Sellers adds Lundy's hardest route

Nic Sellers has climbed what is very likely to be the hardest route on the Isle of Lundy. He completed the climb this week after attempts over the last 4 years. Two years ago, he came close but took a 60 foot fall from near the top, slipping on wet rock. The route takes a direct line up the wall next to Araucaria (E6) in Starship Zawn. After 'falling across' the zawn, a series of footless moves are required to establish you on the wall. A sustained grooveline is followed and at two points, Nic was facing a groundfall. Nic had top-roped the route prior to leading it, with French 8a climbing he has conservatively graded it E8 6c. No name as yet. Nic also flashed The Flying Dutchman (E7 6c) on his visit.

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