Thailand Climbing areas and the tsunami

The web site has a detailed account of how the tsunami has effected the climbing areas on Thailand. Railay Beach seems to have been the worst hit with a 6m wave breaking out at sea and at least a 1.5m wave hitting the beach causing major damage and casualties on the beach but, as yet, no known injuries to climbers. There are a few reports on the site of some climbers being abandoned by their belayers who ran for cover but nothing of the devastation of elsewhere and by all acounts the area got off relatively lightly. The impact on the other climbing areas near Phuket and Phi Phi are not known although the waves were much more devasting here since they broke closer to the beach. However the effects were highly localised with some people on the other side of the island not even realising that there had been a tsunami.
The site makes interesting reading and emphasises the message being given from all the locals that people who trips planned should go ahead with them since most of the tourist accommodation is operating as normal and the locals are desperate for the tourism trade.

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