BMC Bouldering Mouse Pads

Whilst it is debatable whether the bouldering bubble has actually burst (see earlier news story of September 13). Without a doubt more climbers are climbing small rocks without a rope and this activity is having an impact on many UK bouldering areas. The BMC have been very pro-active when it comes to climber education especially as regards bouldering impact and their recent Bouldering Ten Commandments were very well received. But are those who boulder paying attention? Posters of the Commandments have been pinned to walls but the BMC have taken their marketing a step further with a Bouldering Ten Commandments mouse pad. So whether you are cruising the UKC bouldering photo gallery or discussing the relevance of V8+ at you'll have the pointers for good behaviour at your finger tips. But don't just read it, act on it!

Buy one for yourself, or buy one for a friend. They are £4.50 from the BMC online shop and while you are there don't forget to check out the latest BMC news.

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