Fiennes turns round on Everest

Sir Ranulph Fiennes was climbing more strongly then ever when he reached the top camp (8300m) on Everest on Friday afternoon. But at 10.30pm, just half an hour into his summit attempt, he felt a twinge in his heart and thought it wiser to turn round and descend. 15 hours later, he was back in Advance Base Camp at 6,400m. Today, he arrived back in Kathmandu. Fiennes is philosophical, he had a double heart bypass in 2003 and was understandably worried about pushing himself too hard. It has been long and drawn out season on Everest with less than a quarter of those attempting the mountain reaching the top. Sir Ranulph was a member of Jagged Globe's Everest North East Ridge expedition, which saw a total of 14 climbers summit on 3 and 4 June. These included Jens Bojen (aged 62), the oldest Briton to summit, Sibusiso Vilane (34), the only black man to summit twice and by two different routes. Top British Alpinist and photo-journalist, Ian Parnell also summited as a member of the Jagged Globe team. He was accompanying Sir Ranulph to document the climb on film.

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