Ken Palmer new 8c at Ansteys and 8a DWS

Dave Henderson reports on his website that legendary south west activist Ken Palmer has Deep Water Soloed Christine, his 8a at Long Quarry Point and redpointed his link-up of the Ferocity Wall at Ansteys at 8c.

Christine is located in the Blowhole pinnacle area of Long Quarry Point, where Ken also Deep Water Soloed a superb 7b+ named Blue Planet a couple of years ago. His new 8c takes a rising traverse line from bottom right to the top left of the Ferocity Wall. It starts up his 8b Poppy, then crosses Fisherman's Tale before reversing Postman Pat into Tuppence. The route then follows Tuppence before moving left to climb to a tufa finish. The route doesn't have a name yet and it's not yet known whether this is the last of Palmer's Ferocity Wall projects!

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