'The Game' M13 repeated, Cubbitt repeats Musashi (M12) reports that Mauro Bubu Bole and Israel Blanco have both repeated Ben Firth's route 'The Game' at the Cineplex in Canada. Firth established the route in January and gave it a grade of M13, the first mixed route in the world to be given the grade. Anna Torretta climbed the adjacent Musashi, becoming the first woman to climb this M12 route. Blanco flashed Musashi.

Will Gadd's website has much more detail on what's been going on at the Cineplex recently, including news of our very own 'geyser' Chris Cubbitt's ascent of Musashi. Nice one Chris. There's also info on ascents sans heel spurs of Musashi, ice axe extensions for those with short reaches (Bubu), hold improvements...all the usual bizarre mixed nonsense. Check it out at

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