BMC Propose Significant Voting Reform

In a significant change of policy the BMC have announced a proposed change in the voting rights of members. This issue goes back a long time but in particular to October 2003 when there was a great deal of heated debate about the fairness of the old voting system which allowed the dominant big clubs the chance to use their 'block votes' to basically dictate BMC policy. Some of the most trenchant discussion took place on the UKC/Rockfax forums with some epic exchanges taking place.

Today, in this thread the BMC have announced a proposal to change to a one-member one-vote system.

After constructive discussion the group decided to make a number of recommendations to the Future Policy Review Steering Group (FPRSG). These included changing the Articles of Associations to reflect a “one member one vote” system for all members of BMC affiliated clubs with the proxy voting facility already used by Individual Members of the BMC. Clearly, if adopted this will abolish the clubs' block vote. It will also give Individual Members of the BMC and members of BMC affiliated clubs equal voting rights.

For those present at the EGM meeting held in October 2003 this comes as a big change that seemed a long way off on that day. All those regular contributors whose passions were stirred up by the debate, but who subsequently lost heart through after the demoralising meeting and subsequent failure to establish an Individual Members Club, can take a lot of solace from the fact that in the end exactly what we were all proposing is now the suggestion on the table. Let's just hope that it doesn't get blocked this time after all, the clubs still hold all the cards and will in effect have to vote against their own interests in order for the reform to become policy. Well done to those at the BMC who have had the conviction to try to push this change through.

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