Parnell, Heason & McClure Winter Lectures

To keep climbers entertained during the cold winter months, Heason Events is organising 30 multimedia presentations around the country.

Three of Britain's best known climbers and mountaineers, Ian Parnell, Ben Heason and Steve McClure, will present the shows via a state-of-the-art multi-media projector and sound system. Each program will incorporate stunning photography, video and photo/music compilations. The lectures will have sponsored competitions, including the chance to win a free planetFear coaching holiday. They will take place mostly in licensed venues.

All 3 climbers lecture in Birmingham, London, South Wales, Bristol, Bangor, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Penrith and Edinburgh. Lectures start at 7.45pm (except Ian's show in Manchester which starts at 6.45pm). Tickets cost £4.50 if bought in advance from and £5 on the night. 3 tickets in advance, one to each of the tours - £12

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