Elder Statesman Repeated by Steve Dunning

SmartBoys online are reporting that Steve Dunning has made a quick repeat of Steve McClure's new test-piece at Curbar - Elder Statseman. It took Steve three days but he managed to top rope it clean on his second go. Unfortunately he didn't have any large cams so he couldn't go for the lead on his first day. Day two was too warm and on Day three Dave Buchanan lent his dad's large friend and Steve climbed it on his first headpoint attempt.

Steve reports that he used one rope but would have preferred to have used two (he only had a gri gri). Dalvinder belayed and Dave Buchanan filmed it!

On the grade, Steve doesn't think an E grade is relevant and would go with the HXS grade given by McClure. Quality wise, he commented that it was certainly worth the effort. Finally, Dunning said "I used the same sequence that Steve demonstrates in his video which saved a lot of 'sussing out'".

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