Can I have some Viagra? I'm, er, doing Everest next week

Apparently Viagra, the hem hem nudge nudge was it good for you stimulant, is also helpful to mountaineers. On the mountains, we mean. No, climbing the mountains. The real mountains. Scientists at Hammersmith Hospital in London have found that it helps boost the oxygen-absorbing capacity of the lungs, which matters at high altitudes.

The Independent thinks it could give a whole new meaning to the phrase "mile-high club". It hardly seems fair to point out that summiting Everest puts you in the 5-mile high club (5.53, if you're being precise).

Still, why not stock up on those little blue pills before your next trip. You never know, you might get lucky. Stephen Venables, who did the whole trip without oygen, says some people have claimed to do it on the South Col. To which we can only say: who had to lie on damp bit afterwards?

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