Master's Edge on-sight... nearly

Master's Edge at Millstone is arguably one of the most coveted routes of its grade on grit. At E7 6b, it has been screaming out for an on-sight ascent. There have been some stylish ground-up ascents, but no-one has pulled off the true on-sight. Last night it spit off yet another suitor. Nic Sellers coolly climbed to the shot holes, placed two tri-cams and made it to within a whisker of glory before greasing off a tiny edge and taking the big whipper. "So what" you might say, but where it's easy to talk about saving a route such as this for an on-sight attempt, it's a lot more difficult to actually commit to having a go! It was warm at Millstone yesterday evening, but Nic didn't want to put it off any longer and made a damn good effort. A few degrees cooler and maybe he would have held the edge? He pulled his ropes and climbed it effortlessly next go.

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