Bullock solo route in the Khumbu continued...


Cartwright decided that the dangers were unjustified, with strong winds and warm temperatures, so on the 3rd attempt, Bullock went for it solo on the easier NE Face. He started at 1.30am from 4200m in the valley and in a continuous 13 hour push reached 6350m, 150m beneath the unclimbed summit (officially). At 2.30pm he bivied in a crevasse as it was very cold.

The next morning, Nick climbed the final 150m to summit but it was badly cravassed and too dangerous, so frustrated at not making it completely to the top, he started to down climb. Taking a more direct line down, Bullock rappelled twice with the one rope that he had and down climbed the rest (approx 800m of technical ground) to reach the valley bottom at 2.30pm. It took a total of 6 hours to get down, so 36 hours out on the hill in total.

The route is about D+/TD- and quite serious as high on the face before hitting the ridge, some seracs have to be climbed under for a period.

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