Briton held after scaling Canadian Tower to support Kyoto agreement

In the spirit of climbers supporting the environment, Chris Holden, of Kettering, spent four hours climbing 1,136ft up Toronto's 181-storey CN Tower with fellow Greenpeace activist, Steven Guilbeault, of Montreal.

They then put up a banner saying "Canada and Bush - Climate Killers."

Canada has said it won't ratify the Kyoto agreement, to cut developed countries carbon dioxide emissions; the effect is sure to be more global warming and climate change. Figures on Canada's greenhouse gas emissions released last week show they are now 15 per cent higher than 1990 and rising. When it signed Kyoto, Canada promised to cut emissions by 6 per cent from 1990 levels by 2010.

Chris was chosen, said Greenpeace, because he's a "good climber".

He will appear in court charged with "mischief".

Update July 19: after being granted bail, Chris is preparing to head home for his job as a rope access specialist.

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