More International Year of the Mountains events

The BMC have announced a number of climbing events taking place in 2002 as part of the UN International Year of the Mountains.

These include:

  • A Kyrgyzstan Extravaganza! (1-25 August). The Kyrgyz Alpine Club (with the support of Kyrgyz Government) will be holding a huge Mountain Festival in area of Lenin Peak (7134m) in the Pamirs this summer.
  • Fair Heads in Ireland? (6-9 June). The first Irish International Climbing Meet to be organised by the Mountaineering Council of Ireland will take place at Fairhead in Country Antrim.
  • Swedish International Women's Climbing Meet (16-19 May). The Swedish Climbing Federation is inviting nominations for two BMC representatives to take part in The 1st International Women's Climbing Meet in Gothenburg, Sweden

    You need to apply for places on these events Contact Stuart Ingram at the BMC -

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