Cubitt mixed success continues

After the recent success of Chris Cubitt and Dave Macleod redpointing Vertical Limit (M12) at Uschinen in Switzerland, attention turned to Cogne in Italy. Cubitt made impressive flashes of both Stevie Haston neo classics, X Files (M9+) and The Empire Strikes Back (M10+ - now M11 after Scott Muir broke a hold). These routes aren't bolted with the rock sections being climbed above dodgy pegs - not exactly sport climbing with axes!

Cubbit is back out to the Alps soon and then off to Canada, where he hopes to try Musashi, Will Gadd's 12 metre roof route from 2001, which, with 8 figure four moves on it, is supposed to be more technical than Vertical Limit and "solid M12". No doubt Cubitt will also be tempted to try Ben Firth's adjacent 'The Game' whilst he is there. Established this January, Firth has graded it M13, saying that it's length and 8 and a half foot pulls make it considerably harder than Musashi - he even had to pay people to belay him on it!

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