Mytholm Steep Quarry
Functional Junkie f7B+ Sent x   24 Apr Hell Moss
Butternut Squash f7C+ * Sent x   22 Apr Woodwell
Rhamnousa - Stand Start f7C+ Sent dnf   20 Apr Wilton 4
Frodo f7B+ ** Sent x   18 Apr Anston Stones Wood
Nemesis f7C Sent x   17 Apr Wilton 4
The Renaissance Men f7B+ Sent x   17 Apr Wilton 4
Laminar Flow f7C Sent x   17 Apr Wilton 2
The Starship f7C * Sent x   10 Apr Wilton 3
Shelf Life f7A+ * Sent x   5 Apr Sprotbrough
The Upstart f6B Sent O/S   5 Apr Sprotbrough
Hummingbird f7A Sent x   2 Apr Eldwick crag
Racing Raymond f7B ** Sent x   27 Mar Eldwick crag
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