southern sandstone solos

Chez George has just (April 23) done the first solo repeat of a slab route put up by Johnny Dawes on Southern Sandstone in 1997 (High Rocks Annexe.) It's called Southern Softie, is graded UK 7a, and revoltingly green. He thinks it's perhaps font 7b+ He also did the first solo ascent of a slab route put up by Luc Percival at UK 7a, (he thinks also Font 7b+) called Change in the Weather. These have both been around for a while, so these achievements are worth mentioning. Especially as in both cases, he worked out the crux move from the ground, without prior top-rope practice.

Southern sandstone tends to get associated with damp, friable rock and top-roping, but it contains some truly outstanding high-ball lines on fantastic rock, that haven't yet been soloed- and new boulder stuff (not just eliminates) is going up all the time.

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