14 year flashes Font 7C+

14 year old, Trevor Nagler has flashed La Vin Airge Font 7c+ (Isatis, Fontainbleau). He did it first attempt after seeing it done on a video useing a different method. A huge effot considering that he is only 5,9" and it's a dyno.

Trevor lives in Hornsey, North London and trains mainly at The Castle, but is also a frequent visitor to Westway, and Mile End. He also trains at the Arethusa and Buckmore Park in Kent. Trevor is the current champion of the London and South East Regional BRYCCs junior category (at age 13 in the 13-15 age group) and is also the junior male champion in the recently completed Southern Bouldering League. He competed in both the BICCs (9th) and BBCs (8th) this year, again mostly against competition one and two years older than himself. His high point was competing in the European Youth Cup at Birmingham NIA earlier this year.

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